It Is Normal for Straight Men to Be Repulsed by Gay Male Sex

Commenter: I don’t hate gays. I am repulsed and disgusted by their degeneracy:glory holes, public toilet lurking, and the sick acts they perform within, and their pederasty which is more common than most believe. The mincing faggots that bare their arse cheeks in public in their sick parades…maybe I do hate them.

Well, I don’t like that either. I think a lot of straight men don’t like that. It’s also normal for straight men to be repulsed and disgusted by gay male sex. However, apparently said revulsion is homophobic. Therefore, it is completely normal for straight men to be homophobic in that sense.

To tell the truth, the only way I can have a positive attitude about gay men is by refusing to think about the things you just described.

and their pederasty which is more common than most believe.

Yes, teenage boy fucking is practically a normal part of their culture, much more than teenage girl fucking is in straight male culture now that there is a huge and pretty crazy backlash against it going on – the ‘Pedophilia’ Moral Panic. Pederasty has been a pillar of gay male culture since Antiquity. I don’t think it’s going away.

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