Why German Communists Hated German Social Democrats in the 20’s and 30’s

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The KPD (Communist Party of Germany) never forgave the SPD (Social-Democratic Party of Germany) for allying with the Freikorps (far rightwing German war veterans and proto-Nazis – Hitler was a member) to suppress the Spartacist revolt in Bavaria, a short-lived Communist government of only three months in that state, and murdering Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, leaders of the communist revolution there.

This is something that liberals are apt to forget when they blame the KPD for being too slow to form an anti-Nazi front in the early 1930’s: the Communists were still mad at the Social Democrats over this betrayal and refused to ally with them. They also forget that the Weimar Republic was destroyed in 1930. The coalition including the NSDAP (Nazi Party) in 1933 was to prevent its corpse from twitching, not to bury it.

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One thought on “Why German Communists Hated German Social Democrats in the 20’s and 30’s”

  1. An Israeli ex-Jew I listened to was very pro-German and he made a good case for their superiority at a certain time, citing examples. He also said something like German spirit died in Germany after WWII but lived on in Israel. They have more German influence there than most people think, don’t fully understand how but it’s interesting. I’m not German, though Luxembourgish isn’t far off, but I agree to a degree. They’re still very innovative today in boardgaming, automobiles, ect.

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