Has Homophobia Recently Gotten Worse in the West?

Commenter: This ‘homophobia’ as you call it, has been almost 100

I haven’t noticed any increase in street level homophobia or homophobia in my family. If anything it lessened over the period and to tell the truth, my more liberal family members are pretty insufferable in how pro-LGBTQIWTF they are. Plus it’s all a bit fake. It’s more like:

Hey, nobody cares! So don’t mention it or bring it up!

LOL not real ok with it.

As a straight man, I thank my lucky stars I didn’t get wired up gay. That sounds like a nightmare to me. If you pointed a loaded gun at me and said have gay sex or we will shoot you, I would say pull the damned trigger.

For one thing, every one of my friends would probably abandon me were I to turn up gay. Not that I blame them! I grew up in the 1970’s, and the straight community was pretty damn homophobic. The 80’s were not much different.

I’m in the unfortunate position of being one of those straight men who is at times mistaken for being gay, bisexual, formerly gay, etc. Usually women opt for the last two because any woman has this figured out way better than a man; that is, they’re figured out which men like women, and they know those guys aren’t gay. Men are much stupider in that regard.

This crap started in high school just a bit, but it got a lot worse in the early 80’s and on. I experienced quite a bit of homophobia, so I know how it feels. It’s probably one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. It terrifies you to your very bones. And I got it from all sorts of people, liberal, conservative, you name it. Straight women are some of the wildest homophobes of them all.

I never saw this “no one cares” era. I don’t think it’s true even know, except these young folks are different.

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2 thoughts on “Has Homophobia Recently Gotten Worse in the West?”

  1. There is no “phobia” going on here. People are repulsed by the sexual behavior or are annoyed at the in-your-face nature of it all. No one is afraid of them. On the other hand, they seem afraid, or are pretending to be for effect, of heteros. There is no fear involved here, so let’s stop using this bogus term which literally means “fear of man” in Latin and is ridiculous to begin with.

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