What Is Grooming? With an Aside about the Dutroux Affair

Trying to get new children to voluntarily have homosexual sex is very easy (“You’re a big girl now…Don’t be childish,” etc.), just as overwhelmingly young, extremely neglected children (like X1), are given presents and attention, soon followed by the abuser sexually touching the victim.

If the child allows the touching, i.e. “volunteers”  to be touched (after given a few hints by the abuser and thinks: “This person is so good to me. Why am I so childish or selfish to refuse him something as simple as sex?”), the game continues…

From The Reality of Protected Child Abuse and Snuff Networks: Beyond the Dutroux Affair (2007) by Joël van der Reijden*.

X1 was Regina Louf, one of the girls who got molested. Her description of one crime, the murder of one the girls who was getting molested alongside her, was so accurate that she could only have been there watching it. They killed the girls for breaking rules, talking to others about the network, and also for simply getting too old. The girls were supposedly murdered at age ~16 because they were “too old” for these freaks.

The Dutroux Affair was a crime that occurred in Belgium. It did occur and a few people went down on kidnapping and child molesting. I’m not sure if anyone went down on murder, but it’s obvious that Dutroux and his friends were involved in at least a couple of murders of young girls whose names are none and whose bodies were found.

The article also makes an excellent case that snuff movies do indeed exist. Indeed X1 and the other girls describing the filming of the murders of girls. Furthermore, officers who found some of these videos stated that the murders of known girl murder victims were actually depicted on the tapes. Later, of course, all of the tapes conveniently disappeared.

There’s also a suggestion of involving of intelligence agencies in these networks. They set prominent men up with little girls or teenage girls and get them to have sex with the girls while the whole thing is filmed via hidden cameras. Now they have blackmail on the man and the own him for life.

The CIA is reputed to have long had habitations called “brownstones” that are used to bait and entrap prominent men into having sex with little girls or teens, the events of which are then videotaped by the CIA with hidden cameras. The CIA supposedly has long had blackmail material on many prominent people through this very nasty means.

This is exactly what was going on in the Mossad/CIA Jeffrey Epstein case.

Ok, you want to know what “grooming” is? That above is grooming. You can only groom little kids. You have to groom kids because they have no sex drive and have no idea what even is, so you have to give them presents and whatnot to get them in the mood to do this weird thing called sex. Small children don’t typically hate having sex with adults, mostly because they have no idea what exactly is going on.

Until you have a sex drive, you can’t really formulate the concept of what sex even is. In terms of reactions, most children react to getting molested by thinking that what happened to them was odd, strange, or weird, but they don’t necessarily think it’s bad because they can’t conceptualize that. On the other hand, when you are a kid, strange things are happening to you all the time because you don’t understand the world.

The reason so many people recover memories of being molested is because for a huge number of kids, this odd event called getting molested was so uneventful and trivial that they simply forget about it! Then they recover the memory as adults and they experience an extreme trauma they never felt as a kid. These adults are pretty much self-harming. If it didn’t bother you as a kid, why the Hell does it bother you now?

Some kids do hate getting molested. I talked to a woman recently who got molested by her father from a very early age. She told that she loved it! Incredibly, the molestation started at age three! For the first few years, she hated it, and she cried every time he did it, but by the time she was five, she discovered that she liked it a lot.

This isn’t an unusual reaction by the way. I’ve met a number of women who were molested even at very young ages by fathers, mothers, brothers, cousins, or uncles who told me that they liked it. I’ve seen videos of others claiming the same thing.

That’s why I think calling it abuse or rape is absurd. “Molestation” is so much better. What’s happening? The way society sees, a “bothering” or “annoyance” of the child or perhaps society itself is society disapproves of this severe transgression so much. In a way, they are bothering or annoying society by engaging in his severe transgression.

Of course sometimes molestation is rape and I’ve heard of  two different cases. One was raped by her brother for many years, and another was sexually assaulted as a teenager by her father. In both cases, the girls fought  back. Not coincidentally, both women continue to suffer as a result of this sexual abuse or rape they experienced as minors.

If the child is traumatized then it makes sense to call it abuse. But so much child molesting isn’t really rape or abuse that we need a new word: child molestation.

It’s also ok that “molesting” doesn’t seem like a huge offense. After all, it just means bothering someone. But you can use the verb as an analogy for transgression of society’s morals I don’t think child molesters deserve the death penalty. In Florida the hysterics just put that in.

I’m unsure of what the proper charge for molestation should be. I need to think about that some more.

I do know that the maximum for statutory rape should be no more than three years in prison. For possession of child porn, these sentences are ridiculous too. I would make that punishable by a maximum of 10 years in prison.

All these people who complain about slaps on the wrists ought to volunteer to serve some time at the local prison as an experiment. Since they say it’s such an easy cruise, I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time! After they spend one day in a maximum security lockup, I’m sure they will find themselves in the ninth circle of Hell. People just don’t understand how horrible a day, week, month or particularly a year in a US prison is like.

*By the way, that online book is truly horrible. I’m doing a huge edit on it because it’s a mess having been translated directly from the Dutch by a man who is not a fluent English speaker. However, it’s 450 pages long, so please bear with me! I’ll be posting it on the site whenever I finish it.

It shows that there are indeed gangs of pedophiles and child molesters consisting of some people at the very top of society who worship the Devil, and molest, beat and even murder kids. A lot of them are not even really pedophiles as they don’t prefer kids sexually. Instead they are trying to go beyond all of society’s rules and commit the ultimate sins and crimes, perhaps to show that they are completely free or that they can do whatever they want. They get off on the idea that they are committing the ultimate transgression.

So while Pizzagate is BS, what it discusses, secret gangs of Satan-worshiping, child molesting elites at the top of society is indeed a phenomenon. The problem is it has been very hard to get convictions of these folks because cops who look into this tend to end up threatened or dead.

These people are so high-ranking that no one wants to go after them. In addition, the things that are done to these kids and teenagers are horrific that it stretches one’s imagination that these events even occurred at all. Most kids who were victims of these networks have been blown off as head cases and chronic liars. However, I think a good part of the time, especially in the Dutroux case, I think these incredible events really happened.

Part of the problem is that some of these cases like the McMartin preschool case are obviously complete bullshit. And I doubt if it’s the only one. So then one is forced into the task of figuring out which cases are true and which are false.

I’d be careful reading that document if I were you. I’ve been reading it lately but it is so disturbing that it is hard to read and I have to stop reading it a lot. You may even find it too disturbing to even read bits of it.

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