Capitalism Is a Narcissistic Vanity Foot Race

Commenter: The Soviet system as an alternative to the capitalism of the US and the rest of the West wasn’t really so bad and had some advantages over our system. Why that was so horrible to admit, I don’t get.

It’s pretty simple really. It’s all about the money! Those were competing systems. Communism was a deadly threat, a dagger pointed at the heart of every rich person and capitalist. Were it to take over or even get more popular, there goes all their wealth and power. They also lose their businesses, which is their way of generating more wealth and power than other people which is the whole reason for capitalism.

The purpose of capitalism isn’t to survive or get what you need and relax on the couch with a beer.

It’s about beating the others, beating the other men to get the best women, beating everyone else to have a better car, a better house, better clothes, etc. so you can get even better and prettier women and even more illustrious, special, and valued friends in order to be admired and feel like you are better than others.

It’s a completely narcissistic endeavor the purpose of which is to obtain all of the wealth, money, and stuff for yourself and your group, while granting everyone else (the Other) absolutely nothing at all.

The way to success in this narcissistic footrace of vanity, stuff, cash, and babes is basically some form of sociopathy. Without some sociopathy, you will never get far in business, and you might find it hard to accumulate money, power, stuff, hot chicks, and admiration, which then drives even more narcissism over all your new stuff and probably more sociopathy now that you don’t care about your lessers and can easily spit on them in good conscience.

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