Prigozhin’s Plane Goes Down

Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of Wagner PMC, was killed in a plane crash along with Dmitry Utkin, the founder of the organization. No one quite knows what happened. It couldn’t have been a bomb because planes hit with bombs break up normally. In this case, a wing tore off. There’s doesn’t seem any good evidence yet that it was shot down with AA. Of course it could have been taken down by the Nazis, but it’s hard to see how they could have pulled this off.

At the moment, the FSB is calling it a “terrorist attack.” They wouldn’t be doing that if the Russian state killed him. Just forget it.

The best analysis of the situation at the moment is that the cause of that plane crash is a complete mystery. We’ll have to keep on this into the future to see what plays out. One thing is for sure, Russian journalists won’t accept any crap from the Kremlin. Even pro-Putin journalists will blow the whistle on the state if they are lying. In that sense, Russia has far greater press freedom than the US does. You ever hear one prominent journalist call out the US government on its endless foreign policy lies? Well of course not.

I think their elections are freer too. Elections in Russia are completely fraud-free. Putin’s wins closely match pre-election polls and exit polls. Of course here in the “land of the free” the Republicans have been stealing elections with voting machines since the year 2000. The Democrats refuse to believe it because it’s “conspiracy theory.” They need to get over this fear of theirs. So even elections in Russia are vastly freer than they are here in the land of freedumb and demogogueracy.

Our press is less free than Russia’s?! Our elections are less free than Russia’s?! I’m sorry but that’s pretty damn weak because neither elections nor the media are completely free in Russia.

Not buying at all that Putin took that plane down. All he had to do was arrest him. Besides, I don’t believe that Putin offs his opponents. He’s killed a few double agents, but those were spies. All the rest of the “Putin kills” are just lies, although I am still looking into some of these deaths. And many more journalists were killed under Yeltsin than under Putin.

If Putin did this, he’s one of the stupidest people alive.

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