“Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself”

How many times have you heard Western politicians repeat this nonsense?

Israel has a right to defend itself.

Duh. Of course they do.

Hamas has a right to defend itself.

The Nazis had a right to defend themselves.

Everyone has a right to defend themselves for God’s sake. What an idiotic thing to say, much less repeat parrot-like.

The N-Word Idiocy

Are there any words in the English language that we can never speak even one time, even to report that they exist or that someone used the word? I can’t think of any. Except this special n-word that you can’t say otherwise a bunch of hypersensitive Black people will have a cardiac arrest. Show me one other word that we can never utter,  not even one time. One.

Someone called me racist for writing out the word “nigger.” But I was writing up conversations with White Supremacists who may have murdered four Black girls, and I was having them refer to the Blacks as “niggers” and “niglets,” which is how they would have talked about them, right? I lost a reader over that. They called me racist. So I might have to writing n_r from now on, though it goes against my instincts.

Did you know that you can’t even say,

That White man called that Black man a nigger!

This is a racist statement. Dumb, huh? All because you said the word nigger.

How about this?

Hey, look rappers say nigger all the time in their songs, ok?

Racist. A teacher got fired for saying this simply because he mouthed the Goddamned word.

This is just getting stupid now. Down with the woketards!

The Classic Jewish Character, Paranoid-Masochistic

Actually the character of the modern Jew, especially the modern Jewish male, is a Paranoid-Masochistic Character. This was theorized by Jewish psychiatrist Stanley Rothman in the 1960’s. Whether it is still the case, I am not sure. Most US Jews are pretty cool as long as you don’t get them started on topics like antisemitism or Israel. Keep away from those subjects and a lot of them are a great time. And don’t talk about Jewish stuff or them being Jewish. I never did that and I’m not sure if that’s a good road to get headed down.

This Paranoid-Masochistic Character is accentuated radically in Israel. The classic Jewish male has a chip on his shoulder as wide as the Grand Canyon. His mindset is “pre-emptive self-defense.” He sees a Gentile and thinks, “I bet you hate me, huh? Well, fine, then I’ll attack you first before you attack me!” So he punches you in order to preempt your upcoming attack on him.

Israeli Jews are impossible. I can’t have a civil conversation with most of them. They won’t even meet me halfway. This is also a Jewish characteristic. Well it’s true of the passionate Diaspora Jewish nationalists or Zionists anyway. Give no quarter. No compromise. No negotiations. You’re with us or you’re against us. Everything is black and white. Either you’re with them or you’re not, and if you’re not, you’re like those people who threw them in the ovens.

The few conversations I’ve had with the more liberal and leftwing Israelis ended within 5-10 minutes after they started accusing me of antisemitism. I was trying very hard not to say anything overtly antisemitic, and they called me a Jew-hater anyway. They’re typically extremely paranoid too. Paranoid, hostile, belligerent, obnoxious: the stereotype of the “loudmouthed Jew.”

On the other hand, while you do see this “loudmouthed Jew” character among US Jews, particularly the males, I think you see it a lot more with the Orthodox and passionate Jewish nationalists or Israel supporters.

I think it’s a mistake to generalize it out to US Jews in general because I met so many who where not like that. My parents were Judeophiles so I grew up hanging around my parents’ Jewish friends a lot. From what I could tell, they were just like anyone else.

One guy was pretty nice but he could be a real asshole on rare occasions. He rode a hard line and if he thought you were screwing up in life, he really let you have it. Thinking back on it, I was screwing up badly in life when he said that, so I suppose I deserved it. On the other hand, he wasn’t like that very often. And he hated pot of course like all of his generation.

Looking back on it now he could be a bit aggressive, but he was also extremely intelligent, and he was a very interesting man.

We were on vacation in Baja California once, and we were fishing. I was catching fish after and fish and the others were striking out. He came up to me with a curious glint in his eye and asked me why I was catching all the fish while the others were not. I gave him some mystical line about how psychology was 90

To tell the truth I  always thought  those Jewish friends were like anyone else, but after I caught onto Jews and then looking back on them, I suppose they could be a bit aggressive. But they generally were not obnoxious or belligerent to me. And the aggression was something you could pass over your whole life, for 40-50 years, until you finally thought back and tried specifically to look for it, and you could see it a bit.

In fact, there was one couple I’d known my whole life and I had no idea they were Jewish. I should have figured it out but I wasn’t Jew-wise back then. After knowing them for 40 years, it finally came out that they were Jewish and I was shocked. But it all made sense once you plugged their Jewishness into their appearance and even character.

I also made some Jewish friends of my own. I guess they could be a bit aggro too, though I never noticed until decades later. They were just cool potheads from Detroit. They really hated Blacks though. Some of the  most racist Whites I’ve ever met were Jews from back East, Detroit and New York. Looking back on it I did notice this odd closeness that they had with other Jews, as if they were all part of some private club. It just seemed a bit odd to me at the time and I thought nothing of it. Now I know that they look out for each other and support each other very well.

Jewish men are pretty hard-driving and competitive people, I’ll give them that all right.

I went to high school with some Jewish chicks who lived on my street. She was just a homely Jewish chick, a nerd. But she was a very nice person. I knew another Jewish chick at university, same thing. Not pretty at all, a nerd, but a very, very nice person. I’m quite sure I could have fucked her if I wanted to, but I was too lame to do it. I’d probably have to dump her afterwards though.

I’d fuck her once, tell her goodbye and then if she comes around for more like they often do when you do them once or twice, I’d tell her I just wanted a one-night stand and I didn’t want to be her boyfriend, that she’s not my type, and that I’m insanely picky about women, and only a few women are ok for me,  so don’t feel bad.

The Arabs (Hamas, Iran, Whoever) Want to Kill All the Jews on Earth!

This is of course the Jews’ favorite line. I guess it’s their Holocaust porn or something. Problem is it’s basically bullshit except for some nuts like ISIS.

There are a lot of examples where Arabs celebrate the actual death of Jews.

Cheered the death of Israelis, not Jews per se. And a lot of them were pretty vicious in how they cheered the deaths of Israelis, I’ll admit it. It’s not just Arabs who cheer for that stuff. I knew a Pakistani woman in Kuwait, and she was like that. She was pretty nasty antisemite too. That’s not uncommon at all.

On the other hand, nobody cares about Diaspora Jews. I’ve never heard an Arab cheer the death of a Diaspora Jew.

Jews: “Death to Israel” means conquer Israel and kill all the Jews.

More of their Holocaust porn.

The actual phrase, “Death to Israel” as coined by Iran merely meant get rid of the Israeli state. You can research Khomeini and see that that this what he meant.

What does Iran want in Israel and Palestine? The only thing Iran has been calling for is a plebiscite on the future of the region with all Israelis and Palestinians participating in it. They assume that after that, the specific Israeli apartheid state will be gone. That’s all they’ve ever promoted. A vote via a secret ballot! Some Jew-killers.

Iran has never said “Kill all the Jews on Earth or in Israel,” like the Jews insist with their Holocaust porn.

There are 7,000 Jews in Iran. If Iran wants to kill all the Jews on Earth, why don’t they start with the ones in their  own country, right? And actually the Jews of Iran are treated pretty well, though there are a few issues here and there. The Jews of Iran have a single seat reserved for them in Parliament, though their numbers don’t come anywhere close to getting a single seat. The Zoroastrians also have a dedicated seat though their numbers don’t deserve it, and many Iranian Muslims love to celebrate the Zoroastrian holidays. Everybody joins in. In addition, the Iranian Christians have two seats dedicated to them in Parliament, though again their numbers don’t deserve it.

There’s a lot of antisemitism in Iran at the individual level, and for that matter there’s a lot of anti-Christian bias. Both are considered to be “contaminated” by Shia Muslims. They won’t touch a piece of bread in the market if a Jew or Christian has touched it first.

The state does not subscribe to that view and does everything it can to protect the Jews and Christians.

Yes, many of both have been leaving in recent decades. Iran is a fundamentalist Islamic state ruled by Islamic Law that applies to everyone. It’s probably not a real fun place to be if you’re a Christian or Jew and don’t wish to live under Sharia.

America, Land of Freedom and Democracy

I can’t believe how many NPC morons actually believe this BS. I’m certain that a majority or even a vast majority of Americans actually believe this crap about “US being the land of freedom and democracy, the indispensible nation.” 71

A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but doesn’t have an air force.

The bombing list:

  1. Korea and China 1950-53 (Korean War)
  2. Guatemala 1954
  3. Indonesia 1958
  4. Cuba 1959-1961
  5. Guatemala 1960
  6. Congo 1964
  7. Laos 1964-73
  8. Vietnam 1961-73
  9. Cambodia 1969-70
  10. Guatemala 1967-69
  11. Grenada 1983
  12. Lebanon 1983, 1984 (both Lebanese and Syrian targets)
  13. Libya 1986
  14. El Salvador 1980s
  15. Nicaragua 1980s
  16. Iran 1987
  17. Panama 1989
  18. Iraq 1991 (Persian Gulf War)
  19. Kuwait 1991
  20. Somalia 1993
  21. Bosnia 1994, 1995
  22. Sudan 1998
  23. Afghanistan 1998
  24. Yugoslavia 1999
  25. Yemen 2002
  26. Iraq 1991-2003 (US/UK on regular basis)
  27. Iraq 2003-2023
  28. Afghanistan 2001-2021
  29. Pakistan 2007-2015
  30. Somalia 2007-8, 2011
  31. Yemen 2009-2011
  32. Libya 2011, 2015
  33. Syria 2014-2023


  • Iran, April 2003 – hit by US missiles during bombing of Iraq, killing at least one person.
  • Pakistan, 2002-03 – bombed by US planes several times as part of combat against the Taliban and other opponents of the US occupation of Afghanistan.
  • China, 1999 – its heavily bombed embassy in Belgrade is legally Chinese territory, and it appears rather certain that the bombing was no accident (see chapter 25 of Rogue State).
  • France, 1986 – After the French government refused the use of its air space to US warplanes headed for a bombing raid on Libya, the planes were forced to take another, longer route; when they reached Libya they bombed so close to the French embassy that the building was damaged and all communication links knocked out.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 13, 1985 – A bomb dropped by a police helicopter burned down an entire block, some 60 homes destroyed, 11 dead, including several small children. The police, the mayor’s office, and the FBI were all involved in this effort to evict a black organization called MOVE from the house they lived in.

This is a chapter from Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower by William Blum

Conflating Jews and Antisemitism

Long, 21 pages.


Interesting article. Normally I wouldn’t link to anything the World Jewish Congress said about anything, so I’m amazed I’m linking to this. Supposedly this is an example of antisemitism.

On the other hand, while attacking some Jew on a New York street because Israel just murdered 500 civilians is definitely wrong in every way. That’s because he played no role in that crime whatsoever except maybe giving it moral support, and that doesn’t count.

And it looks like up to 70

Sure, the feminists and the sex fascists are trying to make thought crimes illegal, but we’re not there yet.

Arguably, we are already committing people for thought crimes when, after serving their sentence for a sex offense, we decide that they have bad thoughts in their brains that might, maybe, possibly, conceivably, theoretically cause them to do some unknowable bad thing at some unknowable point in the future, or possibly never. Maybe they’ll never do anything bad again. But we need to lock them up anyway on grounds of dangerousness because of those bad thoughts we think they maybe have.

Going through this whole list, it turns out I’m a raving antisemite after all, like I usually come out on these “antisemite tests.” On the other hand, truth is a defense against antisemitism. And there are definitely some ugly canards here against Jewish people that we need to examine so we don’t fall down that dark hole in the ground and maybe never come out.

Let’s look:

Antisemitism defined: Holding Jews responsible for the State of Israel’s actions

The eleventh and final example in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism addresses one of the oldest antisemitic canards, whereby Jewish citizens are “collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel.”

Well, this does seem to be wrong, does it not? Israel dropped six bombs and killed 400 civilians just now, so that means that every Jew in the US collectively dropped those bombs and killed all those people? Oh come on! You going to go beat up Honest Guy because Israel killed 200 people? Did he drop that bomb? Did he elect the government that dropped the bomb? Is he part of a country whose government dropped that bomb? No, no, no. I imagine he probably doesn’t even like this Israeli behavior too much.

You can certainly hold the Jews of Israel responsible for that act because they elected the government and 83

Why don’t you beat me up or kill me because of something my government did? See?

Well, what if they elected the government that dropped the bomb? Well, I voted for Biden and look at all the crimes he’s participating in. I elected him. So I’m responsible? Hell no, especially as I rebuke everything he’s done.

This allegation is simply a contemporary example of the “dual loyalty” charge against the Jewish people, whereby antisemites claim that the true allegiance of Jews is to their fellow Jews and that therefore they are inherently disloyal citizens and cannot be trusted.

Accusing Jewish citizens of the Diaspora of being responsible for actions of the State of Israel is implicitly arguing that Jews are not truly citizens, at least not loyal ones, but rather are loyal to the State of Israel.

I actually think there is something to this, sadly. They are citizens, but they’re citizens with dual loyalty. Not all of them, no. But too many of them.

Conflating Israeli policy with Diaspora Jewry implies that Jews are to blame for the decisions of the sovereign Israeli government, a territory in which they do not live.

This is actually correct but in a way, Jewish money is why the US supports Israel to such an extreme level, and that’s the only reason for it. The Jewish Lobby has bought off the whole state on this issue, plain and simple. And US support is what enables Israel to keep doing whatever it is doing.

Big Jewish money and Organized Jewry reflexively support Israel to the hilt no matter what sort of a fascist maniac like Netanyahu is at the helm. On the other hand, US support is also based on US Gentile support for Israel, which is ~71

But sometimes it’s just the money. But why go beat up the Jew down the street because Steve Ballmer gave a million dollars to pro-Israel candidates? Bottom line is Organized Jewry and big Jewish money is to some extent responsible for Israel’s behavior, but then so is the US government. It gets complicated. And supporting isn’t doing.

The allegation furthers conspiracy myths about Jewish world domination, which have historically been used to claim that Jews control the media, banks, and governments and is rooted in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

For such a small group, they have tremendous money and power, and any group like that has opened themselves up to these accusations.

According to Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt, the Biden administration’s envoy to combat antisemitism, “The dual loyalty canard that has plagued Jews is the fertile soil in which centuries of these stereotypes have taken root and grown.”

Well, too bad. There’s something to it.

“In its most extreme form, the charge of dual loyalty amounts to an accusation of treason,” said Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld.

Treason? Do a lot of Jews put their country’s interests ahead of those of the US? Sure they do but a lot of other ethnic groups probably do too. Anyway, this is a true statement.

As Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis once said, “My approach to Zionism was through Americanism. In time, practical experience and observation convinced me that Jews were by reason of their traditions and their character peculiarly fitted for the attainment of American ideals. Gradually, it became clear to me that to be good Americans, we must be better Jews, and to be better Jews, we must become Zionists.”

Puke. Sure, settler-colonial Zionism may have a lot in common with the settler-colonial roots of our own land, but this is a good thing? I think not.

However, to single out Diaspora Jews and argue that they cannot be trusted citizens because of this relationship is antisemitic and a perpetuation of the antisemitic canard that has led to much Jewish suffering.

Can’t be trusted? Maybe not. But how about this? Limit Jews in Cabinet positions to 2

I don’t see why we can’t do this with all Cabinet positions. Blacks? 13

Otherwise you end up with the situation under the first Clinton Administration where Jews with 2

They got hit with the legendary Jewish advertiser boycott and run out of business. By the way, this is always a threat, and it’s why so many media outlets tread such a careful line on this subject.

It’s also pretty low of the Jews to stoop to this BS, and it shows you why so many people don’t like them as a collective all that much, while most still like individual Jews. By the way, I don’t consider that racism. If you’re not ecstatic about Black people, fine. Hey, I hear ya. Many Whites feel this way, trust me. They’ll never admit to an interviewer but it’s how they feel. But you still need to hold out hope for individual Blacks, many of whom are the best people you will ever meet on a personal level.

Promoting the idea that Jews crucified Jesus.

Well, a Jewish Rabbinical Court or the Jewish leadership, sentenced Jesus the Jew to death. The Romans carried it out. So the “Jews” killed Jesus the Jew? I don’t know what that means. But calling Jews Christ-killers is nasty stuff.

The conviction of Captain Alfred Dreyfus for espionage in France.

This man was completely innocent. I’m not sure of all of the particulars though. The Army was not antisemitic at all – that’s a BS charge.Jews were .1

I think the Army just screwed up and thought he was a spy and was not. Perhaps they tried to backtrack, perhaps not, but it was an honest error. Later on, antisemite clowns in the media and politics (Yes, there were some) got a hold of it and raised holy Hell about it, making it into a big affair when it should have been a big nothing. And a lot of folks who otherwise would have cared less got agitated and started screaming for one side or the other.

Allegations that Jews conspired to involve their home countries in foreign wars at the expense of their home country. An example includes World War II, about which many antisemites claim that the struggle in Europe was a “Jewish cause” and that Jewish groups outside Europe were “agitating for war” on behalf of a foreign people.

Well, I don’t blame Jews for agitating for the US to get involved in World War 2. Good for them.

Accusations leveled by Hitler against German Jewish soldiers of betraying the German army during World War I. This led him to claim that Germany’s future success in World War II would be dependent on ridding the country of the disloyal Jews

This was a junk charge. German Jewish soldiers? Wow. Was that the charge. That seems bogus. It’s interesting that so many German Jews were passionate patriots despite the antisemitism of their society. Germans and Jews seemed joined at the hip somehow. They fought bravely and passionately for their country in WW1. I’ve never heard that they were any more likely to surrender than anyone else.

One of the tragedies of Kristallnact was the sight of German Jews, World War 1 veterans who had saved their uniforms and medals from the war, standing proudly outside of their businesses, daring the mobs to burn down a store of a patriotic German. Of course their stores got burned down anyway. But that image, of the proud German Jewish patriot in his uniform and medals, standing in front of his business daring to burn down a sacrificing patriot’s store, is one of the saddest images I can think of. It breaks my heart.

It’s interesting that at this late date – 1938, mind you – so many German Jews were still patriots proud of their service to their country. Amidst all the antisemitism swirling around them, they yet stood tall and proud.

I think the Germans just scapegoated the Jews. Jews were only 1

Thing is, Germany was losing the war and an antiwar movement sprung up. Some of the more prominent figures were Jewish actors, comedians, musicians, etc. On the other hand, they were just liberals. A large section of the country – 30-40

This became a rising tide to where it may have become a majority. Jews were only 1

The “Doctors’ Plot” concocted by Joseph Stalin, which cast a group of Soviet Jewish doctors as disloyal citizens.

There may have been something to this. Stalin may have been poisoned by his Jewish doctors. He had gone on an anti-Jewish crusade at this time, and he had a lot of prominent Soviet Jews executed.

Allegations that Jews’ true loyalty was to Marxism, Communism, or other revolutionary ideologies.

Well, it would be nice if it were true, but I don’t think it is. I guess all of us on the Left must be traitors.

Accusing Jews of putting the interests of Israel ahead of the good of their fellow citizens.

Well, they do that, of course.

Questioning if a Jewish ambassador to Israel can be objective when advising his home government on relations with the Jewish State.

Well of course he can’t be objective, obviously.

Asking a Jewish student being considered for a campus governance position whether he or she can be “impartial” on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict because of his or her Jewish heritage.

Well, there’s a good chance he won’t be impartial, but why is this an important question?

Questioning the loyalty of those backing legislation supporting the State of Israel.

It’s reasonable. A lot are obviously dual loyalists.

Suggesting that Jews’ loyalty to Israel should disqualify them from being seen as American patriots or serving in political office.

Well, this is in no danger of happening. Instead of being thrown out, they are wildly overrepresented in office. I think most American Jews are probably American patriots.

Holding diaspora Jews responsible for the actions of the State of Israel implies a belief in the conspiracy myth that Jews have outsized control over politics, economics and institutions.

Well they do have outsized control over all of these things. But I think it’s mostly the political money, the campaign contributions.

This trope is often used to falsely malign the Jewish people and paint them as a homogeneous group.

The ones that wield a lot of power and have a lot of money are homogenous in that they are almost always strongly pro-Israel, so this is a reasonable charge.

The perpetrators of conspiracy myths, on the other hand, are portrayed as the lone heroes attempting to unmask the secret powers of evil.

Actually, we are pointing out the obvious.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has mutated, especially with the advent of social media, which has made it increasingly easier for users to spread disinformation, blame Jews for global problems, and spread hateful rhetoric.

Well, sure. Blaming Jews for global problems is classic dangerous antisemitism, and it’s killed Jews in the past. Further, it’s not even true. They don’t have that much power, especially nowadays that so many Gentiles are getting vaccinated against outsized Jewish power and control, which is a very good thing.

Yes, there’s hateful rhetoric out there. All the Net means is that ordinary citizens are getting a voice. That some of them are raving antisemites is unfortunate, but if a small percentage of our population is like that, then you’re going to see people like that on the net.

The Net is about radical democracy, sort of “every man has a printing press.” In some versions of communism this is what communism would look like. Every man a media organ. Don’t blame the Net. The Net is the distributor of democratic publishing and speech to large audiences. If some of them have views you don’t like, take it up with them.

It originates from both ends of the political spectrum and has manifested in antisemitic attacks against Jews, including at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018.

He was a White Supremacist, a marginal and extremely racist ideology. He blamed Jews for their Jewish organizations which he said were flooding the US with dark skinned immigrants and driving Whites to extinction. Yes, Jewish organizations promote immigration to an almost unlimited extent. There are historical reasons for this. But they don’t have much power or control over this debate. They talk but nobody listens to them and it’s not a big concern of these groups anyway.

But the big drivers for unlimited immigration are in the Democratic Party and are related to all these immigrants we stupidly let into our country, mostly Hispanics. There is a large Hispanic vote in the Democratic Party. A lot of them have one issue only, and that is Open Borders for their people, the Mexicans. Democrats go against therm and they lose and we get Republicans.

Also, the Democratic base has drunk the Open Borders Koolaid, and you can’t say one thing against immigrants, legal or otherwise. To do so is racist. You say one word like that, and you get hounded out of the party with villagers with torches screaming,

Burn the heretic!…The lynch mob forms at dawn!…Put his head on a pike!

It’s happened to me many times, and it’s not a pretty picture. So most just shut up and go along. Most people are cowardly survivors and maybe that makes sense. People like me are on an authenticity and radical honesty trip but it suicides me over and over, so maybe it’s dumb. But I have a thing for righteous martyrdom, so hey. It makes me angry that some political idiot controls my thoughts and speech. I’m just going to rebel against that. Reminds me of my father, and I’m still fighting him years after the grave now.

If you are on the liberal-Left you absolutely must support Open Borders, and that is indeed what the Democratic Party and its Hispanic Lobby are promoting.

Also, the American people in general have drunk the Koolaid and think immigrants are the greatest thing since Kleenex. Solid majorities want to legalize all of the 10, or 20, or however many illegal aliens there are in our country. They probably support mass legal immigration too. We’re on a suicide trip here. It’s the Suicide Left, or Suicide America for that matter. Have a nice ride down the avalanche, Americans! Make sure you wave that flag while the rock slide takes you for your very last ride! You may be dead but at least you were a patriot, right? Hallelujah.

The Jewish organizations play quite a small role in this debate. They spend little money on it and few to no political dollars. Nobody listens to them or cares what they think. Jews won’t pull the money if you crack down on immigration. Jews as a group care about Israel and antisemitism and are impassioned about noting else.

Accusing Jews of being responsible for the Bubonic Plague.

Ok, well, this was garbage all right. Scapegoating.

Alleging that Jews poisoned wells (in an attempt to kill Christians).

This was crazy, and I think it might have been tied into the plague accusation. Possibly scapegoating again.

Alleging that Jews used the blood of missing children for Passover matzah.

This is the blood libel. Although it does look like there is truth to some of these ritual murder charges. I’m not sure about the making matzos with blood charge though. Not sure if there’s any good evidence for that.

Accusing Jews of ritual murder, e.g., Anderl von Rinn, the Damascus Affair, Simon of Trent, etc.

Well actually there is some truth to some of these charges. Check out Bloody Passover, by Ariel Toaff. He makes a good case that at least some of these cases were true. It’s lamentable that some Jews did this, but there were only 600 cases over maybe 800 years. That’s one case a year all over Europe?

Even if that is true, how many Jews were murdered in Christian pogroms during this time? 25,000 were murdered, often in the most horrible ways imaginable, in the Chmielnicki Rebellion in Poland in the 1600’s alone. There are stories about pogroms in Bavaria in the 1700’s where Christians would raid entire Jewish cities of 40-50,000 people and kill everyone there, men, women, children, old folks. I’m not sure how true that is, but I recall reading it.

Look how many times they got thrown out of countries, and often got all their property confiscated on the way out too. I haven’t the faintest idea what the Jews did to bring such a fate down on their heads, but what could they possibly have done that warranted getting tossed out over and over? It definitely wasn’t a very nice thing for us Gentiles to do, eh?

It’s an interesting question. How many dead in all the pogroms? Wasn’t that number vastly larger? Might be nice to get a figure. Looks like two groups who hated each other and periodically killed members of the other group.

To show you how disgusting Organized Jewry can be, these groups took this poor guy, a fine scholar and an Israeli, to the cleaners for reporting what appears to be a fact-based book. He was forced to recant on his knees to the Jewish groups and was made to issue a lame apology saying he didn’t believe any of it anymore. I sent him an email but he never returned it. Sickening.

But this is how they are. See, those Jewish groups could care less if that charge is true or false. They just think it’s going to cause antisemitism and hurt Jews. So if the truth is going to hurt Jews, it needs to be stamped out and replaced with lies. This is how these people think and it’s probably a general human tendency anyway.

Accusing Israel of perpetrating a second Holocaust.

Granted, it’s a reach. Call me up when the Jews kill 6 million Palestinians. Or even 1 million. Or even 500,000. Or even 100,000. As you can see, the Holocaust was worse by orders of magnitude and it was an exterminationist project. Zionism’s not exterminationist.

Comparing the Gaza Strip, which is run by the internationally recognized terrorist group Hamas, to the Warsaw Ghetto, where Jews were confined by the Nazis before being transported to death camps.

Well, all of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were killed. So far, a whopping .5

People don’t understand but the Nazis made regular raids into the ghetto, hauling it certain numbers of Jews each time. There was a Jewish committee that ran the ghetto. I’ve seen a photo of these Jewish men.

They appear committed, competitive, impassioned, and quite a few of them actually look happy or cheerful. Maybe someone told a joke. You scrape for every bit of pleasure and happiness you can out of this cooking vessel of life, even if it’s the browned stuff at the corners of the bottom of the pan where you lie, defeated by life and pining for death. You get it where you can and however you can.

This committee had to make horrible decisions about which Jews to send away. They would send away as few as possible, up to 3-4,000, always trying to keep the number to the minimum and save as many Jews as possible. Can you imagine having to make those decisions. And you know everyone I saw in that photograph was murdered. The whole story – drawing lots to see who lived and who died to keep the Nazis at bay, if only for a bit, to gain some precious time, which was all they had. Then you know every one of those earnest men was exterminated.

Along with those German patriots standing with their uniforms on Kristallnact, this story was sad as Hell. It breaks me up.

Comparing the Israeli Defense Forces to SS officers or their actions.

Well, the SS was a lot more murderous by sheer orders of magnitude, and they were exterminationist. But if you want to compare Israel to 1938 Germany, I’m willing to hear you out. After the mass murders started, just forget it.

Accusing Israel of poisoning water supplies.

Sure, but the Jews did poison the water supplies of one Arab city, I think Jaffa, during the war of 1948. I think it didn’t work very well, but they definitely did it. And after WW2, a Jewish man who survived the Holocaust was caught in the mountains of Bavaria trying to poison the water supplies of some of the villages there in an act of righteous vengeance.

Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

A lot of them are, sorry. Especially when they get a lot of money and power, then they’re almost all like that.

An Immaculate Analysis of Jewish Behavior and Antisemitism

It’s written by Ron Unz, who has also written a lot of very irresponsible, ignorant, careless, and even toxic material about his own group. However, this one was very well-done. There’s scarcely a hint of any sort of antisemitism in this analysis, though I’m sure most Jews will hallucinate quite a few transgressions here because they see antisemitism everywhere they look. He also remarks on that phenomenon.

He starts out by pointing out something that I also always found odd and that is how is that the behavior of Organized Jewry is often so different and even at odds with the behavior of the average Jew you meet on the street or you have in your life, who often seems to be a normal-enough person. It doesn’t make sense. How could their behavior be so normal at the individual but so radically different at the organized level?

He answers that question better than anyone else has, with nary a hint of antisemitism thrown in to boot. This is a remarkable achievement, for anyone analyzing antisemitism outside of the holy strictures laid down by the Jews is either an antisemite (because no one else would dare stick their head out of the foxhole like that) or will be accused of antisemitism (because all analyses of this question outside of the approved fake Jewish curriculum are so condemned).

I don’t like a lot of what Unz does regarding the Jewish question. At best he is almost criminally ignorant or negligent in how he promotes antisemitism. At worst he may indeed by a self-hating Jew. They certainly exist. Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen are a couple of notable examples. At some point, a Jew has just gone nuts with antisemitism and has headed over to the side of the enemy. That’s not good for the Jews, nor is it good for the cause of reason in human affairs or what I call “Renaissance values,” or truth above all else, with a scientific rigor applied to the definition of such.

American Pravda: The Nature of Anti-Semitism

[There is a] puzzling contrast between the behavior of Jews in the aggregate and Jews as individuals. Observers have noticed that even fairly small Jewish minorities may often have a major impact upon the far larger societies that host them. But on the other hand, in my experience at least, a large majority of individual Jews do not seem all that different in their personalities or behavior than their non-Jewish counterparts.

So how does a community whose individual mean is not so unusual generate what seems to be such a striking difference in collective behavior? I think the answer may involve the existence of information choke-points and the role of relatively small numbers of particularly zealous and agitated Jews in influencing and controlling these.

We live our lives constantly immersed in media narratives, and these allow us to decide the rights and wrongs of a situation. The vast majority of people, Jew and Gentile alike, are far more likely to take strong action if they are convinced that their cause is a just one. This is obviously the basis for war-time propaganda.

Now suppose that a relatively small number of zealous Jewish partisans are known to always attack and denounce journalists or authors who accurately describe Jewish misbehavior.

Over time this ongoing campaign of intimidation may cause many important facts to be left on the cutting-room floor or even gradually expel from mainstream respectability those writers who refuse to conform to such pressures. Meanwhile, similar small numbers of Jewish partisans frequently exaggerate the misdeeds committed against Jews, sometimes piling exaggerations upon past exaggerations already produced by a previous round of such zealots.

Eventually, these two combined trends may take a complex and possibly very mixed historical record and transform it into a simple morality play with innocent Jews tremendously injured by vicious Jew-haters. And as this morality play becomes established it deepens the subsequent intensity of other Jewish activists, who redouble their demands that the media “stop vilifying Jews” and covering up the supposed evils inflicted upon them.

An unfortunate cycle of distortion following exaggeration following distortion can eventually produce a widely accepted historical account that bears little resemblance to the reality of what actually happened.

So as a result, the vast majority of quite ordinary Jews who would normally behave in quite ordinary ways are misled by this largely fictional history and rather understandably become greatly outraged at all the horrible things that had been done to their suffering people, some of which are true and some of which are not, while remaining completely ignorant of the other side of the ledger.

Furthermore, this situation is exacerbated by the common tendency of Jews to “cluster” together, perhaps representing just one or two percent of the total population but often constituting 20

As a rough analogy, a small quantity of uranium is relatively inert and harmless and entirely so if distributed within low-density ore. But if a significant quantity of weapons-grade uranium is sufficiently compressed, then the neutrons released by fissioning atoms will quickly cause additional atoms to undergo fission with the ultimate result of that critical chain-reaction being a nuclear explosion.

In similar fashion, even a highly agitated Jew may have no negative impact, but if the collection of such agitated Jews becomes too numerous and clusters together too closely, they may work each other into a terrible frenzy, perhaps with disastrous consequences both for themselves and for their larger society. This is especially true if those agitated Jews begin to dominate certain key nodes of top-level control, such as the central political or media organs of a society.

Whereas most living organisms exist solely in physical reality, human beings also occupy an ideational space with the interaction of human consciousness and perceived reality playing a major role in shaping behavior. Just as the pheromones released by mammals or insects can drastically affect the reactions of their family members or nest-mates, the ideas secreted by individuals or the media-emitters of a society can have an enormous impact upon their fellows.

A cohesive organized group generally possesses huge advantages over a teeming mass of atomized individuals, much like a disciplined Macedonian Phalanx could easily defeat a vastly larger body of disorganized infantry.

Many years ago, on some website somewhere I came across a very insightful comment regarding the obvious connection between “anti-Semitism” and “racism,” which our mainstream media organs identify as two of the world’s greatest evils. Under this analysis, “anti-Semitism” represents the tendency to criticize or resist Jewish social cohesion, while “racism” represents the attempt of white Gentiles to maintain a similar social cohesion of their own.

To the extent that the ideological emanations from our centralized media organs serve to strengthen and protect Jewish cohesion while attacking and dissolving any similar cohesion on the part of their Gentile counterparts, the former will obviously gain enormous advantages in resource-competition against the latter.

White-Black Relations in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Whites still own the means of production in South Africa, and this is actually a good thing. It’s the only reason the place stays afloat at all. Please note that it’s not really possible to be a racist White in South Africa anymore, especially if you run a business. If word gets out that you’re racist against Blacks or discriminate against them, the ANC will either shut your business down or open up a case against you. Most of the hardcore racist Whites probably left when the ANC took over, so most of the remaining Whites are probably pretty ok with Black people.

The problem here is that African Blacks are far different from US Blacks. For one they are far less intelligent, a full standard deviation lower.

Note that Black-run cities in the US with large Black populations seem to have real problems keeping things running and lowering crime to a reasonable level. Bottom line is that most US cities with large Black populations are shitholes in one way or another. Keep in mind that US Blacks are far more intelligent than African Blacks – a full standard deviation more intelligent, which is the same gap as between US Blacks and Whites.

Now if these dramatically more intelligent Blacks can’t seem to run cities, imagine how far less intelligent and civilized Blacks in Africa fare. Not well.

And yes, US Blacks are also far more civilized than African Blacks, believe it or not. I know the tendency is to scoff at the notion of US Blacks as being civilized, but it’s true. The behavior of US Blacks act when they’re on good behavior. We don’t know how good we have it. I had a lot of experience with African Blacks and all I can say is that it made me love our US Blacks so much more. I’d much rather have these US Blacks here than those African Blacks. The behavioral differences are absolutely stunning.

Their more civilized behavior is a result of centuries of exposure to a highly evolved White Christian Western society. The change in US Blacks from their bestial African origins to their much more highly evolved state today is so great that you would almost feel that you are dealing with two different races of humans. I don’t think all of this can be laid at the feet of a higher IQ. I feel that a lot of this change was also cultural. If culture can make such dramatic changes in a single race, this shows what a dramatic tool culture can be in any human group.

There is a Black tribe in Burkina Faso that has a homicide rate as low as Japan’s! I doubt if this is a genetic feature, but it might be interesting to look. The best analysis of this case is that this tribe has managed to create a culture that produces very little crime. They are religious Muslims and the young defer to and nearly worship their elders. They are quiet in the presence of elders, do a lot of listening, and don’t talk back. Education is prized. I mention this group to show you how dramatic of an effect culture can be. People don’t give culture enough credit.

Anyway, the record of the Black-run ANC government in South Africa is very bad. It’s an insanely corrupt state and it can’t do much of anything – keep the lights on, treat the sewage – you name it, they can’t do it.

There’s a tendency to jerry rig (or n_r rig if you’re in a racist mood) things to solve problems. Jerry rigging implies an ingenious and cheap solution to a complicated and expensive problem that provides a short term fix until you can muster the expertise or money to fix it properly.

US Blacks have been known to use jerry rigging a lot, hence the racist version of the phrase. But jerry rigging also shows an extreme level of adaptivity and an ingenious ability to find a novel solution to a brand new problem, which is almost a definition of intelligence right there.

At any rate, South African Black government workers do this all the timer, with the result of a temporary fix that breaks three months later. You can’t jerry rig things like a sewage system unless you are going to really fix it within a few months.

There’s also a lot of cannibalizing of equipment. Blacks raid a White farm in Zimbabwe and South Africa, take it over, and the first thing they do is steal all the pipes for scrap metal.

The experience in Zimbabwe showed that Blacks could not run the large farms. They can run small farms just fine but not the big ones. It got so bad that Mugabe of all people called for the Zimbabwean Whites to come back and run the large farms on salary as state or public farms. Running a big farm is like running a complicated business. Those Blacks down there are just not up to it.

I’m on Substack Now

Beyond Highbrow.

Come on over if you want, but I will probably just be reposting stuff over there that I post here. At some point there might be more traffic and comments over there though, so that might be a benefit. I tried to set up the pay option, but I wasn’t able to do it. I can theoretically make some money over there but the lowest I can charge is $7/month and that seems ridiculous to me. Why on Earth would someone pay $84/year to read my blatherings? I magazine sub costs a lot less than that, I believe.

I’d love to have the option to charge a lot less than that.

You’re all free to go over there and subscribe if you want to though. You will get notifications of new posts in your email, and I’m not sure if you get that with this site.


Good Palestinian Resistance Site


These people are super-radicals, but they’re also pretty typical supporters of Palestinian armed groups as the armed groups are very radical.

You will also see hear how they cheer for any terrorist attack against Israeli civilians as “glorious operations,” targeting “settlers.” All Israeli cities are in quotes, like “Tel Aviv.” That’s asinine. And Israel is always put in quotes. That’s stupid. Israel exists! Israeli cities exist! In addition, all Israeli cities and towns are referred to as “settlements.” The idea is that they are all illegitimate.

There’s not much antisemitism there, as all of their venom is saved up for “Zionists.” They never talk about killing all the Jews in Israel like everyone insists that they do. Sure, they don’t want them there and consider their presence illegitimate, but the strongest words you ever hear from any of these groups is that the Jews need to leave.

Their agenda is based on this idea that Israel will collapse and a Palestinian state will take its place. After that, the Jews will have to take off, but rationally thinking, if this ever happens, probably 80-90

This idea of Israel collapsing seems like a ridiculous dream. They need to get over it.

It’s run by supporters of the PFLP, a hard Left Palestinian armed group. I don’t mind them so much, though they cheer on targeting of Israeli civilians. On the other hand, they hardly ever attack them.

A Rundown on Palestinian Armed Groups in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and Syria

The PFLP are a hard Left armed Palestinian group which participated in the 10-7 invasion. They are present among the groups defending Gaza right now. They have some presence in the West Bank, but in general it is not a big group.

The biggest groups in the West Bank are the Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade (Fatah armed rejectionists) and Islamic Jihad. Hamas does not have a large presence there although they do have some. There is a small Mujahedin Movement presence.

The Lion’s Den, a new nonpolitical formation of young men from the West Bank with a significant presence in the West Bank, seems to be allied with Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade. Both of these latter groups often work together and combined they make up the Jenin Brigades. In addition to the Lion’s Den, there are also little grouplings just like them that have sprung up all over the West Bank. They tend to fight in their areas alone.

The groups in Gaza are Hamas (close to Iran), Islamic Jihad (close to Iran), Al-Nasser Al-Saladin Brigades (armed Fatah rejectionists), the PFLP (they have a bigger presence here than in the West Bank, significant support from Iran), the Mujahedin Brigades (mostly in Gaza, hardly in the West Bank), Popular Resistance Committees (leftwing group close to Iran, only in Gaza, made up of family clans), the DFLP (Hard Left group with about zero presence in the West Bank, but a significant presence in Gaza), and the Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade (a small presence in Gaza, but most of their forces are in the West Bank.

All of these groups participated in the 10-7 invasion.

The PFLP-GC, a pro-Syrian group with a big presence in Lebanon and Syria, has a very small presence in Gaza and zero in the West Bank, but they have a strong presence in Lebanon and Syria.

There are also some very small Salafist groups in Gaza, but they are not in good terms with Hamas as Hamas thinks they’re too Islamist and the Salafists feel that the Hamas have sold out Islam because they have not imposed Islamic Law.

There is a Syrian wing of Islamic Jihad made up of Palestinian refugees in Syria. They’ve participated in some of the fighting up in Lebanon.

There is also a small group of Sunni Lebanese who have taken up arms there. They fight alongside Hezbollah.

Hamas also has a significant presence in Lebanon. They mostly launch missiles.

There is an Islamic Jihad presence there too. They have staged a couple of incursions into Israel from Lebanon.

All of those groups up there operate under the control of Hezbollah. They have to get Hezbollah’s permission to engage in any attacks.

Someone Just Called Me a Jew-lover

LOL I sure wish they would make up their mind. One day I’m an antisemite, next day I’m a Judeophile.

Same with Blacks. One day I’m an anti-Black racist, next day I’m a nigger-lover and an enemy of the White race.

I’m getting the feeling that I’m not nearly as bigoted as these SJW morons say I am.

The guy’s a Muslim.

And I never said the Talmud shouldn’t be bashed. There’s some bad stuff in there.

Then he segues to the borderline antisemitic “Jews did 9-11” meme. I’m trying to figure out of that’s real antisemitism or borderline. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence for this stuff though. Let’s say I’m worried about the “Jews did 9-11” thing. It’s troubling.

Dozens of Israeli military intelligence, some dressed up as Arabs and with explosives in their white vans, were caught that day by the NYPD.

The part above is actually correct. They were Mossad. There’s never been a good explanation of what they were doing there. The only thing I can think of is they knew about 9-11 but they didn’t warn us and let it happen.

Some crazy antisemitic Muslim: You should be the last one yapping about anti-religious bigotry when you say the Talmud shouldn’t be bashed but have no problem with Islam, Muslims, Qur’an all being lied about and slandered all the time with words like jihadist, terrorists…

The best of the Americans like you play cover for the Jews’ big crimes – of which 9-11 was a part of – EXPLOSIVES brought down the building…dozens of Israeli military intelligence, some dressed up as Arabs and with explosives in their white vans, were caught that day by the NYPD. Mossad rigged the towers.

the best of you liberal Americans along with your Jew Masters deserve Chinese Russian Iranian nuking

An Long Example of Truly Dangerous Antisemitic Language

Long, 23 pages.

From Unz.com.

I’m going to go through this bit by bit to point out the rank, base, vulgar or obsessive and conspiratorial (often both) in the comments. Suffice to say that the comments by many of the anti-Israel posters evidence antisemitism of this type.

However, many anti-Jewish and anti-Israel comments were excluded if there was some truth to them or if they were valid critiques, if a bit over the top. I even left in a few provocateurs accusing Jews of having bloodthirsty lips (Get it? Blood libel) on the grounds that they’re just trolling Jews. So the trolls got a pass.

The Jewish organizations, especially the ones that fight antisemitism, would no doubt call most of those comments that I excluded antisemitic, but they say that about everything, so why listen? At some point, the boy’s cried wolf one too many times, and you just stop listening. There could be a wolf rampaging through the village, and the boy’s cries fall on deaf ears because of just one too many faslse alarms.

Considering what broad leeway I gave these comments in terms of antisemitism, it’s downright appalling that I have to flag so many of these comments as over the top, ugly, dangerous antisemitism. This is nasty stuff and those and if we are going to be anti-Israel, we have to watch our language about Jews carefully so we don’t use language like this.

When I critique Jews or Israel I try to winnow my wording very carefully. I think of the Jews on my site and whether this comment would pass muster among them. I don’t wish to be antisemite or any sort of vulgar, base, crude racist for that matter, nor do I wish to be accused of such.

For the same reason, I watch my words very carefully when I write about Blacks. I think of the Blacks on my site and whether they would be ok with what I write. I always try to keep in mind that there are plenty of Blacks and Jews who are fine folks and don’t act out the worst stereotypes of their kind. Of course, we’re going to get called racists and antisemites anyway as long as we use ethnic critique, but at least our consciences can be clear.

Comments from that article:

The anti-human Jewish golem — the Private Banking Cartel and fascist mega corporations — must be destroyed.

A golem is a demon, so Jews are devils again. And they run all the evil banks and corporations. Therefore, exterminationism of the Jews. The socialism of fools taken to a Nazi finish. Oh boy.

Obeying the Jewish Private Banking Cartel.

Here we go again. Jews don’t run the banks. Anyway, Hitler said this, so this is sort of Nazi stuff…

Lotta of talk about the Zionists these days and rightfully so. However don’t forget about the Bolsheviks. I suspect somewhere pretty close to the top those ideologies are entwined.

Zionists in Israel are the same thing as the communist Jews in the USSR. So here we cleverly conflate anti-Zionism with Nazism! Not to mention it’s not even true. The “commie Jew” thing has an exterminationist air. I’d avoid it.

That would be a defeat of the Straussian delusion of Jewish world dominance.

Ok, once again, Jew as world controller. Not the Jews though, the Straussians, otherwise known as neocons. Jew as world controller is Protocols of the Elders of Zion stuff and maybe even Nazism too? Anyway, it’s toxic and it’s not even true.

From the Nile to the Euphrates, as per Genesis.

This is over the top anti-Zionism. Yes, some Zionists talk about a Nile to the Euphrates Israel. You think this is really going to happen? Get real.

After WW III:

America is the Jews’ cat’s paw, but the American empire is running on fumes. Deferring to the Jews can only lead to destruction, because the Jews have no capacity for restraint. America will be nuked.

Russia will nuke Israel and the Jewish colony of America — along with their allies — in a preemptive strike. When the leaders of America and Israel emerge from their bunkers, they will be lynched. Eventually, Palestinians will have their homeland restored to them. Expatriate Jews, Americans, Brits, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians will hunted down and killed.

Jews control the US. Well, on this one issue, but they have the consent of the government, so the “control” is consensual. If it’s consensual, it’s not control. So go to work on the 80

Jewish control will get nuclear bombs dropped on us! Wow. Well we need to kill them then. Or at least throw them out of power. After the strike, the emerging Jewish and American will by lynched by mobs in lynch mobs and pogroms. The Anglosphere and all of the Jews on Earth will be hunted down in lynch mobs and pogroms until we are no more. Exterminationism, not just of Jews but of the Anglosphere too. Creepy stuff.

All Jews are the children of Satan — according to Jesus, anyway. No one ever heeds Jesus warning in this regard. Also, ALL Jews are Israelis. Friedman — as with all the other Jews in America — is loyal to Israel and Israel alone.

All Jews are children of Satan? And you throw in a Biblical reference. No they’re not. All Jews are Israelis. Now you are really conflating Israelis with Jews. Yuck. All Jews in the US are dual loyalists and they’re all loyal to Israel first and the US second. Granted way too many of them are like that but it’s not all of them!

The Zionazis live and breathe hatred, and have for three thousand five hundred years. They cease to exist without hatred. Sane Jews have lived for centuries with majority populations, by de-Judaizing their behavior, but Israel now is controlled by MONSTERS of hatred, rage and blood-lust and corruption, of course. They want us to be consumed by hatred of their crimes, their murders of thousands, their abominable lies etc.

Geez. Judaism is all about pure hate and has been since its inception? Really? I really think this characterization of Israelis is over the top. Sometimes anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

The Zionazis’ dearest ambition is to provoke a race and civilizational war between the West, which they control, and the rest, who despise them.

This type of Jew is poisoning the West with race hatred that will be turned on ALL non-Westerners, bit by bit, until the glorious Herrenvolk of the West can sleep peacefully again, knowing that the ‘gooks, chinks, slopes, niggers, wet-backs” etc are ‘…back in their boxes’. Preferably coffins.

Jews in the West are trying to start a racial of the White West against all the other races – Blacks, Asians, Hispanics – starting in  the US and I guess expanding. So the Jews are trying to promote some White Supremacist war to kill all the non-Whites in the US. Yeah, sure.



This vicious tribe must be destroyed. They have been forced out of many country including Britain.

Down with INDIA a Zionist petty country with the smallest balls on earth.

Death to those colonies among abstentions: were Canada, Germany, India, Denmark, Sweden, Tunisia, IRAQ, Utopia, Finland, Japan, Italy, Australia, Cyprus, Poland, Netherlands, South Korea and others.

Shame on you all. LONG LIVE PALESTINE, death to her enemies.

Drop a nuclear bomb on Israel and kill lots of Jews. The Jews must be destroyed. Ok, exterminationist antisemitism or Nazism if you will. Yuck. And India is controlled by Jews. Nigga please.

It is hard for you to observe the universal disgust with Zionists’ psychopathy and genocidal mental setup. After Straussian Ziocons have united with Banderites in Judea War against Russia, your Holobiz lies are crumbling with an accelerating speed.

Ok, all Jews are psychopaths as here he conflates Zionists with Jews. They’re also all genocidal maniacs. Now he’s trying to say that Ukraine is controlled by World Jewry and the Jews are waging war on Russia. All of those dead Russians are at the feet of the Jews. Nasty stuff, and it’s not even true. Holobiz? Ok this is a comment on how Jews have monetized the Holocaust. LOL you didn’t think they would do that? They monetize everything. But “Holobiz” not only refers to this aspect but it also almost always is a statement of Holocaust Denial. So the Holocaust never happened, but the Jews are milking it for money. Eek, nasty stuff.

Yet we wholeheartedly support the Palestinians and want to see “Israelis” defeated, punished and permanently expelled.

Technically this is anti-Zionism, but anyone who thinks the Palestinians can pull of this mass deportation of Jews out of Israel without a lot of bloodshed is a fool. These “population exchanges” the Jews refer to so glibly and casually as they defend the Nakba almost always have a large component of massacres along with them. I think it’s ugly to say the Jews have to leave the country. Anyway with a mindset like that, they’ll never surrender, nor should they. I don’t know if it’s anti-Jewish or just shitty.

in 2023 the question is “who’ll put these dogs down?”, rabid Zioneocon dogs need to be euthanized, to insure the public safety.

Well how many Jews are rabid Zioneocon dogs? All of them? I don’t even agree with killing those kinds of Jews. They’re civilians. Leave em alone.

White sheeple will continue their slow shuffle toward the kosher slaughterhouse.

This is the old White nationalist “Jews are trying to exterminate the Whites” line that’s led to Nazis shooting up synagogues lately. I don’t think it’s true and anyway, it’s pretty toxic. The Jews are trying to wipe out us Whites? How to react? Exterminationism, obviously.

Good peoples’ lives were ruined because Jews wanted to maintain the profitable schema of Holobiz.

Yeah, those good people were a bunch of Nazi fucks. Once again, the Holocaust denying “Holobiz” word.

Sure, you genocidal Jewish Private Banking Cartel is doubtlessly involved in the ongoing mass slaughter.

Well, the Jews don’t run the banks anymore. They never did in the US. They had a lot of control in Europe but then a thing called the Holocaust happened and that party was over. Banks are just run by faceless corporate bureaucrats anymore.

Your father is a liar like all Juz.

All Jews are liars. Way too many of them lie far too felicitously. I suspect it must be due to their culture, upbringing or religion. The religion surely gives them cover to lie. Jewish culture must give young Jews a lot of permission to lie. Why else would they do so with such ease?

Even Cultural Christians have an aversion to lying even though they lie appropriately like anyone with sense. But at some point, you’re supposed to be honest as I am with  this blog. I’ll never lie to you about anything non-personal. That’s a betrayal by me of you.

They ignore that the so called Jews are demonic to the core! I am talking about those who say ‘they are Jews, and are not, but the synagogue of Satan’ Rev 2:9.

Jews as devils, demons, Satanists, devil-worshippers. Throw in the Biblical reference. This “synagogue of Satan” crap has to be avoided. That’s just ugly talk.

The Jewish mafia tribe and its supporters, US, UK, the European colonies, Germany, France, Sweden, should be destroyed before they harm us all.

Well, at least he wants to kill all us Whites too. But if course it’s exterminationist towards the Jews.

One can’t reason with the super-greedy war profiteers and fanatical Zionists striving for full-spectrum dominance over “others” by any means. Yet the strings originate at the Private Banking Cartel (heavily Jewish) and fascist mega-corporations (heavily Jewish).

Ok, US imperialism is Jewish. No it isn’t. Sure the US Jews, especially hardline Israel supporters, have cleverly hitched their wagon to the imperial train, but US imperialism is so much more than a bunch of Jews. Once again, Jewish bankers. Didn’t Hitler have a thing to say about that? US corporations are all run by a bunch of Jews! Who knew? I always thought they were just a bunch of psychopathic White guys. This is an example of antisemitism as “the socialism of fools.” I would also add that we also see an antisemitic “anti-imperialism of fools.”

If Israelis decide to have a nuclear temper tantrum because they can’t keep their apartheid state, then they will be signing the death warrant of Jews globally. Fine with me either way. They lose regardless.

Jews will let nukes fly and the result with be the extermination of the Jews. Which is just fine by this Nazi. Sheesh.

It’s too repulsive for the Republican Party to be continuously captured by the rubbery-lipped slob Jew bribers (donors) and the evangelical boobs who want a Bible-based foreign policy of constant bloodshed for Israel.

Most of this hard critique is not antisemitic, though it’s brutal. But Jews are “rubbery-lipped slobs?” Really? News to me. Plus that’s nasty stuff. Remember how the Nazis played up the “physically repulsive Jew?” It’s a bad road to trod.

The Genocide of Russians by Jews was real (see GULAG and Soviet secret police, both organized and run by Jews).

Ok, Holocaust Denial combined with anti-communism, in other words, Nazism! Yes, Stalin had secret police that killed a lot of people. For a few years, a lot of them were Jewish. But there was no ethnic component to the arrests and killings. These Jews weren’t going around arresting the enemies of the Jews. They were arresting supposed contras.

The Genocide of Kazakhs by Jews was real (see the Goloshyokin Genocide).

Ok, you got me on this one. All you Kazakhs out there need to realize that those nasty Jews genocided your people! This sounds dubious.

The Genocide of Ukrainians by Jews was real (see Lazar Kaganovitch, the First Secretary of the communist party of Ukraine).

Yeah this is just Ukrainian Nazism, sorry. The Holodomor, the fake terror famine, was all done by Jews. Hence Ukrainian nationalism and the Nazi antisemitic component along with massacring 200,000 Jews. And Western Jews support these Nazi freaks. Pathetic.

When Western states send armadas of military might to defend a tiny warmongering shithole (Yiddish for Shtetl), threatening the survival of 80

Jews as “cancer of the body politic.” I don’t like this language? What do you do with a cancer? Cut it out with a knife. Drown it with poison. Irradiate it. So we need to do all these things to wipe out the Jewish cancer. Exterminationism. Once again, Jew as parasite.

This is classic antisemitism and I’m not even sure if it’s true. It has to do with Jews taking on the role of bankers, etc. Banking, etc. or the finance sector as a whole is considered to be nonproductive capital, or parasitic capital. And…guess who said that? Nazis! Avoid this “Jew as parasite” thing.

Also the Jews are threatening to kill 80

his reflects on the Frankist Jewish education that encourages the trespassing of all norms of human decency. These Jews (see Blinken, Bibi, Nuland-Kagan, et etc.) are genocidal supremacists devoid of dignity and mercy.

https://www.winterwatch.net/2019/02/…e-modern-left/ In the 20th century, the US government and Supreme Court were infiltrated by the Frankist filth like Brandeis and Frankfurter, who used the US for their ‘ethnic’ goals. “The Brandeis-Frankfurter Connection: The Secret Political Activities of Two Supreme Court Justices”


The Zionists prophet Frank (Leibowicz):


Jacob Frank, original name Jacob Leibowicz … was the founder of the Frankist sect. … In about 1751, he proclaimed himself the messiah and four years later, in Poland, formed a sect that held that certain elect persons are exempt from the moral law.



It’s a report discussing the situation in largely Moslem, Arab Palestine, and it’s impact on the largely Moslem Arab-world, and the Islamic world more broadly, where it intersects with the Judaic Zionist “Western” world, without actually naming the places or the peoples concerned, even possible?

This is an interesting intellectual argument. Is the West Judaic or in thrall to the Jewish spirit. The US sure is. The rest of it? Who knows? And this could be good or bad, eh. Yuri Slezkine, a Jewish man, wrote a book on this notion. And the whole West is “Zionist” too, eh? And what of the rest of the world. This guy seems to be verging on the “Jewish World Control” except here, they’re only controlling the West.

Or perhaps, this is a Jewish birthmark to be a genocidal Parasite.


The collective west was captured by your filthy Frankist Jews who know no decency. The genocidal mentality is inserted into Jewish children from infancy, to ensure that Jews grow up into supremacist and heartless psychopaths. When the monstrous ‘education’ does not work and a Jew grows up to become a decent person, the Jewish collective hates such person.


A common meme these days amongst the resistance is the term “Khazarian Mafiya”.


He should have simply identified the Zionist criminals among the Private Banking Cartel and fascist mega-corporations and their opportunistic shabbas boys and girls in the US administration and the MIC.


It looks like the bloodthirsty Jewish neocon warmonger pigs are winning and pushing the Middle East into WW3.

Is it really the Jews pushing us into this Middle Eastern war? What part of 80

For the Jewish warmongers and the US politicians it is pure kickback gravy—for everyone else—not so much.

The only people pushing these wars are Jews? Ever turn on Fox News Warmonger Central. You will see Gentiles (and, yes, some Jews, sure) pushing for this WW3 all day long. Last time I checked, US Gentiles are on board with this crazy project.

And the Jews are pushing these wars to make money off them. No, organizations like the Carlisle Group and Black Rock financial giant monsters who need to be broken up yesterday, those folks, and the military industrial complex, they’re pushing for war to get rich. Not just some Jews, though some of those folks are Jewish.

WW3 will ensure the Globalists/Jewish Supremacists achieve their goal of killing 7 billion innocent people worldwide and then reign supreme.

The Jews are going to murder 7 billion humans and then preside over the ruins. We want to survive, right? Only one final solution then. Exterminationism.

Jews are “globalists.” It’s not true and it’s yucky and antisemitic. Globalists are Gentile assholes like Charles Schwab.

Leo Strauss was the direct spiritual descendant of Jacob Frank. His followers, Straussians, own the US state Department and US congress; see Blinken, Wolfowitz, Nuland-Kagan, and the whole Kagans clan. The US has been captured by Straussians (Frankists) long time ago; see the treasonous Brandeis.

One of the most hidden aspects of the history of the last 350 years is the impact of the Shabbetian Messianic movement. It was led by Shabbetai Tzvi who convinced half of the world’s Jewry at its peak that he was the true messiah. A vast Sabbatian movement promoted the Messianic ambitions of Tzvi…

The Sabbatian Luciferian phenomenon was kept alive through the centuries with great help. In the 18th century, Jacob Frank reintroduced Sabbatianism to Europe. … the movement lives on at least in spirit and refers to today’s believers as “Satanic Sabbatian Frankists.” The article that follows uses Antelman’s book, “To Eliminate the Opiate,” (now deep-sixed) as the primary source to document these events. …

Secularist historians have been at pains to de-emphasize the role of Sabbatianism. Not only did most of the families once associated with the Sabbatian movement in Western and Central Europe continue to remain afterward within the Jewish fold, but many of their descendants, rose to positions of importance during the 19th century…

Sabbatian cults are well documented … In a nutshell, these groups sexually practiced incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality and were otherwise depraved. The Talmud states that the Messiah will come only in an age that is completely guilty or completely innocent (Sanhedrin 98a). From this epigram, the Frankists would declare, ‘Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners.

They [Frankists] conspired with the Illuminati with goals of destroying all religions and fusing all nations into one. … The Encyclopedia Judaica states that Frank’s considerable wealth and income “was a constant source of wonder and speculation, and the matter was never resolved.” …

Among prominent Sabbeatians were the Wehles family of Prague. One, Gottlieb Wehle, came to the United States with a large constituency of Frankists from Bohemia and Moravia after the Revolution of 1848.

One member of this clan was Louis Brandeis (1856-1941), the Supreme Court Justice and ardent Zionist who was instrumental in promoting the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank [which is neither federal nor reserve]. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter’s mother was a descendant of a Prague Frankist family.

Ok now this is just weird. It’s also very interesting and I need to look into it. Some weird Kabbalist Jew named Shabbetai Tzvi shows up in 1650 and convinces half the Jews in the world that he’s the fake Messiah. Somehow it becomes Luciferian or Satanic.

Some creepy rich Jew named Joseph Frank, probably a German Jew, starts up this basically Satanic Jewish fringe cult called Sabbatianism in the 1700’s. All the rich Jews of Central and Eastern Europe get in on this secret cult. It’s prominent in Czechoslovakia during the Spring of Nations.

They’re sex perverts practicing incest, pedophilia, adultery and homosexuality. And in the staid 1800’s with syphilis about!

Apparently, all through the 20th Century to our present moment, most of the Jews of the world, at least the powerful ones, are Satanic Sabbatian Frankists. Brandeis and Frankfurter were Frankists.

The creepy Leo Strauss inherited the mantle of the Frankists. His Straussian neocon followers run the State Department and Congress and include the Jewish creeps Anthony Blinken, Paul Wolfowitz, Victoria Nuland-Kagan, and the whole ultra-creepy Kagan clan. She’s the expert on these maniacal creeps. All the Straussian neocons are really Frankist Satanic cult weirdos. Well someone tell Shadia Drury.

Even wrote a whole book on this Straussian cancer. Yeah, I called them a cancer and that’s murderous language and it can also be antisemitic. Guess what though? These psychopathic freaks, the Jews and the many Gentiles among them, richly deserve language like that! So sue me!

I don’t think it’s antisemitic either to single out a few of the creepiest neocons out there. On the other hand, we are all neocons now. And I don’t even want these poisonous freaks to be killed, though I had to think about it a bit. Well maybe an assassin from the Resistance Axis might have a valid target here, who knows? Probably nothing will happen to them though and if this war gets to the point where both sides are knocking off their intellectual brain trusts, things have gotten dirty indeed.

Anyway, all Jews today (or just the prominent ones?) are these Frankist Satanic cultists, sort of like Masons on steroids. Well, color me dubious. And as this probably isn’t even true, it’s looking pretty antisemitic from here. But it needs a deep dive so here I go!

Jews are steeped in genocidal proclivities from childhood.

Jewish kids are raised to be genocidal Holocausters. I’m thinking no.

There were no “ovens” and crematoria in the German camps. The real horrors happened in the Soviet concentrations camps (GULAG), which were organized and run by Jews.

Holocaust Denial again + anti-Communism = pure Nazism. Congratulations!

Political Ponerology: Study Of State Evil.


Ok, I checked this crowd out a while back. They are very sneaky and they’ve piled up a bunch of research as they are very smart. The problem of the world is Ponerology, which means psychopaths in power running our countries. True enough so far.

Then you look, and look, and look some more, and…it turns out that the psychopaths running the world are just a bunch of Jews! Ponerology is the study of psychopathic Jews running governments all over the world, so we are back Jewish world control again.

This theory seems to be out of Poland. I talked to some of these folks a while back and they assured me that they weren’t antisemites or anything like that. Whew! Dodged a bullet, huh? This is an antisemitic Trojan horse. Watch out for it, except it’s so fringe that almost no one reads their stuff. Which is a good thing.

The Jewish Parasite must be defanged. This process should start with closing all supremacist yeshivas and exposure of the genocidal character of Talmudic ideology and major Jewish holidays. The First Amendment must be restored; the anti-human nature of Talmudism must be revealed.

Jew as parasite again. Close down all the Jewish religious schools. Next a public service announcement campaign by the state to educate folks on the murderous nature of Judaism and the Jewish deadly holidays. Apparently the Jews took away the First Amendment.

This one isn’t exterminationist, but the idea of the state posing specific restrictions on Jews plus a state campaign to educate the populace on the evils of these folks and their gutter religion…um…remind you of anything? How about the 1930’s and the slow windup to the Holocaust? This poses as reasonable as its not murderous but it’s scarier than it seems.

Currently, Jews own the MSM, the flaccid CIA, and the rotten Knesset on Potomac. The supremacist and genocidal tribe is no friend to humanity at large. Judaism turned into a Jewish fascism from which millions of human beings have been suffering. To survive, the collective West needs de-Judaization.

The Jewish media again. But they don’t own it. The Jews run the CIA. No way. Rotten Knesset on the Potomac. Hey, I like the image! Jews run the US government. Jews are fascists and they run the fascist state. So the antifascist response is…de-Judaization. Throw them out of the West. Where to? Or better yet, how bout exterminationism?

Gee if the lying Jews had been such evil rats none of this would be happening. We’ve all tried to warn them. Nope, the only thing Jews understand are bullets to the head.

If world war starts because of these treacherous Jews, we will start liquidating Jews in the US as part of OUR OVERWHELMING response to being fucked by Jews for so long!! Yes we can!! No wonder Jew Garland is so “worried” about White people extracting REVENGE but that Jew should UNDERSTAND!

Jews as evil rats. An image out of Streicher’s Der Strumer. Charming. We told them to stop but the Jews just won’t knock it off. Solution? Executions by shots to the head. In other words, exterminationist Nazism is recommended for this Jewish scourge. Use of the verb liquidating applied to Jews. Pure Nazism. Then he ties it into White Supremacism. So we have a White Supremacist out and out raving Nazi here. Not a good look.

It’s not our interests that we’re sacrificing blood, treasure, honor and reputation over, but a cabal of parasitic tyrants who secretly hate us and intend to suck us dry and dump our carcass to be blown away by the winds of history – so they can jump ship to their next host. (As they’ve done many times before to other victims.)

Jew as parasite feeding off the host (the US), eventually to suck us dry and then dump our dead carcass. Like the “winds of history” line though. This antisemite has a flair. Not only are they parasites, but they’re also tyrannical rulers or dictators. The Jews are dictators and parasites destroying America. Solution? Exterminationism anyone?

Yet, the good sheep in the US and Britain keep bleating the line fed to them by their Jew-controlled media: “Israel Good! Hamas Ba-a-a-a-a-d!”

There are a lot of Jews in the media but they don’t really run it anymore. It’s just a bunch of faceless corporate types. This “Jewish media” thing is yucky.

This is what a normative Parasite does: it is eating out the host.

This is why the Parasitic and obnoxious tribe was expelled from so many countries; these countries followed the demands of their immune systems.

What country can desire a whining parasite on its territory?

Jew as parasite again. Also a Nazi notion. What to do? Eviction. Throw them out of the country? Where to? Who knows? Or exterminationism, I guess.

Jews have been genociding Palestinians and Ukrainians with gusto!

Didn’t we have Jews genociding Russians a while back? Ok, well now they’re pushing the Ukrainians into a crazy war against Russia which has killed 500,000 Ukrainians. All killed by Jews, mind you. Not NATO, not the Empire, not Russophobes. Jews. Nah.

Russia should restrict Jewish settlements in Crimea and Malorossiya. Jews have been cheerleading and promoting the deaths of Russian soldiers. Jews should have have no place in Russia and Malorossiya. As for Jewish shrines on the territory of Ukraine, they should be relocated to the US. Let Jew York enjoy their Ukrainian brethren.

Jews are toxic to Russia and Ukraine. There are not a whole lot left in Russia and those that remain are on pretty good behavior. A number are even Russian patriots! But letting the Jew into the new territories will destroy them somehow. Once again, Jews are involved in the war, sometimes killing Ukrainians, other times killing Russians. In this version, it’s the Russians getting the sword. Hence, destroy their synagogues and make a new Pale for them. I don’t like this, plus it’s wrong.

If Putin-style “demilitarization” means neutralizing soldiers until none are left, are we now to conclude that concomitant “deNazification” implies neutralizing Jews, likewise?

Tries to tie in Putin’s deNazification of Ukraine with the Jewish problem. Suggests that Jews are Nazis too and says if we are going to take out Ukrainian Nazis, why not kill all the Jews while we are at it. Exterminationism.

A few days ago an author on this site read a U.S. newspaper article from 1922 which characterized the Jews who were entering Palestine as aggressive radical leftists. It sounded to me like it was the same radical Marxists who destroyed Russia and murdered millions of white Christians. What started in the early 1920’s continues to this very day. Let’s not call these Jews “Israelis” which somehow distinguishes them from the same radical dual citizen white Christian-hating Jews who took over the U.S. government and pushed it into continuous war on behalf of their piece of land in Palestine.

It is not only clear but highly evident that the Talmudist control nexus is beside itself with nervous apprehension. The whole situation is fraught with tension…and threats to resort to a generalized “Samson Option” in which the Zionist Entity would resort to nukes.

Tom Friedman speaks for the Chew Pork Slymes, the self-styled “paper of record” and the critical mouthpiece for the Talmudist Imperative within their puppet regimes centered on New York City and the Di$trict of Corruption.

Chew Pork Slymes is funny and I hate the rag too, but suggesting that it’s Jewish owners eat pork is a bit over the top. And the New York Times is not the mouthpiece of a very rich Jewish family called the Sulzbergers, nope, it’s agenda is “the Talmudist Imperative.” Don’t use the word Talmudist. It has an ugly antisemitic ring to it. The Palestinians use this a lot and I consider it to be religious bigotry.

And this “Imperative” somehow runs New York City and DC. So Jews run New York City and the US government. Not even sure they run New York, though you could make an interesting argument. I’d say they split it with the Catholic Irish and Italians, and they all hate each other. And the Jews run the US government. Oh, no they don’t. Yuck.

We are going to turn this entire planet into an ashtray because we are unable to think or do anything except follow Israeli commands!! Our totally brainwashed minds have us on a suicide mission to perdition!! Humanity will soon no longer exist!!

The Jews are going to blow up the whole world and nuke us all. Who can save us? Your friendly neighborhood Jewish exterminationist!

Second fooling was the 911 Inside Job. Boobtoob Noose addicts still are under the now wavering belief that nineteen Ayrabbs with box-cutters shut down U.$. air defenses for up to three hours and in the process taking down the Twin Towers, building Seven and a chunk of the Pentagram with a Global Hawk missile. Yes, some of the terminally deluded actually believe that shit…while some 3,000 Americans died for the Talmudist Agenda.

This one takes some very careful reading. Here again we have this mysterious Talmudist Imperative, this time as Agenda. What he’s trying to say in a sneaky way is the Jews did 9-11, as in Israel did 9-11. This is a popular theory and I’ve looked into it just a bit as I think it’s bullshit and I studied 9-11 until the end of time.

Did Israel know about it and let it happen? Maybe so. But they didn’t do it.

Basically, he’s saying Jews (excuse me, I mean Israel!) killed all of those 3,000 Americans on 9-11. If it’s true, it sort of makes you want to go out and…um…kill some Jews? So exterminationist no? Homicidal maybe? Anti-Jewish incitement? Sure.

…totally placing American foreign policy under the Bank$ter foundational power of City of London and Wall $treet…in the personas of the Neo-Con Straussian, Trotskyite, and ultimately Talmudist extremists.

Ok here the Jews run the City of London (the bankers). This group has incredible power but they’re not a bunch of Jews. In fact, these ultra-Tories probably don’t even like Jews too much.

And Wall Street is owned by the Jews. Jews have a lot of power on Wall Street but they don’t run the place.

Neocon Straussian, Trotskyite, and ultimately Talmudist. Well, he’s saying the neocons are running US foreign policy. But we are all neocons now. The foreign policy of the Democratic and Republican Party is neoconservatism. And most of these folks are not Jews. Our foreign policy is not being run by a bunch of Jews! It’s being run by a bunch of assholes, sure, as usual, but most of them are not Jewish.

The Antisemitic “Communist Jews” Bullshit Has No Place in Anti-Israel Discussion

An anti-Israel poster, apparently a Muslim, the other day went on about how the Jewish Bolsheviks took over Russia and murdered millions of Russian Christians.

First of all, I’m quite that there were a number of Jewish Bolsheviks. Thank you, Jews!

So many things about this lie are wrong.

First, the largest group of the original Bolsheviks were Latvians.

Second, in the election of 1917, 70

But only 10

The huge antisemitic lie about “Jewish bankers funding the Bolsheviks” is also nonsense. No wealthy capitalist would fund such a party. Actually, they supported the Menshevik formations which promised to protect capital.

The motivation for overseas Jews to support anyone against the Czar was their feeling that the Czar was an antisemite. Whether that was true or not, I have no idea, but the Whites or Royalist Czarists in the Civil War were extremely antisemitic in a very bad Protocols of the Elders of Zion way. Sure, a lot of Jews rallied around the Bolsheviks after they seized power, but so did the majority of peasants and workers in Russia. So what?

One must understand that in the USSR, nationalism was nearly a liability. Sure, nationalities and their languages were to be protected, but you were not supposed to be what they called a national chauvinist. They considered that a barbarous and bourgeois affliction.

A Jewish nationality was not protected as it was considered illegitimate. Any Jewish Bolsheviks were probably atheists. For most of them, a Jewish identity was probably weak. Trotsky, asked his nationality, famously said,

Working class.

The notion that such a deracinated fellow still harbored strong Jewish tribal leanings is silly. It’s also toxic because it led straight to Nazism.

The notion that Soviet Jews had a grudge against antisemitic peasants and hence slaughtered them is nonsense. The peasants were with the Reds.

Yes, there was persecution of the church at least before Stalin. But the communists attacked synagogues and possibly mosques at the same rate.

Yes, some people were killed under Lenin and more particularly under Stalin, but they were not killed for being Christian Orthodox. Instead they were killed for being contras. The USSR allowed freedom of religion and churches, synagogues, and mosques stayed open, especially after Stalin.

Russians were 80

Furthermore, the “communist Jew” mass murderer of Gentiles, especially Christians, meme has a Nazi ring to it. The Nazis’ main charge against Jews was that they were a revolutionary people, so I would mess around with this “communist Jews” crap unless you want to feed Nazi antisemitism.

My point is that none of this talk has any space in an argument about the state of Israel. If you don’t like Jews, fine, but that has nothing to do with the behavior of Israel vis a vis the native Arabs. Keep the vulgar antisemitism out of the anti-Israel critique!

More Lies about the Second Yom Kippur War

The Second Yom Kippur War refers to the Israel-Palestinian War that started on October 7.

Christian Zionist: There were scenes of horrendous cruelty, barbarism, mutilation, dismemberment, rape.

One by one.

I’m not aware of any dismemberment. There have been no recorded rapes. The Jews just made that up.

I’m not aware of any bodies being mutilated, except one Israeli soldier was beheaded after he died.

However, there was plenty of cruelty and barbarism.

Christian Zionist: Couples and family members were bound together and immolated alive…

What happened here was these hostages were being held by Hamas in homes in hostage situations. The Jewish tanks came and fired on the homes, setting them on fire and killing their own hostages. Half of the Jewish civilians were killed by their own army. The Jews made this one up.

Christian Zionist: …while still alive, whole families had their organs removed…

No cases recorded. The Jews made it up.

Christian Zionist: …children were made to watch as their parents were tortured and killed…

No cases recorded. The Jews made it up.

Christian Zionist: …parents forced to look on as their children had their eyes gouged out and their heads bashed in.

There have been no reports of this. The Jews made it up.

Christian Zionist: Living rooms, kitchens, children’s bunk beds and toys, babies’ cradles, baths, lawns, cars – everywhere was splattered and smeared with the congealed blood of murdered Jews.

Babies’ cradles? Don’t think so. The rest is probably correct.

Christian Zionist: …those evil Arabs filmed of themselves cutting off small children’s fingers, joint by joint, and laughing at the agonized screams.

No recorded cases. The Jews made it up.

First of all, below, there are no recorded cases of fighters laughing in glee as they murdered Jews. It may be a small point but still.

Christian Zionist: Laughing as they plunged daggers into infants.

First of all, no infants were killed, so this never happened. The Jews just made it up.

Christian Zionist: Laughing as they soaked pleading Jews with petrol and set them on fire.

No recorded cases of this. There were burned people but how they were burned is uncertain. Many were burned by the Jews’ tank fire. There are records of Hamas using petrol.

Christian Zionist: Laughing as they called their own parents back in Gaza and described how many Jews they had killed with their bare hands.

There is no report that this man was laughing. He didn’t kill them with his bare hands. He killed them with his gun.

Christian Zionist: And laughing as they poured gunfire into hundreds of young Israeli men and women, turning the concert grounds where they had come to dance the night before into a turkey-shoot and leaving it a quagmire littered with sprawled, disfigured forms.

There is no evidence that these men were laughing as they did this, and it’s looking like there were no 260 killed by Hamas. Instead, it is some lesser number. All of the rest is correct.

Christian Zionist: …were dragged away as hostages pulled by their hair from the backs of pickups…

What? Not aware of any of this.

Christian Zionist: …and paraded through Arab streets, their suffering and terror a source of pleasure to those lining the way.

In at least one case, an old lady is smiling as she is being driven down the street. Otherwise it is correct.

Answering Some Lies about the Second Yom Kippur War

*The Second Yom Kippur War refers to the war that started on October 7 with the Gazan invasion of Southern Israel.

**Below, Jews refers to Israelis only. I don’t care about the Diaspora. They haven’t harmed a single Palestinian soul. Someone show me how one Diaspora Jew has harmed a single hair on a single head of one Palestinian. I’m waiting. Also the Israeli Jew quoted above is a very smart man, and he seems to be on the Israeli Jewish Left. He’s not a bad person at all; in fact, I rather like him. Also he seems to be an antifascist, which is real cool.

Israeli Jew: What a comparison is this – 1400 compared to 6000. Ignoring the circumstances in which 1400 Israelis, babies, children, women and old people were murdered in a horrific way.

Ok, one by one. 900 Israelis were killed, not 1,400.

1,400 babies, etc. were not murdered by Hamas.

First of all, half of the 900 were soldiers. So 450 civilians died.

225 of those Jewish civilians were killed by Jewish tanks in hostage situations. There were many hostage situations in which Hamas had hostage in homes. The Jews dealt with these situations by firing tank shells at the homes, killing their own Jewish civilian hostages and the fighters. So half of those killed were killed by the Jews following the Hannibal Doctrine! In addition, at least six hostages and POW’s were killed by the Jews as they were being taken back to Gaza.

So we have 231 out of 450 Jewish civilians killed by the Jewish Army. Most of the Jewish civilians were killed by the Jews itself. The Jews killed their own people.

No babies were killed by Hamas. There is no one under three listed among the dead. Those Jews just made up a lie about that.

16 minors were killed, half by the Jews themselves. So eight minors killed by Hamas.

Yes, some women were killed by Hamas. The number is not known. Perhaps 110?

Five old people were killed, half of them by the Jews. So Hamas killed two old people. As you can see, they took most of them hostage.

Now that leaves us with 219 Jewish civilians killed by Hamas, and ~60 of these may have been armed, but this is still uncertain. Now we are down to 160 Jewish civlians killed by Hamas. Not quite 1,600, is it? Even the figure of 260 killed at the music festival is suspect.

Israeli Jew: …the number of Palestinians who were killed – not murdered – in Gaza, after they were warned by international law to vacate the area…

Face facts. The Jews have become mass murderers on the same level as Hamas.

They have bombed many family homes, killing whole families. These are Hamas bases?

They have bombed 24 ambulances.

They bombed a hospital courtyard, deliberately killing 500 people.

They have bombed 25 hospitals and health centers.

They have bombed UNRWA shelters and schools.

They have bombed universities.

They have bombed government offices.

They have deliberately bombed the homes of two physicians, killing them and their families.

The Jews have killed 24 journalists. Most of them seem to be deliberately targeted. They deliberately targeted the home of the Al Jazeera journalist and killed his whole family.

The Jews recently bombed a supermarket in order to starve Palestinians. Not one Hamas fighter was killed.

10 of the 40 bakeries in Gaza have been bombed, once again as the Jews try to starve 2 million people. One was bombed right after the UN delivered their flour. There are long 6-7 hour lines outside each bakery. No Hamas fighter was at any of those bakeries.

Lately people have been congregating outside the barber shops to charge their phones, as many have solar power. So the Jews started bombing the barber shops. All of these hospital, ambulance, family home, school, university, bakery, barbershop, and supermarket bombings have been intended only to kill civilians, and they have killed many civilians. I’m not aware of a single Hamas fighter killed in any of these attacks.

The Jews drop special JDAM bombs set to airburst mode in order to maximize civilians deaths.

The Jews are also dropping illegal white phosphorus bombs on Gaza, and there are many burn patients.

All the while the Jews prevent medical supplies, water, food, and fuel from entering Gaza. Some trucks are being allowed in, but that is only 1-2

The Jews told all the Palestinians in the north to vacate Gaza and go to the South, and then they started bombing them there. They’ve also been bombing the highway from the north to the south, so many are afraid to use the highway.

They told Gazans to go to Rafah and flee to Egypt and then they bombed the Rafah Gate 5-10 times.

The Jews themselves have said that this Gaza War is operating on the “Dresden model.” The US conducted many firebombings of German cities in WW2 to deliberately massacre as many civilians as they could to “break the will of the German people.” So this is the model the Jews are operating under. Kill as many Gaza civilians as possible to break their will.

This attack is pure Jewish sadism.

Israeli Jew: …the same Hamas, when it took over Gaza, it murdered thousands of Palestinians from the PLO with sufficiently horrible methods.

Yes, people were killed but it could not have been thousands. Scores at most I would say.

Israeli Jew: After that, Israel nevertheless tried to negotiate with Hamas, and Hamas created a false representation as if it turned to peace.

Hamas asked for ceasefires five different times. The Jews turned them down every single time. The Jews don’t want a ceasefire. They want continuous war. Why? Because Israel is not ruled by post-Zionists.

The only way for a Zionist to be nowadays is post-Zionist. A post-Zionist means you are a Zionist, which I don’t begrudge by the way. A Zionist is someone who believe in a Jewish state in the Levant, specifically in Palestine. Post-Zionists say the Zionist project of conquest, ethnic cleansing, colonization and settlement is at an end. It’s already achieved its aims and the Jews don’t need to steal one more inch of Arab land or a single Arab home, tear down one more Arab house or business, or throw one Palestinian off their land.

But the Jews in power in Israel today are not post-Zionists.

They are Zionists. This means the Zionist project is ongoing and means constant confiscation of more and more Arab land, destruction of buildings and businesses, confiscation of homes, etc. A continuous war is necessary for the ongoing Zionist project. Peace is deadly.

Netanyahu’s party has an intellectual forefather in Zabotinsky, the Jewish fascist and author of The Iron Wall, who argued in 1921 that there would be no Jewish state until the Arabs were driven off the land. This man was a fascist and admirer of Mussolini who wanted to create a sort of Jewish fascism. In fact, half of the Jewish militias who fought the British were fascists, the Lehi. Yitzakh Shamir, former Israeli president, was Jewish fascist in his younger days.

So you see from the very beginning, this was a settler-colonialist project with the object purpose of driving all of the Arabs off the land to colonize it for the Jews.

There was actually a ceasefire with Hamas for a while, called a Hudna, but the Jews broke it on purpose because they hate ceasefires with Hamas. They want Hamas to be as evil as possible. With a ceasefire, Hamas looks good and the Jews can’t have that. Netanyahu has said many times that Hamas in power is great for the Jews because it gives them an evil enemy. In fact, he said that Israel pays Hamas money to keep them in power.

In 2012, Hamas agreed to a 2 state solution with Jerusalem as its capital and the right to return. This has not yet been modified. In 2019, all the stupid antisemitic language was removed from the Hamas charter. Recently Hamas said,

We have no problem with Jews or Judaism. We only have a beef with these Jews who stole our land. The rest of them are not part of this.

They also said,

We have always lived with Jews and Christians in this land and I don’t see why we can’t continue to do so in the future.

In a recent speech, Yahya Sinwar, president of Gaza, actually addressed the Diaspora Jews in a friendly tone! Remarkable.

This attack on October 7 was literally the most humane war the Palestinians and Hamas have ever fought! They took many POW’s whereas before they just shot them. They took many hostages whereas before if they get in front of any Jews and have a gun, they just open up on all of them. Mohammad Deif issued an order to treat the POW’s and hostages well. He also issued an order not to kill Jewish civilian minors, women, and old people. This is remarkable. No Palestinian leader has ever made such a statement!

Consider that the Palestinian project has been nonstop terrorism from Day One. Yes, they fought many soldiers, but Jewish civilians were targeted from the start as they were “settlers.” To this day they are all assumed to be “settlers” with a target on their back.

In this recent war, I saw two Hamas communiques that sounded exactly like the 2012 statement, though worded carefully.

Hamas is moderating all the time. They’ve moderated dramatically in only four years. The Jews will never admit this because they need an evil enemy.

Which Americans are Not with Israel and Why?

The wild philosemitism we see seems to be a White (and Hindu) thing.

Hispanics aren’t wildly philosemitic to say the least. In fact, in Latin America, there is a lot of base, vulgar antisemitism based around the Catholic religion. This religious antisemitism has very deep roots in the West and in areas colonized by the West like Latin America.

US Blacks don’t like Jews a whole a whole lot or else they treat them like anyone else, which is how Jews should be treated.

Jews did get involved in the slave trade, yeah. But all Europeans were pro-slavery back then, Gentiles, Jews, you name it. Jews just financed the ships.

But it was mostly White Gentiles owning slaves, selling them, and piloting and crewing the boats. That sort of work was a bit too dirty for finicky Jews who didn’t like to get their hands dirty, not to mention sully them in  the most debased ways.

It’s the same as the Jewish relationship to crime nowadays. A lot of Jews have nothing against crime as long as it’s the white collar variety. But most Jews blanch at street crime and consider it low, base, savage, uncivilized, and barbarous. Indeed, Jews have very low rates of street crime but their rates of white collar crime are very elevated.

To Blacks, Israel looks like a racist White bully beating up on dark-skinned folks. They look at the racism, the apartheid, the supremacy, and it reminds them of Jim Crow and Bull Connor with a fire hose and a bull whip.

With Hispanics, there are other factors. Though the few Latin American Jews had high rates of being involved in revolutionary and Left movements in the continent (bless their hearts), Israel has not been on the side of liberation movements in Latin America. In contrast, they have been with the Yankees and especially the death squads, which they armed and trained. Down there. Israel is just another arm of Yankee imperialism.

In addition, for many reactionary Latin Americans, the “Jews are communists, and communists must be killed” meme flavors their own antisemitism. The Dirty War in Argentina is a good example of a counterinsurgency heavily inflected with grotesque and murderous antisemitism.

Neither Blacks nor Hispanics think civilized Jewish Whites are superior to barbarous, uncivilized, nigger-type dark skinned people in the Global South. In fact they resent the very notion.

Asians have not had the time or experience of being around Jews enough to become either philosemitic or antisemitic. Jews might as well be from another planet to them.

In the West, Everything Is Upside Down Now

Here in our benighted West:

Lies are truth. Truths are lies. Up is down. Right is wrong. Black is white. Right is left. North is south. Forwards is backwards. And so on and so forth.

Here in the US it’s getting to the point where you get crucified if you don’t tell “the lies, the whole lies, and nothing but the lies.” People who tell the truth are ordered to apologize and voice support for some lie because it’s been falsely “proven” by pathological liars.

Reading Kafka’s The Trial right now. This situation reminds me a lot of that book.

About That Hospital Attack in Gaza

There was an explosion in the courtyard of a Christian hospital in Gaza. 2,000 refugees were sheltering there. 471 people were killed in this blast. A perusal of the audio and video of the attack shows that it lines up precisely with a GBU-32 2,000 pound bomb set to airburst mode. A video of this same bomb blowing up Afghanistan clinches the case. There’s also a video of an IDF jet releasing chaff and moving away from the hospital right before the blast. Jets release chaff right before they drop bombs.

Palestinian rockets are not very powerful. At the very most, they might kill a half dozen people and typically it’s far less than that, and most commonly, there is only property damage if that. No Palestinian rocket could possibly have killed 500 people. Also the sound and explosion of a Palestinian rocket is completely different.

An spokesman from Netanyahu’s officer tweeted that Israel bombed the hospital, then quickly deleted his tweet. The IDF dropped warning bombs on the hospital twice in the days prior, one wounding 5-10 people and destroying a ward. Hospital and church spokesmen said the IDF called them, and said, “We dropped warning bombs on you twice, why were you still there?” Call it a confession.

Israel had been ordering that hospital and medical center and two dozen others to vacate the premises many times in the prior few days. The hospitals ignored the orders because they could not abandon their patients. This attack was obviously an annoyed Israel saying, “We told you to leave! You get it now?

The first few Western news reports suggested that Israel bombed the hospital. Somehow they were allowed to be aired, which is a huge breakthrough right there. But then the Israeli disinformation campaign stirred into action sowing the usual FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) of Microsoft campaigns.

I simply cannot do such sleazy political and tactical bureaucratic behaviors. I’m too honest. Too much of a Christian I guess. I have a hard time engaging in those sort of lies for any cause. Actually I have a hard time lying about anything but personal matters. I just can’t. And if you it strikes me that you’re a slime. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who says it’s ok to tactically lie to CYA and other reasons in your personal life as long as you don’t carry it too far.

A new story popped up. It was an errant Islamic Jihad missile that circled back towards the hospital, blew up in mid-air and crashed on the hospital. Many a silly and doctored video and audio was assembled to back up this baldfaced lie. They could all be easily taken apart.

There did appear to be a Palestinian rocket blowing up around that time but it’s of no matter as the video, sound, and nature of the damage of the blast make it clear that it can only be an IDF bomb and it is impossible for it to be a rocket.

Once we get that out the way, there’s no point arguing about the rest of the sleazy distractions the Jews and their Western allies have been throwing up like so much chaff in the air to disguise the lie-bombs they’ve launched on the Western body politic.

Suddenly, retractions started appearing all over the Western media. Media organs were ordered to retract their “lie” that Israel did it. Similar demands were issued of Squad members, mostly by Republicans, demanding that they apologize for their “lie” about Israel. The (((New York Times))) submissively printed a retraction.

New information came out that Western “intelligence” agencies had verified the lie that the bomb was a missile,  proving once again the near-worthlessness of many US, Canadian, British, and French intel agencies. News organizations called in experts to lie for them. Fancy fake “investigations” were done by “former US military officers” (I’m sure they would never lie!) proving that the lie was the truth.

What is going on here is industrial strength gaslighting.

So, we are being gaslighted again. Just like we are always gaslighted here in the US, 24-7, 365. To live in the US is to be gaslighted nonstop. I wonder what the toll is on those being gaslighted?

BOTH CNN and Fox News are running segments saying that “US intelligence” (LOL! What an oxymoron!) has concluded that the hospital blast was caused by an errant Palestinian rocket (lie). Of course, that’s a complete and obvious lie, but CNN and Fox insist it’s true because the CIA said so! The CIA lies as a matter of course. Why should we automatically accept what the CIA says about just about anything?

Now they are gaslighting the few honest Democrats left in the House (the Squad) and ordering them to take back their “lie” (truth) about the Jews bombing the hospital now that it’s been proven that the “truth” (lie) is that the Palestinians did it.

Rashida Tlaib is under huge pressure to renounce her “lie” (truth) that the Jews bombed the hospital, admit she was wrong, apologize for telling the truth, and go along with the “truth” (lie) about the event. Gaslighting taken to the nth degree!

You literally can’t make this stuff up.

Good God, I feel like I’m living in a Kafka novel.

I’d like to point out the erroneous analysis in the antisemites insisting that these networks are “controlled by the Jews” are hence full of it.

Fox News is run by two Gentiles, Rupert Murdoch and his son, both Scottish. Sure, they’re wildly Zionist, but most (probably 90

CNN has no Jews in its top six corporate positions, although one woman is married to a Jew. Does that count LOL?

The antisemites are really grasping at straws here.

Face It: Being Pro-Israel Wins Elections in the US

Americans in huge majorities support the Jews’ Gaza genocide.

Biden’s position on Israel has jacked up his popularity rating a lot, maybe by 10 points. These guys read polls. As long as solid majorities of Americans support Israel’s genocidal policies, it’s political suicide to oppose them.

It’s the American people you have to work on, not Joe Biden or Congress or those elusive Jews behind the screen in the US, pulling the strings on the puppets. None of these people would be able to do what they do without the extreme support of the governed.

Most of the West Is with Israel. Why?

Commenter: It’s not just the Biden Administration; pretty much the entire West stands with Israel.

Yes! You get it! Thank you!

And people need to understand why that is.

I think in part it is because Jews are seen as Whites, and Palestinians and other Arabs are just a “bunch of niggers.” And Whites are civilized of course, and you know dark-skinned “nigger-type” humans are uncivilized barbarians and maniacs. This has got to be part of it. The Palestinians and Arabs do act barbarous in their warfare tactics, and that certainly doesn’t help matters.

It’s not so much Christianity because Catholic Latin America isn’t really with Israel. It makes sense because most of them aren’t really White. It’s Whites who love Israel. Contrary to the Jews and their endless kvetching, this is the real relationship between the West and Jews, not one of antisemitic hatred the Jews hallucinate.

Of course, Indian Hindus love Israel because both they and the Jews have an extreme hatred of Muslims. They’re bonding on mutual hatred. Charming.

“Jewish Control” of the US Is Not the Problem in This Conflict

Many people point to a lot of Jews in positions of power in the US government and in the news media as the reason for the wild US support for Israel.

But that’s not what matters, and that’s not the whole reason for the extreme support.

If you want to make a dent in that mindset, you have to work on the American people. They love Israel. I call it “pathological philosemitism.” Instead of being an antisemitic country (well, true, there are some elements, but they are small), America is a wildly, pathologically, perhaps even delusionally philosemitic (Jew-loving) country. The fanatical love Americans have for Israel is part and parcel of their love affair with the Jews.

It’s not possible for Americans to be antisemites as the Jews insist we are while still being wildly pro-Israel. If you’re pro-Israel, you love the Jews. If you’re irrationally philosemitic, you love Israel.

By insisting that Americans are antisemites as paranoid Jews are wont to due to an addiction to and love of victimhood while at the same time realizing (if they read the news) that Americans are a wildly pro-Israel country, America’s Jews make no sense. We can’t be antisemites and philosemites at the same time. Make up your mind, Jews.

There’s no reason to unconditionally love any ethnic group, those folks in particular I might add. Yes, rank, vulgar, and base antisemitism, especially of the obsessive and conspiratorial variety, can be a very ugly thing (just look at history, recent history in particular), but pathological philosemitism seems like it causes its own set of nasty problems.

Too many Lefty anti-Zionists have something in common with too many rightwing Westerners and Arab and Muslim antisemites. They all love to substitute the word Zionist for the word Jew. It’s not kosher to hate Jews anymore, so many antisemites say “Zionist” where before they always said “Jew.” The complaints against these mysterious Zionists are just standard antisemitic fare of recent times. Left anti-Zionists are paranoid of being called antisemitic though they shouldn’t be (check out Marx’s On the Jewish Question), so they say Jews are just fine and they only have a problem with these mysterious people they call Zionists. They say, “We must distinguish Zionists from Jews!” LOL why? Exactly how many Jews are anti-Zionists. Keep in mind that anti-Zionism is a radical statement, especially for a Jew, and I think it would be hard for Jews in particular to head down that road. There are too many dead bodies they need to push aside in order to stroll that lane in peace. A recent poll found 99

In addition and once again like the antisemites, Left anti-Zionists also seem to assume that all Zionists are simply Jews. But they’re not.

I think we need to go beyond that and realize that most Gentiles in the Legislative and Executive Branch are just as delusionally philosemitic as the Jews themselves. People need to understand that probably the overwhelming majority of American Zionists and Israel-loving fanatics are Gentiles. I see them all the time in Youtube comments. There must be tens if not hundreds of millions of them in the US.

Meet the “New Jew,” the Israeli or the “Sabra”

A lot of folks are shocked by the badass, bloodthirsty attitude of the Israeli Jew, a brand new creature creaed after 1948 called the “Sabra.”

But there is a simple explanation for their ilk. First, they are the children of the Holocaust who have vowed never to go to their graves under the gun silently again. The Sabra is a tough guy, a street fighter with chains and knives, an Italian tough from the Bronx who keeps kosher. He is the Jew who stands up and fights.

But there is another element to the formation of the Sabra that needs explication.

The Sabra is also a product of the utter divorce from Western Judeo-Christianity that occurred with political Zionism and its religious component. In a lot of ways, Israel is a “back to the basics” revivalist or fundamentalist  Jewish culture, religiously or otherwise. It is akin to born-again Christians or Salafist Muslims, once again, religiously or otherwise. So even the most secular Jew in Israel is still “Orthodox” at the core of his soul.
Let me explain.
I’m afraid that this is a big difference between Christianity and Judaism. Christianity is of course built on a base on Judaism. Jesus himself was a Jew. He lived and died a Jew, and his last meal was Kosher. Really Christianity is a super-radical sect of Reform Judaism.
Jesus freed us from the Law as he said it was no longer valid, and in its place he created something new, absent from Judaism, Mercy, which is actually the centerpiece of Christianity. That many Christians so lack this quality is not important. It only means that they are bad Christians, who are a dime a dozen (see below).
In addition, after Christianity, the Jews don’t get Israel anymore because Judaism has been replaced by Christianity, a concept known as Replacement Theology, which I subscribe to. Instead of Israel going to the Jews, it is now said that “the Church is the New Israel.” No one gets Israel. It’s up for grabs like anywhere else.
Now, it’s probably pretty easy to be a good Jew or maybe even a Muslim, as both religions let you do a lot of bad things. But is very hard to be a Christian, or I should say a good Christian. Christianity demands too much of us, so we end up being lousy Christians. A lot of people rebel against Christianity we want to be bad or at least a little bit bad. After all, being bad or a bit bad is fun. Being good all the time is a drag.
My point is that this element – Mercy (with a capital M) – is missing from Judaism and probably even Islam – though Islam has aspects of it. I’m not aware Judaism has any! Sure, you can bake any nice cake you want out of Reform Judaism, but most Jews won’t ascribe to such a religious ethics.
“An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is the saying of the genocidal God of the Jews in the Old Testament raining fire and brimstone on those who have displeased his capricious and irritable Being. However, to be fair, I should point out that he massacred the Jews a lot too for disobedience.
Anyway, it’s OT thinking and hopefully it’s alien to many of us Christians, cultural or otherwise. And it shows that this notion of Judeo-Christianity – that the Jews thought up, I think – was always built on a rather shaky foundation. Nevertheless, I feel that the Jews of the West are a lot more Christianized than most want to admit, and though they will never believe it, this is actually a good thing because these are Jews with some quality of Mercy embedded in them, willfully or not.
The Orthodox and the ones in Israel are not even semi-Christianized, or if they were, the movement to aliya was always a reversion, a way of shedding off that annoying and alien sack of cloth.
So they’ve reverted to raw, pure Judaism. They’ve done this in part because it’s fun, in part because so many hate Gentiles – especially Christians, and in part to get back to their true, pure roots without the “religion of the goyim” syncretions they collected in the Diaspora. This is the Judaism of the ghetto pre-Liberation in 1812, which real Jews probably always resented, hence the Orthodox reversion in the 1890’s. Resented in fact so much that they are even rebuilding their beloved ghettos of yore. In fact, Israel is the world’s biggest Jewish ghetto! They’ve even built a wall around it just like the ghettos of old!
And they like that just fine.

The Media’s Purpose Is to Cater to the Confirmation Bias Needs of Its Consumers

The great commenter Francis Miville on the subject of censorship and the media.

Francis Miville: The great many who subscribe to any press organ (newspaper, magazine, journal, review…) don’t want to get any new information, they rather look for the pleasure of seeing their bias or preconceived ideas confirmed by greater numbers. Whatever you might think the success of any media, consumer count, the only figure that counts when it comes to this sort of thing alone, is proportional to that organ’s success in catering to confirmation bias.

When having a sunbath on a beach I always marveled at the way other sunbathers knew how to unfold their papers above their heads as a kind of near-perfect parasol, to protect themselves against light itself, that is to say against truth itself, against self-questioning among others. In such conditions it is no use to complain about censorship, as the right kind of censorship is the only merchandise most consumers seek.

Yourself who so painstakingly maintain a space of free discussion in certain subjects would feel most pestered if nearly all comments you received were texted in the name of various religions, like bible-thumping Christianity, Saudi-sponsored Islam, and neo-Hindu caste-promoting New Age.


Many complain that people in busses, subway tunnels, and metro trains look like zombies as they are isolated in their bubble forming around their computer phone, but hadn’t all of humanity already been enclosed in the private space formed by their wide-open paper and wide-shut eyes for over a century whenever they managed to get hold of a seat in public transportation?

The NYT has never been anything else than a safe space you deploy around your head so as  to protect yourself from the yokels and yahoos that rather bask in the rumors echoed by tabloids. You might find my point of view quite a bit influenced by sociobiology, but the problem is that sociobiology has been common practice in news marketing long before it got theorized about in higher learning institutions.

Press organs are safe spaces protected from undesirable messages and are sold as such. The first big social network, Facebook, very explicitly sold off as a safe space you could control at last so as to allow yourself to be on Internet without having to bother passing unwanted references and thereby suffering the risk of being exposed to unpleasant alternate views before arriving at your desired destination.

Censorship has a great future because protection from unsafe spaces is what is being sold and sought after by both rich and poor.

The Hebephilia Conundrum

Subliminal Society: Robert? I’m not doubting that there are hebephiles whose behavioral patterns are toxic as you described in your article above. Your article in response to my comments contains a wealth of information on this topic. In any event, I published an article on the topic of hebephilia on the HubPages writing platform, and therein I inserted several links to articles of yours in support of my stance on this topic. Here is the link to my article.

Thanks. I will go check it out. A psychiatrist with the surname of “Francis” wrote some great articles on the subject around the time of the DSM-5 discussions.

I will have to go read your article. I’ve already read a lot about it, but I haven’t read yours yet, so I have to.

Well, the American Psychiatric Association is just saying that Hebephilia’s not a disorder, and in fact, it’s completely normal. They say that because almost all normal, healthy men show substantial arousal to 12-14 year old girls. The arousal is not maximal. Instead your average man reacts to those girls at 51

But I only call someone a hebephilia if Lolitas are their actual sexual preference and especially if they have low to zero attraction to adult women. As you can see, with 1/4 to 1/5 of normal men showing extreme arousal to nymphs, I have hard time saying one quarter of my brothers suffer from some diabolical sexual disorder.

Instead, reacting at an extreme level to 12-14 year old girls seems to be fairly normal. But 85

Those who act on these feelings are not mentally disordered; they’re simply criminals.

To be completely honest, they’re not really correct, and some of the decision was political. For instance there were serious worries about expanding this insane unconstitutional Mentally Disordered Sex Offender bullshit the sex fascists put in. Nowadays, once you get labeled a MDSO, after you serve your jail or prison term, you go to some sort of prison/mental hospital where the sex fascists basically keep you for the rest of your life.

These sex crimes are the only crimes where we lock people up based on the bullshit notion of dangerousness. In general, in the US, you get to be as dangerous as you want to be as long as you break no laws. There are all sorts of ticking time bombs out there, countless ones all over the country.

You can’t do a damn thing about any of them because you have to wait until someone does something violent before you arrest them for a violent crime. The sex fascists then say, “But then you have created a dead or wounded victim! Why should we have to wait until we have a dead or wounded victim?” Because, idiot, that’s the way it is with any crime, violent or nonviolent. Want to arrest someone for a nonviolent crime? Cool, wait until they commit one. Want to arrest for a violent crime? No problem, wait until they commit one.

We always have to wait until there is a victim, harmed, injured, or killed, to make an arrest for any crime. Victims are necessary to make arrests and press charges. You don’t get to lock people up on “dangerousness.” That’s crap. Thought crimes aren’t illegal.

There’s a loophole in the law, see? It’s the craziness exception. Supposedly if you’re completely nuts as in psychotic, you can’t be convicted of a crime because obviously you didn’t know what you were doing. But then appeared the McNaughton Rule where being insane wasn’t good enouogh. You had to be not only nuts but you also had to be so nuts that you didn’t know the difference between right and wrong, and I’m pretty sure most insane people retain that concept.

This outrage extends to the point where, when trying to someone for a crime committed while psychotic, we actually put people on antipsychotic meds to get them sane enough to put them on trial. They were insane when they committed the crime, but now that we want to hang them for what they did when they were nuts, we’re going to magically turn them sane so we can lock them up in prison forever.

They’ve even done this for executions. There are guys sitting on death row who are stark raving bonkers. Others are literally mentally retarded. In Arkansas they put one guy on antipsychotic meds to get him sane enough so they could murder him in the electric chair. Bill Clinton raced home in the middle of his presidential campaign so he could sign the death warrant to murder this guy. It was grotesque.

However, sometimes people are too nuts to even be tried. They get found not guilty by reason of insanity and they are sent to a hospital for the criminally violently mentally ill. The California one was in Atascadero. They are kept there until they are sane enough to return to sanity, but in practice, they pretty much keep them there for life. A number of these folks are now cured either on antipsychotics or via other methods, and they’re not letting any of them out.

Ok, now they’ve taken this craziness rule and bent it out of shape. They’ve decided that if sex offenders are mentally ill, whatever in God’s name that means, then that means they’re nuts, and we can put them in fake mental hospitals after they serve their term.

Notice that system rats have one system for finding someone sane enough for trial, a very strict one so they can lock up as many crazy people as they can.

But suddenly this system becomes extremely lenient when we want to lock people up after their done serving their time. Hypocrites, huh? In this case you merely have to have committed a sexual offense and have a mental disorder that made you do that, for instance you molested a kid because you have a pedophilic disorder.

In that case, you’re “crazy” and we get to lock you up again after you do your time on the basis of “He’s crazy and a menace to society.”

See above where we lock up the criminally mentally ill if the disorder makes them dangerous? Ok, they latched onto that to pull their “lock up sex offenders on dangerousness charges,” even though the two cases are not the same, as most sex offenders are not psychotic.

So these guys get ready for release and there’s a hearing where they’re declared MDSO. They go to a special hospital/prison. They supposed to keep them there until their disorder is cured, but paraphilias by definition are never cured. It seems like they hardly ever release these guys even if they get better. They just lock em away for life.

Well, a lot of psychiatrists are mad about this mess and have resolved to not be a party to expanding this crap anymore. Obviously, if we say Hebephilia is a mental disorder, now they get to say that every guy who bangs a 14 year old girl is somehow “suffering from Hebephilia,” classify them as MDSO, and lock them away for life. This was openly stated as one of the factors for rejecting the addition of Hebephilia to the DSM-5.

The Need for a Legal Codification of Free Speech on the Internet

We seriously need these forums like Twitter and Facebook to be taken over by total free speech advocates like the folks who run Telegram.

In addition, there should be a completely fair and “law-based” as in “legal-based” system for temporary and lifetime bans, the rules themselves, and democratic appeals, etc. You shouldn’t be able to have your free speech rights taken away for no damned good reason. If free speech is so important, why don’t we protect here in the land of the free?

The Essential Fairness of the American Legal System

I will say that US law is set up pretty fairly. Now, like an old unreformed hippie and radical, of course I hate the Justice System or as I call it, the Injustice System.

On the other hand though, let’s face it. At least on paper the system looks pretty good. We have people called defense attorneys who are sworn to protect us from any injustices of the system. It’s only when you run up against outrageously unfair systems like privately run media outlets (social media sites) and private corporate culture that you realize how excellent the US legal system truly is.

You can’t just arrest someone for nothing and throw them in jail just like this weenie Elon did to me. And you have all sorts of appeal rights. You get a lawyer whether you have the money or not. Everything has to be done for a valid legal reason, and if it’s not, it gets thrown out.

The laws have to be laid out in strict detail, and police can only arrest when there is good evidence that the letter of the law, not just the law itself, is broken. Laws cannot be vague, though we have plenty of vague laws. You have to be able to figure what on Earth the law is so you can try to follow it and avoid breaking it.

None of that’s true in the new public square, the Internet. We turned it over to the worst people on Earth, malign greedheads called capitalists, who spit on every rule and law they see when they even acknowledge them all. Corporate culture is totalitarian. It isn’t even slightly democratic.

Nobody has any rights in a corporation. You can and will be fired at any time by anyone for any reason or for no reason, and there’s really no way to avoid getting fired like that. 90

Somebody did something…somebody says something…the boss just doesn’t like this person and won’t give a reason or makes one up.

You have no right of appeal. There are few if any laws corporations must follow with regard to their employers and the few that are out there are broken habitually.

Why I Say “Jews” Instead of “Israelis”

*Jews means Israelis. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Diaspora Jews. I think we need to leave them out of it because let’s face it, they’re not a party to this fight. No one should abuse Diaspora Jews in any way for the crimes of the Israeli state. Now if they’re out there with a placard or a bullhorn, be my guest. Yell at them all you want. See that guy over there with the skullcap. Other than perhaps his thought crimes, he’s never harmed a single Palestinian even 1

If they move over to Israel, they will be, but until them, let’s leave them out of this! Leave the Diaspora Jews alone, dammit!

In the same sense as we say, “The Americans did this…the Ukrainians did that…The Russians attacked…the Germans counterattacked…the Syrians bombed…The Iraqis exploded,” it is of course sensible to say, “The Jews did or that” because Israel is the state of the Jews just as America, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Syria, and Iraqi are the states of the Americans, Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Syrians, and Iraqis.

Do we ever say, “Hey don’t conflate the Americans, Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Syrians, and Iraqis with the American, Ukrainian, Russian, German, Syrian, and Iraqi governments.” Well, of course not. No one cares. People and citizens are conflated with their states all the time. It’s normal practice. Only in the case of Jewish folks do we have to say, “Hey, you can’t conflate Israel with the Jewish people!”

LOL why not? We just conflated all of those other groups. Sure ,there are Americans, Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Syrians, and Iraqis who don’t support what their governments do, but who worries about them getting conflated with their nations? No one. So we have to carve out a special place for Jewish people. It’s ridiculous.

Furthermore, Israel is deeply tied into the Jewish people in a similar way to the above nations are tied into their own peoples. Lousy people create lousy countries. You can’t have a virtuous, wonderful, spot-free populace and a diabolical government.

There’s never been such a case that I’m aware of, although there are a few cases of minority rule out there. Guess who puts the government in? The people of that country. If a nation is awful, it’s because the people of that country are and wish to install a government that mirrors their views. They could vote those people out of office any time they want to. But they don’t.

I love these idiot Republicans who say, “I love my country but I hate my government.” What tools! What patriotards! For God’s sake, dipshits, guess who put the government in power? Duh, the country, the people.

They say this because they are all inveterate patriotards and they can’t junk this, “I love my country” crap even though there’s no rational for anyone to reflexively love their country or its culture or people. Crap countries are a dime a dozen. Garbage cultures are everywhere you look. Lousy people, as in whole populations, are endemic. This way the Republicans get to have their patriotard cake and eat it too. They get to scream, “I love my country” while cursing the government that those people you love so much just put in.

The Jewish people of the world support the government of their people, Israel, in the same way that most of the people listed above support the countries that govern them in their name. The Jews of Israel can of course by conflated with their country. All of the monstrosities of the Israeli state are supported by solid majorities of its Jewish citizens. Even the crimes of ever-expanding settlements, land thefts, demolitions, Jim Crow law in Israel and the West Bank, a criminal, murderous siege on Gaza – the Jewish people in Israel support all of those things to the hilt!

If they didn’t, they would throw out the government and they won’t. People bitch about radical psycho settlers, but guess who supports them? Most Israeli Jews, that’s who! You can’t separate the fanatical settler kooks from the population as a whole. They’re one and the same. The Jewish people of Israel could change that system anytime they want, but they just don’t want to because they have a criminal and vindictive mindset just like the states they put in to mirror their views.

By the same token, most American Jews back Israel. It has to be a great majority of them. And this means that most of them support every one of those criminal acts listed above. If they don’t support it, why don’t they pipe up?

And of course Organized Jewry and big money Jews support all of this criminal behavior because they never say boo against the government.

The only time Jews got riled up, there as well as here, was over and issue that dealt with Jews and Jews only – whether Israel should be a democratic fascist state governed by the rule of law or whether it should be a authoritarian fascist state absent the rule of law. Right now, it’s looking like most Israeli Jews want a totalitarian fascist state instead of a democratic fascist state because those democratic fascist is an oxymoron. The concept will always be dysfunctional.

I hear endlessly about how we need to distinguish between these good people called Jews and these bad people called Zionists. First of all this suffers from the conflation of Zionists with Jews. What they are leaving out is that the overwhelming majority of Americans, indeed Westerners, are Zionists too! So quit using “Zionists” when you want to say “Jews.” Just come right out with the antisemitism already. At least you’ll be honest.

Another problem is that “Zionist” and “Jew” are the same thing. The number of anti-Zionist Jews is quite small. Possibly 89

Sure there are anti-Israel Jews out there but they are in very short supply.

On the other hand, it’s wrong to blame US or Western Jews for the crimes of Israel. Sure they support Israel, but so do 65

The vast majority of Western Jews have never lifted one finger to harm one Palestinian person. If they did, show me how. The only people to hold responsible for the crimes of the Israeli gangster state are the Israeli Jews who put them in power.

Another reason I use Jews instead of Israelis is I want to throw this stuff back in Jewish people’s faces like a splash of cold water. They need to face up to the crimes being done in their name. If they’re the wonderful people they tell us they are, they’d be telling that shitty little country to knock it off. But they aren’t so maybe they’re not groovy as they say they are. You don’t like what Israel does? For God’s sake, pipe up then! Say, “Hey, don’t blame me. I’m not for any of this.”

If the idea that those members of your tribe over there do bothers you, why don’t you get out there in the streets and do something about it? Until then, you’re complicit and you deserve to have your ethnic group conflated with the state of that group.

Made a New Twitter Account: Banned within 24 Hours

They sure banned that one quickly. They said merely that I “broke the rules.” So I went and read through all the  rules and I couldn’t see one I broke. I’m stumped. Didn’t give me a banned post or anything. Just no reason at all. I hear they do this all the time – ban people for no reason given. I sent in an appeal, but as they didn’t even tell me what they banned me for, I’m quite certain they won’t respond to my appeal either. I hear they do this crap all the time too.

Twitter has hardly changed at all since Elon Musk took over. He’s overhyped. He’s just another POS part of the system. I guess he’s a bit better than the previous owner but not in my case. Just another system monkey. Now I know what people meant in the 60’s when they said they hated “the system.” They were right. The system is shit. Here we are 55 years later and not one thing has changed. The system’s probably shittier than ever. If anything, we’ve gone backwards.

We are turning into a censorship society here. Speech is absolutely censored. Sure you can say what you want here. But can you write what you want? Sure, but where are you going to get it published? No where, as it’s all owned by the private sector and they’ve outsourced it to the state.

We may as well have state censorship here with the private tech social media monopolies outsourcing censorship to the state like this. Sure you can publish but can you publish it anywhere anyone can read it? Of course not. So we went from

“Sure there’s freedom of the press. For everyone who owns a printing press.”

Even if you do, everyone gets their news from totally state-censored mass media. You could publish a little newsletter, but nobody’s going to read it. And then you need advertising dollars. Which are almost all conservative. See the bind? We went from that to,

“Sure you can publish your views on the Net…if you can find a website that will publish them, that is.”

By which they mean any tiny website with no readership. The large social media sites have turned into the newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations of yore.

Another way of saying that censorship is about as bad now as it was in the pre-Internet days. I think things have cleared up a bit. Al Jazeera is back on cable and dissident voices on Twitter get a lot of followers. It’s enough to make the PTB worried enough that they are now trying to actually censor and take down problematic speech and even detaining people for holding unpopular views.

France and Germany have banned pro-Hamas demonstrations, and Germany is considering banning all pro-Palestinian demos. The Brits are talking in very loud voices about doing the same.

Republicans are now saying that any immigrants caught supporting Hamas must be deported.

Just got a warning on Facebook. They accused of supporting terrorism. I said I supported Hamas taking the hostages and of course the POW’s. I do in fact. Hey, it’s better than killing them. Why do supporters of terrorist states get support those states all they want to while supporters of popular non-state armies fighting them get punished? What’s the difference?

Hamas Screwed Up Bad with This Attack

Hamas completely screwed up with this bestial terrorist invasion of Israel. They handed their own demise to their enemies on a silver platter. I fail to see how they benefited from this behavior.

Hamas would have been a lot better off just letting those civilians flee (Why not?) or taking them hostage and taking them back to Gaza.

Then what?

Burn down the homes? Hmm.

Maybe hole up in the homes and force the Israelis to destroy the towns in order to save them. Sure, the Jews get their towns back, but they’ve also reduced them to rubble.

All of the Palestinian armed groups described the “liberation” of the villages in this invasion. So this is what a free Palestine looks like. This is how they will go about getting their free Palestine. By raiding the towns and murdering every Jew they find in there, burning the towns down, and taking a few back as hostages. Not a vision you want to support if you want a “free Palestine.”

Also this bodes poorly for a one state solution. Sure, let all the Palestinians come back to Israel. And seeing how this is how they intend to take their land back and throw the “settlers” off, what’s to stop them from starting to murder Jewish civilians as soon as they land in the new state?

I do support Hamas taking the live hostages and treating them well. Hey, it’s better than murdering them. This didn’t happen in all cases, and that’s lamentable, but it did happen in most cases.

Sure, it’s traumatic but they have been treating the hostages well once they sequester them. Treating them well is good PR too. Does Israel treat the people it arrests well? Of course not.

So take the high road. Say, “We are Muslims. Our religion does not allow us to kill women and children and it mandates that we treat POW’s and hostages well. We are not like the Jews. We don’t act like criminals and murderers.”

See? Throw it back at the Jews* and let them wrestle with the pig in the mud.

Take the high road. If they would have only killed soldiers and armed civilians deliberately while taking the same hostages and POW’s they did, can you imagine how differently the world would react?

Sure the Jews and the West would still try to catastrophize it into terrorism, probably by lies.

Russia is fighting the cleanest war in modern history, and despite that, the NATO West has accused them of a non-ending litany of war crimes. I’m sure they would do the same to Hamas, but the Palestinians have more defenders than the Russians do.

*See here for my motivation on conflating Jews with Israelis while at the same time arguing against harming Diaspora Jews in any way.


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