Are the Jews Truly an Ingrate Race?

Polar Bear: That’s what people get for going around with Jews. Ingratitude from them all the way from the Far West to the Far East.

The English elite were very much in bed with Jews, and England has nevertheless been treated as far less sacred than Israel has, perhaps less sacred than any European country.

In a way Israel is a lady and Western European countries are whores and treated as such. England’s a reverse Cinderella story. It had everything and now she’s the most mistreated of the lot.

Jews even whine about the English after they gift-wrapped them Israel. In movies they talk about fighting English and Arabs to get their land. Is their history just a lie to make themselves look better? Jews show no meaningful loyalty to their friends and bite the hand the hand that feeds them the hardest.

Why is almost every nationalism in Europe antisemitic?

Even Irish Nationalism seems to blame Jews more than English for running their countries,  banks, etc.

Jews, while impressive in their own right, are at their core parasitic ingrates.

Why are almost all European ethnic nationalists antisemites? It’s a complicated question! The last person to give you a correct answer on that question would be a Jewish person, but I can try my hand as I’m outside of that milieu. I’ll try in another essay.

Yes, the Jews did indeed turn on the British, but they don’t hate them anymore. That was a temporary hatred by way of nationalism. What happened was that the British birthed Jewish nationalism and then appeared to stand in the way of its realization with loaded guns. Anyway a lot of Jews don’t think much of those maniacs who bombed hotels full of British people.

About half of those Jewish militias were Leftist, almost proto-Communist, and the other half were full-bore all-out fascists. It is the descendants of these fascists that have held power in Israel for decades now. Indeed, the father of Jewish fascism, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, author of the classic The Iron Wall, is also the godfather of not only Revisionist Zionism itself (all rightwing Zionism is revisionist Zionism), but he is also the man who birthed the Likud Party. He is their hero and eternal leader, like Mao in the CCP.

So, yes, the Jews turned on their British friends, but maybe for a good reason, and after 1967, they buddied up to them again.

Oftentimes you need to go outside the group to find an accurate critique of them or their predicaments as if you go to the group itself, all you get is a bunch of “We’re dindus!” and “We’re 100

I don’t really like to call Jews parasites because I’m not sure that they are. Last time I checked they were involved in a lot of productive capital with their mitts in every industry out there. I’m not even sure what a “parasitical” entity or nation would even look like!

However, one can make the case that Jews are “parasitical” in terms of economics in that at least in the past a lot of their economic activity was in banking, finance capital, stock market, insurance, and even real estate. None of this BS is productive capital.

It’s pure speculative capital and it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s a gigantic casino in the sky. So it makes sense to call the FIRE economy “parasitical,” I suppose. It’s surely not productive. However, all Gentiles involved in this sector are all “parasitical” too. I’d prefer to avoid the terms same as I’d avoid calling Jews any of the terms below simply because they’ve become contaminated by Nazi use of them:

Germs, viruses (a common one):

These two are foreign bodies that invade our own body and cause an infection that needs to be genocided to leave our body. The virus theory is also tied into the rootlessness of the Jews having no home so they must, virus-like, roam from body to body “infecting” them for a while.

Israel Shamir wrote an article calling Jews a “virus-like people.” That was a pretty bad use of words on his part. He’s also called them “parasites” on the basis of their presence in the FIRE economy above. He likes to play around with ugly antisemitic stereotypes though. The problem is he’s Jewish. What will he do when they come for him? Say I’m one of the good ones so spare me?

Rats, or vermin: Clearly rats and  vermin are things to be exterminated at least on a local level.

All of these words have a pedigree that goes back a mere 150 years to the birth of modern racial antisemitism in the 1870’s in Germany with the onset of Wilhelm Marr’s League of Antisemites (Antisemiten-Liga)*.

I’m not sure if the Arabs calling Israel a “tumor” or a “cancer” applies, but to me, it seems like it’s getting there. What do with a cancer? Poison it, irradiate it, etc.

I’m not sure that Jews bite the hand that feeds all that much or that they are not loyal to their friends, although there is something to the last one. Jews are quite simple, really:

They’re paranoid!

That’s all there is to it. Not to mental disorder levels but surely to levels that are unhealthy, though I suppose it’s in part the paranoia that allowed to them to stay glued together through those long centuries. This is why (see below) they spy on us ridiculously, they have taken over our Homeland Security enterprises to an absurd level, etc. It’s not to fuck us over or due to hatred. It’s because, first, they’re paranoid, and second, like idiots, we let them do it!

Like with the US. Do Jews really bite the US harder than any other? Do they really show no meaningful loyalty to us? They actually do a lot for us too just as we do for them. Read their press some time. They regard us as the best of friends, the lone rock they can count on in a swirling see enemies, homicidal and otherwise. They love us to death!

One more thing? Who the Hell likes Jews, especially those scary monsters in Israel. Practically no one! The Jews are right. In a way, nobody likes them and everybody hates them, although that’s hyperbole. But they surely don’t lack for enemies! That a lot of this can be laid directly on their own desk as a result of their behavior eludes them, but since when does any human see their own role in the persecution by their enemies? Our egos won’t allow us to do that.

In their case it’s worse because in the mind of the Jew, saying, “It was partly our fault,” seems like you are saying that all of the massacres and genocides, especially the doozy of a last one, were for very good reason. In other words, they deserved to get murdered, massacred, and genocided. That’s not what it means of course, but it’s hard to get them to see it that way. Once again, Jews are paranoid! If you want to understand Jews, you must understand this one thing about them: their all-encompassing paranoia.

As Jews often don’t have a heck of a lot of human friends (though of course they have some), similarly, Israel doesn’t have a lot of nations on its side. The US is about the only big country that sides with them. India does too but they’re weak. They have some new Arab friends but the citizens of those countries oppose this friendship. Russia is a bit friendly but not too much. Some of the most rabid antisemites in Eastern Europe don’t like Jews but love Israel. Go figure! Anti-Zionists have been pointing this out forever.

Israel must therefore grasp and hold tight to any powerful friend it can find. Yes you see a lot of panicked articles in  the Israeli press (I read it a lot!) worrying about declining US support for Israel. Mostly it’s the usual Jewish chicken little stuff that they always do, but underneath it is a real fear:

The US is just about the only real friend Israel has, and if they lose us, they are well and truly on their own. Sure they will have their fair weather friends, but they only come out when the sun does. When the clouds move in, they grab an umbrella and run inside and leave Israeli in a downpour with barely an overcoat. The notion that the US-Israel friendship will even decline significantly strikes terror in the heart of every Israeli and many US Jews.

Sure, they penetrated all of our national security institutions to a ridiculous degree. Those guys searching you at airports? Outsourced to an Israeli firm. Homeland Security outsourced all wiretapping and Internet snooping to an Israeli firm. We have sat still while they penetrated us at all with their spies. But then a lot of their “spies” are simply US government officials and Congressmen!

With the Jews, it’s more of a case of “Give us an inch and we’ll take a mile.” Of course they love to use our country in this way but they don’t think we are stupid or hate us for doing this. Instead they love you as you love a gullible friend who gives you access to his bank account and tells you to withdraw as much as you want.

We, the Americans, have enslaved ourselves to these people on the issue of the Middle East and internal National Security. Of course they are related because of this Jewish scammery in US National Security is all because of Israel and not 1

All of the malign influence of Jews in the US (and I would argue that they do have a malign influence while also having influences that are neutral and positive) is all wrapped up in the shitty little country over there. Otherwise I don’t think Jews have much influence here in the US. Literally all they care about is Israel! They can’t agree on anything else.

This is our fault. We handed the Jews the keys to the castle and told them to let themselves in, take anything they want, and don’t worry, we’ll just grab a tent and pitch it outside and hunt and gather for our food, thank you very much. America is playing the role of a supplicant, self-hating masochist in this dyad. Israel’s just smiling and taking advantage of an idiot but well-meaning friend like a lot of us would.

Yes the Jews bit the Soviet hand that fed them and was kinder to them than any other country, but believe it or not, many Western Jews were pro-Soviet in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Pro-Trotskyism was particularly common. This was easy to find if you lived in, say, New York. And those Jews hated antisemites and certainly didn’t go to bed with them to my knowledge.

The thing that happened here was this little thing called the Cold War. I can’t speak to Jews in the rest of the West but here in the US, 95

I know this because my father was preposterously Judeophilic even though he hated businessmen and greed. He grew up with Jews and some of his best friends were Jewish. My Mom was the same. She even went to school with a bunch of Jews. Thing is I’ve met all of their Jewish friends.

They’re all completely assimilated and one had even pretty much left the Jews. Except you never really leave and he certainly hadn’t. They had all purged the “ugly Jew” antisemitic stereotype from themselves (especially the Jew who left the Jews, a world-famous science fiction writer who lived with me for a bit near the end), with the possible exception that they could be a bit aggressive.

But they were never too aggressive with me. And some of this aggression was simply a demand that I get my shit together, and at that time, I surely had not. I can hardly blame him and Jews are not real nice to the fuckups in their midst, even among their own kind. I went to a forum of the Jewish Defense League and there were lots of poor, failed, and homeless Jews in there ranting away at their people’s contempt for their unfortunate status. “You’re a loser. Get out of here. You’re on your own,” was the message they got.

The JDL are awful people but once again, like Israelis, I respect their honestly. They’re not dindus. They rake their  own kind over the coals! I respect members of any ethnic group with balls like that.

All of these people were liberal Democrats. And I believe they all, like my father, were ferocious Cold Warriors.

Israel went over to the West early on though both sides had supported them at first. Many Jews in Eastern Europe and the USSR ended up turning traitor and spying for the CIA! With this, all of the Western Jews in tandem went anti-Soviet even to the point of sucking up to Nazis, except looking at my father and his Jewish friends, most of them would probably angrily deny that the US was supporting Nazis ever since WW2.

So here, the Jews turning on their friends was simply a matter of US politics and them being creatures of the West first and Jews second.

It is interesting that Israel, where the Jews are far Jewier, is a place where you will find many more Jews who liked the USSR and even praised it to the skies. And here is the only place in the Jewish world where you will find Jews who know who the Ukrainians really are and hate them as genocidal antisemites.

You see, the Jews in Israel are really Jewish. They really understand Jewish history, however much they distort it. In a way, though I hate them, I very much admire them for having a fair and reasonably correct view of their history.

It is also here where you will find Orthodox Jews saying all these bad things happened to us because we sinned and this was God punishing us. That’s gross but I like it better than the Western Jews and their Dindu crap.

Of course in Israel the hardline rightwing Jews are also unbelievably paranoid and this “we are guilty” stuff is all mixed in with nationalistic “We dindu nuffin!,” and yelling “Nazi!” every ten minutes, so it’s complicated. But these same people have the utmost hatred for their own seculars and for the “Israeli Left,” whatever that means anymore.

If you can read Hebrew you should read the Hebrew pages of the Israeli papers. They really go at the Jews! They criticize the Hell out of each other. Those are probably the worst of the Israeli Jews in those sections but I respect anyone with the bravery it takes for that much self-insight  and reality-testing. Lord knows it’s not easy.

Of course Israeli politics is replete with the standard Jewish BS of calling anyone they don’t like a Nazi. Did you know that in Israel, the Right calls the Left Nazis and vice versa? It’s true. They say it so much that you get deaf to the term like the boy who cried wolf.

*Marr married and divorced three Jewish women before he went full-bore antisemite. I always think, chuckling, that this may have motivated his antisemitism. We sympathize, Wilhelm. Those Jewish chicks can be a handful! He also coined the word antisemitism.

He wrote a book towards the end of his life but was not published until 20 years ago when it was published with the help of an Israeli professor (see what I mean how they’re honest?), Testament of An Antisemite. In this book he completely renounced antisemitism and begged complete forgiveness from the Jews. They’ll never give it to him (see above under paranoia), but the Israelis might. There’s a special nuance about their thinking that I really like.

Towards the end of his life he completely renounced antisemitism and said that before his conversion, he had actually been a philosemite (180 degree turns not being rare amongst fanatics). Marr condemned “the beer drinking leaders, the gay ‘Heil’ shouters of modern anti-Semitism” (note: These resemble early Nazis, no?) and crude prejudice against Jewish writers and thinkers.

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4 thoughts on “Are the Jews Truly an Ingrate Race?”

  1. Yeah, Israelis seem to have little to do with Western Media. I really don’t care about assimilated Jews, they’re not on my radar. I shouldn’t sweep all Jews under the same rug.

    Some great Jews didn’t trust their Gentile friends. What does Jared Taylor get for being nice to Jews? That’s what their friendship is worth.

    1. Some great Jews didn’t trust their Gentile friends.

      That would be their paranoia at work in that case.

      I just looked at the Israeli press and there were some articles from Israeli officials that were basically love letters to America and Americans. Israelis are the most pro-American people on Earth.

      Like I said, Jews typically don’t have a lot of friends in this world. They don’t always have a lot of enemies either, but historically there many times when there was no one around to save their asses. Well, if you’re like that, you take every friend you’ve got and you hold onto them for dear life lest they slip away!

      So I don’t really think the Jews are disloyal to the few friends they historically had. That would not make sense to them. But up until 1800, Jews didn’t like Gentiles period. in 1800, a proper Orthodox Jew would not even take tea with a Gentile. So even if a Gentile was inclined to be friendly to a Jew, odds are the Jew would not accept it.

      I really don’t care about assimilated Jews, they’re not on my radar. I shouldn’t sweep all Jews under the same rug.

      The negative stereotype of the “Jew from Hell” often doesn’t much apply to assimilated Jews.

  2. JDL, SPLC, etc. aren’t respectable. Are Jewish interests groups the friends of any non-Jew, least of all a White man? Frankly they can all fuck off.

    I talk to a German who couldn’t be more anti-racist but parts of the language, strength, etc. can be taken as Nazi. Nazism, like many forms of nationalism, tapped into the fabric of the nation so some overlap is inevitable. I wonder if Germans should just own part of Nazism. Like Blacks own Niggerism. I can get on with anything from a Gay Jewish Black to Nazi apprentice. Never met a real WWII era Nazi.

    I believe trannies are more off than radicals. I can’t deeply connect with them. They’re damn ugly in MN too lol.

    I’m part of groups that are very anti-racist via hobbies. I don’t agree with them but it’s whatever. Certain hobbies breed anti-racism.

    I’m deep into fantasy and history. Fantasy strikes me as less racist than the history. Re-enactors I’ve met can be anti-racist even with Whites. I was trying to contrast French and English, and a re-enactor at a fort didn’t want to do it, even though the differences were obvious. I guess it’s still a bit of a LARP, even if the uniform is accurate. I get along with them as we often share a passion for history.

    There’s racism in porn. Sex is so raw and honest that there has to be some racism in it.

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