Yom Kippur War 2, October 13, 2023

This will be the first in a series of articles on this war.

In this latest Middle East war, which I am calling the Yom Kippur 2 War, people think that there was no way that the Hamas militants could have crept through the Gaza/Israel border because of all the cameras and whatnot. However, the cameras at the border were taken out via hacking. Israel couldn’t see a thing when the invasion started.

Israel Let It Happen?

I’m not buying the “Israel let it happen” conspiracy or at least I would need a lot more evidence to believe in it.

People say that there’s no way that Israel could not know what’s going on in Gaza. Not true. Truth is that Israel has no one in Gaza. No one. Sure, they have some Arab sources, but that only goes so far. Israel can’t get any of their spies in there. Hamas has that place locked down hard.

Also, Israel can’t seem to get anyone inside Hezbollah either.

Iran recently rounded up the entire ring of US spies in Iran. Killed every single one of them. I don’t think Israel has been able to penetrate deep into the Iranian regime. IRGC has that place locked down hard, and Iranian intelligence is superb! However, I think Iran has some people in the Mossad or Israeli military!

Israel can’t really get anyone inside any of the large groups like Hamas, the PFLP, the DFLP, the various Fatah splits, the Mujahedin Movement, and certainly Islamic Jihad.

I’d say that Israel has much better intel in the West Bank than they do in Gaza. In the West Bank, Israel knows a lot. Say there was an attack somewhere that killed or hurt an Israeli. Israel figures out who did it fast and has an idea of where to find them. It might take them a while to track them down, but they do it eventually.

But they don’t seem to have knowledge of attacks before they happen, so I figure they don’t have anyone in the groups. Every now and then an Arab spy gets uncovered in one of the groups. He gets interrogated on video and then executed, and his body is buried in an unmarked grave. Thing is Israel has dirt on all sorts of people, and they blackmail most of their spies into working for them by saying you either work for us or we reveal the dirt we have on you.

I’m not sure how those groups work.

Cell Structures

Perhaps they have a cell structure. Cell structures can be almost impossible to penetrate. Say you have a cell of three or five. You only know the people in your cell! And even with them, maybe you only know their noms de guerre and not even their real names or very much about them. So when the state arrests you, you can’t really tell them anything because you don’t know anything. One guy in a cell gets arrested, and the others in the cell disperse right away and vanish.

Also you probably know some courier guy who delivers instructions or commands to you. He has a nom de guerre too, and you know nothing about him. Maybe only one of you meets him in a public place, and he hands the letter over by hand. But he only knows you by your nom de guerre. If he comes to your hideout and he gets rolled up, he can turn in your whole cell!

Anyway, you bust one cell and then there are dozens, scores, or hundreds of more cells, and none of them know anything about each other. At some higher up level, yes there has to be someone who knows all the cells, and when those people get arrested, the state can often arrest lots of people.

Israel Has No One on the Ground in Gaza

Also, Hamas is starting to use couriers a lot and not relying on computers or cell phones, which are too easy to trace. In Gaza, Israel doesn’t know crap because they can’t get anyone in there on the ground.

The US of course has no one inside any of the Palestinian groups, and now the CIA has been slaughtered in Iran, and there isn’t a soul left there to work with us.

The US has never been able to penetrate Hezbollah either, nor has Israel apparently. Even the families of a lot of Hezbollah fighters in the militia have no idea that their father is in the militia. Then one day he gets killed in a war and they find out. That’s how locked down they are.

I’ve also heard that North Korea is locked down so hard that the CIA says they can never even get anyone in there. So maybe there are advantages to totalitarianism.

Actually, Hamas said they had intelligence that Israel was going to launch a huge attack on Gaza and the West Bank after the holidays. So they were heading it off at the pass. This is similar to Russia’s invasion heading off the coming huge Ukrainian invasion of Donbass coming two weeks hence.

A Conspiracy?

There is a conspiracy theory that “Israel and the US knew it was going to happen and didn’t try to stop it, or, worse, that they were in on it.”

One thing Israel doesn’t like to do is kill Israeli Jews. They just lost 200 security personnel and 1,000 civilians (some armed), 98

“The death of one Jew is equal to the death of us all.”

This is one reason Jews have a low suicide rate. It’s all down to the Jewish religion. Suicide is akin to homicide in Judaism. You kill yourself and you kill all of the Jews with you when you do it. Check out how infrequently Jews kill other Jews. They hate doing that! It’s like the worst sin of all for them.

No way is Israel going sacrifice that many Israeli Jewish people to some conspiracy scheme.

Now, they may have let a lot of American Jews die in 9-11, but those are US Jews, not Israelis.

There are reports though that Egypt was warning Israel that something big was coming, but Israel blew it off. Israel says they don’t even talk to Egypt and haven’t talked to them in a while. I don’t know what to believe about this. Perhaps they knew something was coming but not how big it was.

But then how did all the other groups know about it?

Hezbollah and Iran Helped Plan the Attack?

There are a lot of reports coming out about a Wall Street Journal article quoting Hamas and Hezbollah sources saying that the invasion was decided a week before at a meeting of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran in Lebanon. However, apparently this is fake news.

Richard Silvester, an anti-Israel Jew, has sources inside the Israeli government. The stuff he gets is pretty good, but sometimes it’s just another spin, closer to the truth maybe but not the truth. His source deep inside the state told him that no such meeting occurred and that Israel just made it up and planted the story in the paper.

Silverstein says that the only place it could have come from would be Netanyahu or people in Netanyahu’s office because those are the only people who would do such a thing. You have to realize what a nasty snake of a man this POS is. I believe he is a psychopath, and prominent Israelis say he is too. He’s one of those functional psychopaths. I also know that Netanyahu and the Wall Street Journal have very deep connections and Netanyahu often plants stories in that lousy rightwing rag.

I just found out the truth via a Hamas official in Qatar. He said:

The attack had been planned for months or maybe a year. Hamas and Hamas alone had planned the attack by themselves with no help from Hezbollah or Iran. It was planned very carefully and secretly.

A fair number of people knew there was such a plan but no one knew when the launch date was going to be. Only a tiny few people knew that and the rest of Hamas was in the dark. And it was only revealed to these very few people at the very last minute.

Which Groups Are Fighting in This War?

There are at least 12 groups fighting Israel in this war.

Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade: Fatah split. The armed wing of Fatah. With Oslo, Fatah disarmed and most went over to the PA, but a rejectionist group refused to disarm and became AMB. They’re pretty secular but they throw in Islam sometimes too, more than the PFLP or DFLP. The PA has ordered them to disarm but they simply refuse to. Some members of the PA police or armed forces moonlight as members of AMB or Islamic Jihad. A number of them have been killed recently.

Rightwing Israeli Jews lie and say Abbas and the PA control AMB, but they have no control over them at all. They operate completely independently. Sure, some Fatah officials praise the resistance or the latest deadly attack, but the PA pretty much never does, as they are committed to the peaceful road to a settlement. The PA is officially for a two state solution, and this is also the position of AMD. AMD is mostly in the West Bank and only in Gaza to a limited extent.

Nasser Brigades: Another Fatah split, this one with a more Islamist bent. They’re mostly in Gaza. They probably support a 2-state solution.

Popular Resistance Committees: Another Gaza-based group mostly made up of family clans. I’ve also heard that they are Leftists. They are extremely close to Iran.

The Mujahedin Movement in Palestine: An extremely secretive and barely known group that has appeared in the last few years. Rather Islamist but I’m not sure if they are as Islamist as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This clandestine group has tens of thousands of members, at least 20,000, which is hard to believe but quite possibly true.

PFLP-GC: Ahmad Jibril’s group. This group was always an arm of the Syrian government. They have a huge army in the refugee camps in Syria. There are also quite a few of them in the refugee camps in Lebanon. Lately they have been fighting it out with some crazy Salafist group that is also in the camps. They don’t do much in terms of fighting Israel, but now and again, they launch a missile from Lebanon. They have a small presence in Gaza and they participated in this latest war, mostly using mortars and missiles. This is a very secular Leftist group at least in original formation.

DFLP: Very secular group, almost Communists. Has a large female membership, including an all-female armed unit. They have a lot of support among Palestinian Christians. They support a 2 state solution. This group is rather small. They are a split from the PFLP but I forget why.

They have launched a fair number of missiles and mortars and they even participated in the invasion by attacking a military base. Their latest statement said that they had small cells up to 15 miles inside Israel, but they would not say where they were. They only have a small presence in the West Bank, but they have an above-ground component that is fairly active in the West Bank.

Members of the armed wing are secular, and no doubt some if not all are atheists or nonreligious. Keep in mind that 27

PFLP: The original Marxist revolutionary Palestinian group. They have a pretty significant membership or at least more than the DFLP. This group has considerable support among Palestinian Christians. They are very hardline and are known for being holdouts and no-compromise, no negotiations, radicals. They’re like the ultimate hardliners. Has some female troops.

Traditionally they supported a one state solution in which all of the peaceful Jews could stay. George Habash the founder famously said that when he went back his hometown in Israel, he would build a house for his family and then he would build another floor on top of the house and let a Jewish family live there!

They usually use the word “Zionists” and don’t use the word “Jews.” They’ve been associated with some truly awful terrorist attacks in the past, but not a lot has happened lately.

Their leader Abu Ali Mustafa was assassinated by Israel in the Second Intifada, and in revenge, their leader Ahmad Sadat plotted the assassination of Israel’s Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi at a hotel he was staying at the Jerusalem Hyatt Hotel in Israel proper, so the group got inside Israel itself somehow. A squad of four ambushed him in an elevator using silencers and then miraculously escaped by seemingly vanishing into thin air.

Israel eventually figured out who did it and demanded their arrest along with Sadat. Arafat eventually complied and put them in a prison in Jericho. At one point, Israel raided Jericho and demanded that Arafat hand over Sadat and the shooters. Israel actually put them on trial, which is something they don’t often do.

They’re all serving long sentences now of 30-125 years in prison possibly life sentences. Re’evi was a monster who had a very vicious attitude towards Palestinians, referring to them as insects and cockroaches. Incredibly, Israeli Jews called this maniac “Ghandi” for his supposed moderate and peaceful views. That they would call a psycho like this “Ghandi” shows you how insane Israeli Jews are.

Israel arrests people all the time on “administrative detention,” which means they arrest them on no charges or hidden charges. Even when they put them on trial, the people often don’t even know what they are charged with, and I believe that the defense gets little information and perhaps they might not know the charges either. Most people being picked up nowadays are jailed on administrative detention, and they can be kept there for years.

It sounds like BS but this sort of thing is typical in states undergoing insurgencies.

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  1. The “Israel and Egypt don’t talk” thing seems dubious at best. Especially since Egyptian President Al-Sisi has made it clear he does not want Gaza Arabs flooding into Egypt because of the conflict. Where will the Palestinian Gaza Arabs go?

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