The Sad Tale of the Jews of Detroit

Polar Bear: Trash said Jews would get paid on a certain day of the week in Detroit and be out getting Black ho head that night. All you could see is butt pale bodies of naked Jews in the middle of Detroit with sets of White eyes bobbing back and forth like a wailing wall for Blacks

Honest Guy: The aptly named “Trash” is about as reliable on this as everything else. Detroit is not a particularly Jewish city at all – its now largely vanished White population is overwhelmingly Catholic, particularly Polish, Slavic etc. Much like the rest of the Midwest Rust Belt.

I don’t care about Trash’s comment. If Jewish men want to get laid, they can go get laid. They can buy all their whores they want, Black or otherwise. I’d never hold that against one of my fellow men.

Perhaps Honest Guy should relax on this one. It’s just dudes getting laid. That they happened to be Jewish dudes is not all that important. Last time I checked, Jewish male adults were men too. And Honest Guy seem like a straight man,, so these are just his and my straight male brothers getting some pussy. Yeah, it’s Black pussy but so what? Pussy’s pussy. It’s no big.

Trash was definitely a Polack LOL. There were also a lot of Greeks in Detroit I believe.

I’m not sure when Trash grew up there. I know that 45 years ago, Detroit was Jewish as Hell! I knew some Jews from there, and they were crazy racist against Blacks. Then 15 years ago I met a girlfriend who I stayed with for 5 1/2 years. Jewish chick from…Detroit! And she knew a ton of other Jews in the area too. Actually she lived in suburb called Oak Haven or something. And she was fairly racist too.

She went from,

Hell no ew! I’m not dating a schvartz!

to moving to a ghetto suburb of Georgia and having an affair with an Black guy who was fucking a Black woman on the side the whole time. Then I think he just dumped her. He wasn’t very good in bed either. And he was kind of a huge pussy. He had a soft voice but his was almost way too soft.

45 years ago Detroit was Jewish as Hell and probably a lot of other cities in the East too were too. But as it got more and more Black, the Jews and the other Whites started taking off, maybe for the suburbs, maybe out of the area. The only people who were left were older Jews, often elderly, the parents of my generation of Detroit Jews. A lot of them were still left as the city got over 50

Anyway, ghetto Blacks preyed terribly on these rather helpless elderly Jews, and a lot of Jews in my generation started hating Blacks because of what they had done to their parents back in the city when their parents stayed behind. There were homicides, break ins, robberies, muggings, burglaries, you name it. Some of these elderly Jews had 4-5 locks on their doors.

It’s sad as Hell, frankly. I could care less about elderly Jews without a lot of money. What are they to me? Why should I hate them? Give me a reason. I feel terrible at how they got left behind and were easy targets for predatory ghetto Blacks.

In case you are interested, Trash was extremely pro-Jewish. He had Narcissistic Personality Disorder and was all wrapped up in “the superior people and the inferior people.” His whole life had become an effort to prove that he was the former and not the latter.

He saw Jews as superior people so he took their role and became an honorary Jew to look down on people. I finally banned him and he sent me a couple of emails calling me an antisemite. I hope it wasn’t true, but I used to be a lot more careless about how I talked about Jews on here. Guys like Honest Guy keep me on the right path, bless his soul!

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9 thoughts on “The Sad Tale of the Jews of Detroit”

  1. I see it as complimentary to Jews. From what I’ve heard these Black whores sucked the best and were the most reasonably priced.

    I’d be right out there with those filthy Jews.

    1. Sure, good for them. LOL a Jew always knows a good deal and where to get one, right? Don’t they tend to buy wholesale?


      1. Yes, it was quite common on Long Island (at least back in the previous century) for lower-middle class and upper-proletarian Jews to have wholesale licenses and then use part of the savings to rent a stall at the flea market to sell at retail prices. They would sometimes even set up multiple booths within the flea market for intra-familial competition and chide the weakest seller afterward. I’ve seen this firsthand.

          1. It’s a sad thing Rob but it’s true. Real estate companies say the first thing potential home buyers ask when buying a home in a certain city is:

            What are the demographics of that city. (i.e., what percentage of that city is Black).

            If it’s close to or above the national representation in the population of African Americans (12.5%), Whites won’t buy there. Demographics are always the first thing potential property owners look at these days, first and foremost.

          2. Great point. I don’t see anyone putting on their “not a racist” mask when buying a home.

  2. Greetings Mister Lindsay! It’s been a while since I visited this website. I’m curious to see your commentary regarding the current Hamas-Israel war, not just based on your current experience and knowledge in the matter but also on what your contacts in the axis of resistance have to say.

    For example, people have been pointing out on both photographic material and statements on Hamas-linked social media that the group is using weapons bought from Ukraine in the assault. What would be the current position and level of involvement of Iran and Hezbollah? The same could be asked of the West’s involvement.

    I know the recent events that triggered this response with the Jews storming the Al-Aqsa Mosque. What has caught my attention is both the seeming competence and ingenuity of Hamas’ tactics and the unpreparedness of Israel. It has been attributed to this degree of unpreparedness due to the internal conflicts of the two main parties in Israel over the last several months.

    Some speculate that Bibi might have deliberately let this happen to unite the Israeli people and make them forget about him, but maybe the IDF is just overrated. The current situation gives me some big Yom Kippur War vibes.

  3. “A Jew always knows a good deal and where to get one.” Robert

    A lot of truth to this. Cheap gym, food deals, etc. – the Jews come out. This is how I’ve come to know the few Jewish people I do know.

    Blacks do the same but they’re more annoying and lack etiquette. They may end up at the same places as the Jews, but it’s more out of dumb luck than anything else. Blacks also have the advantage of being evolutionarily suited to our times, as today’s Idiocracy caters to them. I’ve seen Blacks complain about Jews getting welfare.

    I think Blacks fall into sin easy. Like at the food deal place I go to, the Blacks are hardcore gluttons. Like fat flies stuck in a spider web.

    Jews are like drug users that have their habit under control. I think they know the balance better. More spider-like and can walk the web without getting stuck.

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