Delphi Murders Update October 1: A Theory of the Flora Fires as an Odinist Crime, along with a Few Musings about the Delphi Odinists

Long, runs to 21 pages.

Our private Delphi sleuthing group is the best one on the Internet by far and has been since it was founded six years ago in 2017. Unlike any other sleuths, we learned who the police previously fingered as the main suspect in the crime, and we have a good idea of what happened during the crime and what the crime scene looked like.

Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and police sources who leak to us. So far, we have been proven correct about a number of bits of information that we released about the case that only the police could have known. A number of these facts were later released to the media.

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Sorry about the racist language below, but we’re putting into words the way these violent White Supremacist Odinists probably think about Blacks. We have nothing against the Flora girls or their mother ourselves. We don’t even think about them very much.

A Theory of the Flora Fires as an Odinist Crime, along with a Few Musings about the Delphi Odinists

A Few Musings about the Carroll County Vinlander Gang of Odinists, Who May Have Committed the Delphi Murders.

First of all, EF, who we believe took part in the murders, is not the BG we see on the bridge video. The BG we see on the bridge video is Mr. X. We’ve believed this for years, and even now, with the appearance of these Odinist suspects, we have not yet rejected this theory. There is simply too much in favor of it and very little against it.

Now, if EF isn’t Old BG or the man on the bridge, well, who the Hell is he?

Shouldn’t it be quite clear by now that EF may well be the young BG sketch, based on the young man with “evil eyes” seen acting suspiciously at the mailboxes on the short drive at the south end of the bridge at 8:30 AM on the day of the crime. The couple who saw him soon parked in their driveway soon afterwards and got out, alarmed, but he was already gone, ducking out of sight in a moment like a wild animal in the woods.

I’m forgetting the name of the woman who phoned the tip in, but she has since moved out of the area. I’m not sure about the time either because for a long time, it was said that she met him at noon. Some rumors even had her having a short conversation with him. This woman has since moved out of the area to California.

Look at EF. For God’s sake. He’s a dead ringer for Young BG. Also, we have an old photo of EF from 2017, and he has much more of an “ageless” face back then. He looks like either a prematurely aged young man or an older man with a young man’s face. He’s more of a baby face than a pretty boy, and baby-faced men always look neotenous. Indeed, EF looks exactly like he could be “18-40,” as the police said. Remember they also said that he may look older or younger than he actually is?

Our latest theory has the Odinists along with Mr. X killing these girls. We also continue to believe that a girl was pregnant and this motivated the murders. We have never had any absolute proof that a girl was pregnant, but two separate LE sources who leaked to us told us independently that it was true.

Another rumor for which we have absolutely no good, hard evidence yet is the particularly horrible one that this girl was disemboweled and had the contents of her internal cavity removed. However, the fact that a gut knife and a scalpel were used in the crime add weight to this rumor possibly being true. What else do you use a gut knife for but to gut an animal? And humans have animals. What else do you use a scalpel for but to cut out an organ? And humans have internal organs.

We know a gut knife was used because detectives were asking around in local hardware stores whether anyone had bought a gut knife recently. We know a scalpel was used because we know someone who somehow acquired a crime scene photo showing a scalpel lying on the forest floor.

A new rumor is that this poor girl was cut from sternum to pelvis.

That sounds like it might have been done with the same sword-like object that was used to cut the poor thing’s throat. This object has been suggested to be a sword, a machete, a long kukuri knife, or a scythe.

Interestingly, a scythe would fit in perfectly with this being an Odinist sacrifice because there was an ancient pagan ceremony done right around the time of year of the murders that involved placing horns on a victim’s head and cutting their throat with a scythe. The ceremony was done in early February and was tied in with a hope for a good start to the growing year come spring within ~6 weeks.

It seems pretty clear that this long bladed object was used in this crime, first to cut a girl’s throat and possibly again to eviscerate one of these poor thing. For one thing, it was widely reported, and for another, one of our police sources leaked to us that

a large bladed object was used in the crime.

However, we are quite certain that she was already dead when she was cut like that. In our opinion, she could not have lasted more than five seconds with that savage cut to the throat (the terrible latest rumor is that it was held on by only a small flap of skin). At least she didn’t suffer much.

EF says there were two other men with him. Those two other men may well have Mr. X and JM (referenced in the Franks motion), the latter of whom lived in the same city as EF, and like EF, was trying to get into the Vinlander gang. The murders could have been a “blood in” gang initiation task that the men had to carry out. Presumably there is a “blood out” penalty for leaving the gang that is probably not always enforced.

Speaking of the Franks motion, here is an excellent Youtube video on the subject by The Unraveling. She is very good! It’s mostly for entertainment value, but she’s engaging and smart, and if you think Allen is interested, you might want to watch her.

If BG is not EF or Mr. X, then who is it?

BH? In our opinion, he was not even there that day and we are dubious whether he played any role in this actual crime. There is a rumor that says he was watching through the trees the whole time, but we’re dubious of that. Also the height and weight seems way off and he had a full beard at the time. Furthermore, I believe he has a rock solid alibi.

However, I believe he knew that the murders were going to go down and didn’t try to stop them by warning the victims or anybody else or going to the police. This is perfectly legal. You could know about an upcoming homicide or even terrorist attack plot, and you are under no obligation to tell a soul, nor must you go to the police. The only exception is the mandatory reporters who must report child abuse, an idea we find very dubious. We’re not mandatory reporters here and that’s one thing we are very happy about!

It’s certainly possible that BH was in on the planning of the crime, but it doesn’t feel like it to us based on his behavior. Keep in mind that he and gang leader PW had a big fight a week before the murders, and there was a falling out. Soon afterwards, BH resigns as leader of the gang and PW takes over.

Here is what we think happened. A plot was hatched to kill a girl (the other one was probably collateral damage) for whatever reason, possibly because she would not get an abortion. It appears that the other girl was on the list to be killed too, but we don’t know why. BH may have been in on it at first or not, but by a week before the murders, we bet he got cold feet and wanted out or at least out of the commission of the actual murders.

Not that he’s a nice person. Obviously he’s not. But I don’t think he wants the murders of two pubescent girls on his watch. If he resigned on February 7, he would not be head of the organization when the murders went down. Instead, PW would be. So that way he won’t be responsible and if anyone might be, it would be PW, who took over the group one week before the murders and may be one of the intellectual authors of the crime. He covered his ass.

In addition, BH seemed to plan his posting day on Facebook for the day of the crime in advance. On the day of the crime, he posted repeatedly throughout the day talking about where he was and what he was doing. He usually doesn’t do that. We think he was posting to set up a list of good alibis, so he won’t be suspected of the crime that he probably wasn’t even officially in on anyway.

One of the Girl Victims Told People That Anthony Shots Was Supposed to Meet Them at the Bridge That Day

There were a few people who were supposed to go with the girls that day. According to one of the girls, she said that the other girl’s boyfriend, LH, son of BH, was supposed to go that day but BH would not let him. Incredibly enough, someone had warned LH the day before the crime not to go to the bridge because it might be dangerous. They didn’t elaborate.

If BH knew this plot was coming down, he didn’t want his son there to muck it up or even worse, get caught up in the mess and get murdered himself as collateral damage. The official line is that BH didn’t want LH to miss school, but we doubt if BH cares about things like that. He’s too ignoble and debased to be that responsible.

Her sister KG was also supposed to go but bailed out for some reason at the last minute.

In addition, incredibly enough, we have just learned that this girl victim told people that Anthony Shots (AS) was supposed to meet them at the bridge that day. So you can see that the Anthony Shots profile was somehow used by the people who committed the crime to lure this girls to the bridge that day. We have no idea who was controlling the AS profile who lured them here, and we doubt if it was Kegan or Tony Kline.

However, we have some good evidence that someone was hacking into Kegan’s computer while he was using the Anthony Shots profile because in the documents released, it stated that there were two people talking as Anthony Shots. One is obviously Kegan and another is someone else, and we don’t know who this person is. Kegan kept getting kicked off the Net and having to log back on and in the meantime this other voice comes on and takes over Anthony Shots. That’s what happens when someone is hacking into your computer while you’re online.

Kegan did have a dongle installed on his computer by his repairman for no known reason (it was installed for free, he didn’t ask for it to be installed, and promptly forgot it was even there). This dongle would theoretically allow a remote user to take over and commandeer another computer. The name of Kegan’s computer repairman is JP.

Perhaps coincidentally or maybe not, JP flew a drone over the bridge area the day before the crime and mapped out the whole area, sending the results to Google Maps. Looks like Google ripped him off too, as they used hardworking “volunteers” to do this work, which ought to have been paid work, for them. Figures. “Don’t be evil,” huh, Google? Whatever happened to that?

Our police source, while not being more detailed, told us that there was some sort of “luring” of the girls to the bridge that day. Many others have also heard this rumor. That the girls were catfished via the Internet is now an accepted fact of the case. We feel that they were lured there by someone controlling the Anthony Shots profile.

BH’s drunken confession to his girlfriend that PW’s gang killed the Delphi girls and did the Flora Fire murders feels right to us. Also, he warned his ex not to ask anymore questions about these matters because he said PW was very violent and if she kept asking questions, he couldn’t protect her anymore. Why on Earth would he warn her this way about a completely made-up story? Why would he make up a scurrilous lie about PW, with whom he had been tight for years?

He wouldn’t.

We’ve been studying this man for many years now, and we think we know him pretty well. He’s obviously an edgelord and he’s a huge shitlord too. On the other hand, we think he’s committed some serious acts of violence, but it’s just that he got away with it somehow. But he can’t provably link him to a single act of violence. This man is very serious and we think one thing he hates more than anything else is bullshitters and liars.

In a way, he is an honorable man because he has certain values that he holds dear. One is: Don’t be a flake and make up nasty stories about others accusing them or bad things when you know they’re not true. He’s a weird man and a bad man, but he’s surely not a flake. For these reasons, we’re quite certain that him implicating PW in these crimes is correct.

JM borrowed his girlfriend’s car (a ’65 Comet?), drove it to Delphi that day for unknown reasons, and returned it the next day to his girlfriend with blood all over the passenger side door. Asked by the girlfriend to explain it, he offered nothing. It took the girlfriend 3-4 car washes to get the blood off.

This is the first actual suspect vehicle we have had in this case, returned covered in blood from Delphi the next day at that! All of the other suspect vehicles have been very weak. This one is a gold mine.

This now ex-gf of JM said that JM and BH are two of the most violent men she’s ever known.

PW is also very violent. BH told his ex-wife that PW had had people killed, and he didn’t care if they were innocent  or guilty.

PW’s ex said once PW was asking about the whereabouts of a certain man because the man was on his hit list to be killed. Another time she called PW up, and PW answered the phone and told her he was holding a man hostage in his house. Then she heard a gunshot ring out.

We’d wager that this man has killed or has had people killed before, and other than that, he may well be the author of the Delphi Murders, although we seriously doubt he was there at the time. They’d have to nail him on a conspiracy charge by proving that he helped plan the crime, and best of luck proving that!

A Theory of the Flora Fire and a Possible Connection to the Delphi Murders

BH also said PW’s boys did the Flora Fire and killed those four Black girls. We also believe that that is correct and have long felt that both crimes are tied together.

This excellent video by Crime Knight goes into the BH and PW and Odinist angle of the crime very well, with superb production values and a very intelligent host. He’s trying to pitch the story to Hollywood and has been in consultations with Oliver Stone about it. The WordPress application is not letting me insert the video, so I am linking it here. It also has photos of both men, including the first photos I have ever seen of PW. Also some new evidence implicating BH in at least foreknowledge of the crime.

Group Discussion on the Delphi Murders

Here are a couple of group discussions we have been having about these murders, and they show that there are still so many things about this crime that just don’t add up.

One of our best sleuths and an officially certified genius to boot: Okay, I’m going to stay on the Delphi case here. If EF is YBG then he is the guy BB saw at around 2 PM standing on Platform One. The girls were let out at the trailhead at 1:49 PM. Figuring six to eight minutes to walk to the bridge, the girls get there at around 1:55-1:57 PM. To my knowledge BB never mentions seeing the girls at the bridge or on the trail, as she’s returning to her car.

If EF is on Platform One at 2 PM, and the girls arrive at the bridge at 1:57 PM, wouldn’t it be likely he was still in the area, if not still on the platform. Would the girls have gotten on the bridge and walked past a strange man? Wouldn’t they have looked at him, realized he wasn’t AS, and said,

Let’s go back where there are more people?

Next, no one was on the bridge but the girls at 2:07 PM per Libby’s photo. BG is then caught on video 50 feet away from them at 2:13 PM. He goes from no presence to “Here I am!” in seven minutes. That’s hustling.

But I would suggest BG is not EF. Similar hair color but that’s probably it from what I get from Libby’s video. If he’s not BG, then where does YBG go? Why was he on the platform at 2 PM? Was he supposed to ID the girls when they showed up? Then what?

But as I’ve stated, would the girls have gotten on the bridge if EF had been standing on the platform? EF puts himself at the bridge and the crime scene with two others and, but we have photographic evidence that he was not near or on the bridge at 2:07 PM.

There are a lot of moving parts here that don’t mesh. I don’t think people invest enough time on the known timelines. We have pretty solid visual testimony with an accompanying time from BB both at the bridgehead and her car passing the store.

We have two solid time markers from Libby’s phone. What we don’t have is the in-between  period. It’s almost like people disappear into the ether and then magically reappear. Why does BB not see the girls on the trail or at the bridge? Why do the girls not see EF at the bridge? Just how quickly can you cross the bridge if you’re fearless? It took the girls 13 minutes. It seems to have taken BG six or maybe seven.

Then there is the car issue. BB sees a strange car at 2:15 PM. It may or may not be connected with the crime. If JM’s girlfriend owns a 1965 ‘Comet’, then it’s significant. If not, then maybe it isn’t.

But at any rate LE kept asking about a car parked at the CPS lot between 12 and 5 PM. If EF is seen by the mailbox at 8:30 AM and the crime was over and done by 3:15-3:30 PM as LE has stated, then wouldn’t the car have been there before noon, and why would it still be there at 5 PM? It doesn’t take that long to walk from the crime scene to the parking lot. I’m 72 and can walk two miles in 40 minutes.

Lots of unanswered questions. Don’t know if your friends on the defense team have answers to any of these based on information the rest of us may or may not have. But all that being said none of this points to RA, who is not YBG, nor is he BG.

In fact, the PCA states his car is seen passing the store video at 1:30 PM which fits pretty well with his assertion that he left the park around 1:30 PM, something he told LE in two separate interviews. The leaving the park at 3:30 PM statement came from a third party that RA talked to and not RA himself.

But that third party also said RA arrived at the park at 1:30 PM (conveniently fitting the timeline of RA’s car on the store video) and got RA’s name wrong on his statement. He listed Allen’s surname name as the name of the street he lived on rather than Allen. Solid testimony there.

Don’t know if there is enough here to convict anyone of the crime, but it seems like there is plenty to exonerate RA. I’m half-tempted to pull up the PCA and take it apart piece by piece just for fun. It would be lengthy post but it would not hard to put together.

My response:

Me: Who saw the car that looks like a 65 Comet? If BB sees a white car at 2:15 which is probably the suspect vehicle, does she see the 65 Comet? Who sees that? LE should have gotten a warrant to search that JM’s girlfriend’s car to see if they could find any blood on it.

EF is obviously Young BG. Young BG is there at 8:30 AM and he’s still there at 2 PM. What’s he doing in the meantime?

The only reason I can think of that LE is looking for a car parked there between 12-5 PM is that Mr. X’s phone was pinging the CPS building from 12-5 PM the day of the murders when he claims he was in another town.

I don’t know about you, but say you are going to another town 15 miles away. Do you usually just look for an empty field full of weeds and just throw your phone in there while you’re gone and then come back to the field and pick it up when you come back? I do that all the time. Not! Mr. X agrees that his phone pings the CPS building during that period, but he has no explanation for why that is.

BG is not EF. I continue to insist that BG has to be Mr. X. There’s no other reasonable possibility.

Is Mr. X is in with the Odinists? Not that we ever heard.

The timelines of this time, even as we have them in latest corrected version, don’t make sense and there are so many things that don’t add up but that is always the case in complex homicide investigations. Trust me!

Also I publish in academic journals and books, and most of the articles I write are like that. It’s a gigantic investigation and all sorts of things don’t add up and don’t make sense. Then you start to put the jigsaw together and slowly it starts to add up, but even at the end, there are things that still don’t make sense.

So I think many complex investigations about life phenomena don’t make complete sense. We are not each secular Gods, though we harbor that illusion well. So by definition we can’t know everything.

If you know a bit about something, you can come to facile conclusions, but once you start delving into deep studies of a lot of phenomena, it’s as if the more you learn about it, the more things don’t add up and the less you know (for sure). People get discouraged by the obvious fact that “this case makes no sense,” but that’s a lot of homicide investigations right there.

Look at the SNAFU that the Karenna McClerkin case was. The popular theories all turned out to be completely false, apparently completely made up somehow or other. Do people really make up these lies out of whole cloth or is it like the telephone game at a party where you start with a story and everyone retells it, and at the end, it looks nothing like what you started with?

I had some locals make up some really scurrilous lies about me out of whole cloth. They had me doing things that I never did! Someone must have just made that up. I can’t fathom why anyone would do that about anyone. I wouldn’t make up scurrilous lies about my worst enemy. I am an honorable man after all.

Two Theories of the Flora Fires

The Flora Fire was either due to racism or another factor.

Theory 1: A racist motive to burn the only Black family in Flora out of town.

The first and most obvious theory would be a racist one. The mother was rather marginal, unemployed, a single Mom, and on welfare.

The Vinlanders are hardcore violent White Supremacists who would undoubtedly not shy from committing a racial crimes, including a violent one. They may have been the only Black family in Flora, so perhaps there was a racist motive to burn them out of town. Racists have done this sort of thing to Black people before in this country.

However, one of our members who grew up in this part of Indiana said this might have been true when he was young in the 1960s and even 70’s, but he doesn’t think it’s true anymore. In the town where he grew up, Black kids could only swim in the public pool one day out of the month during the summer!

There were certain “sundown towns,” so-called due to a common sign on the edge of town that said something like,

N_r don’t let the sun shine on your ass in this town or else.

Sure, Blacks worked there in the daytime, but they made sure to get the Hell out of there by nightfall. It is interesting that some of the towns in the area we grew up in were former sundown towns as recently as the 1960’s.

But he says the anti-Black racism has toned down quite a bit from those days and things are but a shadow of the past. So we’re rejecting this racist “burn the only Black family out of town” motive. Perhaps in Northeastern Tennessee, but even there, they’d most likely leave a burning cross on their front lawn. We heard of a Black family, the only one in the valley, being burned out in that way from one of the hollers up there, and this was in the last decade. But Northeastern Tennessee is far more racist than Northeastern Indiana.

Theory 2 (our theory):

However, we have another theory and this has to do with a man named MS. MS owned the pizza parlor in town. For some odd reason, people keep thinking there is a pizza parlor–Flora Fire connection (they were almost right next to each other) and even a pizza parlor–Delphi Murders connection or a pizza parlor–Delphi Murders–Flora Fire connection. All just theoretical and hazy rumors.

Abby and Libby also used to hang out there a lot.

MS was arrested and we guess convicted of “child molestation” for having sex with his 13 year old daughter. Now, we don’t think that’s molestation, but a lot of states say it is. Anyway, more importantly, he apparently started having sex with her several years before, perhaps when she was 9-10. Ok, now that does make him a child molester!

Most familial molesters like that are non-pedophilic and are no more interested in little girls than you, me, or anyone else. They tend to be psychopathic and this is just another form of abuse they engage in along with verbal, physical, etc. They’re not pedophiles. They’re just criminals! They typically do not molest outside of the family because the molestation is all tied up in family dynamics and not attraction to little girls.

However! Once again, keep in mind that MS is a child molester. In addition, he was suspiciously spending a lot of time around those four little Black girls. We don’t know all the details, but we know he regularly hosted pizza tasting parties with free pizza for them. The girls were over at the parlor constantly meeting up with him for this purpose.

So he had a very close relationship with those girls. We do think it’s a bit weird for a 35 year old man to get very close to four very young girls, but whatever. It could possibly be a completely innocent interaction. 60 years ago, a man of that age could easily have made friends with little girls with nothing untoward to become of it and most people wouldn’t have looked twice.

Little girls are delightful and maybe that’s the only attraction. We know they seem that way to us, especially when they’re around age 7-8. There’s no sexual attraction for us at that age, but there is a delight about them that is quite endearing.

However, a 35 year old child molester showing intense interest in four very young girls to whom he became very close is rather alarming to me. Sure, maybe it’s nothing but it’s creepy and needs to be examined to see if there’s anything there.

Our theory is that MS was molesting one or more of those little Black girls. Keep in mind that we have absolutely no evidence for this whatsoever. Instead we simply think it is an interesting avenue that is suggestive and more than theoretically possible that ought to be investigated.

Assuming he was, don’t ask us how he was getting away with it as we’re not molesters here. Lord knows how molesters get away with their molestations. But he got away with molesting his little girl daughter for 3-4 years, so we assume he knows how to get away with this stuff. Anyway, let’s say he did this for a while and then he found out one or more of the girls was going to tell their Mom, and the Mom might go to the police.

Now he would be looking at a child molestation bust. Keep in mind this would be happening years before he goes down on the charge with his daughter. MS freaks out. Keep in mind that MS’s father is very close to PW’s father, and both live in Delphi. MS and PW lived close to each other and grew up together in Delphi.

MS is a very creepy guy whose webpage was covered with all sorts of BH-like creepy, morbid, violent, and even occult stuff. He had a photo where he was posing collapsed under a tree with a noose above it, suggestion being he had just been hanged on the tree and was now dead. This is his mindset.

We actually thought he was a Satanist when we cruised his webpage a while back, but a lot of these tough, bad boy, working class White men in Northeastern Indiana put on airs like that by associating themselves in fact or fantasy with Satanism, racism, White Supremacism, Odinism, a criminal and gang mindset, drug dealing or drug use (often methamphetamine), criminal and civil lawsuit records, broken marriages with attendant scattered children, White Supremacist gangs, gun and knife collections, prison and jail culture, and generally an air of being scary, menacing dudes.

These men are a dime a dozen over there, and we guess  women in this part of Indiana like their men like that – as mean and scary as possible! Working class White women love bad boys and even bad men, the latter being a lot worse than the former. They’re far worse than middle class White women in that sense, many of whom, like our mothers, grew out of that phase after high school.

MS asks around to his racist and White Supremacist friends and says:

This s_y little ghetto Black n_let is going to make a false charge against me for sexually molesting her, and I didn’t do a damn thing. Maybe patted her on the head or back a time or two. She’s doing it because she’s a lousy ghetto Black liar taking off after her mom, a Black ghetto welfare leech.

Next he asks a question.

An echo sounds across the green land. It began in a 12th Century castle, exploding through the halls. It rang clammering through the centuries. It has brought us here,  to our present state, to this most auspicious of moments:

In both theories, the target is a turbulent female, a girl or teen, set to ruin a good man’s life. The two premises share the legal and social timebomb of adult-minor sex, exploding out into the moral panic of unreason already rocking the land. In each postulation, an albatross hangs round a good man’s neck, a little brat who won’t do as she’s told, a problem that needs taking care of. With great prejudice, as the soldiers say.

Let’s say one of the people he goes to is PW and his Odinist boys. Perhaps MS has some interest or involvement in this scene too. He knows these guys are badass and are known to “take care of problems” for people, and you don’t ask or care how they go about it.

PW says,

Don’t worry, we’ll come up with something.

The plot to burn out the Black family, specifically these  little Black girls, these impertinent undersized pests, about to ruin a good White man’s life on a false charge, is hatched. MS is either in on it (in the planning stages) or not and he either knows about it (he may well) or not. We really doubt if he was there that night burning down that house. If he was in on it but wasn’t there, good luck proving a conspiracy charge against him. We don’t think he’s very good at actual violent crimes like that. That’s the realm of PW’s boys.

MS probably plays it up as:

These lousy miniature n_r brats are trying to ruin my life, a good White man’s life, and I never touched them sexually, I swear. You know me. I don’t do that stuff, come on.

He’s never been known to do such things, so why not believe him? Besides, bitsy no-good ghetto Black n_its lie a lot, and everyone knows nits become lice, in this case ghetto thugette ratchet lice. Better to take them out pre-emptively and pre-empt some victims later on.

If he went to PW and said he molested the girls, it would not go over well with PW who comes from White jail and prison gang culture, as they’re known to murder child molesters on sight when they show up in prison.

Later, MS is arrested for molesting his daughter and the evidence against him is pretty good. PW etc. cut off contact with him. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. So maybe he molested those little Black girls after all!

Oh well, they were just little n_lets, soon to be ghetto n_r ratchets, and good riddance! PW doesn’t care if those little b_s were innocent or not. They’re better off gone and our future world is a bit better with four fewer ghetto ratchets in it.

Patrick has people killed and he doesn’t care if they’re innocent or not.

So BH told his ex-wife. Remember that? What was he referring to? Maybe the Flora Fire? After all those girls may well have been innocent of the charge they were murdered for.

We have no idea if any of this is true, but we believe BH is correct when he said PW’s boys killed the Flora girls. So why not do the Delphi girls? These are badass mofo’s who’ve already murdered four little Black girls.

These guys clearly don’t care. They’ll kill little girls. They’ll kill young teenage girls. They’ll kill anyone. They’re not particular.

We’ve nailed down the actors in Flora. We’re just uncertain of the motive, not who did it. Of course we could always be wrong as we have been so many times in the past. But we have a feeling that these latest leads are finally onto something real.

As in Delphi, PW probably did not participate in the actual arson and had his underlings do it.

PW is like a Mafia don in that sense. He just orders hits and his men carry them out although he is the intellectual author of many murders. You can only get him on conspiracy and good luck getting a conspiracy to commit homicide charge where that’s the only charge you’ve got on someone! Not an easy task.

It’s very hard to get conspiracy to commit homicide charges in a lot of cases where that is the only evidence against the accused. The accused can always say,

Oh, that wasn’t a real plot. We were just talking out of our heads about some crazy fantasies we have. True, we like to think about about some really evil stuff, but it all ends there, and we’re not stupid enough to carry it out.

In fact, this is exactly what the defense argues in these cases.

To prove conspiracy you have to prove that the accused did not just discuss killing someone, no matter in what depth. You have to prove that they had an actual, literal plot to murder someone which was then followed through. Hard to prove when that’s all you’ve got, and many people tried for this crime, including some stone-cold killers, end up walking at the end of the day.

18 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update October 1: A Theory of the Flora Fires as an Odinist Crime, along with a Few Musings about the Delphi Odinists”

  1. Odinists racial or folkish as they prefer, yes. I once looked for a White church and it was the only one. I don’t believe they are big sacrificers anymore though. Todays Odinists are quite disconnected from the ancients.
    Religious recruiting in prison is probably dysgenic. Prison gang types can be lowlifes.

  2. Yes, I’m 72 and thanks for the compliment. Disregard the white car comment. I just looked back at the Franks doc, and it doesn’t mention a color for the car JM’s gf loaned him, just that she had to wash it three times to get the blood off. I probably extrapolated the color from thinking about getting blood off a white car.

    Do you have the younger picture of EF? All the ones I’ve seen are more recent.

  3. EF looks nothing like young sketch lol, he’s 55+
    I think you are confusing with his son who is in some fb pics uleh

      1. I have to agree with Neil on this one. Other than somewhat similar hair they really look nothing alike. I don’t think BB or anyone else would look at EF and see a young man in his 20’s who she considered boyish looking. EF looks like someone who has had a rough life. I’d say he looks older than he is, not younger.

      2. ‘may appear younger than he is’ doesnt really apply to a 60 year old who looks closer to 70 and weathered, and cannot under any circumstances pass for someone under 40.

        Deadset, if you told me he was Ron Logans age I wouldnt blink.

  4. More news on the Franks request. The professor has been found. His name is Jeffery Turco.
    Interview notes have also been found that differ from what the prosecutor/sheriff has said publicly.

    It seems, unlike what the prosecutor said, the professor actually stated that he thought “it was a given” that someone was trying to replicate a Germanic runic script by placing sticks on the girl’s bodies. That the staging of the crime scene was very definitely Odinist in nature. He leaned towards what he called “Odinist fanboys” rather than true Odinists. The sheriff’s office also had a list of people in Carroll County who were known to have Odinist interests.

    So bottom line, the sheriff has seemingly lied on almost everything in the PCA. He included stuff he thought helped, ignored stuff that hurt, and made up the rest. If the judge is fair the SW is toast and RA may spend Halloween or at worst Thanksgiving with his family.

    1. Did you read the whole Franks motion?

      If the judge is fair the SW is toast and RA may spend Halloween or at worst Thanksgiving with his family.

      Well, that depends on whether the state drops charges after the search warrant is thrown out. That’s not a given.

      1. Yes, I did read the whole Franks request and the PCA. They sound like they are from two different crimes. And of course, we know why now. The PCA is fantasy.

        True on the release. Though I think it would be hard to make an argument he belongs in jail if the only reason he is there is because of evidence that was gathered using a SW obtain using false information. Fruit of the poisoned tree so to speak. And I would think a fair judge would take the PCA into consideration and be just pissed enough by the insolence and lack of respect for the system and the courts shown by Sheriff Liggett to say this man is being punished because of a bunch of lies.

        I know you are in contact with his defense team. Do they have drawings of how the sticks were arranged? I’ve seen two different configurations, and they aren’t that similar. I have a set of runes and an accompanying book on their meaning and would love to see what my book says about the designs they found. Runes are also used for divining like tarot cards and the I Ching. It would be interesting to see if they were being used in that manner as part of a ritual.

        Also, could they clear up the blood at that crime scene issue? The original FBI report made it sound like it was a slaughterhouse. And that many who saw it even including veteran LE were shocked. The latest reports state that Abby had almost no blood on her body or clothes and there is no indication that Libby was bathed in blood. Which is it? It makes a difference. You don’t slit someone’s throat almost to the point of decapitation without spilling a lot of blood.

        I’ve never been comfortable with the timeline and always harbored a suspicion that possibly this wasn’t all done at the crime scene. The comment about the ‘Shack’, the fact that no one heard or saw the girls as they were led across a wide, rather open, 580-foot flood plain, the fact that area was supposedly searched around 8:00pm the night of the disappearance and nothing was found, and now the possibility that there wasn’t a horrifying bloody crime scene.

        If this was all part of some sort of ‘ritual’, those take time, and are usually somewhat involved. It would be somewhat abnormal for a ‘ritual’ to be down the hill, across the plain, up the banks, slash throats, toss a few branches and then get out of town. There is no time for the emotional, spiritual payoff from performing a ritual if it’s a slam bam thank you ma’am sort of murder.

        Just my rambling thoughts based on what I know of ancient rituals from many cultures which is limited but not devoid. I read a lot and have always had an interest in such things. I own copies of the Tibet Book of the Dead, its Egyptian counterpart, the abovementioned runes and the above mentioned I Ching and numerous books on assorted ancient cultures.

        1. I know you are in contact with his defense team. Do they have drawings of how the sticks were arranged?

          They’re covered by the gag order when they talk to me, so they are limited in what they can say.

        2. Great points, RW.

          I wonder about the following and have noted some of these previously in various postings:

          – Unfired bullet. This could’ve unknowingly been left from a previous visit to the area or even potentially planted by someone. I’ve never been certain that cycling a bullet through a chamber is the same as firing – do the ballistics still match the firearm?

          – Was the perp part of a group that abducted the girls from the MHB, took them to a nearby location (Mears Barn?), tortured/killed them there, and then moved the bodies/staged the creekside crime scene in the middle of the night after the search had been called off? Way, way too much happened there to not potentially be seen in broad daylight not far from at least two homes that had a clear view of the area, with tree cover being minimal.

          As I’d noted in an earlier comment, I’ve seen pics of the inside of the Mears Barn that showed a fence that looked to have blood stains on it as well as on the barn floor. This would have been a secluded area very close by that the perps could’ve used while the search was ongoing. After TL called off the search, the area would’ve been mostly clear for the crime scene to be staged and the girls moved.

          – BTW, the search being called off by TL is the most ridiculous decision that could’ve ever been made, as it put the girls in extreme danger due to high risk of exposure to below freezing temps and injuries on the wooded terrain. I’m surprised the girls’ families haven’t pursued filing a wrongful death suit against the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department.

          I’ve seen many rumors and speculation that TL may have even played a role in these events and stood to lose a lot if their true nature ever came to light. All of this reeks of an old-fashioned, “good ole boy” cover-up job.

          – I’ve never been convinced they crossed the creek. Even though it was an unseasonably warm day, that water would’ve been ice cold, with high danger of hypothermia. Also, there was no mention of wet clothing in the Memorandum.

          – My most important question that it seems no one in the media is asking: WHY were the girls killed? There’s been so much focus on timelines, scenery, staging, cause of death, etc., but the key question of WHY can unlock most everything an investigator needs to solve just about any crime.

          I believe the theory of either this was done to send a message to family members involved in a drug ring or ongoing sexual abuse was happening with one or both of the girls and they were getting ready to report the perpetrator(s). Perhaps the rumors of drug/human trafficking by officials in Carroll County are true?

          Many, many unanswered questions remain. I’ve been following this case since its inception, and just want to see justice served.

          Also, another tip of the hat to Robert and his team. You’ve been on this case from the beginning and were first to have reported many of the “facts” of this horrible crime that were previously dismissed as “rumors.” Great work!


          1. I have always wonder about whether the girls were removed from the park. There is road right at the bottom of the hill. The idea that all this could have taken place between 2:15 and 3:15 all seemed shaky to me. The BG video is time stamped 2:15, but that is not the same as the audio of “down the hill.'”After that they would have to walk the 580-600 ft across the wooded flood plain and crossed the 3.5 foot deep, very chilly stream and climb a 50 ft incline to the crime scene.

            Possible, yes.

            Probable, maybe.

            Impossible, also probable.

            And it was all done by one guy? Not buying that.

            If they were taken somewhere, where they were taken and what was done there we may never know.

          2. Crime was between 2:15-3:45.

            There’s a problem with the creek crossing and as yet there’s no good, hard evidence of it except that police played the tape for the families and as they are walking along the forest for a while, there is a lot of talking with the girls and some unknown man or men, but you can’t hear any of it. The families said the police turned off the tape just as BG and the girls were starting to cross the creek. I’m not sure how good that evidence is but there you go.

            As far as climbing up that steep incline, that’s never made sense to me, but Anthony Greeno was able to do it in one of his reconstructions.

            Elvis Fields said there were three men at the murder scene.

          3. Unfired bullet. The bullet was under a layer of leaves and was partially buried in the ground. There’s no way it could have been discharged a day before. The FBI saw the bullet and how it was buried in the ground and said it had probably been there a long time.

            Ballistics science is junk science as it is, and that’s when they have actual fired bullets to deal with. When they merely have discharged bullets, there are much fewer markings on the bullet, so that science is even worse.

            The woman said that “the bullet could have come from a gun like RA’s. It sounds like she is only identifying it by model, not by specific gun!

            I abandoned the Mears Barn theory a long time ago, nevertheless, there is some weird stuff going on, a shrine inside the barn, one of my members asked them if the girls had been in the barn and their faces went white as a sheet. But there is no, good, hard evidence that the girls were ever moved away from the crime scene off the site. Perhaps they were, but the evidence we have now doesn’t show it.

            They appear to have crossed the creek, but there’s no hard evidence yet that they did.

            The drug burn theory appears to be false, as does the notion that any adult was having regular sex with either girl and she was going to go to the police. There’s also no evidence tying these murders in to drug or human trafficking.

            The police told us that Libby had been impregnated by a 20 year old man and was refusing to get an abortion. We discovered that the man’s name was Clayton Miller. Three of his friends were pressuring her to get an abortion but she would not budge. So they set up a scare scene to terrorize her into getting an abortion.

            Somehow Pat Brown and an accomplice got involved and took it to the next level and layered a murder plot on top of the scare plot. This way the three men are left holding the bag because they just set up the crime scene for a horrific double murder. Also Clayton Miller is sort of set up too because the murder was done in his name.

            We don’t know about the Odinists, but Brad Holder is very close to Pat Brown, so the message could have gone out to the Odinists, “What shall I do about these troublesome nymph?” And maybe the response was, “We’ll take care of it.” Abby may well have been targeted too. There is a rumor that she was targeted because her mother was a “race traitor” who was dating outside her race as she had been dating an Hispanic man.

            Also, Holder, Pat Brown, and Clayton Miller are all reportedly members of Judge Fouts’ Lafayette Boys Club, which is basically a club that has young women, maybe 16-20, having sex with the men in the club. So all three are connected in that way and that’s also a connection between Clayton and Holder.

            The part about the Odinists is shrouded in mystery because it only came up just recently, but the stuff about the three men, the scare plot, Pat and his accomplice, Clayton Miller knocking up Libby is all apparently correct because this was told to us straight from the police.

  5. Never understood the creek crossing. If you were just going to kill the girls, why not just walk them away from the bridge to the edge of the creek under some trees and do it?

    I fly fish so I’ve spent my fair share of time in streams very similar to Deer Creek. And here is what I can tell you. The creek was running at a 3.5 ft depth according to the USGS gauge located in the park. I’m guessing the temperature in mid-February was around 40-45 degrees.

    Looking at the video of the search party walking upstream and the way the water is swirling around their legs and how they are holding on to each other for balance, I’d estimate the flow rate at about 2-2½ mph. And the climb from the creek to the crime scene was steep and around 40-50 ft according to information from Reddit.

    So, let’s put this all together based on my experience wading streams. Most of the water I wade in hits me between knee deep and mid-thigh and I’m 6’1, so were talking about 30 inches or so. The streams I wade in in Michigan are spring-fed and run a steady 2½ mph flow rate. They are sandy-bottomed as I’m guess Deer Creek is, but they also have a lot of debris under the surface like sticks, tree limbs, branches, etc.

    I’m guessing the bottom of Deer Creek is similarly cluttered. I can tell you that walking upstream or across stream in these rivers/creeks is challenging without a wading stick for balance. I can also tell you that my streams are usually around 55-60 degrees which is chilly enough, and I have on waterproof waders.

    If we are to believe the cross the creek scenario then one man, RA who is 5’4″, walked two similar-sized girls across a 30-40 foot wide stream through waist deep, 40-degree water running at 2-2½ mph wearing blue jeans and sweatpants. He then herded them out of the creek now wearing soaked clothes than probably weighed at least 5 pounds more than they did dry, and up a muddy, slippery (remember their shoes are soaked at this point) 50-foot incline to another clump of trees just like the ones he had just walked through, made them strip for whatever reason, killed them and then redressed one of them. Oh, and he also arranged crude runic symbols on the bodies though there is no indication that RA had any connection or interest in Odinism. And he did all this in at best a ½ hour, in broad daylight on the edge of a busy park surrounded by homes and farms and no one heard or saw anything, and the bodies were not found by a search party looking in that area at 8:00 that night.

    Were Abby’s clothes still damp when they found them? Again, from my fishing experience I can tell you soaked blue jeans and sweatpants would not dry in 17 hours outside on a cold night. Her clothes should have still been very damp at 11:00 the next morning if they crossed the creek.

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