The Only Way You Can Get People to Support Wars

I think the real problem here is that people do not understand war in the Clausewitzian sense “War is a mere continuation of policy by other means.”

Of course most wars are about stuff like money, oil, pipelines, resources (and control over these three prior things), corporations, the rich, markets, bullying countries who won’t do what you say, and other sleazy geopolitical machinations. I suppose the sociopaths who make foreign policy are quite aware of that and being psychopaths, could care less, but it will be hard to sell the American people on this idea that

We need to kill hundreds of thousands of people so we get this pipeline and Russia doesn’t. In other words, the war is all about money, resources, and geopolitical power.

Of course most wars waged by capitalist countries boil down to some form of killing people for money (the reason for almost all wars of imperialist capitalist countries). But can you really tell your people that? Will they still go along with it?

Nobody believes that wars are waged over all this sleazy stuff because if they do, it’s hard to sell war. Instead people believe every war is some righteous moral crusade that we were forced into doing in order to try to stop the evildoers. That’s the only way people can be ok with war. Of course they had this BS shoved down their throats by war propaganda, which people are uniquely susceptible to, but still, the point stands.

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