The Fake News That “The Left Supports Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia”

“California Democrats Block Bill to Make Child Sex Trafficking a Serious Felony”

This has got to be sex fascist fake news.

I believe that in California, all statutory rape of 14-17 year olds by men up to ten years older than each age year of girl is classed as a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

14-24 year old male commits statutory rape of 14 year old girl: Misdemeanor.
25+ year old man commits statutory rape of 14 year old girl: Felony

15-25 year old man commits statutory rape of 15 year old girl: Misdemeanor.
26+ year old man commits statutory rape of 15 year old girl: Felony

16-26 year old man commits statutory rape of 16 year old girl: Misdemeanor.
27 year old man commits statutory rape of 16 year old girl: Felony

17-27+ year old man commits statutory rape of 17 year old girl: Misdemeanor.
28 year old man commits statutory rape of 17 year old girl: Felony

The lower ages in these crimes are probably not even prosecuted. I’ve heard that in California they don’t even arrest minors for statutory crimes. I’m not sure if that’s true though, but I think a 13-17 year old boy could have sex with a 14-17 year old girl with no issues. The worst they might do is involve Social Services.

I think that’s how it works. Nevertheless, this 10 or less year age difference break that men got was not extended to gay men having sex with teenage boys. All the Legislature did recently was equalize the penalties for gays and straights. This was played up all across the rightwing sex fascist media as “California Democrats Support Homosexual Pedophilia!” BS as you can see.

The article below is being peddled all over the Sex Fascist Right as evidence that the Left “supports pedophilia and child sex trafficking.”

It’s simply not true that people on the Left generally defend “pedophilia,” although it doesn’t matter if you defend or oppose it, as pedophilia and being a pedophile is 100% legal everywhere on Earth! It’s simply a way of thinking or a person who thinks in a particular way. It’s not illegal until you act on these urges, at which time you commit the crime of Child Molestation and become a person known as a child molester.

Now, child molestation is an actual act, and you can of course support or oppose it in a meaningful sense. The problem is that child molestation and child molester somehow or other doesn’t sound evil enough for the crime, though it was plenty evil back in the day, I assure you! And keep in mind that we are not trying to be rational here. The sex fascists are simply trying to deviously excite a mass hysteria in society over the bugaboo of teen sex. That’s all it is. Another teen sex panic!

“Child sex trafficking” is a fake term made up by sex fascists for what really should be called “Prostitution by a Minor.” “Trafficking” itself is a BS word for what has always been called “pimping.” Work as a prostitute? Got a pimp? Congratulations, you’re now being “trafficked.” Why not just call it pimping? Well, they used to do just that, and in some places, perhaps they still do. But pimping just doesn’t sound as evil as trafficking, and the sex fascists are in the business of creating mass hysterias here, not writing sensible laws. So the old language had to go.

Also, according to this crazy new federal law, all teenage prostitutes, even those in business for themselves, are automatically being “trafficked,” which is idiotic and an abuse of language. Self-employed teen prostitutes are literally “trafficking” themselves? Huh? Of course the idiot law doesn’t see it like that.

All teen prostitutes are somehow being “trafficked,” yet they can’t possibly be trafficking themselves, so what’s a sex fascist lawmaker to do? He’s in a conundrum! This state of affairs was quickly remedied by the unique notion that every man who purchased a teen prostitute was somehow “trafficking” her! Dumb, huh? So he’s literally pimping her out? Well, no. But I thought trafficking just meant pimping?

Well it does, except when it doesn’t, and when the sex fascists extended the dumb law in the 2012 Congress, and then they had to come up with a new fake reason for a crime! Whenever you are going on a fishing expedition for the reasons things are against the law, and you’re throwing anything against the law to see what sticks, there’s a pretty good chance that the reasons for your law or at least its language are nonsensical.

All of this BS could have been remedied by simply making a new crime called Purchasing a Minor Prostitute or something along those lines. But that doesn’t sound evil enough as trafficking, so the sex fascists had to abuse both language and logic in order to get people all emotionally upset and hysterical about a crime.

No one on the Left or Right supports minors being prostitutes. I’m not aware of one person on Earth promoting that position.

Neither the Right nor the Left supports or defends Child Molestation, so it’s a moot issue. There are a few outliers, mostly pedophiles, who support it, but they’re not necessarily left or right. They have a fringe politics for sure, but it’s best seen as neither Right nor Left, just fringe stuff.

Bottom line: Every time you see those idiot words “pedophilia” or “pedophile,” just substitute “child molestation” or “child molester” respectively.

Now you do that and you can finally talk about this issue and make sense at the same time.

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