Capitalism Doesn’t Even Follow Its Own Fake Laws!

Went to buy COVID tests the other day. $10/each!

The government was giving them away for free for a while, but then they decided to do the right thing and turn it over to the private sector so they could ream us at the drug store. Getting reamed by a capitalist slug is so much better than getting it free from the evil government, right, fanboys?

I’m told that they used to be cheaper, but then demand went down. As that results in lower sales and profits, they decided to jack up prices to make up for it. Look. This is not supply and demand. This is not free market capitalism. The joke about the pathetic and psychopathic joke that is capitalism is that it doesn’t even follow it’s own rules. Capitalism has one rule and one rule only: maximize profits at all costs.

This is how it’s supposed to work, fanboys. Demand goes down and prices start going down. You end up in price wars. To make up for lower demand, everyone is trying to go by volume, and a lot of people are probably just dumping. Getting any money at all for a product is better than getting zero dollars.

Demand goes up and prices go up because supply is short. People take advantage of the demand by jacking up prices.

The fake “law” of supply and demand isn’t even a law! It’s just more bullshit like so many things in economics, a dismal science if there ever was one.

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