A Couple of Paragraphs Summing up the Nature of the Fighting in This War

Boris Rozhin’s Telegram: A Hamas spokesman said that there are no civilians in Israel, and the Israeli president said that there are no civilians in Gaza and all are terrorists.

A triumph of cannibalistic approaches on both sides.

I do not deny that Hamas committed some truly horrendous crimes inside Israel. Targeting Jews at the rave. Going house to house murdering Jewish civilians in the kibbutzes. Mowing down Jewish elderly folks. Some of this stuff is terrifying. A family where an older sister was shot dead in front of her mother, father, and younger brother and sister.

The Jews have typically not taken the approach that all Palestinian civilians are valid targets, and in fact they have been quite constrained in their use of force. They continue to be constrained in the West Bank even in this war. But things are starting to deteriorate. There have already been 4-5 out and out murders of Palestinians by Jewish West Bank settlers, exactly like what Hamas did. The IDF isn’t even trying to prosecute them.

In past wars on Gaza, it seemed like the Jews were at least trying to preserve civilian life as much as possible. Now they’re not even trying to preserve civilian life. I’ve never seen the Jews be so careless in their bombing of civilians in the West Bank.

They are bombing the homes of Hamas leader when they know those men are not there. Instead there are just the leader’s relatives, spouses, and offspring, and a number of them have been killed.

4-5 of Hamas military wing leader Mohammad Deif’s relatives, spouse, and offspring were killed in an attack on his home when it was obvious he was not there. This is being celebrated as a great anti-terrorist bombing here in the US. Can someone tell me how this guy’s wife, kids, and relatives are involved in this fight? They deserve to die just for being associated with this guy? How depraved.

In other cases, the Jews have absolutely been deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza. For instance, the Jews told Gazans to go to the Rafah border and flee to Egypt. Many Gazans massed at the Rafah Gate. The Jews then bombed the Rafah Gate three times!

In a similar fashion, today many Palestinians received phone calls from the Jews telling them to flee Northern Gaza and head towards Southern Gaza. Large convoys of refugees started to move south. The Jews then bombed three of these convoys, killing 70 civilians and wounding 270 more. This is some real dirty stuff. I’ve never seen the Jews act this dirty in my lifetime. You have to go all the way back to the Nakba to see this sort of depravity.

They have targeted schools, universities, media outlets, bakeries, hospitals, medical workers, journalists, ambulances, government buildings, and mosques. There have been a number of cases of deliberately targeting ambulances. 4-5 ambulances have been hit and there are up to 20 casualties among medical workers.

In a recent case, the Jews called up a Palestinian news journalist who works with a camera crew. They told him to stay out of Eastern and Northern Gaza. He blew them off. Very shortly after he got that call, he was killed in a bombing raid. This looks very much like a targeted attack,  so they are definitely targeting journalists and media workers. But they’ve done this in earlier conflicts.

I’d say the Jews and Hamas are behaving in an equally wicked manner in this war, sorry. One is just as bad as the other.

*This refers only to Israeli Jews as they are the only ones  committing these acts. The Jews in the Diaspora are not part of it in any way, shape or form, so leave them out of it!

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