The Last Days of the Shining Path in Peru

Some states in these situations tried to put arrested rebels on trial for terrorism, etc. Peru during the Shining Path rebellion is a good example. Cases were decided by judges but there were problems with this as Sendero kept threatening the judges. As a result, a lot of arrested rebels were acquitted and set free.

Fujimori came in via a military coup and shut down Parliament and ruled by decree. He also got rid of trial by jury for insurgents. He imposed strict censorship. He started arresting Sendero’s lawyers in the Democratic Lawyers Association. This was basically part of Sendero’s aboveground structure but in these groups the aboveground structure and the underground armed group have little to nothing to do with each other.

So the aboveground people are not involved in the armed insurgency at all except being supporters. Fujimori rolled up most of the members of this group, and tortured a number of them to death, which I thought was messed up. Sendero had captured the University of San Carlos in Lima and turned it into a base.

Most of the professors were members of the  aboveground groups and most of the students were too or else perhaps they were members of an armed cell. The library had been turned into a revolutionary literature library. There were Sendero posters everywhere.

Fujimori raided the university, but the students had turned it into a an armed camp, and most of the university was destroyed in a big battle. Over the next two years, Fujimori rolled up the leader of the group and his Central Committee who had been hiding in Lima the whole time. There were some famous cases like one time, the state raided a barbecue of some students from this university and simply executed all 15 members of the group.

There were a number of actors, dancers, and novelists on the Central Committee! That allowed them to roll up a lot of the rest of the network as the Committee had files in much of the organization. Over this time period, Sendero was pretty much defeated, but at the same time, Fujimori arrested fully 15

Sendero then receded into the background and eventually was mostly in a jungle area called the VRAE. It split into two factions, one led by Comandante Feliciano and another one. Over the next 20-30 years, both of the leaders were rounded up and the  factions disappeared. They only had a few hundred members each. A new Sendero has emerged which is radically different from the old group and has completely renounced the terrorism that the old group engaged in constantly.

*Generally speaking, the word “Jews” here refers to Israelis in the same sense that we say, “The Russians did this…the Germans did that…the Japanese did this other thing.” I’m not talking about the Jews in the Diaspora, as they are not part of this war at all, other than giving moral support to their brethren.

Please don’t conflate US Jews with Israelis. US Jews are not the ones stealing your land, beating you, spitting on you, arresting you, shooting you in cold blood, bombing ambulances, schools, universities, mosques, hospitals, media centers, government offices, and private homes, right? Ok so get mad at the people who are directly oppressing you. US Jews aren’t part of this fight.

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