What Do We Mean When We Talk about the Right in Terms of Politics?

Commenter: Are you really this stupid or are you just trolling? Left? Right? What are you talking about? Since you are the expert on this spectrum thing of right and left, why don’t you define for us what “right wing” is and what “left wing” is.


Right means conservative! Real simple. It’s mostly about economics though.

A better definition is that the Right believes in rule by an aristocratic wealthy elite and the Left believes in rule by the people, the masses, ordinary people without a lot of money, workers, or democracy. In the past, the Right believed in the divine right of kings. Then they switched to supporting feudal and warlord rule.

The Right believes in rule by aristocracy and is opposed to people’s rule or Democracy. The Left believes in rule by the people or democracy.

The Right includes all of the supporters of the Republican Party and the MAGA crowd.

They tend to support neoliberalism and hate “big government,” taxation, and social programs.

They’re also often hostile to women and non-Whites nowadays.

They have conservative social mores. In the US, the Right represents hardline Christianity such as Catholicism and fundamentalist Christianity.

They hated gays in the past, but those days may be over.

The Right hates environmentalism everywhere on Earth. They just want to destroy everything so people can get more money and stuff.

The Right also believes that global warming is fake and that the COVID epidemic was also faked. They opposed masks and COVID shutdowns as a violation of individual rights.

In the US, the Right is associated with radical individualism, but this philosophy is hated everywhere else in the world.

In the US, the Right takes a hardline against the tranny cult, anti-White critical race theory, radical homosexuality, and man-hating feminist bitches.

They do tend to take a harder line on illegal immigration and amnesty for illegals. They also take a harder line against asylum seekers. I actually support them on these issues.

In the past they refused to penalize employers for hiring illegals, so the problem was not fixed. This is because the US Right is extremely pro-corporate, pro-rich and pro-business. They always refused to deal with the Hindu-1B scabs who took White men’s IT work because they worked for half the money.

Now the Right may be cracking down on this abuse. They are also cracking down on chain immigration and are thinking about imposing more stringent tests to become a legal immigrant.

The US Right wants as few people as possible to vote, so they make voting as difficult as possible, especially for Democratic voters. Rightwingers always turn out no matter what, so they’re not worried about suppressing their own vote.

Since 2000, the US Right have been stealing elections via those voting machines. This is a problem that is still not fixed.

The Right is pushing radical anti-democracy measures all across the land and they just literally tried to steal an election.

The US Right is also extremely corrupt due to its business connections and love of wealth and possessions.

At the moment, the Republican Party seems committed to the project of a permanent Republican authoritarian state or dictatorship because as an elite party committed to rule by aristocrats, they realize that increasingly they cannot win fair and square.

This is a tendency all over the world, as the Right is antidemocratic in most places. As a movement committed to aristocratic rule and opposed to democratic rule by the people, generally speaking, most populations don’t want to vote for rich Rightwing elites. Hence in many places they only way they can get into power is by cutting back on democracy and putting in Rightwing dictatorships and authoritarian states.

The Right recently out and out stole three seats on the US Supreme Court.

The Right gutted the Voting Rights Act, so now states are free to discriminate against non-White voters.

The Rightwing Supreme Court has also ruled that extreme partisan gerrymanders such as the permanent Republican dictatorship in the Wisconsin Legislature are legal! The US Right

The Conservative Party in Australia and Canada is similar but much milder than Republicans. The Libertarian Party is absolutely conservative or Rightwing. Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema are Rightwing Democrats. However, the US Republican Party project is despised in most of the world where it has few if any numerous supporters in any land.

In Latin America, the Right supports the lighter-skinned elite and opposes anything intended to improve the lives of the vast majority darker skinned poor. They are also often violent and even murderous. They also represent latifundios, or large landowners.

The wealth gap is extreme in these societies the rich have almost all the money and wealth and everyone else has next to nothing. The Latin American Right thinks this is just fine! They often take over the small plots of the poor with the death squads and army.

If you don’t hand over your land, you get murdered by the Right. The rural poor then flood into urban slums without water, indoor plumbing, paved streets, not to mention access to health care, education, or even employment. The Right likes this just fine! And if they try to protest these conditions, the Right sends people out to kill them!

I should note that the Right owns all of the land in most of these countries. These are large estates. There is not enough land for the rest, so many are reduced to day labor on the estates of the rich Rightwingers.

They scream about socialism and communism all the time, but down there, being a communist means you belong to a labor union. Supporting raising the minimum wage is communism. In many of those countries, the penalty for being a communist is death. They very much hate labor unions and they often kill these people.

I will say that the Right down there has largely stopped killing people. However, in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Uruguay, in days past, these countries all ran Rightwing death squads and armies that massacred the urban and rural poor for demanding something to eat and a roof over their heads because that was communism! The Right is still murderous in recent years in Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Honduras.

The Right was formerly associated with extreme Jim Crow racism in places like Cuba and Ecuador. Rightwing Anti-Indian racism is still extreme in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile. The Venezuelan Right is very racist. Rightwing anti-black racism is still serious in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

However, the racism has declined from an earlier level in most of these places.

In general, the Rightwing Whites have almost all the money and wealth in these lands and the darker folks have next to nothing.

In the Philippines it is the same thing. A tiny Rightwing elite, mostly Fujian Chinese, has almost all the land, wealth, and money. Everyone else has next to nothing.

Rightwing governments in that sense have vanished from most of the rest of the globe. Rightwing economics or conservative economics is despised the world over.

There are few economically Right countries in Europe other than the UK under the Tories and Ukraine.

There is also rightwing fascism in the world. It may rule in Haiti. The Latin American Right has fascist tendencies at times, especially in Bolivia where they still wave Nazi flags. Fascist/Nazi rightwing countries include Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. A fascist Right rules Poland at the moment. An odd Rightwing fascist is in power in Hungary. Rightwing fascists have been ruling Israel for decades now.

In Europe, Right and Left are very different from what they are in the US. The Right is often nationalist and at times even pursues a Left economics. The Left is more anti-nationalist, internationalist, globalist, and pro-immigrant. I find this sort of a Right much more tolerable than the American kind.

Turkey has been a fascist country forever, but the economics are not rightwing. It is similar to Hungary in this regard. India is also a very fascist country right now, but the economics are still left. Turkey, Hungary, and India may in a sense be called “left fascism,” but the extreme bigotry and racism in India and Turkey makes them Rightwing.

Many countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Muslim World, the Arab World, the Caribbean, Eurasia, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa are socially conservative but economically leftwing. You can’t really call these conservative or Rightwing countries.

Putin’s politics is called Rightwing “Russian conservatism.” However, this would be considered leftwing in most of the world. This is about the only “rightwing” politics I can support nowadays.

Social conservatism is not considered conservatism or rightwing because the Right mostly has to do with economics.

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One thought on “What Do We Mean When We Talk about the Right in Terms of Politics?”

  1. The modern right loves Jews more than the left, who brazenly despise Israel. I don’t think American Jews return that love but maybe Israel does. Actually ran into some Jews at a cultural festival and they were talking about Jewish recipes. I almost said “You mean Palestinian?” I like things about Jews but less than hardcore Judeophiles and Jews themselves who worship Jews. I’m only romantic about assimilated Jews but I can appreciate the mental gifts which Jews possess.

    I was trying to find a group of men that hated women like Nazis hated Jews. I couldn’t find one. I believe most men understood it’s a partnership between the two genders. The first feminist movement seemed to be mostly a catfight. Some women strongly believed in patriarchy, others wanted more freedom. Men were pretty soft on women compared to Nazis on Jews, Klan on Blacks, ect. Modern feminism is more in line with said groups wanting total victory for women and not giving men an inch.

    Many men were feminists. From blue stockings to todays blue hairs. I believe alot of shemales are also feminists. Some men I knew seem to have been whipped by their progressive wives into identifying women. At least today, anti-feminists seem more sane.

    Blacks are a sacred cow of the left. A part of Blacks is socially conservative. I’d hesitate to call that group “niggers”. The Klan, Black Legion, ect. were true conservatives. I believe such movements were economic aswell as racial. All these groups hated commies, same as basic Americanism our grandmas, moms, ect. would subscribe to. Neo-cons invoke minorities, mostly Hispanics. Trump didn’t win on that though. The Alt-right memed Trumps respectability into existence. At his core, he’s nothing like what was presented.

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