Are Homophobes Really Gays in Denial?

Yes, some virulent homophobes are projecting.

Actually it’s called a reaction formation. In these cases, the person is projecting out extreme hatred of the gay internal self that he cannot accept. He hates his own inner gay self, but he is in denial, so he cannot even admit he is gay in the first place. Self-hatred is no fun and besides, he’s not gay, right? So he can’t hate himself and he projects out his own inner self-loathing of the gay self onto external objects, those being the gay men that represent the hated internal gay self that he cannot confront or accept.

Below I will discuss the construct known as toxic masculinity. I don’t really believe in it as toxic masculinity to me is just normative masculinity, but there does seem to be an extreme masculinity that is too extreme or “toxic.” Unfortunately these are the men that women love the most and as long as women keep insisting that males be hypermasculine, toxic masculinity, hypermasculinity, etc. and all of the negative things spouting from that will never go away.

However, serious homophobia is also an aspect of masculinity, hypermasculinity, toxic masculinity, whatever. Excellent books have been written on toxic masculinity that described homophobia as one of the essential aspects of toxic masculinity along with all of the other hypermasculine stuff we are so familiar with. And as someone becomes increasingly masculine or deeper into toxic masculinity, the homophobia seems to increase in tandem.

Active heterosexuality, often promiscuity, is also associated with toxic masculinity. So, really homophobia increases with increased levels of masculinity and probably also increases with more sexual success with women, a more active sex life, and more female sex partners. In other words, far from being gay, most homophobes are not only straight but they are Super Straight! The most homophobic men are the most passionately straight men out there. They’re Heterosexual X10!

In Jamaica, 92% of men are virulent homophobes. So Jamaican men are all a bunch of faggots? Nah. My father was a homophobe most of his life as were most men in his generation. I guess he was a screaming faggot? ISIS is homicidally homophobic. I guess all those ISIS terrorists are a bunch of homos? For much of Western civilization in Europe in the last 1,500 years, male homosexuality was condemned to an extreme degree. In fact, the typical penalty for homosexual sex was execution – it was a capital offense. Nevertheless, it still went on. I have read reports of gay men in Medieval Italy who would meet anonymously in out of the way places, even underground, to have gay sex. The more things change the more things stay the same, eh?

However, I think there was little gay male sex going on during this period and if you got caught doing this sort of thing, you might just get killed. I guess that would tend to put a damper on things. We have almost zero reports of gay men anywhere in the West before the late 1800’s. Paul Verlaine and Charles Baudelaire were gay Frenchmen during this time and Oscar Wilde was a gay Briton. I can’t think of a single prominent case in the West before that time. If someone can find one, clue me.

If the woke syllogism were true, then all Western men up through the 19th Century were a bunch of mincing queers, as homicidal homophobia was the order of the day. Anyone think that was true?

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2 thoughts on “Are Homophobes Really Gays in Denial?”

  1. Oscar Wilde died in gay Paree. The entire West is caked in semen now, but perhaps the French helped pave the way.

    Some famous gays loved Morocco.

    San Francisco has really become a gay hub.

    Greece and Brazil seem to be homophobic and yet are known for gayness too. For instance, trannies get attacked in Brazil, but anal is called Greek sex in some circles. Both countries have very attractive women and traditional morals, yet they also have gays.

    But it can nevertheless be funny to accuse a homophobe of being gay just for shits and giggles.

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