Eurocoms (European Parliamentary Communists) and Western Ultraleft Communists

China and Cuba are not Communist! They are both capitalist!

This is the typical crazy Commie in the West, especially the Anglosphere and they are completely out of step with the Left in the whole rest of the world.

Shades of Lenin, Ultra-Leftism: An Infantile Disorder.

This is typical of Left Libertarians and Left Anarchists in the West. This type of ultraleftism is quite popular in the West, but it hasn’t much power anywhere else other than in Kurdish-controlled Eastern Syria. In the West, it’s utterly irrelevant of course, though they do like smash stuff up a bit now and again. So not only are they idiots which is bad enough, but they are dangerous idiots, and this is a bad thing indeed.

This is also typical of Trotskyites, probably the most common type of Commie in the West. Please note that Trots never won a single revolution except the October Revolution. But they haven’t won one since. Trotskyites might amend the above to say that China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, and Eritrea are “Stalinist.” “Stalinist” means any existing Communist country that’s not Trotskyite, which means all of them after 1927. They call them Stalinist because the name Stalin has become an epithet because, well, he did kill millions of people, let’s face it.

In addition, in the West, we also have these strange creatures we call Maoists. They say that all existing Communists and most of the recent ones are “revisionist.”
That means they’ve strayed so far from Communism that they’re not even really Communists anymore. Hoxhaites, followers of Enver Hoxha, the Communist leader of Albania, are similar, as he took a pro-Chinese and anti-Soviet line after the Sino-Soviet split. He was also a radical atheist.

Maoists led a successful revolution in, yep, you guessed it – China! They also led a successful revolution in Cambodia. Yep, the Khmer Rogue were Maoists all right. Which shows what a dangerous philosophy it can be.

They’re tried in some other places like India, the Philippines, Peru, and Turkey. They had a fair amount of success in Peru, the Philippines and India, but they never took power.

Bottom line is most Commies in the West, especially in the Anglosphere, hate and have hated for some time every existing Communist country because…they’re not Commie enough!

This is a common fallacy of ideologues everywhere called “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.” Politics is the art of compromise. Do you strive for perfection in your personal life? Of course not, unless you are a miserable fool. You strive to do as best as you can or as best as the material conditions allow. Same principle in politics, which is really just the motivations of groups of people as opposed to one person. But the goals of group politics and the individual man otherwise don’t differ much.

For instance, I assure you that the official Communist Parties of every nation supports both China and Cuba and say both are Communist. It is for this reason that the Western Left, particularly in the Anglosphere, is utterly irrelevant and has been for some time now.

Not only that, but have they ever had a succesful revolution? Nope, unless we count Eastern Syria and Cambodia, both of which are rather dubious examples of success.

The Syrian PKK owes its entire state and existence to the reactionary US Empire and it is dead set against the Bashar Assad’s popular and Resistance Bloc state.

The Khmer Rogue were an example of what happens when Commies go insane. Part of it is because we bombed every inch of their land and killed 500,000 civilians when we bombed Cambodian from 1970-1975. That’ll drive anyone nuts.

Another part was that they went into exile in the 1920’s and took off for Paris, where they stayed for the next 40-50 years, isolated from the affairs of the land, talking only among themselves with little peer review for feedback and consequently getting crazier and crazier via sheer theory not tested in the field.

So it’s also an example of how a bunch of isolated and out of touch radical intellectuals, without peers to reality test or check them, can go completely bonkers via pure theory that’s only ever been tested on paper, not in reality. Beware the egghead with his head in the sky who speaks only to Gods and not men!

Another part of it was the horrific caste politics on steroids of Cambodia, with the logical result that the rural lower castes wanted to literally murder the urban higher castes and ended up doing just that.

In other words, it was a typical peasant rebellion of the kind the world has seen many times over the centuries. Peasant rebellions can be very bloody. Beware the bloody wrath of the oppressed! It has few equals!

The Khmielnicky Rebellion in Poland in the mid-1500’s, a typical anti-feudal peasant rebellion, ended up killing 1/3 of the population! That’s worse than the Commie Khmer Rogue peasant revolution. So the Khmer Rogue were nothing new. Even genocidal Communism was not some evil new development for mankind. Like so many things, it had its barely disguised predecessors if we only dare to peek into the past to find them.

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