Delphi Murders Update September 23, 2023: Defense Makes Stunning Franks Motion That Turns Case upside down and Crime Scene Photos Showing Stick Horns Placed on Victim’s Head Published!

Warning: Long, runs to 37 pages.

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Best of all, much of our information is via solid sources such as search party members, official case documents, and police sources who leak to us.

So far, we have been proven correct about a number of bits of information that we released about the case that only the police could have known. A number of these facts were later released to the media.

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This post will deal with the latest document released by Richard Allen’s defense team. Careful, it is 132 pages long. I’d urge you to read the document.

The document makes it quite clear to me that Richard Allen is not guilty of this crime and that these Odinists may indeed be the authors of these murders. At the very least, the Odinist theory is an excellent theory about and the men discussed are excellent suspects in this crime, and I think we need to look a lot harder at this theory and these men.

I Have Been Working with Richard Allen’s Defense Team for Months Now

First of all, I should point out for the purposes of disclosure that I have been working with the Richard Allen defense team for several months now, so obviously I am biased here.

First of all, I would like to report that a lot of people, mostly locals, are working with Allen’s defense team in a similar capacity as I am, and the conversations they have with the team are not violating the gag order on either end anymore than mine are.

However, in response to some recent accusations, I am not covered by the gag order, so I’m not violating any gag order, nor is anyone I’m working with. I am working with Andrew Baldwin and mostly his private investigator.

Those guys are really limited in what they can tell me.  I go out, do my investigations with my sleuths, and then report back to the investigator over the phone. He sits and takes notes and doesn’t say much else. Then they use or don’t use the my research depending on what they want to do with it.

I am not an official part of the defense team. I’m just one of the many people with information that they talk to sometimes. I always call them and report what my investigations found. They never call me for information. I signed nothing with the team legitimizing any official relationship the team. I am not receiving a salary for my work with them.

Therefore, I’m not covered by the gag order, but they are covered by the gag order when they talk to me, which limits what they can say to me. A few times when I asked them a question, they told me they couldn’t answer it because of the gag order.

They can only talk about things that, first, are already widely rumored and discussed by other people either online or in person, or second, are actual public knowledge that’s already out there and is uncontroversial. Both of these forms of information fall under the “public knowledge” category.

What they cannot and do not talk to me about is “defense-interal” information that the defense team has uncovered in the course of their defense.

They are aware that I am a well-known journalist and sleuth who is very knowledgeable about the case and has written hundreds of pages about it for the last six years, but I’m not even sure if they read my articles or if they’ve even been to my website or know its name.

I’m not writing these pieces in concert with them or as part of some plan or plot to further Allen’s defense, and in fact, this is the first article I’ve written about this case in 9 1/2 months, and I doubt if they’re even aware of it. They have given me permission to report that I worth with them in this capacity.

Apparent Police Misconduct in Manufacturing Evidence against Richard Allen and Discounting Exculpatory Evidence against Him Make the Search Warrant Evidence Inadmissible Due to an Illegal Search

It is a request for a Franks hearing regarding the evidence used to acquire the search warrant for Richard’s home. Apparently much of the evidence used to acquire that warrant was manufactured by the police. Further, the police engaged in quite a few lies of omission in acquiring the warrant, which, if they would have stated them, may have required the judge to turn down the request for the warrant.

A Franks hearing is based on a case named Franks from the 1960’s where the defense challenges the evidence used to acquire a search warrant and whether it was good enough to grant one. The defense strategy would be to get the judge to disallow all of the evidence obtained in the warrant since it was found by an illegal search.

Furthermore, the document seems to indicate either an intent to frame Richard Allen or a deliberate attempt to overlook certain excellent suspects for whatever reason. After his arrest, the police seem to be either trying to frame him or else they are so convinced that he did it that they are blinded to all other theories.

However, the sheriff, Tony Liggett, who seems to have been the main one manufacturing evidence and telling lies to implicate Allen was also running for Sheriff. When Allen was arrested, the election was only a month away. So clearly it looks like they wanted to round up one of the usual suspects just to get an arrest in the case because the police are sadly being beaten to Hell and back over not solving this case.

An Example of Magical Thinking: The Notion That Any Competent Police or Intelligence Force Could Always Be Able to Stop Any Terrorist Attack before It Happens or Solve Any Crime after It Does

Keep in mind that we do not fault the police for not solving the case, and we are not calling them incompetent. Blinded? Perhaps. Recently trying to frame an innocent man out of desperation? Possibly.

What makes people think the cops can solve every high-profile or gruesome homicide out there? What makes you think they can solve every serial homicide? The cops, despite their best work, often cannot solve crimes, including some of the worst ones.

This idea that the police are incompetent if they cannot solve a high profile case or series of crimes is an example of magical thinking. People thinking this way ascribe God-like powers to the police and assume that, since they are God, obviously they can solve any case fairly quickly. But the cops are not Gods, secular or otherwise.

What makes you think that counterterrorism forces can stop every terrorist or guerrilla attack against their own forces? Counterterrorism operatives cannot necessarily catch and stop all terrorist attacks before they happen. How is this a failure of intelligence gathering? What makes you think that federal police or the CIA have the God-like ability to uncover every terrorist or guerrilla attack before it happens. Once again this is an example of magical thinking in thinking intelligence agencies have God-like qualities.

If the group has a cell structure, uses encrypted and secure communications, and takes the best precautions, there’s no reason to think that they can’t sneak past the best efforts. We need to stop seeing every failed effort to solve a crime or predict and stop a terrorist attack as a “failure” of some sort.

Why Police Sometimes “Round up the Usual Suspects” in an Unsolved Famous or High-Profile Crime

Our best police source, a female detective from Indiana or environs, told us that there was a risk in these types of cases that the police might just grab one of the usual suspects off the street and string them up for the crime. She said,

This is always a risk in a case like this.

However, she didn’t think this would happen because she felt that an arrest of the man she said was the main suspect of the police, Mr. X, would be coming shortly. We’ve now lost touch with her for over a year because the person we were using as a go-between to talk to her, someone extremely close to her, retired and took off touring the country in an RV and we haven’t been able to contact them since.

Problems with the New Arguments: Where Does This Leave Previous Evidence of Police Suspicion of Mr. X as the Author of the Crime?

If the defense theory is true, then this calls into question the theory we have been pushing for a couple of years now, that Leigh Kerr (who was a good source) and our detective source both agreed with, which is that Mr. X was the main suspect. Keep in mind that we never once identified Mr. X or published his photo. Please note also that never once did we say that Mr. X killed those girls. We laid out a theory that he might have done so, but never said he did it. That’s for the law to decide. All we ever said from the start was:

Mr. X is the police’s main suspect in the Delphi Murders and has been since a few months after the investigation.

We had LE sources verifying this for us, if you wonder why we ran with this particular theory.

The official position of this blog is that we have no idea who killed those girls. Sure there are some great suspects and we’ve mentioned them. As far as Mr. X goes, our position is that

Mr. X is one very suspicious man.

That goes for this Odin/Vinlander crew also who the Franks motion points the finger at as the authors of the crime. These men all strike me as extremely suspicious, but we have no idea if they killed those girls. Courts decide these things, not us.

If Mr. X is the killer (and there is some excellent evidence that he is indeed the man on the bridge), then how could these Odinists have been in on it too? Or did Mr. X participate with the Odinists? Also, the motive for the crime, the murder of one girl because her mother was a “race traitor,” does not line up with the Mr. X’s motive that the detective told us, which was that a girl was supposedly pregnant, and the homicide was an attempt to cover this up.

I will state right now that we are certain that Mr. X and BH are extremely close, nearly tied at the hip. BH is also very close to Mr. X’s son and the man who reportedly impregnated a victim, Mr. M. Keep in mind that Mr. M is also the nephew of the police officer (with the same last name), Nate Miller, who is suspected of supplying a false alibi for Mr. X, possibly due to the peripheral involvement of Mr. M in the plot.

All of these men are connected as part of a “men’s club” called The Lafayette Boys’ Club.

BH is said to be the “enforcer” for this club.

Judge F, BH, Mr. X, CM, and the Mysterious Lafayette Boys Club Possible Connection

The central figure around this club is a former judge, Judge F., who is a rather malicious and menacing character himself. There is a video on the Net of a call girl who said she was a member of this club. She walked in on this judge once when he was having sex with a prostitute, and he had his hands around her neck as if he were strangling her. This freaked her out pretty badly. Problem is I doubt if that’s even against the law.

We originally wrote up this club falsely because we didn’t understand it very well. We described it as a sex trafficking organization that trafficked girls and young women from 14-20, kept them prisoner as sex slaves, and also used them to make pornographic movies, some involving minor females (which can probably get a top dollar) which were then offered for sale.

We have now learned that the truth about this club is rather more tame. The girls that are members of the club are young, mostly teenage girls who came before the judge in his courtroom, as he saw a lot of juvenile cases. He’s known to have befriended some of these wayward lasses who appeared before him.

We’ve never heard of anything untoward going on with these friendships, and in my opinion, just as anyone can legally say anything to anyone (with a couple of exceptions that are hard to prove), similarly, anyone of any just about age can theoretically befriend any human of any just about other age, and it’s certainly acceptable for adults to befriend minors (especially teenagers who are nearly adults themselves) as long as nothing illegal happens. There’s no law called Illegal Talking or Illegal Friendship, but don’t worry, the sex fascists are working on it!

Anyway the accusation is one of this judge “grooming” these girls to be part of his club once they come of age and are legal. Now the very idea of the sex fascists that you can groom a teenage girl into sex is preposterous. You can only groom a small child. You have to groom children because they don’t know what sex is.

Can you seduce a teenage girl? You’re damn right you can!

I’m really getting sick of this asinine sex fascist conflation of the seduction of teenagers with the grooming of small children for the purposes of out and out child molestation.

Also, you can’t really groom someone years beforehand so you can have sex with them once they become legal. That’s just ridiculous. Grooming is done to small children, not teenagers, by child molesters, not statutory rapists, for immediate sexual satisfaction on their part, not for some far-off, vague sexual goal.

Anyway, this judge befriends these girls, often when they are below the Age of Consent (16 in Indiana). He specializes in troubled girls who are involved in sex, drugs, drinking, running way, delinquency, etc. Many come from some pretty dubious households. After they turn 16 and become legal, he tries to get them to join his Lafayette Boys’ Club, and a number of them do.

The girls are all legal and a number join quite willingly. There is drinking and quite possibly also drug use involved at this club. As members, these young females often have sex with adult men who are also members of the club. I know nothing about any porn movies being made of them having sex. I have no idea what these girls are getting out of it. Perhaps they are paid. Perhaps they are given drugs to use or keep. Perhaps they simply enjoy having sex with the men in the club. Females, even quite young ones, like sex too, you know.

No girl lives at the club residence, nor is any girl being held hostage, so there’s no sex trafficking. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, as it’s all legal and above board, and if something’s legal, then it’s ok in my book. On the other hand, people do think it’s sleazy that this judge used his position to befriend vulnerable girls, then used this friendship to encourage them to become members of his club and sex partners for these men.

So there you have an excellent link between BH and Mr. X and also between BH and Mr. M, the man who impregnated the girl. What these relationships mean in terms of this crime, I do not know.

The Possible Early Pregnancy of a Girl Victim

We got bashed from here to Kingdom Come over this rumor, but keep in mind that the idea that a victim was pregnant has been a very hot rumor locally since shortly after the crime. A couple of years later, we were told by a sheriff’s deputy in a nearby county:

One of they girls was in the early stages of pregnancy.

Later our detective source reiterated that this girl was in fact pregnant and described this as a motive for the crime.

So we had two excellent LE sources who told our team directly that this girl victim was pregnant. Well, excuse us for running with that theory! Is it possible the police lied to us or misinformed us? Possibly. But that would not be our fault.

I would like to point out that there is no mention of a girl being pregnant or a pregnancy motive for the murders in the Franks document. Perhaps this is the case but they just decided not to mention it. Perhaps this information has not been turned over to the defense yet. Perhaps no girl was pregnant.

At the moment, our official position is we are simply not certain about whether a girl was pregnant or whether a pregnancy motivated the homicide.

Franks Document Makes Excellent Case for Odinist Involvement in the Murders

I would add that the Franks document lays out an excellent case for the involvement of the Odinists in this double homicide. We have several confessions and near-confessions by EF, who wanted to join the Odinists and BH, an Odinist leader, both of whom may have participated in this crime, confessions by BH that other close persons, namely another leading Odinist named PW, were involved, and a number of people, EF and a man who was “like  a father to him” named RA, who are clearly lying about their alibis.

The confession by EF is interesting because it mentions an aspect of the crime, that branches resembling horns were placed on a girl’s head, that only the killers could have known. This is the first time we have had any suspect discuss an aspect of the crime that only the killers would have known.

We have one of the suspects, an Odinist wannabe associate of BH, PW, and EF named JM, asking to borrow his girlfriend’s car on that day when he was heading to the Delphi area. When the car was returned there was blood all over one side of the car that took several car washes to remove. JM offered no explanation for the blood.

So, for the first time in the case, we actually have a suspect vehicle that was driven to Delphi that day and returned covered in blood, and we have a suspect who drove the car that day and returned it covered in blood! It would seem imperative that police locate this vehicle pronto! The girlfriend described JM and BH as two of the most violent men she’s ever known.

BH himself described PW as a very dangerous man who has had people killed, and he doesn’t care if they’re innocent or guilty. He said he was very afraid of this man. An ex-girlfriend of PW described a situation where she was on the phone to him when he was holding a hostage in a home and she then heard a gunshot. On another occasion she heard that this man was looking for a certain person in order to have them killed.

The Odinists belong to a White Supremacist gang called the Vinlanders. BH and PW are a prominent member of this gang.

This Blog Ran a Long Post Years ago on BH, His Son JH, and the Odinist and Vinlander Connection

We wrote a very long post on BH a while back because he had been a hot suspect of ours for some time. Unfortunately I cannot find that post right now. If anyone can find that post, will they please contact me?

We turned his whole life upside town from the time he was born until a couple of years into the future and followed him from the hospital where he was born everywhere he went afterwards from here to Timbuktu, and he has traveled all the way to Timbuktu – in fact, he has gone thousands of miles further than that.

The post concluded that neither BH nor his son LH were involved in this crime. Nevertheless, the son came to my website and left threatening messages, and we heard that BH was sending people out to try to find me for a long time afterwards, though it looks like they didn’t succeed, in part because I’m an extremely hard person to locate. And all of this was for an article where we stated loudly that they were both innocent! What a couple of cerebrally dislocated hotheads!

I believe we also posted photos of this entire Vinlander gang, which is not a large group (perhaps 10-15 male members). The photo identified some of them by name and can be found out on the Net somewhere, including PW, who may be the founder. We also had photos of BH and his son LH. We had a photo of BH’s Vinlander group participating in one of their Odinist ceremonies with torches, etc.

Indeed, BH’s son, LH, was dating Abby Williams, one of the murder victims. We ruled out the son very quickly, but we had to take a lot longer on the confusing BH before we decided to rule him out too.

BH’s Basic Personality and Life Story

By all accounts, BH is not a very pleasant or engaging fellow. He’s described as mean, angry, scary, creepy, “full of hate,” and even evil. It’s said that he hates women and non-Whites. The sexism apparently stems from a very rocky relationship with an ex. He served in Afghanistan and some think he acquired PTSD over there. We’d like to take this moment to thank Mr. BH for his service.

I’ve seen many of his posts on Facebook both before and after the crime, and to say he was callous was an understatement. He didn’t even want to drive his son to the girl’s funeral. He made many tasteless posts after the murders implying either that he was making a sick joke out of or implying that he was involved or pretending to be involved in the murders.

I’ve also heard his voice recordings and creepy doesn’t even begin to describe the vibe he gives off. He seems, frankly, evil. But then lots of folks do, and that’s not against the law yet. In his defense it seems clear that he fashions himself in addition to being an Odinist as a warlock or Satanist. He have some photos and testimony along those lines.

Like Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey of the United Church of Satan, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, or to a lesser extent people like rock star Jimmy Page, a Kenneth Anger fan, and Rick Wilder of the early LA punk band the Mau Mau’s, BH is going out of his way to be seen as a deliberately evil person, perhaps even an incarnation of the Devil. This is how he wants people to see him. He wants to seem scary and wicked; he gets off on it.

BH wouldn’t be the first oddball to pretend to have committed these crimes. We had a main suspect for four years, EA, who was running around hinting to everyone that he committed these murders. We eventually ruled him out, but excuse us for suspecting a guy who made multiple videos hinting that he killed those girls and posted them online!

Contrary to what everyone says, we never named him except by an anonymous initial (we are listing his initials now for the first time) and we never posted his photo. Sure, he was a suspect but that was internal to our group. I’m pretty sure we can say anything we want to about anyone behind closed doors! That’s not illegal yet either, but don’t worry, the police staters are working on it! I’d apologize to him but he’s such a horrible person that I’m not even going to bother, and he won’t accept it anyway.

One of our female members approached him to apologize on our behalf for suspecting him, and he launched into a wild, obscenity-laced tirade where he repeatedly threatened to rape and murder her. As you can see, he’s quite the fine and respectable gentleman!

Photo of Murder Victim with Possible Stick Horns on Her Head Uncovered!

EF said he was at the bridge and in the forest with those girls on the day they died. He said he spit on one of the girls and was worried that his DNA could ID him that way. This man also said that one of the girls (Abby) was a troublemaker, so he fashioned horns out of sticks and positioned them over her head, either making her look like a horned animal or a devil.

People have noted that we ran a photo of Abby’s body with horns appearing above her head. I just located that photo (see below). It has very poor resolution and little can be made out. The horns were so weird that we originally thought it was some photo artifact that crept in due to the extreme distance of the photo, other nearby objects, and and manipulation we had to do to the photo.

In addition, Abby’s legs are positioned in the exact way they are described in the Franks document, with one being slightly bent at the knee in a sacrificial posture that looks like the Hanged Man on a Tarot deck. However, we also have another crime scene photo and a couple of crime scene witnesses describing both girls as spreadeagled in the sexual tableau referred to by Leigh Kerr, so the matter remains confused.

The person who marked up the photo also made a pointer to an object on top of Abby that they said is a stick or log. And now we hear that there are sticks or logs associated with this crime as we have long stated, however, they were positioned on top of the girls to make runic or sacrificial patterns instead of being stabbed into the girls’ bodies as we had been told.

Nevertheless, the girls may still have been sexually assaulted with sticks even though this was not mentioned in the new document.

We were told about the sexual assault with sticks explicitly from two separate police sources – the wife of a detective working on the case and a detective in Indiana in another area of LE who saw crime scene photos. In addition, our detective source told us less explicitly that that the girls were “sexually assaulted with foreign objects,” apparently yet another references to the sexual assault with sticks. So we have the idea of sexual assault with sticks or twigs explicitly or more obliquely from three separate police sources. That’s good enough to run with it.

One argument against us running these photos is that this photo and other crime scene photos we have posted are obscene or child porn. The problem is these photos were taken from a helicopter far away, and they are very indistinct. You can barely tell those are two human beings unless someone draws circles around them. They appear more like stick figures or better yet outlines drawn by an artist. They are literally only a couple of vague human-shaped objects with nothing more to be seen in them.

So we don’t think those photos are untoward, in poor taste, obscene, or illegal.

Warning: disturbing photo below. Do not look at it unless you are prepared to handle such things.

Repeated Attempts by Police to Frame Suspects in This Case

It is our position that the police have made repeated attempts to frame different people for this crime because they were not able to make an arrest of the main suspect, Mr. X, and they were under tremendous pressure to make an arrest. Now keep in mind that we do not know if the police were consciously trying to frame these men. Perhaps they become convinced of their guilt and tried to torture confessions out of them to wrap up the case. But there have definitely been multiple attempts to pressure or torture confessions out of people in this case.

Attempt to Frame Ron Logan for the Delphi Murders

As most know, Ron Logan was the first person arrested in  this case and was a person of interest for some time until he was dropped a couple of years later. A former FBI agent continues to insist that he killed those girls. Our group gave up on him a long time ago, and our best police source scornfully noted that he’d been dropped as a suspect some time ago.

They’re not looking for a 76 year old man!

She said scornfully.

After his arrest, we don’t know if he was beaten up or not but people get beat up in intake all the time. Anyway, he was stripped of all of his clothing and put in the drunk tank or crazy room – the rubber room for crazy, hostile, intoxicated or people who are otherwise at risk of harming themselves or others. It’s also the first place the cops throw you after they beat you up in intake. He was left in the rubber room completely naked for a number of days, possibly 3-4 days.

Then he was thrown in a cell, still completely naked. He wasn’t given his clothes back until a week after his arrest. They took his medications (he was an elderly man) and his dentures (he had no teeth) and would not give them back to him. Then they proceeded to give him nothing but very hard food that needed a lot of chewing. Imagine trying to eat that with your dentures gone. At some point, they stopped all of this behavior.

Logan was very angry and felt they were trying to frame him for the murders. He also said he thought they were trying to torture a confession out of him. The unspoken rule was that if he confessed to the crime, all of the torture would end, but Ron said he refused to break.

Attempt to Frame Garrett Kirts for the Delphi Murders

The next person the police tried to torture a confession out of was Garrett Kirts. Kirts and his girlfriend were involved in the murders of a gay man and a young woman. This case is quite complex and I don’t have time to go into it now. Kirts has been a major suspect on lot of people’s radar for some time. Ron Logan felt that Kirts had killed the girls. However the motivations and victims of the Kirts homicides were very different from the presumed motivations and known victims in the Delphi Murders, so our team never suspected him much.

However, the rumors around town are that the same treatment that was given to Ron Logan was given to Kirts, all in an effort to get him to confess. Apparently here the police openly stated that if he confessed, the maltreatment would stop. What we heard was:

The police all but waterboarded Kirts to get him to confess.

Although my memory of this is very hazy, I seem to recall reading comments along the lines that Garrett Kirts had repeatedly confessed to the murders, then retracted his confession, then said he knew who did it, then said he had no idea who did it.

He was supposedly all over the place saying everything under the sun about his role or knowledge of this crime. It amounted to nothing but a wreck of chaos, which is what one might expect if someone was trying to confess to get torture to stop but then retract a confession to try to avoid implication in a crime.

Other than the one local rumor that this occurred between the police and Kirts, we have not been able to verify that this is what happened. I’m not even sure he made chaotic statements about his knowledge and role in the crime. My memory tells me that’s what I read, but your memory plays tricks on you.

Attempt to Frame Richard Allen for the Delphi Murders

We believe that the police have been trying to torture and threaten a confession out of Richard Allen also. First of all he was placed in solitary confinement right away and has been kept in solitary 23 hours a day for eight months now. I doubt if there is a good reason for that. He was also placed in one of the worst state prisons in Indiana, when he should have been placed in a local jail.

We believe that the police at this prison may have been putting things in food. We suspect that they were putting laxatives in his food. That would cause serious diarrhea and dehydration. We also heard that he was not been given enough water to drink and had become dehydrated. At some point, he started refusing food.

We think he refused food because he thought they were putting things in it and they may well have been doing just that. At some point, he went completely psychotic and his defense team was not able to have even the barest minimum conversation with him. They described his condition as “psychotic.”

Richard Allen May Never Have Made “Multiple Confessions of his Guilt to Multiple People!”

It was around this time that we started hearing reports that Allen had made multiple confessions to multiple people. We found those puzzling so we looked into it. What we learned is that during a phone conversation with his wife that the prison officials were listening in on, he told his wife several times that “they have incriminating evidence against me.” So you see, we don’t think he ever confessed at all! And incriminating evidence could be just about anything such as that he was at the bridge at the time of the murders.

In the Franks document, allusions are made to possible confessions Allen had made. The Franks document suggested that the prison officials, specifically two Odinist guards assigned to guard him, had been threatening to kill his wife and his family unless he confessed. After he went psychotic, he kept asking the defense team,

Is my wife all right? Is my family all right?

Why on Earth would he be worried about the well-being of his family unless they were being threatened, probably by these Odinist guards?

In another conversation with his attorneys, Allen said,

The Odinist guards have been threatening me in here.

Two Odinist guards were selected to watch over him, so it stands to reason that this is who he was referring to. He said this at a time when he had no idea that his defense team suspected Odinist involvement in the case.

On another occasion he pleaded with the Odinist guards:

Please don’t shock me! Please don’t shock me! Please don’t shock me!

Apparently they had been shocking him with stun guns and had probably done so multiple times.

In addition, the Odinists videotaped his sessions with his attorneys that are supposed to be completely private. Allen’s team said that in their 30 years of law practice, this was the first time they had ever been videotaped talking to a client in a correctional facility. So it appears that he was frightened that they could figure out what he was saying to his lawyers, and hence he may not have told his lawyers some important things that were on his mind, like that perhaps these Odinists were threatening his wife and family.

Richard’s Dubious and Uncorroborated “Confessions” Are Junk because They Only Occurred after He Went Psychotic

After he went psychotic, his physical condition also deteriorated dramatically. One aspect of his psychotic behavior was wetting down pieces of paper with water and then eating them! It seems pretty clear that as he’s only confessed after going psychotic due to torture and abuse, these confessions are not valid. Furthermore, all he did was confess that he committed the murders. We have had quite a few crazies and druggies make and imply such things over the years.

Shall we ask Richard Allen exactly how he committed these crimes? If his tale doesn’t match up with what happened, the confession is junk. Further it should contain information that only the killer would know. A simple confession is pretty worthless and people make false confessions all the time.

On the other hand, EF made a confession where he revealed something that only the killer would know, that sticks fashioned into horns were placed over the head of victim Abby. In order to have this information, he either had to have participated in the crime as he has confessed or he knew people who did it and they told him what they did. The former explanation seems more likely.

Good Summary of the Issues Revealed by the Franks Document

The following is a comment from one of our finest sleuths.

This comment discusses much of what is in the Franks motion and sums up my position on this case at the moment very well.

Warning: disturbing crime description below!

Some Comments about the Statement below

To clear up a couple of things below, according to the pregnancy murder theory (see above), the pregnant girl was disemboweled with a gut knife. The rumor also states that the contents of her abdominal cavity were removed. We don’t know what happened to them afterwards, whether they were piled next to her, placed and found somewhere else nearby or removed from the scene altogether. The first is most likely. A scalpel was also used in this crime. We know this because at one time, we had access to a crime scene photo of a scalpel on the ground.

The only reason that makes sense to disembowel this girl would be to remove the girl’s uterus. Presumably the scalpel would have been used to cut out the uterus. Therefore, there would have been no way to determine who the father of the fetus the girl may have been carrying was. On the other hand, we do not yet have any evidence that the girl’s uterus was removed, and if so, she would have been found pregnant by blood test at the autopsy.

However, according to this theory, police felt sure that they knew the identity of the 20 year old man who may have impregnated her, but they said he was not a suspect. Perhaps he was part of a supposed plot to scare a girl into getting an abortion, which was probably perfectly legal (What is the crime called, police staters, Criminal Scaring of a Girl?), but he had no involvement in the homicides. Presumably, a determination of pregnancy was made by doing a blood test.

And yes, this aspect of the crime does seem very cult-like and sacrificial. It reminds me of Jack the Ripper! Let’s call it The Womb Raider Theory.

The discussion of the Ford or Mercury Comet appears to be pertain to a possible suspect vehicle seen by a female witness backed in to the CPS building at 2:15 PM. She stated that it looked like an old 1965 Ford or Mercury Comet that her father had owned when she was a girl. However, it may only have resembled such a car, and that may not be the exact year and model. We suspect that this female witness did not know cars very well.

The Member Statement Itself

One thing that jumps out at me after reading the document is who were they protecting? They had eyewitness testimony, erstwhile confessions backed by polygraph tests, a solid artist rendering of a suspicious person in a suspicious place at a relevant time, and a description of an unusual car.

Carter begged people to report any unusual activity or life changes noticed in friends and family members, but they had a confession by EF to his sister that he was at the crime scene that mentioned Abby by name and described doing something that shows in the crime scene description was done, but it wasn’t followed up on.

The same EF tried to give a different sister a blue jacket the day after the murders and told her he now had a brother and was member of a gang, not followed up on.

We have a car in Rushville that has blood on it that was driven by a friend of BH and PW, not followed up on.

The alibis of the Rushville crowd are all crap, not followed up on.

We have BH’s ex telling the police that BH warned her about PW and told her they had had a falling out over a ritual of some sort gone bad, not followed up on.

We have all the FB posts by BH that are weird at best and at the worst point to his involvement in cultish activities, not followed up on.

We have a crime scene that was described as staged, not followed up on.

We have an FBI BAU report pointing to a possible Odinist cultish connection to the crime scene and case, not followed up on.

But we do have time to take a man known to the community as a nice guy, who had no criminal record, for whom they have no DNA, electronic, or forensic evidence tying him to the murders and who told them he was at the park, but left around 1:30, almost an hour before the abduction and just about the time the girls were arriving at the park, and frame him.

They then used a blatantly falsified PCA to obtain a search warrant for his house and subsequently used the fruit from that poisoned tree to arrest him. All 22 days before an election in which the lead investigator on the case was running for sheriff.

We have the original statement by the FBI that the site looked staged and there was blood everywhere. In the document it says the crime scene was staged, but that Abby had no blood on her at all. Which is it, a slaughterhouse or an operating room?

If Libby was pregnant, where is the fetus? Shouldn’t it have been a good source of DNA of the father who may have had a connection to all this? Would missing, i.e., collected blood and a missing fetus indicate some sort of ritual killing?

Isn’t the slitting of a victim’s throat kind of standard in ritualistic sacrifices? If I remember my Biblical teachings correctly, weren’t priests taught how to properly slit the throats of the sacrificial lambs? Isn’t that one of the reasons it is the method of choice among the best Islamic terrorists for dispatching their victims on TV?

If even half the stuff in this document is true, and I’m guessing it’s more than half, then the investigative team was either incompetent or corrupt. This case could have been solved five years ago. Has anyone asked Carter to comment on any of this? Was he aware of this information or is it all news to him too?

Again, why were so many leads and tips dismissed, overlooked, or determined to be unimportant? We were asked for 6 years to keep the tips coming, and now we find out volumes of tips were never taken seriously.

How hard could it have been 6 years ago for LE to do a database search of the Department of Motor Vehicles to look for legally registered and licensed 1965 Ford or Mercury ‘any color but black’ Comets in the state, especially the area around Delphi and Lafayette? I’m guessing there are not a bunch.

And finally, based on his falsifying of the testimony of Sarah Carbaugh alone, Tony Liggett should be fired, banned from ever working in law enforcement again, and possibly put on trial for perjury. The Carroll County LE and the ISP owe the families and the citizens of the area a huge apology for how this case has been mishandled.

More Reasons Why Richard Allen Cannot Be Guilty of the Delphi Murders

More problems with the case:

Allen’s Height and Weight Do Not Match the Bridge Guy Suspect at Al, Hence Allen Cannot Be the Killer

I’ve already been over the most obvious problem with the case, that Richard Allen’s height and weight are no match for the man on the bridge.

The Bridge Man’s height was measured using sophisticated instruments by the FBI. They came up with 5’8-5’9. If you look at him, he appears to be about that height. In addition, a couple of re-enactments by sleuths were done on the bridge and uploaded to Youtube using similar instruments. They also ended up with a height of 5’8-5’9. Whatever his height the man on the bridge cannot possibly be 5’4. That’s just ridiculous. Look at him? Is he 5’4? Give it up.

In addition, the FBI estimated the Bridge Guy’s weight at 170-180. This is also Richard Allen’s weight, but he is 4.5 inches shorter. The FBI figures give a man with a BMI of 26.5, typical for a middle-aged man with a paunch, which is exactly what BG appears to be. The weight also fits very well with our view of the man on the bridge.

Allen has a BMI of 31.5. He is obese. Quickly, is BG obese? Give it up! Of course not! In a word, Allen is shot and fat. BG is neither.

Keep in mind that the entire prosecution case rests on their insistence not that Allen kidnapped or murdered the girls but that he is in fact the man on the bridge. If it can be proven that Allen cannot be the man on the bridge, the case is over and Allen walks.

Allen’s DNA Is No Match for the Killer’s DNA Found at the Scene, Therefore There Is No DNA Evidence Linking Allen to the Crime and It’s Unlikely That He Murdered the Girls

A partial DNA sample was recovered from the body of a victim. It is thought to be one of the killers’ DNA. It has only nine markers and it is called “rule in or rule-out” DNA. This means that it either rules a suspect in or out but cannot prove that he left the DNA. 435,000 men in the US have these nine markers in their DNA. Richard Allen’s DNA was no match for the suspect DNA from the crime scene! I would think that that would blow up the prosecution’s whole case right there.

Allen’s Timeline Is Way off from the Delphi Killers’ Timeline, Hence Allen Cannot Possibly Be the Killer

Allen was interviewed about the crime soon before he was arrested. He was not told he was a suspect and was instead treated as a witness. It is obvious looking at the video that this is a man who is anxiously, eagerly, and helpfully trying to help police solve a crime. It does not at all resemble a guilty man trying to exonerate himself.

In this interview, he states that he left the scene at 1:30. An earlier interviewer said Allen supposedly stated he was there between 1:30 and 3:30 (which could easily mean that he was leaving at 1:30), but the interviewer did not make an audio recording of the interview.

New Information: Allen Parked at the Old Farm Bureau Building, Not at the Old Child Protective Services Building!

In his latest interview, Allen said he parked at the “Farmer’s Insurance” building. The police said there has never been a Farmer’s Insurance building there, so he must be referring to the Child Protective Services building. But this is an argument made in very bad faith and seems like an attempt to frame him or fashion his statements to fit where they want them to fit.

First of all, hardly anyone knows this, but there are actually two separate buildings there, both abandoned. One is the old Farm Bureau building and the other is the old Child Protective Services building. The FB building is ~1/2 mile south-southwest of the CPS building along Road 25. Freedom Bridge is to the west-northwest of this building. I had had heard both names used, and people seemed to always say that the two names referred to the same building.

But that’s not so. It’s so obvious that Allen meant the Farm Bureau building when he said the Farmer’s Insurance building. That’s as clear as air. The implications are striking. Allen’s vehicle was never parked at the CPS building for even one second! All descriptions of the suspect vehicle say it was parked at the CPS building, more recently, backed in at the CPS building. If Allen was parked half a mile away at a different building, his vehicle can’t possibly be associated with this crime.

The 1965 Comet suspect vehicle parked at the CPS building at 2:15 PM newly described by a witness looks nothing like Allen’s car, and Allen’s car wasn’t even parked there anyway.

I do not understand why my team kept referring to Allen as parking at the CPS building when it seems obvious that he parked at the Farm Bureau building. That’s an omission on their part.

Ballistics Science Itself Is Junk Science, and Ballistics Ejection Analysis Is Much Worse Than That

The ballistics evidence is junk science like fiber evidence which has since been thrown out. It appears to have a much worse record than even lie detector tests. I have read reviews of studies of ballistics evidence. Once you have handed out the bullets and guns three or four times, sometimes the same bullet or gun to the same examiner, your results start to hover only a bit above chance!

Different examiners disagree on a finding matching a bullet to a gun. The same examiner, incredibly enough, one time says the bullet and gun is a match, then later, given the same bullet and gun, says there is no match! Now keep in mind that this was all done with the much more reliable ballistics evidence via a fired weapon, which leaves a fair amount of damage to the bullet.

However, what they found at the scene the very next day was a bullet that had merely been chambered through a gun and ejected. This leaves much fewer markings on the bullet and the science is surely even worse than for fired bullets.

Bottom line, bullet ejection analysis is a form of junk science if there ever was one. It isn’t even worth a hill of beans. It should not be admitted as evidence, and all prior convictions based merely on ballistics “science” ought to be vacated, and the convicted should be either released to freedom or retrial.

The Killer Deliberately Discharged a Bullet at the Scene, Left It between the Two Bodies,  and Partly Buried It in the Ground as Some Bizarre Calling Card

The only logical explanation for the partly buried discharged bullet at the scene is that the killer deliberately discharged the round at the site, probably positioned it between the two bodies, and almost certainly partly buried it in the ground.

There doesn’t seem to be any information why Allen would do such a crazy thing, and the only logical explanation is that the bullet carefully planted at the scene by the killer as a calling card in yet another example of a possible cult connection or symbolistic and clue-rich aspect of the murders.

Allen Has No Known Odinist Connection and Knows Almost Nothing about Them, Hence He Cannot Be the Killer

Keep in mind that Allen has zero involvement in Odinism, and I don’t even think he knows much about it. As the crime has an obvious Odinist authorship per the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, only Odinists could have committed the crime, and Allen is once again ruled out.

Allen’s Friends and Family Have Doggedly Stood by Him the Whole Time after His Arrest

His friends and family have stood by him this whole time. When someone seems clearly guilty, their friends and family quickly vanish. Look how fast the recently arrested Long Island Serial Killer’s wife took off.

Richard Allen Does Not Have the Personality Necessary to Commit Such a Crime

Richard Allen is not a psychopath, and he’s not even mean (almost all such killers at least have mean temperaments). Instead he’s described as a nice guy. I’ve never heard a person who committed serial murder or other gruesome homicides described that way. He simply does not have the personality to do a crime like this. He’s probably not even capable of fantasizing about it, and trust me, millions of men in the US alone are capable of and do just that.

Almost everyone capable of committing a crime like this would have to be a psychopath or at the very least and would have an elevated score on the Hare’s famous PCL (Psychopathy Check List) test where >20 = psychopath or they would have an elevated score on the test within the normal range, the latter being much less likely. One can easily have an elevated PCL score of 10-19, considerably psychopathic, while still being completely within the normal range. Even a PCL score of 6-10 is considered elevated above the majority of people, who usually score 0-5.

The Typical Stable Person Who Commits a Crime Like This Never Decompensates after Incarceration

Psychopaths, serial killers, and monsters who commit gruesome crimes like this typically don’t fall apart in jail or prison. Look how easily the LISK has adjusted to life behind bars. They just slip right in. It’s as if on some level they realize that this is where they belong or that this was an unavoidable or highly likely termination point or destiny for their life’s inevitable trajectory.

The only person who falls apart when incarcerated is someone who’s already crazy or very unstable. Richard Allen is by all accounts a relatively stable person with an average adjustment to life who lacks any obvious or handicapping mental disorders, nor does he have such a history.

In addition to unstable folks decompensating under the stress of incarceration, an innocent man such as Allen accused of a horrendous and gruesome crime may well fall apart due to the stress of the accusation, the difficulty of incarceration (especially extended solitary), and the terror of being bullied, shocked, and tortured by menacing prison staff. The fact that Allen’s previously stable self fell apart so badly and quickly speaks strongly in favor of his innocence.

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21 thoughts on “Delphi Murders Update September 23, 2023: Defense Makes Stunning Franks Motion That Turns Case upside down and Crime Scene Photos Showing Stick Horns Placed on Victim’s Head Published!”

  1. To me, it comes down to this: Do the authorities believe they can prove that Allen was the man on the bridge in blue that was the key to the case? Everything else has been talked about however, nobody says that is the thing that needs to be proved (especially the media.).

    1. If you believe that the FBI and private sleuths who determined BG height are right, then RA can’t be BG. If the picture of the man seen on platform 1 at 2:00 by Betsy Blair and described in detail by her is suspected of being BG, then RA is not BG. If RA left the park at 1:30 as he has stated in two interviews and Libby videoed BG at 2:14 then RA can’t be BG.

      The PCA used to obtain the SW stated that three groups of people passed RA on the trail that day heading toward the bridge. One group described a man wearing a light blue jacket, one described a man all in black and one described a man wearing a blue denim jacket. LE somehow believes all of these men are the same man and that man is RA.

      1. That’s an interesting theory.

        There are a decent number of Reddit types who agree with you on the point of the two being connected some way. If I remember correctly there was some connection between Flora and PB. I think he was a member of the volunteer fire department that fought the fire. Not a bad connection just a connection.

        At one time in my life, I would have had an easier time believing the burn out theory. I grew up in a small rural community in Indiana. We had a few Black families in town, even had an AME church. When I was real young Black kids were only allowed at the community pool one day each summer. And I knew my fair share of pretty racist people growing up. Thankfully I wasn’t raised by any, but there was an unwritten but understood separation between the races.

        There were other small communities in the area where Blacks knew to be out of town before the sun went down. I was of the opinion that most of that had died off in the White community. Not so sure about being a White person in a Black area of the large city I live in now though, but I have Black neighbors who are very nice people. But I don’t live in the ‘hood’

        I’m guessing there are still some people out there that are that racist. I don’t think it is confined to the White community as often portrayed in the media, but committing arson and killing four young girls is pretty extreme for this day and age. Not out of the realm of possibility but pretty far out there.

        But as I said earlier there were a fair number of Reddit types who had similar thoughts about a connection. There is one obvious connection. After many years, neither case has been solved. Which makes you wonder if someone or some group is being protected. And if so who and why?

    2. This is absolutely all that they have to prove. They’re charging him with Felony Murder because they can’t get him on regular Murder. And Felony Murder is misapplied here because it’s never used when someone kills someone. It’s only when someone did not kill anyone and did not intend to but committed some other felony and somebody got killed in the course of that other felony.

      So they’re totally misusing and abusing this statute. To be fair, they should have only be trying him on kidnapping. They say all they can prove is kidnapping. Well fine try him on kidnapping then. But these lousy pigs want to have their cake and eat it too so they can nail him on murder without even charging him with murder. It’s a total abuse of the law as written.

      Yes, they must prove that he is the man on the bridge in that video. That’s a must! If they can’t prove that he’s that man on the bridge, this guy walks. That’s all they are asking to prove in this case.

      So you are correct. The entire case rests on him being the man on the bridge. No matter what else is true, perhaps he killed the girls or was in on a plot to do that, perhaps he helped some other guys kill them, none of that matters because even if that’s true, if they can’t prove that he’s the Bridge Guy, he fucking walks! And he cannot be the Bridge Guy in any possible universe.

      I’m betting that he walks. But good God are they hanging this guy in the general public. The comments everywhere are full of people raging at him like they’re going to form a lynch mob right now and string him up. They’re all chanting to fire up old sparky. They want to see him fry. Indiana has the electric chair.

      It’s sort of sickening to watch too. If I thought there was a chance he could be convicted, I’d be terrified, but I think he walks. The prosecution fucked this case six ways from Sunday and their evidence is pathetic and laughable. I think they’re just trying to frame him like they tried to frame a couple of other guys already.

      1. I’m betting he walks too… I find it incredibly hard to believe that RA is the guy. Ever since he was arrested, I have found it hard to believe!

      2. The felony murder charges say a whole lot about the prosecution’s case. It seems clear that they cannot connect him to the actual murders, so they are using this charge to, as you said, “have their cake and eat it too.” They are using RA as the fall guy and don’t even appear confident of the arrest themselves. Hell…the prosecutor came out and said that other people may be involved.

        The day of the arrest, Carter kept saying things to downplay the arrest…on a day when everyone should have been so relieved for this child killer to be off the streets, Carter was saying things like, “The investigation is far from over, and if we are looking for answers, today is not that day.” Just strange all around. It’s almost as though LE and the prosecution are trying to destroy their own case. It’s the one thing they seem to be succeeding at.

      3. RA has never made sense. Too many things have to be twisted around to make it work. The descriptions alone – all black, dark blue, and light blue, are ridiculous. These colors aren’t so similar that they’re easily mistaken for each other.

        Who was the man in black??? I believe he is the one said have given off a bad vibe. What about the purple PT Cruiser type vehicle that was seen at the CPS building? People so desperately want someone to pay for the deaths that they aren’t thinking logically. How could a man who is 5’4 dress a body in wet clothes without getting any mud or blood on it? Abby’s clothes were “pristine.”

        1. Heard the man in black comment came from one of the four girls that saw BG on the trail heading towards the Monon bridge. The man in Black was seen closer to the Freedom Bridge. They are two different people. Don’t know if TMIB is connected with the crime or not. But I do feel strongly neither is RA.

  2. RA lost his counsel today. They say they quit but I’m wondering if the judge gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse after the leak of the crime scene photos from Baldwin’s office.

    I’m guessing this is not a good thing for RA. The judge will now have to appoint new counsel, which will take a while to get up to speed, and it’s possible the whole direction of the defense might change. This also delays all of the other hearings and trial schedule and may have detrimental effects on the Franks hearing. The new counsel may not pursue that, which would mean the PCA/SA stands.

      1. From what the TV folks were saying, yes. The judge will be appointing new counsel as soon as she comes up with someone. She has said to protect RA’s rights, she will do this as quickly as possible. The Oct. 31st hearing is still on the docket as of now, but it is expected the January trial will be pushed back.

        I’m guessing the defense was given an offer they couldn’t refuse. Drop out or I’ll relieve you of your duties for screwing up. There was a memo submitted by a lawyer for the chief counsel requesting he be allowed to stay on. Don’t know if the judge considered that or not. The man responsible for the leaking of the photos committed suicide not long after he released them. This whole case is just a clusterf**k at this point.

        So, it will be interesting to see who steps up to the plate and will they make changes to the direction of the defense. Will they still support the Franks memo? Will they take a totally different tack? Will they be of the same quality of the first group or a couple of first year lawyers who have never handled anything bigger than a DWI or a bankruptcy?

        At this point I don’t think it looks really good for Mr. Allen, but I could be wrong. The sad thing is that the real killers, whether Allen was involved in some way or another or not, will walk and go to their graves as free men who got away with murder.

        1. The new counsel can just choose not to follow the same course of action as the previous defense and all of that work can just go away. I predict that is exactly what is going to happen. This is unreal

        2. I’m guessing the defense was given an offer they couldn’t refuse. Drop out or I’ll relieve you of your duties for screwing up.

          I just got some news that this is exactly what happened. Sort of like when employees are coerced to resign instead of being fired.

          I did some research over at one of the Reddit groups. They ran polls about whether RA was guilty or not. The original poll found 98% of them said he was guilty and only 2% said he was not guilty, which only goes to show me what idiots they are over there.

          However, a new poll issued after the Franks memo found that only ~60% of them thought he was guilty and ~40% thought he was not guilty. Unless those figures change in the near future, that 40% not guilty group is the jury pool. At the moment, there’s going to be a hung jury.

          1. It’s pretty dead around here. A lot of behinds the scene stuff going on between the judge and the lawyers. Even though RA has requested his original lawyers be retained, and they have said they would do the work pro bono, the judge has told RA she’ll decide who represents him.

            She then appointed a couple of Facebook buddies of hers to be his new team. One of them has a 1-star rating. They have already stated that they probably won’t continue pushing the Franks memo.

            Sounds like maybe his team was getting too close to the truth and had to be stopped. The most interesting thing is that a number of attorneys not involved in the case have asked the Indiana Supreme Court to remove her from the case.

          2. She’s really bad. She sounds almost corrupt herself. What the Hell is wrong with that backwards state anyway?

          3. Hey now. I’m a lifelong Hoosier. Don’t paint us all with a big Delphi brush. 🤣

            I still think somebody or some group is being protected and Baldwin and Rozzi got a little too close to the truth. Not sure who would be that important in Delphi that a judge from Ft Wayne would be willing to trash her career to save his butt, but I’m having trouble coming up with a better explanation for how this case has evolved. She has already given RA at least one or two appeal opportunities.

            There seems to be a growing sense that Flora and Delphi are connected at some level. I know they have never really investigated Flora and that is an issue that I can agree with a lot of Blacks on. The death or disappearance of Black girls don’t get the attention the similar incidents involving White girls get. I’m guessing if that had been four White girls in the house in Flora there would have been a similar response to Delphi. That’s sad, but true.

            I can say outside of a few blood-lust people on Reddit, the tide seems to be turning away from RA being guilty. It has at least gotten to the fence-sitting stage for many over there. You still have your few who are convinced it’s him because:

            The bullet came from HIS gun – wrong.

            They have the video of him on the bridge – wrong.

            BB saw him standing on the bridge – wrong.

            The four girls met him on the trail around 1:40 – wrong.

            SC saw him walking down the road covered in blood around 4:00 – wrong.

            He put himself at the park between 1:30 & 3:30 – wrong.

            His car was parked at the CPS lot all afternoon – wrong.

            But don’t try to convince them with facts. They know they’re right and they want to be the person who sticks the needle in RA arm, for the girls of course.

          4. Sorry been sort of wrapped up in other stuff, mostly this Israel-Palestine War because that’s a big interest of mine.

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