The Illegal Combatant Bullshit

Much has been made of Israel’s administrative detention that puts Palestinians in jail and prison for long periods of time on no charges whatsoever! It’s called administrative detention and it’s often used by states in cases of insurgencies. The US did it at Guantanamo Bay, the US imperialist base on stolen Cuban land. We said they were not POW’s so we wouldn’t have to abide the by the Geneva Conventions. Then we refused to call them criminals or charge them with anything because we feared that juries would acquit them.

So we said they were “unlawful combatants,” except there is no such thing under international law. You’re either a soldier, in which case you are entitled to Geneva Convention Protections, or you are a criminal who can be tried perhaps on sedition or terrorism charges, or you are some sort of a civilian. The only people not covered who receive no protections are enemy spies. They can be killed at will during wartime.

In 1976, additions were added giving some protections to guerrillas in guerrilla wars, who had previously been thrown in with spies. The people who most ferociously opposed this were US Jews, the US faction of a race of lawyers. They argued that if you fought without a formal uniform, you were a guerrilla, so you were entitled to no protections and were similar to spies who could be executed as will.

That’s where the Jewish “unlawful combatant” crap came from. Yeah, (((they))) made that up. Thanks, Jews, for coming up with a fascist legal concept!

I believe guerrillas are now entitled to some protections but not as many as formal soldiers. Hamas wears uniforms, so arrested Hamas fighters are obviously POW’s. Israel sure isn’t treating them as such in this recent war. In fact, taking after their sleazy brethren over here, the Israeli branch of this race of lawyers has decided that all captured guerrillas are “unlawful combatants.”

The Jews* have been treating arrested militants quite terribly in this recent war, stripping them naked, beating and kicking them, stripping them down to their shorts and forcing them into humiliating positions, and even tying them up naked on the ground. In contrast, Palestinian treatment of Israeli POW’s at least after being formally detained has been remarkably better, though we have little good evidence of that. Mohammad Deif has recently ordered that all POW’s and civilian captives be treated decently.

Not that the militants haven’t been a bit rough with them, but armies are often rough with POW’s during wartime.

The illegal combatants scam was a fascist trick put in by the Bush Administration, which increasingly looks fascist. But really America has always been this way, so perhaps we have always had fascist tendencies in the past century. And George Bush is looking more fascist the more I examine him. His goon, the fascist law scholar John Yoo was the one who crafted the wholly fraudulent “illegal combatant.” Renowed scholar of international law Francis Boyle told me that there’s no such thing as an unlawful combatant under international law. It’s all made up.

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27 thoughts on “The Illegal Combatant Bullshit”

  1. RL: “The US did it at Guantanamo Bay, the US imperialist base on stolen Cuban land.”

    Long time Robert. How have you been? Speaking of imperialist bases on stolen Hispanic lands, what do you think of the British in Gibraltar?

    1. Hey! LTNS! I’m not sure what to think about Gibraltar. Who owns it, Spain? I’m not sure Spain cares about it all that much.

      1. No the Brits took it in the 100s and refuse to give it back. Having the the Nazis help get it back was one of the impossible conditions to join the war that Franco gave to Hitler hoping (correctly) that he’d bugger off and leave civil war-torn Spain out of the conflict. The blood-thirsty British cunts refuse to give it back in a desperate attempt to hold on to whatever is left of their halcyon imperial days. The reason there is no Gibraltarian IRA equivalent is because the locals are of part British descent by now and they consider the British economy to be better for them.

        In principle, I think the UK should give it back. But whenever Spain asks the UK rightly points out the Spaniard’s hypocrisy for having as a military base in Ceuta, Morocco which they in turn refuse to return to the Moroccans. Ironically Ceuta is the North African tip of the Straits of Gibraltar. The Spanish military is illegally? squatting on the African tip and the UK military is squatting on the Iberian one. lol.

        Practically I don’t think Britain should return it because (1) the Gibraltar residents don’t want to rejoin Spain, and (2)Spain would have to give up Ceuta to and it would be a NET LOSS for NATO. With the status quo, NATO completely controls the entry into the Mediterranean Sea. I think this is the real unspoken reason why the UK hasn’t given it back. Behind closed doors the Spanish are like “Ok let’s pretend we are outraged about you stealing Gibraltar from us way back when so we can hold on the Ceuta and Western hegemony is maintained. Gracias amigos”

          1. Hey Polar Bear. How have you been? You’re a far more faithful member of this corner of the interwebs than I am.

          2. Nothing much. Just haven’t been here in a while but every time some shit pops off around the world I remember Robert’s blog.

          3. He knows more about the Middle East than anyone I know. Better off listing to him than the MSM.

            I like that I can search an minority group like Sorbians and they are here. Alot of ground has been covered.

          4. He knows more about the Middle East than anyone I know.

            Thx! I try.

            Better off listing to him than the MSM.

            Well of course.

            I like that I can search an minority group like Sorbians and they are here.

            Isn’t this site just awesome LOL?

          5. Ah, ok, thanks. I think I’m smart but you always challenge me. Speaking of which, ever taken an IQ test?

          6. I’m not sure if what I took was a bona fide IQ test, but in the second grade (6 or 7 years old) I took some California-something or other based standardized test and I got 96 percentile verbal and 99the percentile math. I’m not from Cali it’s just that the test was designed there and bore the name California.

            However, I took another more comprehensive test later and my Math percentile dropped dramatically to like 80th percentile because I think I have a learning disorder called dyscalculia. Ironically I majored in math in school but I struggle to this day with basic arithmetic. I routinely forget my multiplications table and for the life of me I cannot do subtraction the way it was taught in school. I have zero problem with algebra or symbolic manipulation though.

            I took the GMAT which studied for a lot in my 30s and scored 99th percentile in verbal, a perfect score on the essay 6.0/6.0 and the the highest score possible on Integrated Reasoning which tops off at the 92nd percentile (at least the year I took it). Contrastingly, I scored a 48th percentile in the Math section.

            So GMAT overall 720 (92nd percentile). However, I purposely guessed on the last one third of the math questions to see if I could beat the computer adaptive test but it didn’t work. I took the GRE’s without studying and got Verbal 167 out of 170 and 165 out of 170 Quant-Math.

            I probably didn’t get 99th verbal in GRE because I didn’t study advanced vocabulary I just piggybacked off my GMAT studies, a test which I took two months prior to the GRE. The math score I think is accurate. Now if we consider that the reference population IQ for GMAT and GRE are college grads with mean IQ of 113 then we can estimate my IQ from there by adding 13 points to the my standardized test “IQ”:

            GMAT 720
            Composite IQ
            (92nd percentile composite score) = 121 + 13 = 134 IQ
            Verbal IQ
            99th percentile = 135 + 13 = 147 IQ
            Mathematical IQ
            48th percentile = 99 + 13 = 112 IQ (again this is very inaccurate)

            GRE 167 Verbal/166 Quant
            Verbal IQ
            167/170 as 98th percentile = 131 + 13 = 144 IQ
            Mathematical IQ
            166/170 as 86th percentile = 116 + 13 = 127 IQ

            Average of GMAT an GRE
            Verbal IQ = 145.5
            Math IQ = 119.5

            We must consider all the factors. As a child I scored in the 96th and 99th percentiles in verbal and math, respectively; I have dyscalculia; the GMAT and GRE are exams for which you can study. So my verbal IQ may be a bit lower but my math IQ is probably way higher than these test results suggest.

            So approximately a 140 Verbal IQ and 130 Math IQ which means my overall is probably in the 99th percentile.

          7. 135 IQ is probably not correct.

            I’m throwing out the 92nd percentile score because the damned test tops out at 92nd percentile! So you can only get a 123 IQ and no higher on Integrated Reasoning!

            I got full scale IQ:

            131 (IQ test)

            = 131 full scale IQ. Note that despite your bashing the GRE and GMAT, it lines up perfectly with your IQ. One point below gifted. I think you are in the “Bright” category. Let’s call it “Bright, nearly gifted.” Anyway that is a very, very high IQ. You are smarter than 97.5% of the population. That’s pretty damned impressive.

            You have a 131 IQ, just a hair below gifted.

            Your math IQ:


            = 126 math IQ

            So in math, you are “Bright” and you are smarter than 92% of the population even in math, even with dycalculia!

            On verbal:


            = 140. On Verbal IQ, you do have a Genius IQ = 140+. This makes sense based on your writing. You are about on my level, which is a Genius Verbal IQ.

          8. Btw, I don’t think a 99th percentile composite IQ makes me a genius, it just means I’m smarter than at least 99% of people in the Western World which isn’t saying much considering how practically everyone is a fucking moron lol. I am very creative so in that sense I might be a genius. But having majored in math I have seen just how much more powerful some minds are.

          9. Btw, I don’t think a 99th percentile composite IQ makes me a genius, it just means I’m smarter than at least 99% of people in the Western World which isn’t saying much considering how practically everyone is a fucking moron lol.

            It means you have a Genius IQ or a Genius level IQ. IQ scores come with various levels attached to them. 140+ IQ is considered to be “Genius” level. It’s just one of the levels of the IQ scale.

            The difference between genius IQ’s and geniuses is very great. There are 3.3 million genius IQ’s in the US! How many “geniuses” are there in the US. As that is a dramatically more limited category, there are dramatically fewer of those. There will always be maybe 1,000 Genius IQ types for every one Genius type.

            I wish people would quit fussing over this and I especially wish these fools would quit bashing me on this issue by claiming I say I’m a genius. I say no such thing and I really doubt if I am a genius, but some of my friends and girlfriends have insisted that I am.

          10. One more point, the verbal score in the 96th percentile is significantly lower then my 99th and 98th percentile GMAT and GRE scores, respectively. The 96th percentile score may either accurate or an underestimate because I am a native bilingual and it’s known that bilingual children have smaller vocabularies into both of their languages in comparison to monolinguals of each language but overall a larger combined vocabulary.

            I do not remember if vocabulary was tested because it was so long ago. I don’t even remember taking the exam. I just found the documents in my closet in my parent’s home a few years back. If it did not test vocab then it was an accurate assessment.

            I never cared for English or Humanities courses in grade school, and as a science and math major I avoided all such classes that involve writing because I thought they were boring, stupid, and tedious. I no longer think that. I love writing and humanities but I was younger and more arrogant then.

            I digress, my point is that I did astonishingly high on verbal consider I majored in chemistry and then switched to math in college and only took three humanities classes. So it’s not like I had practice. I did however love linguistics and this may have helped prime me a bit for the Sentence Correction section on the GMAT.

            I certainly did NOT have a high vocabulary as was evidenced by some vocabulary-size estimator test I took online a few years before the GMAT and GRE. This is why I am inclined, ego apart, to think that my verbal IQ is more likely in the 99th percentile than not.

          11. I averaged together the three scores from the GMAT, GRE, and IQ test, and I got 140 IQ, which seems about right.

          12. My personal experience compels me to vehemently reject the idiocy of the IQ-denier’s rhetoric: that motivation has significant impact on intelligence test performance. Bullshit!!!!

            I had taken twenty science and math classes in college and only three English and or Humanities classes, six if you count Art History and drawing classes. I had a conscious mental bias in favor of quantitative reasoning. I had a conscious mental bias against verbal reasoning. And yet I only scored mediocre to above average in the quant sections on standardized tests and really high on the verbal ones. Faggots.

          13. Thanks Robert for doing the calculation. Where do you get a full IQ scale from?

            So you are saying:

            Composite IQ 131
            Math IQ 127
            Verbal IQ 140

            Sounds about right but you really have to throughout the GMAT math score. I guessed on purpose. In all the practice tests I was getting around 95th percentile verbal and between 63 and 72percentile math one average. Which are actually the 4th and 5th highest scores possible. 48/51 and 49 /51 respectively.


            I almost always do better on the real exam that practice tests. Probably because it’s more IQ test-like when administered by other people. Not sure. So for verbal I went from practice 96tile to real 99tile. For math I would have also expected a slight jump, but being conservative and assuming the 63tile practice score is accurate then my GMAT Math IQ should be 105 + 13 = 118. Being realistic it should be 109 + 13 = 122.

            My math IQ:

            = 128 CONSERVATIVE

            = 130 REALISTIC

            So with 140V/128M or 140V/130M what’s my compositive IQ now? Did I make it into the gifted camp now? I want my badge dammit!

          14. but being conservative and assuming the 63tile practice score is accurate then my GMAT Math IQ should be 105 + 13 = 118. Being realistic it should be 109 + 13 = 122.

            Why are you adding 13 points to these scores?

            Nah. See how all three of those scores are hitting right around the same point?

            I got full scale IQ:

            131 IQ test
            129 GMAT
            132 GRE

            They’re all hitting right around the same damned number. That’s your IQ, dammit.

            You’re not gifted. You’re sharp as the Devil though.

            My father had an IQ of 129. It was hard for me to say that I was smarter than he was. I had a guy on here with an IQ of 123. It would be very hard for me to say I was smarter than he was. You have an IQ of 131. It’s quite hard for me to say that I am smarter than you are.

            At some point with these higher scores, once you get ~125+ IQ, it all starts blurring together and it’s pretty hard to say someone with a 145 IQ is smarter than someone with a 125 IQ. You just have a bunch of really smart people and I have a hard time telling them apart tbh.

          15. For SAT I got 1330and 130 with an average of 1320. This website says that’s an IQ of 131.9, again corresponding very well to the over scores. IQ is very stable it seems across time and test formats.


            The reason I add 13 is because 113 is the average IQ of GMAT and GRE testers. 50th percentile on GMA/GRE is 113 not 100. So you can just find the normal IQ that corresponds to your percentile and then add 13. GMAT overall I was 94th percentile so that’s 123 + 13 = 126IQ. But again my math score is artificially low. So your 131 IQ estimate is very accurate.

          16. The reason I add 13 is because 113 is the average IQ of GMAT and GRE testers.

            For SAT I got 1330and 130 with an average of 1320. This website says that’s an IQ of 131.9, again corresponding very well to the over scores.

            Like I said, ~131 IQ.

      2. And even if the Gibraltarian population would vote in a referendum to leave, I’m sure the revanchist British faggots would accuse the Spanish faggots of being the actual revanchist faggots that brainwashed the faggot Gibraltarian population to want to leave. Kind of like they say about the kilt-wearing Scots (faggots who wear a skirt lol) and their independence referendum attempts. Okay, I just wanted as many excuses as possible to write the word faggot since I can’t say it in public any more thanks to faggoty libtards. Faggots.

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