Lesbian Relationships Are Dramatic, Chaotic, Crazy, and Violent

Lesbian relationships tend to be quite chaotic. And they beat each other up more than:

  • Women beat up men (least serious)
  • Men beat up women (moderately serious)
  • Gay men beat up men (very serious)

I found it shocking that gay men beat each other up more than straight men beat up women! Incredible. On the other hand, you put two horny testosterone-fueled monsters together and you’re asking for an explosion.

The femininity of women actually tones down male aggression because they seem weak and we feel sorry for them. In addition, a lot of us do not want to attack weak objects. A lot of men still think that is pussy behavior. I agree in a sense.

Go pick on someone your own size!

Where do you think that saying comes from?

With two lesbians, you have the usual drama + chaos of the woman without the stabilizing and frankly feared object of the masculine man to stabilize her, calm her down, and perhaps most importantly of all, to make her feel protected. Now combine this with the masculine, testosterone-mimicking behavior of the lesbian.

In fact, there are lesbians who have bailed on lesbianism altogether and married men because they say relationships with women are insane.

I knew a woman who was bisexually active but who refused to ID as bisexual because she refused to have relationships with women because she said they were crazy.

Relationships with men were much more stable to her. One lesbian said lesbian relationships drove her nuts:

You would get these long angry silences and silent treatments, sulking, and passive aggressive. What caused it? Was it something I said? Something I did? I never got a response who I was left going nuts playing a guessing game. Sometimes I figured it out and it was the pettiest little thing. Eight hours of pouting silence for that? Ridiculous!

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3 thoughts on “Lesbian Relationships Are Dramatic, Chaotic, Crazy, and Violent”

  1. Anyone who is shocked that gay men are more violent with each other is lying for the sake of wanting desperately to believe in PC in order to grab a bit of status from the status quo while (safely) being a “rebel” or “open minded.”

  2. I always felt if I was gay I’d be a rapist. I loath some men far more than even the worst women can come close to. I also have deeply ingrained views about respecting women, sort of like respecting children.

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