McNamara’s Morons, Or the Range of Lower and Lower Average IQ’s

Polar Bear: Jordan Peterson spoke of 10

I heard the cutoff was IQ = 92, but perhaps I am wrong. I think they did studies and below 92 IQ, soldiers start making mistakes that have serious consequences on the battlefield. This stemmed from McNamara getting rid of intelligence requirements during the Vietnam War where they started letting in lower IQ soldiers. Perhaps with an IQ > 80? They were called “McNamara’s morons,” they had a high death rate, and they also seemed to be getting other soldiers killed.

I’m not sure if the cutoff was 80 or 92 though. If 92, it’s dumb to call them morons because 90-91 IQ’s are absolutely average in every sense of the word. Perhaps lower average but average nonetheless.


90-99 IQ: Low Average or Lower Average IQ, however, also 90-100 = Average IQ.

80-89 IQ: Low IQ, however, a lot of these function pretty damn well and are not obviously stupid except I’d probably call them that, but then, I peer down with aquiline eyes and Roman nose from a lofty eyrie, so my view of them is skewed.

70-79 IQ: “Borderline” IQ, but keep in mind that there are many entire nations with IQ’s in this range, and they’re not exactly nations of retards. This includes Qatar and Pakistan among others. I think I’ve had some girlfriends in this range, but one of them was one of the horniest and dirtiest bitches I’ve ever fucked. She was 18 when I fucked her too.

>69 IQ: Mental retardation or whatever the woke term for them is anymore, though some people in the low 70’s IQ range (especially 70-72) may seem like this too, and they often have a lot of problems functioning although they can work, marry, have children, live on their own and some are even successful farmers who came into some land and hire people to work it. They’re known for being very people-pleasing and for being very easy to convince to do whatever you want them to do.

You wonder why I get tired of these dangerous retards pushing this Teenage Girl Sex Panic where anyone who has sex with a teenage girl is a “PETAFILE”!!!!!!!!!! HUR DUR HUR HUR!

One of the horniest women I ever fucked was an 18 year old girl! But no, they’re little children and an 18 year old girl is the same as an 8 year old girl. Fucktards! Dangerous fucktards! Fucktards are a dime a dozen. I probably run into more than a couple of them every day. But dangerous fucktards are a whole other level of dull menace!

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4 thoughts on “McNamara’s Morons, Or the Range of Lower and Lower Average IQ’s”

  1. Friendly fire can be a motherfucker.

    I’m with you on sex panic. I’m closest to a chick about half my age right now. Every man wants that, I’m lucky I can still pull it off.

  2. By an act of Congress one needs a minimum score of 10th percentile on the Armed Forces Qualification Test (calculated from the ASVAB which is the military’s version of the SAT). Not technically an IQ score but essentially the same. However no more than 20 percent of recruits inducted can be below the 31st percentile, equivalent to an IQ of approximately 92.


    “(a)The number of persons originally enlisted or inducted to serve on active duty (other than active duty for training) in any armed force during any fiscal year whose score on the Armed Forces Qualification Test is at or above the tenth percentile and below the thirty-first percentile may not exceed 20 percent of the total number of persons originally enlisted or inducted to serve on active duty (other than active duty for training) in such armed force during such fiscal year.

    (b)A person who is not a high school graduate may not be accepted for enlistment in the armed forces unless the score of that person on the Armed Forces Qualification Test is at or above the thirty-first percentile; however, a person may not be denied enlistment in the armed forces solely because of his not having a high school diploma if his enlistment is needed to meet established strength requirements.”


    1. No more than 20% below 92 IQ. 92 IQ is not slow by any means. I have a friend who is like that. You would not think he’s stupid. And he reads books on JFK voraciously and is a JFK assassination researcher. A population with an IQ of 92 can absolutely function in the modern world. Balkan countries are around there.

      Not a high school grad? Ok, need a 92 IQ.

      What is the 10th percentile? What’s the IQ score?

      “The US military has minimum enlistment standards at about the IQ 85 level. There have been two experiments with lowering this to 80 but in both cases these men could not master soldiering well enough to justify their costs.

      The law dictates a preference for IQ’s above 93 and a prohibition on IQ’s below 81.”

      What’s what’s the minimum? 85 or 81?

      Looks like it’s 85 but if push comes to shove, they will lower it to 81?

      If you have an IQ below 81, you may not join the military. I knew a guy who said he took the test to get into the army, but he couldn’t pass the test. He was apparently an ex-con. One night he told us he had shot and killed a cop in New Jersey in the 1960’s. Years later, he threatened to punch me in the face if he ever saw me again.

      After a while I turned him in to the cops in my city and some detectives from New Jersey came out and I met with them and a detective in my city and they were both really nice. I had an hour or two meeting with them and they were great. I’ve liked detectives ever since. Street cops, I dunno. Hate some, really like some, indifferent about others. Mixed bag. So I guess this guy had an IQ below 85? That makes sense. He didn’t seem smart at all. But his street smarts were genius level.

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