Some Claims about Anglo and Jewish Settler-Colonialism Debunked

Israeli forces atrocities also include more than 70 massacres against Palestinians killing 15,000 Palestinians during Nakba time.

Try 900. I really doubt that 70 massacres.

European settlers killed 56 million indigenous people over about 100 years in South, Central and North America, causing large swaths of farmland to be abandoned and reforested,

Exactly how much land were the Amerindians farming? No way did we kill 56 million people. A lot of them died, sure, but almost all of it was due to disease.

“A research article published last year has brought to light how policy-induced famines killed tens of millions of Indians in 40 years, 1880 to 1920, the deaths which have never been attributed to the colonial regime. And the number of deaths in the period could easily be higher due to improper documentation by the government.

[Independence Day: 165 million unaccounted Indian victims of the British colonial regime ]”

Now this is getting somewhere. But independent India has caused 200 million excess deaths since 1949.

This Australian Tale of Two Cities contrasts the material comfort of the majority with the First Australians who die from Dickensian diseases in their 40s and are imprisoned at a rate six times that of Blacks were in apartheid South Africa. The state of Western Australia, the richest in the nation, has the highest incarceration rate of juveniles in the world – most of them Indigenous.

I think they are doing most of this to themselves. The Aussies turned over whole towns and regions and let the Aborigines run them, and the result was a total disaster. In fact it was such a wreck that there was a big hue and cry for the state to step back in and save these people from self-rule, to save them from themselves.

In particular there was epidemic pornography use, drug abuse (glue sniffing), and believe it or not, child molestation. Some research was done and Aborigine communities pre-contact were not great places to be a woman or a girl. There was near-epidemic rape of women and there was also a lot of child molestation of girls. Both had nearly become embedded in their culture.

Some of these more primitive people seem like they can’t handle porn at all. Once they’re exposed to porn, they want to sit around all day long and do nothing but watch porn and drink or take drugs. This is going on in some Filipino Aeta villages now – idleness, chronic porn use, and drunkenness is the rote of their quotidian lives.

Some of these groups can’t seem to handle modern sin like porn, booze, or drugs very well. They just get bulldozed by easy access to destructive sins. Higher IQ groups seem to be able to ration these things out pretty well, but the less intelligent groups seem to get plowed under by easy temptation. Look at how Blacks have been hit so much harder by easy access to guns, alcohol, and drugs than Whites or Asians have. It follows that lower IQ would lead to lower self-controls.

I worry that some of these folks like the Chamorro (IQ 87), Aeta (IQ unknown), and Aborigines (IQ 85, but pure Aborigine IQ 64) are not evolutionarily fit for our modern world. In the case of the Aborigines, the average Aborigine is half White now, so that’s progress, but still, theirs is mostly a self-inflicted wound.

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One thought on “Some Claims about Anglo and Jewish Settler-Colonialism Debunked”

  1. I’ve heard many Middle Eastern and Indian internet cafes are full of guys watching bestiality porn. They are probably in between more primitive uncivilized non-Whites and fully civilized Whites. They come from old advanced civilizations. Now they just use their fancy old silks as jizz rags.

    They didn’t invent the internet so they can’t use it properly. Advanced technology, education, etc. can’t be handed like a torch. The primitive will just abuse advancements they are given.

    Oprah gave Black Africa a school, and it quickly turned into a child molestation factory.

    Aborigines are genetic model minorities in that their genes are recessive.

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