Black Women Acting Like Ho’s

SamSpeed: Hmmm…well Mr. Lindsay it sounds like you have a very interesting opinion about Black women or Black people in general.

So we’re gonna completely disregard all the school shootings that were done by White people or the pedophilia running rampant in the White community? I live right next to a majority-White college and let me tell you how promiscuous all of these young White girls are. They go out of their way to open their legs up to the young Black men on campus. And if you look at only fans you’ll see that a large percentage of those girls are White sir.

I want you to grab a megaphone and head to the center of a majority-Black area in your state. Once you’re there I want you to voice your opinion out in public and give people a chance to speak up for themselves face to face. After all, you’re a big strong Aryan man, right? And strong Aryan men don’t hide behind keyboards, right? So it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

There is no “pedophilia” running rampant in the White community. Whites and Blacks have the same rate of being pedophiles. And child molestation is epidemic the ghetto. Black girls are twice as likely as White girls to get molested. One Black woman said, “All girls in the ghetto get molested.” So Black men are much more likely to be child molesters than White men.

Well, you know, I wouldn’t be afraid to move to a White community because

Oh no, there might be a school shooter there and he might shoot me accidentally.

On the other hand, I would be very dubious about moving to a Black area or even hanging out there due to all the crime. Anyway, the vast majority of mass shootings are done by Black men, mostly gang-related.

Yes, yes, we know all about those snowbunnies. Problem is a lot of White men say,

Once you go Black, we won’t take you back.

Think I’ll pass about going into one of your ghetto shitholes and making an ass out of myself.

The article discusses why Black women have such a “prostitute” or “whorish” attitude towards sex.

Note: 50

I’ve dated a number of Black girls and even slept with a few. I only had sex with a few of them, maybe five or ten. Almost all of them had the attitude that if you wanted sex from them, you had to pay. Even worse, a lot of them pretty much wanted to charge you for every single sex act! I’ve spoken to and checked out many others, and I have never seen a race of women with such a “whorish” (as in acting like a prostitute and charging men for sex) attitude towards sex.

In my city, we hardly have any streetwalking ho’s, but the ones we did have were almost all Black. Now keep in mind this town is 4

So keep in mind that I have way more experience with Black women than most White men do, and this a common denominator that keeps coming up.

Even if they get some money, they act this way. I talked to a hot 60 year old Black woman recently, and she said if I wanted to take her out, I had to take her out to a very expensive restaurant. Because she deserves it for having a platinum-plated pussy. A 60 year old platinum plated pussy! So you see, even she’s a ho. And she’s not the only one I’ve heard talk like that.

Almost all of the very hot young Black women you see on  dating apps come right out and say that they deserve to live the finest life, going to the best restaurants, buying the fanciest clothes and the priciest jewelry, and traveling all the time. And they don’t expect to work a day in their lives except on their backs obviously. They just want to kick back and live off rich Black guys their whole lives.

As a result, I pretty much won’t have anything to do with Black women anymore.

Of course there are hot young women, Whites and Hispanics, who also have this gold-digging ho attitude, but they are much fewer in percentage. I feel sorry for Black men. I guess you can’t get a hot Black women unless you’re rich. Sad!

In the White community it is very frowned upon to be a blatant ho or golddigger or woman who likes to charge men for sex one way or another. It’s super-trashy and you can ruin your reputation real quick like that because people think it’s gross.

Obviously the Black community does not operate on this basis, and it tells Black women that the only attitude they should have towards sex is to be a ho, officially or non-officially!

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19 thoughts on “Black Women Acting Like Ho’s”

  1. Trash said Jews would get paid on a certain day of the week in Detroit and be out getting Black ho head that night. All you could see is butt pale bodies of naked Jews in the middle of Detroit with sets of White eyes bobbing back and forth like a wailing wall for Blacks.

    1. The aptly named “Trash” is about as reliable on this as everything else. Detroit is not a particularly Jewish city at all – its now largely vanished White population is overwhelmingly Catholic, particularly Polish, Slavic etc. Much like the rest of the Midwest Rust Belt.

  2. I don’t understand paying for sex. I’m not that interested in sex for free. Most women are boring and stupid, at least if you’re an autistic nerd. I’d rather jerk off. Same goes for tools who pay for cam girls. I feel they should be considered legally retarded.

  3. All women are hos. If you aren’t paying with money you are paying with time and energy. Black women are just more upfront about it.

  4. How’s it going, man? Glad to see you are still blogging. Recently, the indian mindset has been exposed widely on 4chan/pol. Like, people are REALLY waking up to the truth about the Hindu and indian mindset, their criminal corrupt narcissistic mentality. The same stuff you have been saying, is finally reaching mainstream consciousness. Basically, people are REALLY sick of indian’s bullshit.

    So that’s great news. The Canada incident has exposed India’s mindset to the entire world. The mass gang rape of women in Manipur India also exposed their corrupt mindset and crimes. The leaked videos of brahmin priests dancing with the dead bodies of children who had been cut in half, also exposed and horrified people about the truth of the Hindu religion.

    So huge progress is happening.

    1. Wow this is some great stuff! I’m so glad people are catching onto these lousy people who are flooding into our country. One thing a lot of people have written to me in emails and the comments is to thank me for exposing them to these horrible Indians. They said they knew nothing about them before, but now they’re realizing how awful they are. Once your average person is exposed to these lousy people, they start liking them a whole lot less.

      The Canada incident has exposed India’s mindset to the entire world.

      What happened here?

      The mass gang rape of women in Manipur, India also exposed their corrupt mindset and crimes.

      Link me?

      The leaked videos of Brahmin priests dancing with the dead bodies of children who had been cut in half also exposed and horrified people about the truth of the Hindu religion.

      I really need more info on this.

      1. The irony of it all is that Hinduism is the last surviving denomination of the great Aryan religion, blood-thirsty pantheon and all. By Zeus, those children must be made into hecatombs!

      2. Well, technically Buddhism is also a branch of the Aryan religion at the same taxonomic level as Hinduism:

        Aryan Religion > Indo-Iranian > Vedic > Hinduism & Buddhism. But at least the Buddhist obviate the gods who have no practical influence on every day Buddhist’s lives. If the Vedic religion is early Apostolic Christianity, then Hinduism is Catholicism and Buddhism is a benign form of Unitarianism.

        1. Buddhism is a trash religion and so is Unitarianism. There are no benign forms of lying about magical bullshit. God doesn’t exist; get over it. If you’re not a materialist you’re a buffoon.

          1. You seem to have trouble with basic reading comprehension and separating your emotions from basic analogies and anthropological analysis.

          2. You sure have some nice clean prose, Claudius. And even a bit of a flair I might say. You barely need an edit at all.

          3. The radical atheist enters the room!

            There are no benign forms of lying about magical bullshit.

            That was a pretty groovy sentence you wrote, though! Good show!

          1. Yeah, but Buddhism is much too transformed and culturally diffuse to be rightly called an Aryan religion. It’s like saying Jamaican Creole is still Indo-European.

          2. Really? I thought creoles were considered to be in their own language family if the languages they creolized from come from different families.

          3. Wikipedia places it in the “English Creole” family not IE.

            “Jamaican Patois…is an English-based creole language with West African, Taino, Irish, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese and German influences”

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