The US Lies Again

New York Slimes: Russia’s military casualties are approaching 300,000, including as many as 120,000 deaths and 170,000 to 180,000 injuries, the newspaper reported. Ukrainian deaths were close to 70,000, with 100,000 to 120,000 wounded, it added.

This is ridiculous. Russia has 300,000, while Ukraine has 200,000. The New York Slimes is a paper of lying snakes, like all major US news outlets. I would call it the (((New York Times))), except I’m not sure how much their pathological lying has to do with their being Jewish so much as it has to do with their being the stenographers and paid whores of the Deep State.

In other words, the Gentile handmaidens of the US Empire lie about as much as the Jewish ones. In geopolitics, non-psychopaths and pathological liars need not apply, and that applies to the journalist stenographers.

Furthermore, they only printed this because the Deep State, the people who really run this country, gave them the go-ahead.

In other words, the CIA or the State Department gave the New York Slimes permission to run this piece, possibly by releasing the figures themselves. The US media are nothing but handmaidens of the Deep State or National Security State. They will never do anything that goes against the Deep State in any way, shape, or form.

The people who really run this country are called The Foreign Policy Establishment of the United States. They’re not Jews, or elites, or wokesters, or liberals, or conservatives, or the media, or Hollywood, or any of that. The Foreign Policy Establishment of the United States is the Deep State. Period.

They killed JFK and probably RFK too. There were massive coverups of both assassinations by the handmaidens of the Deep State in the FBI and the local police.

The press is aghast at the 500,000 casualties figure, but in truth, it’s far worse than that.

The first figure is the real figure for people, who, you know, believe in the truth (Westerners need not apply). The second figure is the fake figure from the lying New York Slimes. It’s for, you know, all you suckers and marks out there (in other words, Westerners).



Killed: 400,000 (not 70,000). Reduced by 5.8X. Source: Survey of Ukrainian graveyard expansion.

Wounded: 1.2 million (not 110,000 LOL). Reduced by 11X. Source: 3X the KIA figure.

Permanent losses: 60,000. Source: US media.

Missing: 40,000? (unknown). Source: Scott Ritter.

Total: 1.6 million (not 180,000). Reduced by 8X.


Killed: 35,000 (not 120,000 LOL). Exaggerated by 3.4X. Source: Count of obituary notices by Mediazona.

Wounded: 140,000 (not 175,000, though they did get this one fairly close). Exaggerated by 25

Permanent losses: 8,000? (unknown).

Missing: Few to none? (unknown).

Total: 175,000 (not 290,000) Exaggerated by 66

Both sides:

Killed: 435,000 (not 190,000). 44

Wounded: 1,375,000 (not 285,000). 17

Permanent losses: 60,000+ (unknown).

Missing: 40,000+? (unknown).

Total losses: 1,770,000 (not 500,000). 29


Ukrainian losses: 9.5X Russian figure (not .61X LOL). Ratio reduced 16X in Ukraine’s favor.

Ukrainian KIA: 11X Russian figure (not .58X LOL) Ratio reduced 20X in Ukraine’s favor.

Ukrainian WIA: WIA 9X Russian figure (not .63X LOL). Ratio reduced by 14X in Ukraine.

Ukrainian permanent losses: 7.5X Russian figure? (unknown)

Ukrainian missing: 80X Russian figure? (unknown).

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