French Versus American Opinion about Teen-Adult Sex

Remember when Roman Polanski got arrested for raping a 13 year old girl at Jack Nicholson’s house in 1977? Remember how he fled to France? Remember how the French refused to extradite him?

The French continue to refuse to extradite him because traditionally they don’t care about such things. The AOC was 14 there just recently. A famous case involving a pedophile who had sex with a 14 year old girl who then experienced “regret rape” a decade later caused a change to an AOC of 15. This man had sex with a lot of both girls and boys and he even wrote books about it. I’m not sure how old they were. I think some were young teenagers. Others were children.

Somehow, this guy became a darling of the French intellectual class (he was a good writer – let’s give him that) because of his attitude towards sexual freedom I suppose. The French are notorious champions of such things and they think we are the most insufferable prudes. Well, they’re right about us anyway. Here it is, 400 years on, and we’ve yet to chuck our stifling Puritan heritage about sex. I don’t expect to see any positive changes in this attitude in my lifetime. If anything, it seems to be getting worse year by year.

But the girl suffered delayed regret rape a decade later and decided that what she thought was a blast was really a horror, what she thought was a free-spirited choice was really a creepy older man taking advantage of a poor, innocent young thing. Nobody should give this regret rape bullshit ten seconds of their time because the very idea is absurd, but this time the French were different. Outrage ensued and the AOC got jacked up by a whole year.

By the way, all of these teenage girls suffering “terrible harm” from getting “groomed” or having sex with adult men never would have experienced one lick of harm back in the day. Now we have generations of basket case teenage girls and young women claiming they experienced “child sexual abuse” (child molestation or grooming) in their teen years.

Never mind that that’s not even possible. CSA cannot occur after age 12, nor grooming. What they experienced was attempted seduction by adult men (probably perfectly legal) and in some cases, statutory rape by adult men, which typically causes zero harm in the girl.

And the reactions of these girls towards these fake traumas of their teen years, as usual, tend to be of the “regret rape” variety. Usually they loved it at the time, but then when they thought it over some more later on, like years later, they decided that it was wrong and damaging and ruined their life, and this is where the “damage” began.

Obviously if they were damaged, it would have been the case from the get go. There’s no such thing as regret rape. Things either effect you or they don’t. Events are not time bombs. They don’t lie dormant forever with a shrug of the shoulder and then suddenly explode later on when you change your mind about them.

Any girl or woman getting harmed via regret rape isn’t experiencing real harm. Basically the harm they are experiencing instead is a form of self-harming. They created the harm in their own minds and imposed it on themselves and they can decide to lift anytime they want to also just the same.

If that is what is happening to you, then you are simply self-harming. And I believe that these millions of damaged women and girls ought there experiencing all this damage from things that never used to be harmful are doing just that – they are self-harming.

This low AOC in France of 15 apparently causes absolutely zero problems. The hysterics and sex fascists would have you think that legions of men would be hanging out outside every high school in France just to take advantage of those poor things, right? It doesn’t happen because most of those girls will tell them to get lost! 15 year old French girls have no problems whatsoever telling horny older men to get lost.

And I’m quite proud of them for doing that. Of course if they want to go with the man, you’re free to do so, but it’s not something you hear about a whole lot. Lowering AOC’s conjures up the boogeymen in society’s mind of legions of adult men, slavering like wolves, descending on flocks poor, innocent, sheep-like girls. Except that usually doesn’t even happen.

In a recent discussion on Reddit about a 15 year old girl having sex with a 25 year old man, probably 70-80% of the French people on there, men and women, said they could care less about it. It wasn’t like they thought it was the greatest thing since radial tires. It was more like, “Why the Hell would anyone care about something like that?” All of the comments taking this position were getting massive upvotes, and the American sex fascists were getting downvoted to Hell.

Of course every American on there was horrified and said the man in this case was a “pedophile” and the girl in this case was experiencing “child sexual abuse.” Obviously, neither of those statements are true, but mobs whipped up like the wind don’t usually let a few pesky facts get in the way of their mental riots.

The French laughed at this attitude and called the Americans idiots. The Americans called the French pedophiles. A gap as wide as people from two different planets opened up, like a gaping wound in the body politic of Western man.

Just a few things here. I am not advocating that the US lower its AOC to 15, though I would very much like a generous Romeo and Juliet law for 15 year old girls in all states. If a state wants to lower their AOC to 15, I would not oppose it of course, but that’s not going to happen in my lifetime. I don’t even support lowering the AOC in any US state.

I’ve lived in California all this time with an AOC of 18 and no Romeo and Juliet clause (and we will probably never get one here either), and obviously, I can live with it. Of course if some state wants to lower their AOC to 16 or 17, I won’t oppose, but I’m not advocating that. All I have ever been advocating here is a change of mindset from one of mass hysteria and idiotic moral panic to the more sane attitude that I grew up with.

Also, I’m not an advocate of Mr. Polanski. I’m not impressed that he gave that girl Quaaludes and then anally raped her. Not ok, Roman! I would have been happy to have seen him go down on rape, but apparently the girl didn’t want to press charges.

Also we now have some excellent evidence that Polanski raped a 9 or 10 year old girl on a Southern California beach 5-10 years prior to his arrest in 1977. The details are sketchy, but I believe the girl. That’s worse than bad. That’s not even child molestation. That’s out and out child rape.

He definitely should have gone down for that. I doubt the case is prosecutable anymore, but still, that was very bad thing to do. I don’t think he’s a pedophile. He’s been married to grown women all these years and he likes them just fine. Sure, he likes girls and Lolis too, but so do 20-25% of men. He’s not unusual in that respect.

In my opinion, Roman Polanski is a bad person. What could he do to redeem himself? Say he’s sorry?

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3 thoughts on “French Versus American Opinion about Teen-Adult Sex”

  1. Just one correction. The Roman Polanski situation with the 13 year old girl happened at Jack Nicholson’s house in Beverly Hills, 1977. Just for accuracy.

  2. He’s 90 and married a hottie. Wifd looks very mature and chesty:
    I like this type of MILF. Nothing childlike about her at all. I favored matures for years.

    Little cutie forgave him and is even sorry for he had to go through.:
    In her young pic she looks very naive and innocent. I know young women that look like her that are as clueless as they are beautiful. I hate to say it but it’s a very rapeable type.

    He was human and it was a good move to go to France. I’ve heard the gay Jewish mafia in Hollywood forgave him after he made a WWII film. Poles tend to be more into WWII than other groups.

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