I guess for the first time. I’m vacced and double-boosted, so I’m as immunized as it gets. My brother caught COVID at the Mission where he stays at night (natch), and I guess he gave it to me. He went to the mission with a mask on, and they asked him why he had a mask, gave him a COVID test, and he tested positive. He was dead sick. He called me from the mission and told me to come pick him up.

That day he had come in to my place sick as a dog. He doesn’t have a key so he rings to get in every morning or if I’m up early, I unlock the door.

He could barely make it home walking from the Mission, and he even called me to come pick him up, but I thought it was the doorbell call, so all I did was unlock the door.  The next day I saw him sitting in his chair, and I told him he looked like he was dead. Ever seen people who are very old and sick or just sick and their very face looks like death?

I got sick right around that day with a deep cough of the sort I haven’t had in ages. My brother suggested I go buy some COVID tests. $10 each!

The first day was just a deep cough, albeit a rather nasty one. The next day was splitting headaches, malaise, no appetite or energy, and chills and flushes (you’re too hot, then you’re too cold). The headaches and misery were so awful that I couldn’t even sleep. I just lay in bed and tried to meditate, which is actually not a bad way to spend one’s time. Now I’m congested, coughing up phlegm, and I have a sore throat. If I take Ibuprofen, I can sleep like a rock.

I must say, this is a nasty illness. I would not say it’s the worst cold or flu I’ve ever had, but it definitely has a different quality about it, a rather bizarre quality that I can’t quite put a finger on.

I went 3 1/2 years tempting fate by avoiding this illness, so it stands to reason that there would come a day when my card would turn up.

C’est la vie!

Any of you had this crap illness yet?

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7 thoughts on “I Have COVID”

    1. LOL not particularly. When did you have it? What was it like? You new here?

      It does have a bit of a bizarre quality not quite like anything you’ve experienced before, does it not?

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