Countries Are Naturally and Normally Homophobic All Over the World

Commenter: I despise how homophobia has become normalised in support of conservatism which, in turn, is associated with Trump, Putin etc.

LOL when have conservatives not been homophobic? Never. There’s nothing new here.

Actually it is not so bad in Russia as you think.

I’ve read about homosexuality in Russia. For instance, gay men were barred from the army. Around 2012, they got rid of it because too many straight men were claiming to be gay to get out of service. Now all Russian gay men serve in the army. But the army is crazy homophobic. Gay Russian men drafted into the army just keep their mouths shut, and they do all right. If they announce they’re gay, they’re in a world of hurt.

Yes, Russia is a homophobic society. Putin has to deal with that!

Russian society is very bad for young gays and lesbians due to the new law. They don’t get the help they need at all.

On Quora someone asked about homosexuality in Russia. A number of Russians responded that if you simply never discuss it, nobody much cared. Russian gay men said much the same thing. They just keep it on the down low. They said everyone knew and no one cared as long as they didn’t talk about it. St. Petersburg and Moscow are full of gay bars, and nobody much bothers them to my knowledge.

The arts in Russia are full of gays and always have been. It’s a cliche in Russian society.

In fact there is a joke that a man goes to the doctor and says he thinks he’s a homosexual. The doctor smiles and asks,

Well, are you an actor?


Are you a dancer?


Are you a singer?


Are you a classical musician?


Doctor keeps his smile the whole time.

What are you?

I’m an electrician.

The doctor looks angry.

Well then! You’re not a homosexual, you’re a Goddamned faggot!


Not only is Russia homophobic, but so are other countries in the region. So is Ukraine. So is Poland, Hungary, Latvia, on and on. Lots of East European societies are homophobic. They’re just very socially conservative is all. The pro-West and anti-West East European societies are both homophobic.

Incidentally, all of those Muslim and Arab states we all root for like Iran are pretty damned homophobic too. Pro-Western? Anti-Western? It matters not.

Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba are homophobic, although the laws may speak otherwise. That’s just the nature of Latin American hypermasculine culture. The pro-Western and anti-Western societies are both homophobic, though the latter may have better laws.

Africa? We’re all rooting for Black Africa now, right? Well, guess what? Black Africa is crazy homophobic! Probably among the worst on Earth. But we’re for them, right? The pro-US Black African societies are homophobic. The anti-US Black African societies are homophobic.

Note that this may have also been covered in this earlier piece:

To tell the truth though, male homosexuality in the Arab World is pretty damn rife, but you might want to have a wife at the same time.

Most Saudi gays are married up. I knew an Arab woman who told me that Saudi women being married to gay men is a big problem. She told me:

Half of all Saudi men are gay.

I have no idea what she means by that! And that figure seems pretty extreme.

That said, there are gay cafes in Saudi Arabia, but it’s only that they are on the down low. Don’t ask, don’t tell, all over the region.

Saudi schools are sex segregated, and though I’ve never heard of a lot of gay male activity at boys’ schools, the girls’ schools are plagued with epidemic lesbianism, including the usual drama + chaos that is part of the essential nature of the Feminine Character, supercharged with the normal stormy and mercurial ways of the moody teenage girl. The love affairs blow up or splinter into jealousy, and the resulting chaos causes all manner of problems in the schools.

A gay man recently traveled around the Arab World. In Lower Egypt, Nile boat boys repeatedly hit on him. He met a long term gay couple in Cairo. They said everyone knew but nobody talked about it. But they busted a riverboat full of gay partiers in the Nile recently and sent them to prison for a few years. That’s because in Egypt, it’s don’t ask, don’t tell, and keep it on the down low.

There’s plenty of homosexuality in Morocco. William Burroughs and Paul Bowles lived there for years fucking Arab teenage boys. Burroughs said some of the locals cursed him for his behavior, but he was never arrested.

All across North Africa, there’s quite a bit of male homosexuality because the women are all pretty much off-limits unless you are married, and in a lot of places, it costs too much to get married. So you have all these horny 18-29 straight man.

What’s a guy to do? Well, a lot of those men have gay sex. A few young men are actually gay, but there are not a lot of them. Those are the “fags.” All of the men who have sex with them are the “straights.” The fags play the female role in gay sex. The straights play the male role. Basically the real men, the masculine straight men, fuck the fags, the effeminate gay men, as they are obvious female substitutions. In addition, the straight men may well despise the “fags” they are fucking. Sure, they’re fucking them, but they also hate and have contempt for them.

It is similar in Afghanistan and maybe Pakistan.

In fact, all over the world, whether a man is gay or not is often portrayed in this way, as it is in US prisons. Remember, straight men are not just turned on by women. They are turned on by objects that look and/or act like women. Sculptures and paintings. Women and teenage girls. Male MtF trannies. Transvestites. And femmy gay men, who act like women! People don’t understand that orientation is towards “any object that resembles a woman” not to “a woman” per se.

The gay man we mentioned above went to Syria. He said men seemed to figure out he was gay and they were hitting on him everywhere. They’d slow their cars down and a couple of men inside would invite him in. He walked on the boardwalk and man after man came up to him. This in a country that arrests gay men and makes them have sex with each other in front of laughing, mocking police.

Then he went to Kuwait. A school principal there, married man, propositioned. He went to the beach and midnight and saw men having sex with men. Not a cop in sight.

Based on much disgusted observation and sad experience witnessing this bullshit, the capacity for homosexuality in young men in their early to mid 20’s is extremely high, although most want to play the male role and fuck the “fag”, who they often rather despise. In fact it is a very bad idea to deprive young men this age of sex with women because if you do, they will fuck guys! Later they get married and deny the whole thing!

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One thought on “Countries Are Naturally and Normally Homophobic All Over the World”

  1. No one is “homophobic” as that is nothing other than a childish insult for use by politically correct trendy straights to signal their status as cool kids. The “liberals” (who are anything but) are more disgusted by homosexuals than anyone. That’s why they shout “homophobe” the loudest.

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