My Mind’s Made Up: Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts

That’s basically just about every human you will ever meet in your life right there. I don’t mind people lying about personal matters, their personal lives, the personal histories, etc. That’s a very sensitive area and we all lie to ourselves all the time about that stuff anyway, otherwise we’d all be buying it with a gun. A lot of the time in life, you have to lie to yourself to keep from blowing your brains out. Now, I would say that if that’s why you’re lying, you’re doing it for a pretty good reason.

On the other hand you can go completely overboard with this too to where you believe your own lies and get angry and defensive when challenged about your own alternate facts. Some people are lying to themselves too much and much potential for growth is arrested right there because they won’t come to terms with their past, accept responsibility, and quit blaming other people.

On the other hand, with just about everything else outside of my personal life and world, I’m simply interested in the truth. What on Earth do I want to believe a bunch of things that aren’t even true! Why do any of you want to believe a bunch of crap that’s not even true? Well, people do this because they can’t handle the truth.

The truth messes up their view of the world, which is constructed not as the world is but as they wish it to be. You got that right. Hardly anyone wants to see the world for what it really is. They just about all want to believe that their little dream world is in fact the truth.

To me, that’s pussy. A man, a real man, can handle the truth about most things that are not personal. If the truth conflicts with your ideology, what does that say about your ideology? It says it’s crap, that’s what it says. Why do you want to have a crap ideology that’s not even true?

Because it makes you feel good, that’s why. Because it aligns with  your fairy tale, made-up view of the world. Now if my ideology is based on a bunch of bullshit, I don’t feel very good about that. Why should I advocate for things that aren’t even true and don’t even work? Why should I have an ideology that’s based on lies and bullshit?

My enemies claim all the time that I deliberately lie on here. Truth is I don’t.

The whole purpose of this blog is a search for the truth about our world, a search for uncomfortable truths and painful facts, to talk about things we aren’t supposed to talk about because taboos are weak, pussy, and irrational.

If my side loses, I’m going to say so. If my side is wrong, I’m going to say so. If my enemies are right or are winning, I’m going to say so. Why this makes people so uncomfortable is something I will never understand. That seems to be a child’s way of looking at the world. If the truth hurts, so be it. Fasten your belts and take it like a man.

So whenever anyone tells you that I deliberately lie on here, they’re flat out wrong. I’m never going to do that? Why should I? Because my guys are losing? Hey, in my opinion, life sucks anyway, so that’s to be expected. Because the bad guys are right and my guys are wrong? Well, if that’s so, am I even on the right side? Maybe I will switch sides and go over to the enemy if they’re right after all.

If any of you get anything out of this website, I would like it to be this. The purpose of this website is to shock you and upset your whole world and all the silly little facts you believe that aren’t even true. In that sense, I’m trying to piss you off. I am trying to make you challenge every non-personal thing you believe, to put it all up for grabs. I challenge my beliefs all the time.

Of course I have my side and the other side, well, I often see them as the enemy, correct. Nevertheless, I am throwing my views up against the enemy’s all the time. I’m often taking the enemy’s line and asking myself, “Well, are they right or what?” Then I test it against my belief, “So is what I believe true or what?” It’s a pretty painful process (often it’s excruciatingly painful!), but I don’t see why I should believe a bunch of bullshit.

Whatever the facts of our world are, they’re surely not so unpleasant as to make life here impossible and necessitate suicide. Living life properly is a matter of constantly adjusting to the facts of the world as they change around us. If you can’t do that, you’re stuck. You’re not moving. You’re not growing. You’re like everyone else. You chose the comforts of pretty lies over the grueling endurance tests of the truth.

Anyway, the truth isn’t so bad after all except it makes you an outlier because you quit believing bullshit like all the other two legged monkeys around you. But why do you want to be like them? They’re clearly idiots for believing in bullshit. Why succumb to the peer pressure of morons? Are you a moron? No? All right then. Stand on your own two feet, dammit.

What’s the matter? You too pussy to make it on your own? You’re such a wimp that you have to go along with what everyone else believes because you can’t take their rejection?

Oh boo hoo. Are you done crying?

A man stands up for what he believes in, come Hell or high water. He believes in the truth, even when it’s infuriating everyone around him. He doesn’t need other people anyway, especially if they’re idiots.

Repeat this to yourself:

These people around me are all total idiots, but I need them!

Doesn’t that sound weak and gay? How can you be proud of yourself if that’s what you believe?

A real man (or real woman) only needs themselves, like Nietzsche’s ubermensch. When you reach this point, you know you’ve risen above the herd.

This is what I want for all of you. Are you man enough (or woman enough) to handle it? If I can do it, so can you. Come on, it’s not so hard.

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4 thoughts on “My Mind’s Made Up: Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts”

  1. “Hardly anyone wants to see the world for what it really is.”

    The majority is self-worshiping.

    “…personal matters, their personal lives, the personal histories, etc. That’s a very sensitive area and we all lie to ourselves all the time about that stuff anyway. ..”

    And pointing out political, cultural and even statistical lies is a sure-fire way to be attacked personally.

    1. Neothomist eh? So you are a follower of Thomas of Aquinas? Am I wrong in thinking he is a follower of Aristotle as opposed to Plato. I suppose I come down more on the side of the Platonists, but the Aristotlians definitely have some interesting arguments.

      I’m not too familiar with any of this stuff, to be completely honest.

  2. I love that “real men only need themselves” line. I engaged in that “real man” talk a lot over the years. I might have a more sexist view on real women. I don’t think they’re as independent.

    I’ve heard a number of Jews use “mensch” as a compliment like “You’re a real mensch.”

    I believe you’re right, Mike. I think most people think they’re ubermensch but aren’t. This is no doubt the way in America these days. The world revolves around them.

    As Robert suggested in another thread, “The best judge is outside that milieu” – i.e. the best judge has no dog in the fight. That’s very true and I believe Robert’s developed some good techniques in truth-seeking.

    I was complimenting an artist today and ended saying IMBO (in my biased opinion) to them. If I believe a certain artist is amazing, I might find the beauty in his simplistic stick figures.

    1. “Hardly anyone wants to see the world for what it really is.”

      The majority is self-worshiping.

      Can you please elaborate? I agree that you are correct. We all think the world revolves around us! That’s the perfectly natural and normal way of looking at the world. However, some disciplines like Buddhism advocate that you move beyond this. That is what the “destruction of the ego” stuff is all about. You’re just another cog in the machine. You ain’t nothing special! Sorry!

      So if we are solipsistic (I think that is the word you are looking for here, no?) than we are inclined to see the world in this bullshit, fairy tale of seeing “seeing the world for what we want it to be (our fake fantasy of the world) instead of how it actually is (the ego-shattering truth that we fear will annihilate us)? Am I correct?

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