Egypt Is Blockading the Border?

Some Jewish guy: Egypt has BLOCKADED Gaza…but you advise they are shipping in ‘food and medicine’. Jews do not want to ethnically cleanse Gaza. They want to be left alone. And if Egyptians are so ‘pro Palestinian, why do they blockade them and not let them into Egypt? There is no logic to your argument.

Egypt wants to ship in food and medicine.

Why doesn’t Egypt supply electricity to Gaza?

The Israelis won’t let Egypt supply electricity to Gaza. Every time Gaza builds a well or a power plant, the Israelis bomb it! Egypt tries to ship in as much food and medicine as they can, but the Israelis only let some of it in, not all of it. Maybe 1/3 of the food is let in. And a lot of the food that is let in has to side by the side while bureaucratic procedures are undergone, which results in the spoilage of a lot of food.

Why won’t Egypt let the Gazans go to Egypt?

Because if the Gazans all go to Egypt, the Israelis will just flatten the place, go in, take it over, and annex it like the West Bank. It will be Nakba Part 2.

The Israelis have had a long-term dream of ethnically cleansing Gaza and sending all of its population to Egypt or even sawing off a piece of Egypt and giving it to Gazans as a “Gaza Egypt.” In particular this is a longstanding Netanyahu project. This goes back quite some time to conversations Netanyahu had to the leader of Egypt in the 2000’s. The Egyptian leader said the Egyptians would never allow Egypt to part with any of its land.

Sounds like Egypt really hates Palestinians if they won’t let them in.

Egyptians are pro-Palestinian. 88

Ain’t nobody in that region likes those Jews in that shitty little country. Maybe some of the Maronites in Lebanon and for sure the Kurds do. Everyone else thinks they’re a plague. But towards the end of the 2006 War, the Maronites said they were starting to get angry at Israel and were on the verge of taking up arms against them.

So let them into Egypt temporarily.

Like I said, the Israelis won’t let them back in!

The gate was open for a while under the Muslim Brotherhood regime, but Sisi is a whore of the US, so he does what we tell him.

Egypt doesn’t need 2 million more extremely angry people in its country.

Lots of goods come into Gaza via Rafah. Everything you could imagine, though the Israelis put serious limits on it for no decent reason. A good part of the food, medicine, etc. coming in to Gaza comes right through Rafah. And a lot of weaponry comes in that way too disguised in shipments of other things or smuggled via a vast tunnel network that Egypt allows to operate unhindered.

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