New Delphi Murders and Middle East Updates Coming up

Posts on both coming up soon hopefully. I have a mini-encyclopedias in my head about both subjects. Problem is I feel totally overwhelmed about both of them and I don’t know where to begin!

I’ve been voraciously consuming material about the conflict in Israel lately, so I definitely have more than enough for a post.

I’ve been studying this issue intensively for 20 years now since the 2nd Intifada in 2001, and I knew a fair amount about it before then, but unfortunately I had been completely brainwashed with the pro-Israel lies that I had a skewed view of the conflict. Around 2001, I did a deep dive and I finally learned the other side of the conflict or should I say the truth about it.

I must say that I got pretty mad at US Jews for brainwashing me like that for 44 years of my life. I felt like a sucker who had gotten cheated and scammed. On the other hand, the US Gentiles had just been repeating the Jews’ lies in myna bird fashion, so it was their fault too.

The media was also pretty Jewish back then. I’d say it’s a lot less Jewish now in the age of mass corporate takeovers and only a few outlets. Also, newspapers that went from Jewish-owned to Gentile-owned didn’t change their Israel coverage one bit, so I was wondering why it really mattered what sort of crazy Zionist owned a paper, Jew or Gentile.

Anyway, I felt scammed by US Jews, so I did a deep dive into the Jewish Question for the first time as I had been a passionate Judeophile for 44 years. I went to a few webpages, and this whole massive world opened up to me. Well, the antisemites certainly have documented their case, haven’t they? Now that doesn’t mean they are right, but the sheer volume of their case against the Jews takes you aback at first and makes you wonder if there’s something to it.

Turns out some of it is true, a lot of it is exaggerated, and quite a bit of it is out and out lies. It’s a Judeophilic cliche to say so, though Jews don’t talk this way much anymore, but my Mom had always taught me that the Holocaust was mostly about Jews being scapegoated. I think that explains this phenomenon better than anything else.

I’m inclined to agree to an extent, but Jewish success also sort of half dug their grave. When you have 1

There are similar figures with the Chinese in Indonesia and the Philippines, and there are regular pogroms against them too.

Capitalist fanboys go on and on about how humans are natural capitalist swine, but people also seem to have deep-seated socialistic concepts of a sort of a “basic fairness,” and one small group hogging that much of the resources just sets off people’s rage and what they see as an injustice or even a crime.

However, I’m reading now about pogroms in Palestine before 1900, and indeed, the Jews did seem to be scapegoated over and over in these crimes. A lot of the time they were just an easy, defenseless target. Islam’s hostility towards Jews obviously doesn’t help matters.

This was always in some context of Group A (say Mamluks) fighting Group B (say Ottomans), and in the context of this fight, one riled-up group says, “Let’s go pick on these Jews over there. They’re an easy target!” Then the local Arabs often joined in for God knows what reason.

But it was stunning how in so many cases of these conflicts, Jews were not involved in the fighting at all. They were just sitting it out on the sidelines not wanting to get involved. Sort of like you and me are fighting and we stop and point to some innocent bystander watching and say, “Let’s me and you quit fighting and go beat up him.”

From 1500-1900, there were seven large pogroms against Jews in Palestine, about one every sixty years. I could not get figures on how many Jews were killed and wounded. In some cases, the community completely reconstituted itself to its former numbers within a few years. All in all, one pogrom in your lifetime in one city in your country is probably not the end of the world, and all the rest of the time, there was no fighting or killing.

Back to my journey. Well, unfortunately, I opened up Pandora’s Box and got sucked into antisemitism for a while, and yeah, I turned into an antisemite for a few years there. I was never a violent or homicidal one even in thought, but my mind was not right.

That sort of obsessive and conspiratorial is an easy way for people to look at all of these confounding problems of the world and see the One Cause linking everything up, The Great Jewish Conspiracy. This is a very tempting way to think and other groups do it too. Feminists see the history of the world as The Great Patriarchal Conspiracy and misogyny is said to be the root of all evil.

This is lazy thinking but most folks aren’t that smart ,and it takes forever to even begin to get a grasp on the major issues and problems of the world, and even when you do, it’s a booby prize because the causes are so multifactorial and complex that it’s often hard to state them. Instead you end up stating parts and pieces of the problems a bit at a time.

I guess after some time, you put together enough  of the pieces of the jigsaw and remember enough of them as to arrive at some sort of “Englightenment” about the issue, but by then, you’re about ready to die, so I’m not sure the information is of a lot of use.

I was lost in this damned cesspool of pathological and obsessive antisemitism for a while and was starting to get a bit of a reputation. My brother even informed my Judeophilic mother of my thought crimes, and he’s a fairly significant watercooler antisemite (with a bit of a nasty streak though) himself.

It took me three or four months to extract myself, as I started to figure out that the Jewish Conspiracy wasn’t really much of an answer to hardly anything, and that obsessive and conspiratorial antisemitism, unlike the watercooler stuff, which is just what everyone knows about these people, is largely a bunch of untruths, and toxic nonfacts at that.

Hopefully my antisemitism is cured now or at least in remission. One thing this experience taught me is to be very careful about what I write about Jewish people. I’m not interested in relapsing into that BS. Now that I know what it is, it’s easy to look for it and police yourself to keep it at bay. I still get called antisemite all the time anyway even nowadays, but Jews and pathological philosemites aren’t the best judges of who is and is not a bigot. They’re too wrapped up in it to be objective.

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4 thoughts on “New Delphi Murders and Middle East Updates Coming up”

  1. I used to see it as credibility. The more talk about Jews acting bad, the more credibility, but a lot of it is BS. I think dated racial views espoused to this day like Jews are part East Asian and part Negro are silly. Places like Unz are interesting but too much focus on Jews. They should be named at times but minimally.

    I think they were walking on thin ice until now. The film I just watched said Jews can be offed with a flick of the wrist or finger. The assimilated Jew that could pass as a Persian could do nothing to stop an antisemitic wave. All Jews get swept up by anti-Semitic waves and no Jew can part that Sea.

    1. The assimilated Jew that could pass as a Persian could do nothing to stop an antisemitic wave. All Jews get swept up by anti-Semitic waves and no Jew can part that Sea.

      What does this mean? Yeah, he’s fucked too.

      If you’re a Jew, you’re fucked, like all those super liberal Jews at that concert in the desert. Is that what it means? There’s pretty much no way out. Standing up and saying, “Hey, I’m one of the good ones! Leave me out of it!” doesn’t cut it when it’s an ethnic pogrom and they’re killing you for choosing the wrong parents.

      I think they were walking on thin ice until now.

      This means what?

      The film I just watched said Jews can be offed with a flick of the wrist or finger.

      They can be. Hamas just killed 1,000 of them. Not so invulnerable, huh, Jews? If anything good comes out of this mess, it will be the Jews might have to rethink this,

      “We are Gods in secular form. We can do anything we want, and no one can touch us or harm us, for we are invincible.”

      Yeah, ‘fraid not, Jews. Turns out you’ve got to pay the wages of karma like everyone else. You arrogant jerks thought you had the ultimate get out of jail free with that shitty little country of yours and all your super-duper weapons and those under armed enemies you fight like adults waging a war against children and then gloating about how badass they are. But it looks like maybe not, huh? Like when the enemy gets a bit of weapons parity with you, you’re not so special anymore, huh?

      I’m sick and tired of these people and their arrogance, and increasingly, their God-like insistence that they are omnipotent in arms that not a soul can harm them, along with the concomitant attitude (of course) that they can do whatever the Hell they want, and no one can do a thing to them.

      1. The Jew assimilated to Persia could do nothing to save Jews if a powerful Persian wanted them gone.

        Jews haven’t had elite until recently. I think the elite Jews have some safeguard from attacks today that they weren’t afforded in the past as non-elites. They had to walk on thin ice around non-Jews for ages, but the roles have been reversed. Today more Gentiles walk on thin ice around Jews than ever before. It was basically was acceptable to be an anti-Semite before WWII.

        I haven’t been checking the news, but someone was telling me about Jewish babies getting killed today, so I’ll have to look into that.

        1. I haven’t been checking the news, but someone was telling me about Jewish babies getting killed today, so I’ll have to look into that.

          True story. Hamas fucked up bad. They lost a lot of the good will they had around the world, especially in the West.

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