What Happens When a Neighborhood Shifts from Black to White?

Rambo: It’s a sad thing Rob but it’s true. Real estate companies say the first thing potential home buyers ask when buying a home in a certain city is:

What are the demographics of that city. (i.e., what percentage of that city is Black).

If it’s close to or above the national representation in the population of African Americans (12.5

I’m surprised they split at 13

This may not be true of all Blacks though. Blacks with money tend to act a lot better than poorer or even middle class Blacks.

That middle class Blacks act good is a misnomer. I taught at a middle class Black school in North Long Beach for a while, and it was a mess, total chaos. It was like they had ants in their pants. They literally could not stay seated. They would pop right up like a jack in the box after only being seated a short time. The junior high girls were the worst. And they literally could not stop talking. I had all these fantasies and tying them to their chairs and putting muzzles in their mouths!

At the really horrible Black schools, not gonna lie, I used to fantasize about beating the Hell out of some of them or even murdering them. And I don’t feel guilty about it at all. I literally walked off the job twice in schools like that. Just grabbed my briefcase and walked right off the job! That was in a couple of schools in Compton, as I taught there for a while.

I will never teach Black kids again. I’ve had enough of that. I can’t seem to control them anyway. But I would walk by some Black woman teacher, and she would have this silent, seated class whereas I had total chaos. I wish I knew how they did it.

However, issues with middle class Black kids that may not hold in places like LA’s Baldwin Hills and Ladera Heights, which are more or less upper middle class Black or heavily-Black neighborhoods.

People say they are fine, but let me tell you a story. I was teaching in Watts once.

It was a total disaster, all kids refused to learn, and after only one day, someone stole my car battery, but this really cool Black auto shop teacher set me up and got me going again. He was a really nice guy! Also, once my car broke down in Compton and another time in South Central, and both times, these really cool Blacks came out and tried to fix my car for me.

So don’t paint all Blacks with the same brush. A lot of them are really cool! But once they go ghetto, they’re pretty much no good, sorry. The problem is not Blacks per se but that there are far too many of them who act bad. They don’t all act bad. But enough of them do that it’s a real problem. With Whites, sure, some of them act bad too, but it’s a far lower percentage of them.

At that school Watts (it was actually Jordan High School) in the break room at lunch, a White teacher told me he lived in Ladera Heights, and I said,

“That’s a higher socioeconomic Black area, right?”

The guy answered cynically,

“Higher socioeconomically, sure. Higher sociobehaviorally, Hell no.”

These two Black teachers next to me heard it and gave each other a significant look.

At the time those areas were ~50

I had heard that there was still a lot of crime there, not so much because of the Blacks that lived there but more due to the Blacks who lived in the ghetto right next door. They were Black too, so they blended in just fine, and they would migrate up there to prey on their own kind.

However, I had a Black guy come to the site a while back, and he totally disagreed with that and said there are private security patrols all over the place (who pays for them?), and they spot any troublemakers pretty quickly.

We have 4

I moved up to the Sierra foothills 30 years ago, and one of the things people kept whispering in my ear when I was looking to buy was,

Oh, and by the way, there are no Blacks!

The real estate people are scumbags. They do panic selling too. One (!) Black family moves into the neighborhood, and they start calling all the residents saying basically,

A nigger family just bought a house in your neighborhood! Want to sell?

A few move out right away, but as more and more Blacks start moving into the neighborhood, Whites start engaging in panic selling, and pretty soon you have an almost all-Black neighborhood.

I remember that happened to my Grandma’s neighborhood in a part of South Central LA that used to be mostly White. Same scenario. She was one of the only Whites left.

There was this super nice and civilized Black family next door, and as the neighborhood got more and more Black, the problems kept increasing until they decided to move! The neighborhood had literally become too Black for them!

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5 thoughts on “What Happens When a Neighborhood Shifts from Black to White?”

  1. Blacks used to be more behaved and more were cool. A lot of cool old Black types are now dead. I knew a White Castle that used to be full of them but no more.

    I actually watch most Black films, as I’ve an interest in the subject matter and history in general. Total garbage lately. Where are the well-spoken civil rights speakers like Malcolm X now? Respectable Black culture, perhaps White culture Blacks adopted, has fallen.

  2. George Floyd crap hasn’t helped in MN. I’m always hearing horror stories like mom and pops shop owners get killed for no good reason. Many Whites I talk to are happy to get out of Minneapolis. There’s a lot of White flight from Minneapolis and perhaps non-White flight at this point too.

    I believe a lot of Blacks left Chicago. I guess part of it was ghetto for a long time, now more of it is.

  3. I can relate to your school comments. Back in 1975, yes, I’m that old, I did my student teaching at 50/50 Black school. Most of the kids, Black and White, were decent, no more trouble than HS kids in general, but the bad Black kids were bad.

    I had kids that slept through the class because they’d been up all night running the streets. There were kids who weren’t even students walking the halls causing trouble, and then there was my prized student, a Black girl, who literally never turned in an assignment or even put her name on a quiz or test.

    When I flunked her, I was brought into the principle’s office for a meeting with the girl’s mother who accused me of failing her because she was Black. I showed the principal, a Black woman, the grade book and explained to both of them that she failed because she simply never did anything in the class. She had no grade.

    That didn’t satisfy the mother, so the principal told me to give her a “D”. I said no. So, the principal gave her one over my objection. What lesson do you think that taught the girl?

    And as for your neighborhood comments. We have had a few Blacks move into our little upper middle-class neighborhood. They parents themselves are fine. The problem comes with the friends and/or relatives of their HS aged kids. Their kids by themselves were fine, but their associates they brought to the neighborhood at times were not.

    We had a number of break-ins and one assault in the 5-6 years after the one family moved in. The kids are no longer at home and things have calmed back down, but it was dicey for a while.

    From my experience, it seems that the biggest problem is that too many Blacks who are nice people have way too high a tolerance for those that aren’t. It’s almost tribal. The good ones just can’t bring themselves to criticize or hold responsible the bad ones for their bad behavior.

    We have had quite the uptick in B-on-B crime in our city over the last few years. Every night you see the ministers and mothers on TV decrying the shootings, but then when the police step in to clean it up, the Black community, including the ministers, get all up in arms about out-of-control police. You can’t have it both ways.

    They are also way to quick to blame racism for their troubles. There has not been rampant systemic White racism in this country in decades. Are there still racist people? Sure, and they come in all colors. But the days of Jim Crow, and ‘separate but equal’ are long gone except on college campuses, where it is still in full force but aimed at White heterosexual males.

    I know from talking to my few Black friends that nothing will change in the Black community, i.e., crime, until they start demanding it change, quit blaming others, and start holding the criminal element in their communities to the same zero tolerance level that most White communities do their criminal elements.

    1. Great point about their tribal tolerance. I’ve a great relationship with Black women lately. One was calling me a pussy earlier this year, so I spanked her. Manhandling them in general seems to work. I’m also nice to them but I give them a bit of a taming treatment. This may not work for everyone but it works for me.

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