Doble Twins


Our resident hebephile asked me what I thought of these girls who are famous reality TV stars in some Spanish-speaking country. They’re both 14 years old.

On first looking at her, my brain told me, “Too young!” Of course she’s attractive, and she has the body of a woman, so it looks good to me, but…there’s something wrong. I think when I was a very young man I would have found her a lot more attractive. I’m maybe half as turned on by her as I would be by a grown woman.

I see high school girls all the time and my brain tells me this about a lot of them. There’s something “wrong” with them. They’re “too small,” “too short” I think that is my brain telling me that they’re not fully grown, and indeed many are not. And at my age, a lot of them are childish as Hell, and that’s a huge turnoff.

Of course they’re hot, especially from sophomores up, and they turn me on almost as much as a woman, but at my age, I’m just not interested. They seem “way too young.” My brain says:

It’s too much of a girl.

I was certainly into girls at one period of my life, but that time has passed. Now “girl” is a turnoff. The only thing that gets me off is “woman.”

The other day I was in the coffee shop, and the shop was full of teenagers from the local high school who had gotten out early. I talked a bit to a couple of hotties in front of me, and they told me school had gotten out early. I asked them when a normal school day started and finished and compared it to my memories of when my high school started and finished.

They looked better than just about any of the other girls in the room. I realized that they must be older. I figured they were 17, maybe even 18. They must have been seniors. A friend of theirs came over and I couldn’t stop looking at her. She didn’t like that too much and looked a bit outraged. What can I say? I may be old, but I’m not dead!

Not only did they look older than the rest, but they also acted older than everyone else. So I figured they must be seniors. To me this shows that by senior year of high school, most young folks not only look like adults but they’re also acting pretty damned adult. What is this bullshit that they’re children? Nonsense! That’s a grown-up! I think this means that I’m as turned on by a 17 year old girl as I am by an adult. I’ve also noticed that at age 17 1/2 they’re even more mature and even more like an adult. They sure mature fast when they’re young!

It’s not as if we men can turn off our caveman brains. Sure we have frontal lobes that butt in and say, “Wait a minute dude! She’s not legal!” but that only goes so far and your caveman brain keeps forcing you to look at them.

Bottom line is once a girl starts looking like a woman with that curving body, big ass and tits, every man on Earth wants to fuck them, no exceptions. Our caveman brains look at them and say, “Breed it!” It’s just…you’re not supposed to do it.

The sex fascists can’t seem to figure out that thoughts and actions are two separate things. That’s called magical thinking and it shows how disordered their thinking us. A sex fascist thinks that if you look at a high school girl and think, “I want to fuck that girl!” (a perfectly normal thought), they think that that’s the same as literally having sex with her. And they want to put you in jail for illegal thoughts. You guys wonder why I hate these sex fascist scumbags.

The two seniors were talking with the new girl and a friend and I couldn’t stop looking at them fixing my coffee. They all looked about 17-18 and they were all smoking hot.

Basically they reminded me of when I was in my senior year of high school. They reminded me of some Mexican girls I used to hang out with back then.

These were the unassimilated “lowriders” who were sort of a gang but not really. They fought other gangs but not really, just fistfights. They drove souped up cars. The boys all looked sort of sad most of the time. The girls looked that way too and they wore way too much makeup. This was old-time “Chicano” culture in California.

They only hung out with each other, but for some reason, those girls took a liking to me and befriended me. They didn’t like me in a dating sort of way, more like just friends.

Anyway, I was reminiscing back to senior year in high school days when I was looking at those girls. The one kept giving me outraged looks every time I looked at her, but I was just thinking of the old days. These silly girls don’t understand men at all, do they? Didn’t their parents ever give them the,

This is what men are like! You either accept it or there’s always lesbian separatism


Somehow I think back in my grandparents’ day (they were both born in 1900), we as a society were so much saner about this. Modern day sex fascists were probably pretty much nonexistent back then.

The other day I saw a couple of quite young boys horsing around in the back of the store. At first I thought high school freshmen, but then I thought 8th graders. I was going to ask them whether they were 8th graders, but they took off. You can generally ask teenagers questions like that if you do it right. I ask high school girls what year they are in pretty regularly, and no one seems to care. As a matter of fact, they seem delighted to tell you. Their faces light up with these beaming smiles. But the conversation seems to end there.

I wonder if these young people and the idiot sex fascists realize that when we adults are looking at teenagers, we are not necessarily thinking we want to fuck them. Well, maybe we are sometimes, but that’s not the point, and that’s perfectly normal anyway. Instead we are often just thinking that these teenagers simply remind us of our own youth, and we are reminiscing about own our adolescence way back when. If I could have talked to those boys, I would have told them, “You know, I used to horse around like that myself.”

Instead we just get looks of outrage and I guess the sex fascists want to call the cops on us or ban us from stores. But a lot of the time we are just thinking of the old days. You can’t fuck most high school girls in this state anyway, so there’s nothing to worry about. What’s wrong with looking at teenagers because they remind of us our own teen years? The sex fascists claim it’s a capital offense, but I’m just not seeing it.

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2 thoughts on “Doble Twins”

    1. Waaay too young! That was my first thought. Took me a while to figure out that those are 12 year old girls. In a couple of the photos, they actually look rather attractive. In most of the others, it’s just way too much of a “little girl” to me. To me, 12 year old girls are “little girls.” I’m not sure what they really are, but that’s what they are to me.

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