Libertarianism Is Far Right, Period

All Libertarians are Far Right with the exception of the Left Libertarian crowd who are almost Commies. Actually, they are all full-on Commies, but they are “freedom-loving Commies,” and they are very hardline Commies indeed! As in “China and Cuba are not Communist anymore. They are capitalist.” That kind of moronic Commie.

Of course the Right and Left Libertarians hate each other. This whole “Libertarians are neither right nor left” BS is just another one of their lies. Ask anyone left of center where Libertarians are. They’ll all say Right or even Far Right.

A commenter suggested that economic and political libertarianism is not necessarily rightwing:

libertarian economically/politically

See that part? That’s called rightwing economically and politically. With the exception of Left Libertarians, but probably 1

I think some Libertarians know they’re lying about this, and they’re trying to get naive Lefties to vote for them.

However, I think a lot of US Libertarians are just politically confused, have a typical American incoherent politics and as such, they actually believe that Libertarianism is neither Right nor Left. I heard one of them say,

All Libertarians want to do is dismantle the state. How can that possibly be rightwing?

LOL some people have a lot to learn. What can you say? Economics 100 should be requirement for every social science BA from a university.

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