This Is the Most Humane War Hamas and the Palestinians Have Ever Waged

This Is the Most Humane War Hamas and the Palestinians Have Ever Waged

A Hamas spokesman said that there are no civilians in Israel and they are all settlers, usurpers, and occupiers. In other words, all Israeli Jewish civilians are military targets. This has been the basis of the Palestinian revolution from the very start, sadly. The sorry truth is that it is in this horrific war that Hamas and the Palestinians have waged by far their most humane war ever. The Palestinians have never been known to take civilian hostages before.

If a fighter ever gets face to face with Jews, he simply tries to kill as many of them as possible. Sure they mostly fight against Israeli soldiers and sometimes against police, but they’re not against targeting Jewish civilians inside Israel. I believe that all of the armed groups support such attacks.

Only the Palestinian Authority opposes them on an official basis. However the breakaway armed wing of Fatah, the Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades, supports attacks on Jewish civilians inside Israel. However, the Palestinian masses are split on the subject. Fully 44

So those horrible attacks you saw Hamas commit in the early days of the conflict where they just mowed down Jewish civilians at will? A majority of those in the West Bank (56

Nor have the Palestinians typically taken Israeli soldiers hostage, although a few times they did. Other times they simply took them out to some remote place and executed them.

This is the first conflict where the typical Palestinian response to captured IDF soldiers was to take them as POW’s. We don’t know how these POW’s are being treated, but we haven’t seen much evidence of serious maltreatment yet. Some of them are being treated pretty roughly, but that’s par for the course with POW’s.

The Jews* have already killed 19 of the hostages with their bombings. At least 10 of these were IDF troops. The nature of the other nine is not known. Furthermore, this is the first conflict where Palestinians did not simply mow down Jewish civilians who presented themselves as targets in an attack. In the past, they’ve always just mowed them down, men, women, children, toddlers, and I believe even babies. The depravity of the Palestinians in this conflict is difficult to comprehend.

But in this war, they took many civilian hostages, men, women, children, toddlers, old ladies, etc. From all accounts, all of these hostages are being treated well.

*This refers only to Israeli Jews as they are the only ones  committing these acts. The Jews in the Diaspora no matter what thoughts they have in their heads, are not part of it. Even lobbying for more weapons doesn’t make them part of it because it is the entire US nation that is flooding Israel with weapons, not simply the tiny percentage of the population that is Jewish.

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3 thoughts on “This Is the Most Humane War Hamas and the Palestinians Have Ever Waged”

    1. Oh I know. I think they fucked up really bad this time. She shouldn’t have killed any of those civilians except the armed ones (and some were armed). To tell the truth, the Palestinians have been pure terrorists from Day One of this. It’s an ethnic war, and those tend to target civilians. However, they have definitely a lot of Israeli soldiers and cops, and of course those are legit. And I do support attacks on adult settlers in the West Bank, even though it often turns my stomach to do so.

      I am against attacks on minor settlers in the West Bank and all civilians inside Israel. Actually the PA is on record opposing attacks on civilians inside Israel and 46% of West Bankers feel the same way. So 46% of West Bankers would have opposed this massacre by Hamas.

      Considering what Hamas did, how do they expect Israel to react?

      You need to understand that according to Palestinians, ALL Israeli Jews are “illegal settlers” and therefore military targets who can be killed at any time. Actually that is not their strict position as they feel that the Palestinian Jews can stay, but all the rest need to take off. ALL of the armed groups appear to approve of the sort of attacks that Hamas did, murdering all of those civilians.

      What is shocking is that THIS is actually the most humane that Hamas and the Palestinians have ever fought. Which really makes you think about what their attacks were like before.

  1. I was under the impression it was the worst but I guess beheading babies was a lie. Just when I was warming up to Israelis. If Israelis are acting as bad or worse, they really have no leg to stand on. Imagine you go to your bed and Ron Jeremy is lying naked in it with your wife. Then you hear Woody Allen muttering in your daughters bedroom. An extreme but it’s the same arrogance the Israelis have. I’ve seen video of an Israeli civilian trying to take over a house that belonged to another family while they were still in it.

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