How War Propaganda Works

War or foreign policy propaganda always paints the enemies of the powerful state as completely incompetent jokes who can’t organize a trip to the bathroom and at the same time complete menaces who are this far from wiping us off the map. The Jews (Israel) and the Anglosphere are masters of this nonsense. You would think people would spot it for the BS that it is, but I guess it fulfills your average person’s needs:


1. Omnipotence: The need to see you opponent as a pathetic joke and incompetent clown whose ass can be kicked in a day or two even if you barely try. because otherwise fighting them seems too scary.

2. Terror: The need to fear terrified of total annihilation. Why people have this need is beyond me, but we two-legged monkeys seem to have the need to be terrified. At the very least, some Fear Porn usually suffices to manipulate us into aggressive behavior against the feared object, so it’s very useful to the propagandist.

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