The Hebephilia Conundrum

Subliminal Society: Robert? I’m not doubting that there are hebephiles whose behavioral patterns are toxic as you described in your article above. Your article in response to my comments contains a wealth of information on this topic. In any event, I published an article on the topic of hebephilia on the HubPages writing platform, and therein I inserted several links to articles of yours in support of my stance on this topic. Here is the link to my article.

Thanks. I will go check it out. A psychiatrist with the surname of “Francis” wrote some great articles on the subject around the time of the DSM-5 discussions.

I will have to go read your article. I’ve already read a lot about it, but I haven’t read yours yet, so I have to.

Well, the American Psychiatric Association is just saying that Hebephilia’s not a disorder, and in fact, it’s completely normal. They say that because almost all normal, healthy men show substantial arousal to 12-14 year old girls. The arousal is not maximal. Instead your average man reacts to those girls at 51

But I only call someone a hebephilia if Lolitas are their actual sexual preference and especially if they have low to zero attraction to adult women. As you can see, with 1/4 to 1/5 of normal men showing extreme arousal to nymphs, I have hard time saying one quarter of my brothers suffer from some diabolical sexual disorder.

Instead, reacting at an extreme level to 12-14 year old girls seems to be fairly normal. But 85

Those who act on these feelings are not mentally disordered; they’re simply criminals.

To be completely honest, they’re not really correct, and some of the decision was political. For instance there were serious worries about expanding this insane unconstitutional Mentally Disordered Sex Offender bullshit the sex fascists put in. Nowadays, once you get labeled a MDSO, after you serve your jail or prison term, you go to some sort of prison/mental hospital where the sex fascists basically keep you for the rest of your life.

These sex crimes are the only crimes where we lock people up based on the bullshit notion of dangerousness. In general, in the US, you get to be as dangerous as you want to be as long as you break no laws. There are all sorts of ticking time bombs out there, countless ones all over the country.

You can’t do a damn thing about any of them because you have to wait until someone does something violent before you arrest them for a violent crime. The sex fascists then say, “But then you have created a dead or wounded victim! Why should we have to wait until we have a dead or wounded victim?” Because, idiot, that’s the way it is with any crime, violent or nonviolent. Want to arrest someone for a nonviolent crime? Cool, wait until they commit one. Want to arrest for a violent crime? No problem, wait until they commit one.

We always have to wait until there is a victim, harmed, injured, or killed, to make an arrest for any crime. Victims are necessary to make arrests and press charges. You don’t get to lock people up on “dangerousness.” That’s crap. Thought crimes aren’t illegal.

There’s a loophole in the law, see? It’s the craziness exception. Supposedly if you’re completely nuts as in psychotic, you can’t be convicted of a crime because obviously you didn’t know what you were doing. But then appeared the McNaughton Rule where being insane wasn’t good enouogh. You had to be not only nuts but you also had to be so nuts that you didn’t know the difference between right and wrong, and I’m pretty sure most insane people retain that concept.

This outrage extends to the point where, when trying to someone for a crime committed while psychotic, we actually put people on antipsychotic meds to get them sane enough to put them on trial. They were insane when they committed the crime, but now that we want to hang them for what they did when they were nuts, we’re going to magically turn them sane so we can lock them up in prison forever.

They’ve even done this for executions. There are guys sitting on death row who are stark raving bonkers. Others are literally mentally retarded. In Arkansas they put one guy on antipsychotic meds to get him sane enough so they could murder him in the electric chair. Bill Clinton raced home in the middle of his presidential campaign so he could sign the death warrant to murder this guy. It was grotesque.

However, sometimes people are too nuts to even be tried. They get found not guilty by reason of insanity and they are sent to a hospital for the criminally violently mentally ill. The California one was in Atascadero. They are kept there until they are sane enough to return to sanity, but in practice, they pretty much keep them there for life. A number of these folks are now cured either on antipsychotics or via other methods, and they’re not letting any of them out.

Ok, now they’ve taken this craziness rule and bent it out of shape. They’ve decided that if sex offenders are mentally ill, whatever in God’s name that means, then that means they’re nuts, and we can put them in fake mental hospitals after they serve their term.

Notice that system rats have one system for finding someone sane enough for trial, a very strict one so they can lock up as many crazy people as they can.

But suddenly this system becomes extremely lenient when we want to lock people up after their done serving their time. Hypocrites, huh? In this case you merely have to have committed a sexual offense and have a mental disorder that made you do that, for instance you molested a kid because you have a pedophilic disorder.

In that case, you’re “crazy” and we get to lock you up again after you do your time on the basis of “He’s crazy and a menace to society.”

See above where we lock up the criminally mentally ill if the disorder makes them dangerous? Ok, they latched onto that to pull their “lock up sex offenders on dangerousness charges,” even though the two cases are not the same, as most sex offenders are not psychotic.

So these guys get ready for release and there’s a hearing where they’re declared MDSO. They go to a special hospital/prison. They supposed to keep them there until their disorder is cured, but paraphilias by definition are never cured. It seems like they hardly ever release these guys even if they get better. They just lock em away for life.

Well, a lot of psychiatrists are mad about this mess and have resolved to not be a party to expanding this crap anymore. Obviously, if we say Hebephilia is a mental disorder, now they get to say that every guy who bangs a 14 year old girl is somehow “suffering from Hebephilia,” classify them as MDSO, and lock them away for life. This was openly stated as one of the factors for rejecting the addition of Hebephilia to the DSM-5.

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