Modern Gay Rights Is Aggressive, in Your Face, Blatantly Obscene in Public, and Worst of all, Targeting Kids

Me: Gay Russian men drafted into the army just keep their mouths shut and they do all right. If they announce they’re gay, they’re in a world of hurt.

Commenter: Up until 2011 the US military had the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. In the military even more so than in regular society, people should keep their sexual preferences to themselves. Most straight people don’t go around telling everyone about their sex lives or worse yet demonstrating to kids the delights of vanilla or BDSM sex.

Some things you just keep to yourself and only share with your intimate partner(s), yet there’s a top-down push to turn everything private, taboo, or sacred into a public display of obscenity and profanity. This is not a natural development, but plenty of damaged, confused or misguided people fall for it and go along with the depravity.

Other commenters follow:


I work as a private tutor in a local school and have seen this menace develop in real time over the last few years. With a new head teacher there is now “Gay Pride” Month and teachers whom I once respected running bake sales to raise money for “oppressed gays” in Africa – all in full view of junior school kids. This and transgenderism is also woven into every topic – even design and chemistry. It’s demonic.


This homophobia as you call it, has been almost 100

When they started marching every week in the pride marches first with their asses hanging out and escalating from there to today’s disgusting drag performances where genitals are being literally rubbed into underage kids’ faces, it’s no wonder it creates a backlash.

I still don’t care what you do INSIDE YOUR OWN HOME, be gay, trans, or wear furs for all I care, but do not parade your genitals in the main street or force kids to see perverted drag shows.

If opposing people marching constantly at some public venue in sex attire half-naked or dangling genitals in front of underage children in drag shows is homophobia, then yes, I’m homophobic…

And again:

Spot on. The aggressive actions – especially the attempts at recruitment in schools – have created a lot of animosity towards the homosexual movements. Most homosexuals I know are against this militant propagandizing.


As for homophobia, perhaps some people would rather not have other people’s sexual issues thrown in their faces day after day or dragged into our public schools to influence our kids.

There is already too much sexuality in every aspect of American life, and it is pushed by “celebrities” and the entertainment industry. I for one do not want a government telling me how I should view anything at all.

And everywhere:

But I also agree that activist gays brought on the problems. I remember being appalled when they forcibly turned Boston’s St Patrick’s Day parade, a clearly family style event, into a Gay Pride event. That to me was the start of the craziness.


I don’t care what consenting adults do in privacy. I don’t want anyone’s sexuality shoved in my face. Goes for TV & movies too.

And they have zero business in education. NONE. NADA. NYET.

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One thought on “Modern Gay Rights Is Aggressive, in Your Face, Blatantly Obscene in Public, and Worst of all, Targeting Kids”

  1. If you accept the argument that people are created gay by God since birth, that means there are gay children.

    Which means that celebrating gay children is normal and good. Why would you hide gay children and treat them like something is wrong with them? That’s both homophobia and borderline abuse. Conservatives are stupid and contradict themselves as usual.

    We know many straight couples have gay histories. I know people who did gay stuff when they were in middle school and are now married with kids. We also know estrogen blockers and chemicals in the environment create more gay people, a fact that is now celebrated by the leading health authorities of Kings College London.

    If you accept gay people, you have no argument against LGBT events with children.

    I do not accept gay people or the argument that orientation is immutable, because it clearly can be changed, and in fact it’s changed all the time. Homosexuality is a preference, greatly impacted by endocrine disruption from chemicals in petroleum-based products. Therefore, I have no problem being against homosexual displays for children, because I do not believe there are children created immutably gay from birth, and I do not believe that homosexuality should be promoted as a healthy sexual practice.

    Also, I don’t hate gay people, in the same way that I don’t hate retarded people. They are both part of the same general category of mental illness. However, I don’t wish to see more retarded people, nor do I wish to see more gay people, so I don’t wish to promote the things that create more of both of them, because both are unhealthy. It’s that simple.

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