Shall We Make Alliance with the Right?

On the other hand, even given that the Right is fascist now, should we avoid all alliances with them? I think not. First of all if we ally with them on certain issues, we’re not going to help elect a single MAGA fascist and we can still fight their fascism while we strategically ally with them on some issues.

I would argue that the issues we are dealing with here in the US are so serious that we can’t afford not to form strategic alliances.

One thing I liked about this essay was his advocacy of Right-Left alliances. He also opposed purity tests.

Sure, a lot people on that site don’t like the Left for a lot of reasons, but some of us are with the Right on certain things! Let’s make Right-Left alliances on everything we agree on and try not to discuss the things we differ on. There’s strength in numbers. Whatever increases our numbers improves us, whatever diminishes them harms us.

We can ally with them on

  • support for Russia, China, and BRICS, opposition to the US Empire, and
  • opposition to The insanity and excess of the Cultural Left
  • The US Empire
  • Mass illegal and even legal immigration (family reunification, chain migration, unselective immigration where we import unskilled instead of skilled labor, labor visas and Hindu-1B visas, lack of ideological screening)
  • Corporate power (especially woke corporate power)
  • Anti-White racism (including DEI, Critical Race Theory and modern anti-racism)
  • Man-hating feminism
  • Drugging, arresting of development, and mutilation of children in order to create Frankenstein trannies
  • Propagandizing of small children favor of homosexuality, transvestism (drag queens), and transsexualism
  • General anti-elitism

Purity tests are also ridiculous. If you’re Left on 90 things and Right on 10 things (90% Left) you are literally tossed out of the Left on your ass and ordered to go join the Right. This makes no sense. The Left like anyone else needs every vote it can get. I get thrown out of every Left forum I join though I’m 82% Left at last count. The 18% Right apparently means I’m on the Right! Did these idiots flunk math class?

I also want to say that the folks on the Right (even the MAGA fascists) are a Hell of a lot nicer to me that people on the Left are. I disagree with the Right on so many things, yet most of them are still kind, and it seems that they are grabbing any alliance they can. This is odd because I was told that the Right were the meanies. Turns out that’s not true. The people on the Left are as mean as snakes! The nice people are on the Right. I don’t want them running things, but they sure are nice!

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11 thoughts on “Shall We Make Alliance with the Right?”

  1. Best looking women I know are social liberals, but they’re wrong about everything. Also, we’re talking young women here. The feminist morph turns many ugly in time. Conservative women may age better. Today’s liberals have good economics but no other pleasantries. They resemble some Jewish caricature.

    Fox News is neocon but they put their best foot forward. Hire good looking women.

    Liberal networks hire man-hating bull-dykes with fascist haircuts. Beauty doesn’t matter to them.

    Which women do you want to hangout with?

    1. Yes right-wing women like horse-faced Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sidney Powell, Jeanine Pirro, and “Man” Coulter (take a closer look) are such ravishing beauties. Among so many others.

      1. I wouldn’t call Coulter attractive but at least I can agree with the bitch on some things. Elizabeth Hasselbeck looked way better than her old cohosts on The View. I’m talking about common non-media women though. From what I’ve seen, social liberals startout the prettiest and most naive beauties. Then the feminist rot sets in.

        1. I’m so depressed because every time I see a Republican woman on TV she reminds of the chicks I went to high school with! It’s like all the chicks I went to high school with turned into Goddamned Republicans! To tell the truth, most of the Republican men on TV look like the guys I went to school with. Middle, upper middle, and upper class Whites of my generation all turned into Republicans, let’s face it. It depresses the living Hell out of me.

          Some liberal chicks are hot, especially a lot of these young ones.

          1. I’ve noticed that. Older women conservative, young women liberals is a thing. There’s even a saying about that. Young women have reached a new low though, more dyke wannabes than ever. I think being a liberal years ago when teachers could bang their college students was better.

      2. Turn on Fox News some time. Look at those chicks. Also a lot of rightwing women in Congress are or were pretty hot.

        I think Jeanine Pirro looks good. Maybe there is something wrong with me.

  2. We should never collaborate with fascism in any way (and yes that defines at least 98% of the U.S. right both inside and outside of the Republican party), but instead seek to destroy them politically and quite often physically.

      1. LOL some German Jews were practically Nazis until the party got just a bit too antisemitic for them. Look at Leo Strauss. And a Jew named Max Nordau was absolutely a proto-Nazi. He wrote a proto-Nazi or proto-fascist book called Degeneration around 1896. He become a Zionist of course, like all Jewish fascists. Degeneration is straight up proto-Nazism. Check it out sometime! He was a physician. Not a Mengele, thank God. More like a Celine. A fascist doctor, minus Celine’s antisemitism.

        On the other hand, he was against Nietzsche and Wagner, two arguably fascist or proto-Nazi writers, both antisemites. He hated their reification of the irrational, which is actually part and parcel of fascism and in particular of Nazism. So he was a accepted part of Nazism while rejecting another part of it. He was all over the place.

        Of course Jabotinsky was an out and out fascist, maybe not a Nazi but a fascist nevertheless. And all of his hears in Israel are absolutely Jewish fascists. Jewish fascism is an example of a philosemitic fascism. People don’t get it. They think all fascists are antisemitic. It’s not true at all. Fascism or even national socialism can unfold in any group. It’s absolutely possible to have a Jewish national socialism. National socialism need not be antisemitic. A Jewish national socialism would just substitute Jews for Aryans.

    1. I understand your position but desperation is forcing me to make alliances. If we can keep them out of power but get some of our pet issues passed, I think it’s worth it. Your position is making the perfect be the enemy of the good. I took this position forever, but I just recently changed it a few days ago. There are too many fascists now. Half the US voters are out and out fascists. I’m afraid we may have to make some tactical alliances with them.

      Thanks for your contribution!

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