Position Statement: Hamas and Israel Are the Same; They’re Both Evil

Hamas kills kids.

Israel kills kids.

Hamas kills civilians.

Israel kills civilians.

Hamas and Israel are the same, as bad as each other.

Did you see the Israelis just told everyone to vacate Northern Gaza and head to Southern Gaza? Long convoys of people leaving stretched across Gaza. The Israelis just bombed one of those convoys. 70 people are dead, 270 more are wounded.

They told everyone to flee to Egypt. Lots of people fled and were milling around the Rafah Gate. The Israelis then bombed the Rafah Gate three times. I believe they’ve bombed it again yesterday.

It’s so obvious what they are doing. They saw what Hamas did and now they are saying, “We can play that game too.”

Now a lot more Palestinian civilians have been killed than Israeli civilians. This makes the Israelis better? How? They didn’t kill them in such an evil way? I’m not sure getting blown up a bomb is more humane than getting shot with an automatic weapon. How is it? Dead is dead. The person doesn’t care how they were killed.

I’ve never seen Israel act so indiscriminately in my life. They’re not even trying.

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