Israel Assassinated Yasser Arafat

Note: This is an old article that I am republishing, as I had to reformat it. A lot of the stuff that got transferred from WordPress lost a lot of its formatting, especially spaces between paragraphs. I also rewrote the piece. My old writing on Jews was rather, ummm…uhhhh…anti-Semitic? I’m trying to get away from that sort of hardcore antisemitism. It just feels ugly. It was actually embarrassing rereading it.

I’ve still retained watercooler antisemitism, but that’s not even antisemitism. In fact, when I’ve brought up watercooler stuff to people I knew who were careful about how they talked about Jews, Germans for instance, it sparked an immediate flash of recognition and an attitude that this was just the common everyday knowledge of what these people were like psychologically. It was as if I were simply stating obvious facts that anyone knows.

When I go beyond that, I try to be very careful about how I write about Jews and make sure my critiques are as factual as possible which inevitably ends up toning them down quite a bit.

It was written under an anti-Israel rubric, but face it, a lot of anti-Israel rhetoric is antisemitic. Let’s get real here. Those pricks who are acting so horrible over there are indeed Jewish people. Perhaps in a sense antisemitism is a logical consequence of Jewish behavior in Israel. At the very least an awful lot of Jews are acting pretty awful over there. Be that as it may, I don’t wish to attack Jews on an antisemitic basis over Israel’s behavior. I hate too many people as it is. I need to hate fewer people, not more people.

On the other hand though, what is the average Jew in the Diaspora doing to Palestinians besides having a bad attitude about them? Is Honest Guy hurting Palestinians, even with his mind? I doubt it. But antisemitism would target him too.

I guess the moral to the story is that when a lot of the people in your group start acting like complete pricks, don’t be surprised if people start disliking your group. Even if you are not in on it, people will assume you are because you are one of them. Perhaps the best thing a Diaspora Jew could do in this case would be to distance himself from Israelis:

Look, I don’t support what my people are doing over there at all, ok? Why do you think I’m here in the Diaspora? You think I want to move there and have that hanging over my conscience? Here in the Diaspora I can avoid complicity and sleep well at night to boot.

I don’t think Diaspora Jews have to support Palestinians or Arabs either. Obviously Palestinian behavior leaves much to be desired, and a lot of it is very hard to support. Palestinian resistance against Israel has been nothing but sheer terrorism from Day One, and most of the most important figures in the Palestinian movement have openly advocated terrorism against Israeli civilians.

Indeed the whole war has been against Israeli civilians because they are classed as “settlers” and therefore not innocent civilians.

Note that it comes with 135 old comments, a lot of which are very interesting! This blog used to have a wild commenting section with a lot of crazy but very smart regulars. I learned quite a bit just rereading the comments section here. The comments need to be reformatted too. Perhaps I will have to do that too.

Israel assassinated Yasser Arafat via poisoning him with polonium in 2004.

Israel had a right to assassinate Arafat the same as the Palestinians had a right to assassinate Israeli leaders like Rehavam Ze’evi (shot down by the PFLP in 2001). Fair is fair in war after all. As usual, those who killed the outrageously nicknamed “Gandhi” are in Israeli prisons for life, while those who killed Arafat are walking free or dead of natural causes. The Israelis always win and always get their way, every time.

This assassination was apparently the hand of Ariel Sharon and the head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan. Ariel Sharon asked for permission from George Bush to kill Arafat. Bush granted it to him. So it looks like instead of the Israel killing Arafat on its own, it was in some way a sort of dual killing.

At the time, Ghada Karmi, a PFLP-allied Palestinian activist and physician, said that Arafat had been poisoned via his cook, who was hired by the Mossad. There were all sorts of rumors that he died of AIDS. His Palestinian enemies outrageously refused to do an autopsy, and his crooked widow, Suha, who along with Arafat stole many millions of dollars from the Palestinian people, went along. At the time, I opined on my site that Arafat had been assassinated via poison by Israel.

Only Israel had the motive and means to assassinate Arafat, so they did it. Israel has a huge nuclear weapon and up to 200-400 nuclear weapons, which it has never acknowledged. The US media also refuses to acknowledge this nuclear stockpile.

Traces of polonium up to 10X the normal were found in Arafat’s personal effects, strongly hinting at poisoning. I believe that the Palestinians finally had his body exhumed and it had elevated levels of plutonium in it.

Arafat deteriorated markedly and rapidly over one month with a bizarre and unexplained illness that doctors were never able to diagnose, though some French doctors thought he may have been poisoned. His deterioration was so rapid and strange that people felt it had to be either AIDS or poisoning.

Excellent work via an 9-month investigation by Al Jazeera to scoop the story.

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126 thoughts on “Israel Assassinated Yasser Arafat”

  1. “the fused-state known as USrael or sometimes as Jewmerica.”

    AKA the Jew-S-A or the Jewnited States. Or as some WN’s call it, the Jewnited Snakes of Amerikwa.

    1. I am really optimistic about the Islamist/Vanguardist alliance. The longer the zionists stall the conflict, the more arab shit I will have to eat during my lifetime. That’s where my man David Duke comes in. If WNs attaches himself to the Palestinian cause (presumably palis are dumb enough to embrace their support), The alliance can diminish their credibility among their most valuable allies. I am not too happy about it, since I support nationalism of all forms (including European nativism and benign, watered down American WN.) I wish it was the loony multicult left who could taint them instead, and I’d be happy to seize on any dirt I can find about their leftist supporters, but I don’t mind as long as their WN allies are so far out.

      1. @ GSG
        One Palestinian American, Hesham Tillawi (spelling?), actually does embrace white nationalists such as David Duke and Kevin MacDonald.
        Duke is the only white nationalist I can think of who has really embraced the Palestinian cause. On Russia Today, when talking about Jewish power, he said “we are all Palestinians now.” He even recently endorsed a former black Panther, Charles Barron, in a Democratic primary race against his fellow black Democratic challenger. Duke’s reasoning was that Barron’s opponent was a “Zionist Uncle Tom.”
        Kevin MacDonald and the Occidental Observer crowd somewhat jump on the PSM bandwagon, though they don’t seem to really feign support for their cause, and only do it to bash Jews.
        And, of course, many leftists (particularly certain black leftists) also support the Palestinians because it fits the narrative of oppressed colored people suffering from a white colonial settler state.

        1. Lindsay
          What did the French hospital say about Arafat?
          I think DD originally set out to use the Palestinian cause to bash jews, but then he bought in to his own hype. He’s also taken on the cause of S&Ms, non jewish African immigrants, Orthodox women, and outcast jews as well, not fully understanding the implications or potential consequences of his actions. He even invited S&Ms jews to convert to Christianity, assuring them the the greedy AshkeNAZIs could buy their way into heaven.
          I’ll take all the shabbos goyim I can get. Assmon doesn’t need to renounce his own jewish identity and taint the PSM, when we have David Duke, Al & Jesse, or La Voz de Aztlan all to eager to do our bidding for us. I’d be happy to see the Palestinians receive support from extremists of all stripes, and they already attract their share of odd characters. But the ADL and hasbara like to mute them rather than let them discredit the Palestinians. That’s how I know they’re in it for themselves.

        2. I’ve tributes to Palestinian suffering at just about every anti jew WN site. Most of them probably aren’t sincere.

        3. BAG
          While the thought of a Muslim/White Nationalist alliance is certainly very appealing to me, I think it’s a bad idea currently. At this stage the alliance would be nothing more than a mirror image of the Hindutva/Zionist alliance which is based on shared hatred instead of shared values (altho Hinduism certainly shares Judaism’s tribalism and elitism). If this alliance is to have a long term future, Muslims must learn to appreciate and respect Western civilization as I have come to respect it over the years. I don’t see this right now, but its a likely development in a couple of generations. Cultural Alliances should be based on shared values that offer something constructive else they go down the path of the Hindutva/zionist alliance.

        4. @ Dota
          If an alliance is based on shared hatred instead of shared values, what eventually happens is that when the hated shared enemy is vanquished, the two former allies will inevitably turn on each other.

        5. You create your own realities. I am optimistic about a WN/Arabs alliance only because I think it would hurt Arabs.

      2. I think David Duke is off his rocker endorsing a militant black nationalist for congress. In his video, Duke even says that this guy supports affirmative action and once said that he would punch a White person for his mental health. But all that matters to David Duke is that he’s anti-Zionist. Pathetic.

        Also, I think these WN’s are wasting their time supporting the Palestinians when the Palestinians don’t give a shit about what’s happening to Western countries. I’m against sending foreign aid to Israel (and every other country for that matter). If we cut ties with Israel, I really couldn’t care less what goes on over there. That whole region is a mess.

        1. And no, they’re not sincere. Most of these WNs see the Palestinians as mud people they’d want nothing to do with. They just don’t wanna miss an opportunity to call Israel racist etc. Funny how WNs adopt the same tactics as the Jews they despise so much.

        2. Funny how WN’s adopt the same tactics as the Jews they despise so much.

          Perhaps it’s by design?

          Maybe they’ve adopted such tactics because they see how well they worked for the Jews during the civil rights movement.

          It’s a possibility.

          But either way, I don’t like it. It’s too phony.

        3. Another thing.

          If Duke cares about White people so damn much, why is his ass all the way over in racially homogenous Ukraine? Shouldn’t he be here in the U.S fighting on the front lines?

          Sometimes I even have a hard time believing that Duke is a typical White nationalist.

          Almost every time he makes the news nowadays, it’s for anti-Zionist or anti-Israel reasons. It seems that he’s spent more time around Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the past few years than flesh-and-blood White Americans.

        4. Maybe they’ve adopted such tactics because they see how well they worked for the Jews during the civil rights movement. They need to realize that Jewish tactics will not work for white people. If Duke cares about white people so damn much, why is his ass all the way over in racially homogenous Ukraine?

          I didn’t know Duke lived in Ukraine. He got his PhD at a university there, although some people claim it’s not legitimate. I do know he’s got a place in the Swiss Alps where Derek Black vacationed which is actually kind of weird being that he’s the son of the guy his ex-wife married.

          Sometimes I even have a hard time believing that Duke is a typical White Nationalist.

          I don’t think he even is a White Nationalist. The goal of White Nationalism is an all-White state. No non-Whites allowed. I’ve heard Duke quite a few times saying that he wants to abolish affirmative action and have a fair system instead blah blah blah. So I think the America he envisions is probably still a multiracial one although probably with a Whites-only immigration policy.

          Also, when I listened to him interview Patricia McAllister, I came to the conclusion that he’s just an old school segregationist like he’s always been.

          It seems that he’s spent more time around Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

          A picture is worth a thousand words.

          than flesh-and-blood white Americans.

          You missed the memo. Now we’re European Americans. 😛

        5. @ Dunedain
          Duke reached his height in the early 90s, when identity politics and reemerging racial/culture wars were all the rage in the U.S.
          Ever since those days, however, he’s had to find a way to make himself relevant in a post-9/11 U.S. It seems that waging war against the Israel lobby has been his response.

        6. That’s an interesting idea. I had assumed that was the case with many Jewish anti-Zionists but not others.

          People predicted that the election of Barack Obama would fuel a race war and would have given him a niche audience among the Tea Party should he have desired it.

        7. I agree, just cut them all off. I see the Palestinians as the “True Blood Jews.” I’ve supported them hard in the past but sadly they’re just acting too much like a bunch of “mud people” for me to continue to support them. I now say cut off all support and let the Blood and Spirit Jews sort it out themselves. Though all the US would do is support Israel anyway.

  2. Interesting read Robert, I had always suspected but was never entirely sure. I suspect the Israelis never forgave Arafat for declining Ehud Barak’s offer at Camp David as that would have been a permanent solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict in Israel’s favour. Arafat was obviously not as stupid as he looked and declined the offer because he rightly understood that the Israelis were trying to plunder the West Bank Aquifer. The Israelis failed to jew Arafat and the Western media spun it as Arafat’s inclination to prolong armed conflict or some such rubbish.

    1. You’re cute Dota. No matter the “bold language” you use, you always come off as though you still have something to prove.

      1. GSG: I don’t get the thing between you and Dota. I don’t think either of you are any more offensive than the average person who hangs out on this blog.

        1. @ Matt
          I think their conflict goes back over a year, and had something to do with the Palestinians.
          Basically, GSG doesn’t like Dota because she sees him as supporting the Palestinians for no good reason, and Dota sees GSG as being a heartless Jewish tribalist, especially when it comes to the I/P issue.
          Correct me if I’m wrong, either of you.

        2. I don’t really care about his views on Jews and Israel. Just that he comes to his own conclusions and proclaims them to be universal truths, without digging deeper. He views Jews and white nationalists as monolithic groups. He’s a shock artist online, but I doubt he talks the talk in real life.
          He didn’t like me because I said that the Palestinian cause is central to contemporary Islamic identity and told him that he need not focus so much attention to the Palestinians as a non Arab Muslim.

        3. “LOL, Jews are solipsistic. The Jew is the ultimate solipsist.”
          The jewish establishment really have to me more discrete if they want to want to accomplish anything at this point. They are so politically savvy and organized, yet so far behind the times.

    2. @ Dota
      That’s interesting.
      According to Jeff Blankfort, Arafat was actually something of a sellout, who sacrificed larger Palestinian goals for his own personal enrichment. Israel and the U.S. apparently gave him millions of dollars a year.
      The real problem with Oslo had to do with East Jerusalem. The Palestinians’ conception of East Jerusalem was mainly the old city, whereas the Jewish Israeli idea of East Jerusalem included the various Jewish settlements that had been established around the area.
      The Israelis never showed Arafat a true map of East Jerusalem, and Arafat knew that he could never agree to the Israeli boundaries of East Jerusalem, for that reason (among others), rejected the Israeli offer. And, of course, he was blamed as the rejectionist. He never was the most clever of negotiators.
      Personally, I don’t have the highest opinion of Arafat.

      1. BAG
        The absence of a map issue was even mentioned by Chomsky, and this should have sounded of alarm bells on the Pally side. Finklestein did note that Arafat was initially recruited as a friendly tribal leader by Usrael, however this relationship turned sour over time. While Barak’s offer of returning 85% of the WB seemed generous on the surface, the 15% that Israel would have retained would have enabled them to continue plundering Pally water. Approximately half of Israel’s water supply comes from the WB whereas the other half comes from Turkey. Israel giving up Gaza was no surprise as they had already depleted and polluted the Gaza Aquifer.

        1. A major problem was with the PLO and the Palestinian leadership. The first intifada was in many ways as much of a protest against the corrupt and absentee PLO as it was against Israel. As a result of the first intifada, Israel refused to negotiate directly with the PLO. This in turn led to local Palestinian elites assuming leadership positions.
          It also didn’t help that Arafat and the Palestinians had supported Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, which strained things between him and the U.S.
          As a result, the PLO was willing to make concessions to Israel, just to make itself relevant again. This eventually culminated in the creation of the PA, which from its inception was dependent on Usrael for its influence.
          The settlements were also a huge problem, and despite all the “Likud is the problem” rhetoric emanating from liberal Zionists, they increased the most during the tenure of Israel’s Labor politicians.
          There was also the Paris Protocol, which forbade either side from economically developing in a way that would impact the economics of either side. Of course, this is no sweat off Israel’s back, since it was already a developed and modern power. But for the Palestinians, it basically precluded any economic growth on their part.
          Oslo was a monumental sham from day one. Israel, taking advantage of the weakened position of the Palestinians and their leadership, basically tried to gain legitimacy for its occupation, and blame the Palestinians for rejecting their lousy offer.
          Finkelstein was right when he called it the “bantustan option.”

        2. wow BAG, for someone who wants his people to lay of this conflict you sure as hell are well read on it.

        3. wow BAG, for someone who wants his people to lay of this conflict you sure as hell are well read on it.
          Well, perhaps the reason I want my people to lay off the conflict is because I’m well read on it! 😉
          But yeah, I’ve always been interested in the Israel/Palestine conflict. It features conflict over race, ideology, and land, all issues which resonate with me. Israeli apartheid week at college initially got me interested in the whole issue. I even got to briefly see Norman Finkelstein answer questions from some students. If anything, I wanted to see what the hell the annual controversy and verbal mudslinging was all about. That, combined with the fact that I was first starting to become really aware of the Jewish Question. I always knew that Jews could be self-righteous douchebergs, but upon studying the Israel/Palestine conflict, I also realized that they could be massive hypocrites as well.
          So I decided to get Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry” and “The Israel Lobby” by M&W, started to read up more on the whole issue (from different sources), and the rest is history!
          As an American, I’m disgusted by the degree to which the world’s only superpower kisses the ass of a tiny foreign country. It’s unprecedented in world history, and embarrassing.
          I only wish more Americans knew about this issue.

        4. Besides, I’m just an overall history nerd, haha. If I find a topic interesting, I like to investigate it.

        5. @ BAG
          That’s another thing that annoys me about some WNs. They call Israel an apartheid state at the same time they think Apartheid was good for South Africa. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
          I think it’s important to point out Jewish hypocrisy. For instance Jews oppose European nationalism and advocate liberal immigration policies for the US and Western countries in general. Yet the majority of them believe that Israel must remain the Jewish state. But to be calling Israel racist and an apartheid state is what the left does and it’s silly quite hypocritical when WNs do it. WNs support nationalists in Europe and deport all whites from white countries in the New World but they oppose Jewish nationalism. They’re displaying the same hypocrisy as the Jews. If there isn’t a Jewish state where would all those Israelis go? WNs don’t want Jews in white countries. So what do they want done with them. Alex Linder has said the Jews need to be exterminated. At least he’s honest. I’d rather listen to someone like him than someone who calls themselves a white civil rights activist.

        6. “I think it’s important to point out Jewish hypocrisy. For instance Jews oppose European nationalism and advocate liberal immigration policies for the US and Western countries in general. Yet the majority of them believe that Israel must remain the Jewish state.”
          Not anymore.

        7. @ GSG
          Yes, I did see Norman, however briefly. I recall him giving a verbal tongue lashing to some pro-Israel Zionist student who had the audacity to address him by his first name prior to asking him a question.
          A couple of years ago, I used to think Norman Finkelstein was the shit, whose radicalism was entertaining.
          But the more I’ve followed Finkelstein, the more I realize that he’s really not that radical. He comes across as more and more of a liberal Zionist (like his mentor Chomsky) whose rhetoric simply sounds strident when criticizing Israel.

        8. That’s discouraging. Is he a primadonna?
          He’s a lot more jewish than I thought. He always talks about opposition to Israel and dual loyalty from a jewish angle, rather than an American angle and he prefers living with Haredim even though he personally is an atheist. All his books imply that jews will lead the way in distaancing Amerca from Israel, he fears an awakening among Christian Zionists and I do too, but it will have to come eventually.

        9. @ GSG
          Yeah, despite the fact that most of his co-ethnics hate him, Finkelstein really is a Jew.
          Re: Jewish angle versus American one
          You are absolutely spot-on. In fact, interestingly enough, that’s something that one of the regular Mondoweiss commenters, Dan Crowther, frequently criticizes Phil for.
          He basically criticizes Phil for making the whole Israel/Palestine issue a Jewish issue, when it should be an American issue, and for publishing post after post about internal Jewish conversations and divisions with regards to the Israel/Palestine conflict. He sees it as yet another manifestation of Jewish tribalism, self-indulgence and narcissism. His attitude is, “why do we 98% of the population have to wait for Jews to do soul searching?”
          He also argued that certain Jewish liberals such as MJ Rosenberg have only recently started tackling the whole Israel/Palestine and Israel lobby issue because they’re in damage control mode, and are afraid of the inevitable anti-Semitic backlash that will be caused, in no small part, by the organized Jewish/Israel lobby’s actions.

          1. I’m out of position here Rob, but that was the narrative that was put out there. In essence, Arafat was gay and he died of Aids; not Israeli/ Mossad poisoning. Not conspiracy fishing, but swept under the rug homosexuality. Plausible?

          2. There are rumors of him being homosexual forever and ever. Who knows how true they are. He never married. He said, “I’m married to the revolution.” And he and his wife lived apart and had sex rarely if ever.

            They dug up his body and it had plutonium in it at 12X the normal level. The Jews poisoned him. His cook disappeared soon after he got sick. The cook was a Mossad agent.

        10. Even his new book Knowing Too Much, is about young jews getting disallusioned with Israel. He doesn’t include gentiles at all.
          Dan Crowther and Kathleen Galt are Polish American, so there is some resentment there, and with good reason. But they do go too far, by attacking the jewish community on issues that don’t necessarily pertain to the Palestinian cause or the Israeli Lobby. That site is starting to resemble Jihad Watch now, and Phil deserves every nasty comment he receives, because he is a starry eyed lunatic.
          Why is damage control such a bad thing? Everyone looks out for their own interests.
          “It also didn’t help that Arafat and the Palestinians had supported Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, which strained things between him and the U.S.”
          Wish his support for Saddam had done more harm to the Palestinians, in the eyes of Iranians and other Gulf Arabs, but I guess nothing will ever minimize their support.

        11. Why is damage control such a bad thing? Everyone looks out for their own interests.
          Not saying it is a bad thing.
          What I am saying is that non-Jews should not be fooled into thinking that Jews are somehow an altruistic, truly liberal and progressive people, as opposed to the tribalists that many of them are.

        12. Who the hell is?
          Now pass the memo on to the ignorant masses who continue to believe that “social justice is a Jewish value” or similar crap. 😉

        13. I don’t like that either, but the Palestinian Solidarity sites have become a dumping ground for anyone who has ever had a grievance with jews.

      2. Duendain
        That’s how I can tell that WNs aren’t really true to their cause, it’s just a thought experiment. They know they are powerless and can’t accomplish their goals, so they act as if they were an oppressed minority group. I don’t know how serious Alex Linder is
        Kevin MacDonald embraces Phil Weiss celebrates the high intermarriage rate, even though the majority of intermarried jews are married got it..whites.

  3. It would be much easier to support the Palestinians without the current PSM in place. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d say a zionist was behind it, as I suspect with Atzmon.
    RE Charles Barron and the Palestinians: Liberal Zionists should take that into account. No matter how much they support minority causes, minorities will always gravitate to the darker forces. OJs have already had a taste of it and know. All the adult Orthodox I know (who attended Maimonides School which was housed in Roxbury at the time) have stories of being stoned by black youth.

    1. Well, it depends on what kind of people we’re talking about.
      Professional black and “people of color” activists will always support groups such as the Palestinians.
      However, as far as the organized, established black community is concerned, they are bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.

    2. I don’t know. I skimmed through the SPLC website and it seems they still Israel, but the NAACP took down founder Henry Moskowitz’s picture due to his early support for what was to be Israel (he died in 1936.)

  4. I’ve seen a number of Arabs eagerly embrace support from White Nationalists because they don’t know better and I want to keep it that. I know that the Muslim Student Union at University of Toronto invited WN Robert Faurisson to speak. Local Jewish groups got UT to ban him from speaking, but if it were me, I would post promotional flyers all over the city and its surroundings, especially in outside minority organizations and in minority neighborhoods.

  5. There are quite a few Arab and Muslim commenters on the Occidental Observer including Lasha Darkmoon, a regular contributer.

  6. As a south-indian I care less for what happens to Kashmir; but, we dont want to set a precedent; World very well understands the Taquiya of Islam, lie low till you gain strength, and then strike.
    Pakistan and China is playing “Enemy’s, Enemy is our friend”. India, and Israel have common threat.
    I understand Israel uses brute force, maybe they need to.
    Buddhism preaches Non-Violence[ Actually Buddhists and Buddha was a meat-eater, blah, blah etc], their main premise is “Moderation”.
    Hinduism has always preached “Balance & Moderation” You need both Good and Bad, in Moderation, actively managed. We lost “Balance” when Buddhism took over. Too much of anything is bad, even good.
    “One trick pony” wont do; Life is an art.
    “If Palestinians were angles, God would have moved Heaven and Earth to save them.
    It is the foolish and unwise that dont know “God cares for Mute Animals before he cares for Humans, if at all he does”.

    1. “You need both Good and Bad, in Moderation, actively managed”
      This is complete horseshit. You are justifying your apathy (combined with your current status) by reasoning it out this way. I think that good and bad are inevitable. You dont NEED bad. Are you a South Indian Brahmin? Viswanathan Anand is one. You guys are high flyers. Why not use your brains to uplift others?
      “If Palestinians were angles, God would have moved Heaven and Earth to save them.”
      More bullshit. So god saves only Angels? Again, another implicit way for you to justify your present status.

      1. What I am saying is this: A Civilization should practice Non-Violence, Non-Injury to all life; Since Earth is not Heaven, Violence if and when needed should be used to bolster Non-Violence philosphy. Its contradictory, thats Hinduism for you. Read Bhagavat-Geetha.
        A True Brahmin will always give, never take even if we have to starve to death.

    2. Well agree with you on Taqiyya though. Islam is in a way coalescing scum. Need some soap once in a while.

        1. Human nature my boy. Jewdidit, Cow Piss, Camel Piss, Bharat Mahan on this blog. Pakistan Zindabad, ला इलाहा इलाल्लाह, etc. elsewhere. Allah really is Akbar for internet. Now if only he would dismantle the subcontinent’s countries.

        2. I really hope I do live long enough to see the disintegration of Pakistan. Lets hope we both get our wish

  7. WNs will seize on anything that makes minorities look bad, even if it contradicts something else or undermines an advocated position. On the one hand, they embrace Black nationalism or repariation to Africa, saying that integration has been bad for blacks as well as whites. But then they’ll boast about how terrible the conditions are in Africa.

    1. Sorry that was addressed to Dota.
      If jews were smart, they’d shut up and allow the WN/Muslim alliance to work against Muslims, and maybe covertly enable it in some cases. But they are more concerned with self interest to fade into the background, which is what they desperately need to do.

  8. Dunedain
    I understand Kevin MacDonald and David Duke for example have professional interest in all things jewish, even if they don’t like them personally. But they don’t forsee the long term (potential) consequences of their actions vis a vis the jewish community.

  9. Robert Lindsay, perhaps this has been discussed before somewhere on your blogs but I haven’t seen it, but I have a question for you. In accordance with DNA studies it seems that European Jews are descendants of Semites on the Y-chromosome but are European in mt-DNA, while Palestinian Arabs are mostly Semitic (particularly of Jewish lineages) indicating that many are just descendants of Jews who converted to Islam or Christianity (and/or later to Islam) and adopted an Arab identity. If so (which is MOST-likely the case), then this means Palestinians are more “Jewish” in ancestry than most Israeli Jews, though certainly they are no longer Jews in terms of religion and culture. So then, what is your take on this?

      1. It’s great to see all these responses on your platform. Makes you think about all the old W. Press days. People are migrating back to Highbrow?

        1. LOL sorry Rambo, all of these comments are from 11 years ago. I migrated an old post and reposted it to 2023 when it was published in 2012. That’s why you are seeing all the comments LOL.

    1. Ii thought that the best current research indicated that Jews were more closely related to Indo-Iranian peoples like the Kurds and Armenians than to any “Semitic” group, including the Pals.

      1. On a primarily level, this is true of Ashkenazi Jews, yes. It is not true of Mizrachi Jews. On a secondary level, yes, all Jews are related to the people of the Levant.

      2. It depends which Jews you’re talking about. Using the DodecadOracleK12b calculator, these are closest populations to Ashkenazi Jews:
        [1,] “Ashkenazi_D” “0”
        [2,] “Ashkenazy_Jews” “1.8248”
        [3,] “Sicilian_D” “5.728”
        [4,] “S_Italian_Sicilian_D” “6.3135”
        [5,] “Sephardic_Jews” “8.3277”
        [6,] “Greek_D” “9.5247”
        [7,] “Morocco_Jews” “11.9076”
        [8,] “C_Italian_D” “13.2563”
        [9,] “Cypriots” “16.0826”
        [10,] “O_Italian_D” 17.3254″
        The number on the right is the genetic distance.

        1. I’m not surprised. I thought Ashkenazim might be close to some Balkan populations as well.

  10. Lord Shiva + Lord Krishna = Lord Yama [AlanJ]. I take charge in 2014; I will be night guardian for this planet. Welcome to the Space Mountain; Enjoy your stay in My Disney World.

    1. He’s not my hero. I’m not really into his work. You just can’t help who you fall in love with.

      1. Always happy to strike fear in your heart, but the video treat was for GSG.
        Unless you also fantasise about Norman in your personal private moments…

        1. I wouldn’t say Norman is an anti-Zionist. The more I analyze him, the more I think of him as simply a strident liberal Zionist.
          Harshly critical of Israel’s wars and policies in the Occupied Territories, sure.
          But he’s still a supporter of the “two state solution” (which is code for wanting to maintain Israel as a “Jewish state”), and has dismissed many BDS activists, among other things.
          He’s just like Noam Chomsky in this regard.

  11. @mott69
    The answer is infantile, of course.
    No go back to the nursery and play with whatever it is you play with, and let the grown-ups debate like adults.

    1. Dandy-Boy I just screen-grabbed your blog, printed it, and used it for toilet paper, after your Hasbara manual ran out.

        1. Gay Area Guy
          LS is back from the Gaza Groupie Fest and I’m hoping he and Andy will have a go at it.

        2. BAG- Dandy-Boy specialises in flowery, colourful Brit-lish in order to disguise the toxic “content” of the Hasbara propaganda that exudes from that idiot’s pores. Can’t use logic when the Hasbara playbook is in play. Uses every logical fallacy- then starts w/ the accusations.
          The good news is:–abc-news-topstories.html

        3. Ah, damn! If only FPY/Nazbol/Uncle Joe were still here. Him versus Andyboy would be something to behold!

        1. Wait til you meet LS. Incredibly juvenile but you can’t accuse him of being a foul mouthed American though.

    1. Disgruntled old/middle aged British guy like yourself. Left wing leanings, but probably from a wealthy politically connected family. he is anti semitic, as he lost out on honors and job opportunities to jewish competitors.

  12. @Mott69
    “flowery, colourful Brit-lish”
    No, it’s called real English. As Winston Churchill once said:
    “Britain and America are two countries, separated by a common language”.

      1. It would appear that there are many things missing from your educational upbringing.
        But I see that you did manage to get a degree in name calling.
        Is this a special course in your educational system?

          1. “Name calling is free of charge.”
            Ah! NOW I understand why so many contributors here are SO proficient!
            Do you begin in nursery school, or is it just in university?

          2. Fuck you, you fuckin’ fuckin’ fuckin’ fuck! (Al Pacino as Tony Montana, from the film “Scarface”, 1983)

          3. Not even your own original material – you have to copy it from a movie!
            You must have really flunked the course, but, I understand that original thought is really a struggle for you.

          4. You wanna fuck with me? Okay. You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend! (Al Pacino as Tony Montana, from the film “Scarface”, 1983)

          5. “Name calling is free of charge.”
            It may be free but I understand from this gem from Mott:
            “You condescending little twerp/twit.”
            That he didn’t obtain a very high grade!

        1. Andy
          You seem have missed the memo.
          “I chalked a lot of this up to “cultural difference.” One of the Deans at my college told me that “Chinese collaborate on work, while Westerners keep it all to themselves. This is because of our belief in socialism.” Another told me that those raised in a Confucian culture believe that before you can be an expert, you must spend decades copying previous masters; it is arrogant for a teenager to try to produce something unique, and copying is simply humility and flattery.”

  13. “Americans have become a nation of near-idiots in my opinion. Dull. Reactionary. Incapable of original thought and even less of a captivating curiosity. The media is a mirror of our ability as a society to deal with complex thought.”
    If irony were strawberries…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that one.

  14. In light of your article, I found this to be particuarly relevant.
    “I chalked a lot of this up to “cultural difference.” One of the Deans at my college told me that “Chinese collaborate on work, while Westerners keep it all to themselves. This is because of our belief in socialism.” Another told me that those raised in a Confucian culture believe that before you can be an expert, you must spend decades copying previous masters; it is arrogant for a teenager to try to produce something unique, and copying is simply humility and flattery.”

  15. My favorite:
    “Next is an industry of discriminators. A Pacific islander moves to the U.S. and hires someone to discriminate against them. Money then flows. Win win.”
    Spot on!!!

  16. Haa ha as the Israelis were fond as saying after the 1948 war “The Germans (Wermacht/SS) taught us much”… so the “Soviet Bloc taught us much” … (?) .. radioactive poison impregnated microspheres & stabbing umbrellas anyone?
    Anyhow famed Shotacon lover Yassar was abundantly supplied by a harem of little boy prostitutes & lovers (Women are for work/boys are for pleasure yada yada) with assist from CIA/Mossad/Interpol… as that could be interpreted as an organzed crime source of origin, as it were – with other World high ranking politicians reported to be HIV positive (with sealed/doctored medical records) there is a very resonable probability he was exposed even deliberately to “Bohemian Grove style” HIV little boy ass & cock

  17. You’re not antisemitic at all. In fact, lately your board is making me more pro-Israeli than anything. Maybe it’s just more balanced approach. I know you’re not pro-Israel. Even if I easily shock you and Honest Guy, I’m at my personal peak of pro-Jewishness.

    I have my ear to a lot of women, and I wonder if Jew media has done a better job promoting Blacks than Jews. White women want to be saviors of Blacks, not Jews. I know there was a shift in porn from pro-Jew to pro-Black. Many young women are brainwashed by the media but not pro-Jewish. Many are anti-Israel. The older conservative pro-military wives are more likely to be pro-Israel. One told me “Wait, they (Israelis) are the good guys.”

    1. I think Honest Guy should give you a break actually. You have become much more reasonable and nuanced on the subject of the Jews over time here. Of course I take complete responsibility for that! I don’t usually attack your sort of antisemitism by name-calling. I just gently show why it’s actually not true. I usually say that if it were true I would believe it! You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

      I feel this way about bigotry and -isms, which almost all of us have some capability of. Even Honest Guy would easily get called racist due to his opinion on Blacks (granted, ghetto ,but still). Now I happen to agree with him on that, but it shows that these SJW’s are even going to call him names.

      You’ve become remarkably less antisemitic and furthermore, your complaints against Jews have become a lot more reality-based, which is all I am trying to do here really.

      You used to make some pro-Nazi posts, but I hardly see those anymore either. So I’ll take credit for that too.

      I wish Honest Guy would recognize that you’ve changed for the better, but LOL I think he think he likes to fight.

      You have to realize I’ve known Honest Guy for 10-15 years through various incarnations. He used to be pretty damned insufferable. I think I even banned his ass before. To tell you the truth, I used to hate Honest Guy. I mean I hated him with a Goddamned passion! But that’s all over now because he changed his behavior. I don’t hold grudges. Life’s too short.

      But that was like 10-15 years ago. I believe he was a young man going to university in New York (I think Colombia?), and he had taken up the role of antisemitism fighter. He was one of those Jewish guys who pretends to be Nazis. He would come to my site and compliment me on attacking the evil Jews and say we need to spread information about these Jewish rat scum to the rest of the Left so we can get together and kill them all! I realized what he was trying to do there, and I wasn’t wild about it.

      Anyway, a lot of angry young Jewish men get on the antisemite fighter kick for whatever reason, and his wouldn’t be the first time a Jew impersonated a Nazi.

      I think he moved to Chicago after university, and he was there for some time. And it looks like in retrospect he had quite a few negative interactions with ghetto Blacks there such that they’ve left a bad taste in his mouth.

      You see I used to be able to follow these guys though a great referral tracker, so I could see when he was posting from a university computer, etc.

      I don’t think I heard from him in a long time.

      He came back recently and it took me a while to figure out who he used to be because he changed so much. He’d forgiven me and no longer attacked me for being an antisemite. But I’ll tell you what. I like having him here because he keeps my antisemitism on its toes. I really watch it with the antisemitism and word my writing about Jews very carefully while keeping guys like him in mind. I’m always thinking, “Is this going to fly with Honest Guy?” It’s good in a way because it keeps a lot of toxic language out of my critique.

      Anyway, he’s now in his mid-30’s, and it looks like he’s moved back to NYC and now lives on the Upper West Side and is very much a liberal to Left Democrat SWPL Blue Coast type. Apparently he’s run into money somehow. Maybe he’s making money with his degree. I have no idea. These Jews always seem to figure out how to make money, God bless em.

      He’s calmed down a lot and he’s a lot more mature and relaxed, which is a typical change from early 20’s to mid 30’s. He still likes to get angry though LOL. He’s become more of a general purpose antifascist type, though I don’t think he’s Antifa per se. He probably regards those types as low class and uncouth, which they are LOL. Also he hates the Defund the Police bullshit, and he thinks it’s hurting us on the Left.

      I don’t even think he is all that Jewish in a tribal sense. After all, he never talks about it. I don’t get the impression that he supports Israel a lot either. And I’d bet money he’s hardly religious.

      I actually rather like the guy, and I wish he would post on other subjects because he’s so damned smart, and he would have interesting things to say, but you know, like so many who play a verbal instrument on the Internets, he’s got his favorite keys.

      1. Claudius had a good post about acting Jewish vs being Jewish. A person acting like the obsessive Jewish stereotype is pretty insufferable. I’ve seen plenty of non-Jews act this way. One coworker was obsessively plotting against coworkers. He didn’t have much going on in his personal life. Some biological Jews may be less pathetic versions of this. High IQ + money + status is a fully loaded gun.

        I’ve seen some Upper East Jew Crusaders threaten to ruin little blue-collar punk kids they saw as antisemitic, and they had the influence to do it. In some ways, Jews are now Goliath.

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