When It Comes to a Choice between the Left or the Empire Versus Fascism, Liberal Democrats Always Choose Fascism

Yes I’ve noticed that when it comes down to a choice between the Left and fascism (and fascism typically evolves due to a serious threat from the Left), liberal Democrats and even modern Social Democrats always align with the fascists! Look at how many times liberal Democrats supported out and out fascists against the Left, even when the Left was democratic and was thrown out for such communist behavior as raising the minimum wage.

  • Leftwing guy comes in.
  • Raises the minimum wage! (What a Communist thing to do!)
  • The Right screams “Communism” on cue.
  • A fascist coup ensues.
  • Fascist terror with death squads. etc. follows, massacring so many people that folks will think twice about ever electing the Left again. “Remember what happened last time we did that?”
  • Liberal democrats and nowadays, social democrats line up with the mass murdering fascists! Those bastards!

I never really understood it until I figured out that liberal Democrats and modern social democrats both are working for the rich and especially the corporations of their countries, and those corporations hate anything even slightly leftwing. Now it makes sense. Liberal Democrats and now even Social Democrats will do anything, including allying with the Devil Himself, to keep capitalism going smoothly.

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