How Nations Often Redirect the Blame In Wars and Conflicts

The Viet Cong was just about gone after Tet. After Tet most of the war was against the North Vietnamese Army. Sure, we fucked up but I think that was deliberate. If we said it was just nationalism, people would say leave them alone and our attack would not look so righteous. We would look a bit scummy. People always lie in situations like this to put themselves in the best possible light.

We lied about every Communist rebellion in the 3rd World. Instead of seeing them as based within the people of that very country (which they all were), we said the workers there were perfectly jolly and happy and they all hate Communism but these Cuban/Soviet scumbags came in and started this revolution.

Countries ALWAYS do this shit. Who’s rebelling in Palestine? The Palestinians? Of course not. They’re real happy! It’s all just Iran!

Who’s rebelling in Ukraine? Maybe Russian speaking Ukrainians? Of course not, it’s all just Russians from Russia trying to steal our land. Our Russian speakers love Kiev!

In Iraq, same thing. Local Iraqis weren’t fighting us. It was criminals and foreign fighters. The Iraqis were real happy we just conquered their land.

Who’s rebelling in Yemen? Maybe most of the people? Of course not! It’s all just Iran!

Could the Lebanese maybe be a little angry at Israel? Oh Hell no, they love Jews!

Is Hezbollah a local Lebanese rebellion rooted in special Lebanese conditions? Of course not. Hezbollah is nothing but Iran!

Are the Yemenis mad at the US? Of course not! It’s all just Iran pulling their strings!

How about the Iraqis? Of course not. They love us to death. It’s all just Iran brainwashing them.

Syrians? Same thing. All just Iran brainwashing them, that’s all.

You think Kashmiris might be just a bit upset at India for some reason? Of course not. They all love India so much! There are no Kashmiris rebelling against India. Why would they? They’re happy. It’s all just Pakistan, that’s all it is. Every single Indian you talk to will tell you exactly this.

Almost all of the progressive and revolutionary movements in Latin America were seen as being stirred up by the Soviets, never due to material conditions. What morons and liars don’t realize is that where material conditions are halfway decent, no Communist rebellion ever forms or if it does, it’s just small cells of urban fighters.

Sandinistas? Just a Soviet and Cuban rebellion.

El Salvador? Same thing.

Guatemala? Same.

Colombia? It’s all from Cuba.

On and on.

Our side does it too. Syrians were not rebelling. It was all just foreign fighters LOL.

Russia doesn’t seem to be doing this. They know and acknowledge full well that Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Finns, Poles, etc. all hate them, not to mention the West Europeans and the Anglosphere.

There were lots of anti-colonial and nationalist rebellions in the 3rd World, and they often adopted the moniker of Communism. They were nationalist first and foremost. But we can’t admit that because it makes it look like they have a valid reason to revolt.

Every single communist rebellion was traced directly back to Moscow. After 1991, they were traced back to Cuba.

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