Palestinian Deliberate Targeting of Civilians as “Settlers” Turns off Most Westerners

Dúnedain: I think David Duke is off his rocker endorsing a militant Black Nationalist for Congress. In his video, Duke even says that this guy supports affirmative action and once said that he would punch a White person for the benefit of his own mental health. But all that matters to David Duke is that he’s anti-Zionist. Pathetic.

Also, I think these WN’s are wasting their time supporting the Palestinians when the Palestinians don’t give a shit about what’s happening to Western countries. I’m against sending foreign aid to Israel (and every other country for that matter). If we cut ties with Israel, I really couldn’t care less what goes on over there. That whole region is a mess.

Polar Bear: I agree, just cut them all off. I see the Palestinians as the “True Blood Jews.” I’ve supported them hard in the past, but sadly they’re just acting too much like a bunch of “mud people” for me to continue to support them. I now say cut off all support and let the Blood and Spirit Jews sort it out themselves. Though all the US would do is support Israel anyway.

Who are the True Blood Jews? Who are the Blood and Spirit Jews? Both of them? Or is it one versus the other?

This sickening terrorism and deliberate targeting of civilians as they are all “settlers” is what you refer to as “mud people behavior?” Ok, there’s something to that.

On the other hand, Ukraine is deliberately trying to kill Russian and pro-Russian civilians by shelling them. The Serbs did it in Yugoslavia via shelling. The US did it in Germany, Japan, Korea by bombing and in part in Vietnam. All US sponsored counterinsurgencies involving killing the civilian supporters of the rebels.

Leftwing guerrillas never target civilians as a rule.

The Kurdish PKK mostly refuse to target Turks per se, but one of their breakaway factions targets Turks as targets.The Chechen rebels systematically massacred ethnic Russian Christians in Chechnya. Those are two examples of White tribal wars. Saudi Arabia has been massacring pro-Houthi civilians, though more as an occasional thing than as a matter of course. Also ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc. have been deliberately targeting civilians who support the state or are Shia or non-Muslims.

There’s a lot of massacring of civilians going on in the wars in Africa in Zaire, the Central African Republic, the Sahel, Nigeria, Sudan, and Ethiopia, which boil down to Black tribal wars. It’s all just one tribal, ethnic, or religious group massacring another.

So the Palestinians are treating this like a tribal war, and the Jews are simply the enemy tribe.

I agree though that Palestinians are acting pretty “niggerish” in that war. I don’t think a lot of Americans dig deliberately killing Israeli Jewish civilians just because they’re “settlers.” I showed a video of a Palestinian run-over and knife attack to my brother recently, and he was appalled at what the Palestinian was doing:

“You mean that’s what they do? Just aim their cars and a bunch of civilians by the side of the road?”

He shook his head and took the side of the Jews right away. The attacker then got out of his car and tried to attack some people with a knife, which also appalled my brother. Then he ran across the street where he was shot by some armed Jew. While he was lying wounded on the ground, the Jew walked up to him and finished him off with a bullet, which was pretty low. However, my brother supported that.

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18 thoughts on “Palestinian Deliberate Targeting of Civilians as “Settlers” Turns off Most Westerners”

  1. You Jew-loving rat…

    The Palestinians have NO OTHER OPTION than to target the Jews that way since no one will step up for their rights except for Hamas and Hezbollah. They are correct in not recognizing Israel. Killing settlers in Jerusalem and the West Bank is HALAL according to international law…

    Stupid brain-dead Kaffir Jew lover.

  2. The ones ramming cars into Jews have had their homes destroyed and loved ones killed by the IDF and Israeli Deep State – Shabak, AMAN, LAKAM, etc. They are doing the right thing by treating Israelis as all occupiers and not recognizing the Israeli state. Killing the settlers is justified even according to International law.

  3. Generally speaking, Palestinians are Blood Jews and Israelis are Spirit Jews. I used to think it was asshole Israeli military soldiers attacking innocent Palestinian kids. I will say I’d be labeled a terrorist if in Palestinian shoes but like to think I wouldn’t sink as low.

  4. I’ve openly been against Israel for years. It’s odd for me not to be. Robert’s bias is also for the Palestinians if anyone. That both of us are shocked and appalled by Palestinian savagery should tell you something.

  5. Now I understand why stupid “liberal” Americans can’t digest the fact Israel did 9-11 – they’d have to get rid of their Jews, but don’t got the balls to do that.

    It was fun watching dead Western troops in Afghanistan and Iraq all these years.

    1. American have balls but lack brains. I’m not convinced Jews did it. I think US government let it happen though. I will say Jews dancing for joy after happened wasn’t a good look.

      1. Jews got CAUGHT with explosives in their vans…the Fox News Report stated they caught Israelis involved in explosives ordinance units…The Wayne Madsen Report mentioned the Israelis planting explosives in the towers. Security had been removed weeks prior to 9-11 – no bomb sniffing dogs…

        9-11 was a Jew job just like most terrorist attacks against Western targets. Even US troops got attacked by Israelis and Jews posing as Islamic resistance fighters several times in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The towers fell at free-fall speed – and the only people caught with explosives on that day and the days after were Israelis…another three got caught with explosives as well with a white van and an image of a tower being hit by a plane…

        Watch 9-11 Missing Links to find out more…

        You don’t wanna round up the Judenrats…that’s what u too lazy to do…even if the Yids are destroying your country…

          1. Very good call. Jose’s conflation of Zionist Israelis WITH EVERY SINGLE JEW ON THE FACE OF PLANET EARTH (which is what “THE JEWS” implies) as well as his call for ethnic cleansing/genocide of U.S. Jews is quintessential Nazism. Subhuman vermin of his ilk have no legitimate place anywhere on earth.

          2. Yeah thx I’m not down with that kind of obsessive, conspiratorial antisemitism. Not to mention that’s often genocidal.

            Thx comrade!

          3. Sephardic Jews bred alot in Latin America I believe. I sometimes think the biggest Jew haters today are racially Jews themselves.

          4. Yes, they bred in a lot with Spaniards, and hence especially the Whiter Latinos with Spanish ancestry, it’s not unusual to have some bit of Jewish blood, maybe from way back. This is particularly true with professionals.

      2. Jordan Peterson spoke of a 10% of America with an IQ below 80 that the military won’t touch because they can’t do basic duties. I don’t care much about IQ but below a certain # you’re fucked. I talked to an Army guy years ago, when I was young enough to join. He spoke of some easy test they give and they try to make each cadet feel special for passing. Sounded like a “everyone’s a winner” type of deal but apparently some aren’t even there.

  6. Everyone’s potentially a Jew. I know a Jew was writing for the far right. He would be a Jews Jew under one name and basically a Nazi under another. No one knew and I’m not sure why he bothered, I heard his writing was good. Sometimes I don’t think Jews have an agenda but a mental illness.
    I’ve heard Osama was a Jew, never looked into that but I believe they pose as ragheads sometimes. Jews are all over the place, maybe it’s their cosmopolitan outsider nature. American Jews supporting many sides during wars were mentioned here. There’s a sliver of truth in every form of anti-semitism because there’s always a Jew involved. They have a high rate of involvement. Jewish tentacles are everywhere, good and evil. Which meshes well with Satanism. Pure anti-semitism and pure Judeophilia are both wrong. Jews outside of Israel are more anarchistic like the Joker from Batman, a chaotic element mixed with mental illness.

  7. Every Jewish stereotype from resilient rats to intelligent pigs, etc. fits. They’re all very different creatures though. The Jew is a mix.

  8. The Palestinians should no longer claim for Palestinian independence and reconquest of Israeli-occupied land (beyond 1948 partition or 1967).

    First of all, this new country would not be economically feasible. It would be at best a greater misery-stricken and famished Gaza strip that would take very small solace compared to the heightened Jewish resentment that would befall it while the Jewish community would just move its headquarters to a wider Israel consisting in a world-wide galaxy of banking city-states.

    They should militate first and foremost for the reunification of the whole Arabic-Muslim world, the United States of the Arabic World. This would frighten away much more Jewish Zionist arrogance.

    1. Should they work towards a 2 state solution?

      This line is the old Arab nationalist line that is to this day carried by Syria, the PFLP in Palestine, and to some extent the Resistance as in Iraq, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Yemen. It was also formerly the line of the old Iraqi Baath before they went ethonationalist, “exterminate the Shia” when they merged with ISIS at the height of their offensive a few years back.

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