Jews and Their “Russian Pogroms” Bullshit

You’ve heard all about the horrible “Russian pogroms” of Jews, right? Everyone’s heard about them. And guess why Western Jews hate Russians so much? The Jews say, “The Russians pogromed us!”

Guess what? It’s bullshit! Jews are lying again, just like they always do, this race of pathological liars.

Here is the problem. Indeed there were many pogroms in this part of the world. But the Jews get the perpetrators all wrong. They also mix in street fights and ethnic warfare between Jews and other groups as “pogroms.” Riot where one Jew died are called “pogroms.” Disturbances where not even one Jew died but some got hurt are somehow “pogroms.” And all of the pogroms happened against 100

This is all bullshit. The problem here is that in this part of the world there were indeed many extremely cruel anti-Jewish riots. Jewish men, women, and children were massacred across the region, not for no reason because nothing happens for no reason but instead for “no good reason.” There were indeed many terrible sad and horrific tragic murders of more or less innocent Jewish people in this period. This is a tragedy!

But you see what the Jews do? They mix in a bunch of non-pogroms that were just ethnic riots with mass fistfights between Jews and others, riots where one Jew died, and riots where Jews were only hurt and not one of them killed – they mix all of these bullshit pogroms in with the real pogroms.

The tragic effect is that non-Jews see Jews like the boy who cried wolf and when the wolf actually comes to town and kills some Jews, everyone yawns and says the boy’s imagining things again. They mix in so many lies and fake crimes in with the unspeakable real crimes that the effect is two dramatically lessen the effect of the horrors and render the listener towards cynical disinterest and even disbelief.

I wish they wouldn’t do this. They’re so hysterical that it really hurts their cause and makes people yawn and bored when Jews talk about real crimes against them. “Here we go again. These liars are probably making stuff up again.” I don’t know why they do this. I think it is because they wish to be eternal victims.

Every group like this massively exaggerates or even imagines many crimes against them and mixes in a ton of bullshit with the real harms that were done to their people. The Jewish drive for forever victimhood causes would be allies to brush them off and tell these annoying people to go away and talk about it to someone else.

It’s Jewish self-harm but then they’re experts at this. I wish they would change but I don’t they ever will. As long as Jews are hyperethnocentric, they’re going to lie like madmen, make stuff up out of whole cloth, exaggerate everything, and never take any responsibility for anything bad that happened to them. Jews are like little boys who are always screaming,

He started it! He hit me back!*

*My mother told me that I actually said this once as a boy. I will definitely take credit for this ingenious and early use of a the defense of projection.

Ok, here’s what happened. There were indeed many pogroms in this region, but almost none of them happened in Russia. They almost all happened in Ukraine! Yep. In almost every single case, it was Ukrainians murdering Jews! Different kinds of Ukrainians, sure. In some cases, Greek Ukrainians, in other cases Russian Ukrainians, and in many cases, Ukrainian Ukrainians, especially in the West.

How do Jews react to this? By falling in love with the Nazi, pre-Nazi, proto-Nazi, and basically ferociously antisemitic Ukrainians! Western Jews just can’t love these Nazi bastards enough!

Why is that? Because Western Jews reserve their worst hatred for people called “Russians” because “the Russians pogromed us.” Not only did it not open, but in fact, the Russians saved their ingrate asses.

With the October Revolution, antisemitism was made into a capital offense! It’s the only country on Earth that had a law like that. Jews lived very well in the USSR. Yes, Russians were and are antisemites, but they had to tone it down during the USSR. There was indeed a period of so-called antisemitism in the USSR. What happened was Jews were 6 times overrepresented for their population at the universities.

The “antisemitism” resulted in them being “only” three times overrepresented! Oh poor babies! Boo hoo! Boo hoo Jews! I

read a quote from a Jewish professor at a Soviet university during this “antisemitic” period. He said that in his huge department of ~300 professors, maybe 3-4 of them were Gentiles. All of the rest, 296-297, were Jews! He said nobody gave two shits about Jews and in the USSR it was considered almost rude to ask someone about their ethnic identity, especially about whether they were Jewish or not. Even if they found out someone was Jewish, most Soviet citizens acted like they could care less!

There were some bad things that happened during this period. There was a fuss about mathematics students and professors at the universities, and the Soviets were limiting the number of Jewish math students and professors. It’s considered now to be an antisemitic policy.

However, today in Russia almost no one supports this policy. I read a long article by a very antisemitic Russian math professor recently. He touched on this period and this quite antisemitic fellow said it was a terrible crime to limit Jewish math students and professors. He felt very bad about it. So you see, in Russia, even a lot of the antisemites are fairly mild.

One more thing is that Jews in Russia came quite late, around 1820, only coming in larger numbers later, possibly fleeing pogroms.

Many Russian Jews assimilated at a high level, especially during the Soviet period. It is not uncommon at all for your average “ethnic Russian” to have some Jewish ancestry. The notorious Prigozhin is half-Jewish. No one cares. The notorious and probably antisemitic Zhirinovsky was probably Jewish himself, except that he hid it. So Russian antisemites are not only fairly mild but many of them are actually Jewish themselves!

In recent years, the KPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) introduced a law condemning the Jewish religion. This law was very antisemitic and I’m sorry that they did that. The KPRF probably has plenty of Jews in its membership. Certainly a lot of Jews were Communist Party members in the USSR.

Putin himself has nothing against Jews at all. In fact, he is a bit of a philosemite. And there is excellent evidence that Putin has some sort of Jewish ancestry, possibly a great grandmother. He even went back and changed her name in the records to a less Jewish-sounding name. This is unfortunate, but Russia is still a rather antisemitic country and perhaps he did not wish to shoulder that burden and have to deal with antisemites targeting him.

The “First Anti-Jewish Pogrom” in Odessa in 1820 Wasn’t Even a Pogrom

The very first actual pogrom took place in Odessa in 1820. The Jews make a big fuss about this. Here is what happened: An Orthodox priest was murdered in Turkey. I think he was even killed by a Jew! Anyway, there were many Greeks in Odessa at that time.

The Greeks brought this Orthodox priest’s body back to Odessa and marched with the body through the streets in a typical funeral march that you see a lot. The idiot Jews in Odessa came out and lined the parade route, disrespecting the dead priest, calling him names, insulting the marchers with epithets, and throwing objects like vegetables and stones.

I call that “trying to get murdered.” Sorry but it just is.

Well, predictably, the Greeks got mad and a “pogrom” occurred, except it wasn’t really a pogrom. The Jews just made that part up for their victim fetish.

What ensued was more like mass street fighting between Greeks and Jews. Yes, Jewish men are not necessarily wimpy and some of them can fight pretty well, at least back in the day. Men are still men, Jewish or not. These fights spread throughout the city. Five Jews were killed and the Jews make a big fuss about the “pogrom where five Jews got murdered.”

Except that’s not what happened. Instead there was just mass street fighting between Greeks and Jews who were trying to get murdered by picking a fight for no good reason. Greeks were also killed and quite a few were injured. Many Jews were also injured. As you can see, this is nothing but an ethnic brawl that the Jews started by picking a fight with some non-Jews!

Anyway, that first pogrom in 1820 is bullshit.

However, many more pogroms, some fake and no doubt quite a few real, occurred throughout Ukraine in the 19th Century. In every single case, it was Ukrainians killing or injuring Jews. Not one pogrom occurred in Russia proper!

I don’t have a lot of information on these pogroms, but some of them are just bullshit. In one pogrom, one Jew got killed. Now perhaps this was unfortunate, but how the Hell is one Jew getting killed a pogrom? That’s bullshit! In other cases, not even one single Jew got killed, but some of them definitely got injured. These events too are called “pogroms.” Look that’s bullshit! If no one died, it’s not a pogrom! I don’t know what it is but no deaths, no pogrom, sorry.

I didn’t read deeply into these pogroms and no doubt many or perhaps most of them were actual pogroms where non-Jews were just picking on Jews and marauding their homes and neighborhoods and killing Jews for no good reason.

Odessa, 1860

I know in Odessa a lot of it had to do with economics. In the 1850’s-1860’s, Jews in Odessa somehow managed to corner the grain trade and formed a Jewish monopoly in grain. They also somehow got monopolies in a number of other industries. All non-Jews were driven out of these industries as the Jews only hired other Jews. Jews also became ubiquitous middleman and if you wanted to buy a home, a horse, or many other things, you had to deal with a  Jewish middleman.

Many non-Jewish businessmen and the non-Jews who worked for them were driven out of their businesses and jobs and were reduced to immiseration. I suppose all’s fair in love, war, and business, but it does seem like these Jews were not exactly trying to win friends and influence people. You can see that this sort of behavior (quite common in many places were large numbers of Jews moved into) might make formerly well-to-do, middle or working class non-Jews reduced to utter immiseration by Jewish takeover of their industries angry, do you not?

Anyway, this is cited as one reason for pogroms during this period. I don’t know what to say. I’m against killing innocent people and all of those Jewish businessmen were innocent as they committed no crimes. However, it definitely looks like the Jews went out of their way to infuriate a Hell of a lot of people. When you piss people off, they might come and try to steal from, hurt, or even kill you. This is a sorry truth about humans.

Jews always say they were completely innocent in every one of these “pogroms” because Jews are the original Dindus.

We dindu nuffin! Dey killed us for no reason!

Blacks ain’t nothing on Jews.

And of course the Jews say the non-Jews are always 100

There’s a reason for everything. That’s one truth I learned about humans. Quit saying this or that happened for no reason. It’s not true. I guarantee it happened for a reason but you just don’t want to admit the reason.

The pogroms definitely took a turn for the worse after 1900, but nevertheless, still it was almost all Ukrainians pogroming the Jews. The first pogrom in Russia happened in 1905. One happened in Belarus a bit later. Between that time and 1917, there were a few pogroms here and there in both places.

The Russian Civil War

When the Civil War started, the Whites and the Greens committed countless pogroms against Jews. I think in 1919 there were 1,000 anti-Jewish pogroms in Ukraine! 20-30,000 Jews died, so the pogroms were actually fairly low level, with perhaps 20-30 Jews dying in each one. But no doubt all or most all of these pogroms were absolute crimes against poor innocent Jewish people, men, women, and children. Once again it was all Ukrainians killing them.

However, during the Civil War, the Whites and Greens (both rightwing anti-Communists) pogromed many Jews inside Russia proper. So this is the first time that Russians actually killed Jews en masse. But the people who did it had the full backing of the West. In fact, most every Western country sent soldiers to fight on the side of these mass murdering antisemite proto-Nazis (which is possibly a good description of them). We supported these Jew-genociding antisemitic armies to the hilt!

A British journalist went to cover the war and he made camp with the Whites, the Royalists. He said they were wildly antisemitic, with most of them believing in elaborate anti-Jewish conspiracy theories that saw the Jews as behind every bad thing in the world.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Keep in mind that these are the people who published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

This was said to be a true account of a meeting with the world’s top leaders of the Jews in which they plot world domination and control over non-Jews. Many people believe it was a true document but it’s later been shown to be a fake, a forgery. There was no such meeting among any of these men and the statements they made in the book were never uttered. Russia did indeed have an antisemitic Czar around 1880 and I believe it was his secret police who wrote up this fake document, for what purpose I have no idea.

This journalist with the White Army was shocked and appalled by their ferocious antisemitism. Mostly he found it humorous as it was so over the top that it was ridiculous.

Western Jews are Rooting for the Genocidal Antisemites Yet Again, All Because of Their Ridiculous Russophobia

Just like right now, the entire West is flooding the Nazis in Ukraine with the billions of dollars in weapons so they can kill as many Russians as possible. Of course the Western Jews can’t get enough of this, and they love to use their Ukrainian Nazi pals (who have conveniently dropped the antisemitism for now) to slaughter these Russians who these Jews hate so much for no good reason.

In this war, the Red Army, the Communists, were the saviors of the Jews. When the Red Army came to town, all of the Jews in the town would flood out to the Central Square to throw a party and greet them. Many Jews fled to “safe cities” controlled by the Red Army and quite a few Jews volunteered to fight on the side of the Reds.

Western Jews: Hating Their Friends and Loving Their Enemies

How do Western Jews react to this? By hating the Communists, the very people who saved their sorry ingrate asses and created the most pro-Semitic country the world has ever seen!

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  1. That’s what people get for going around with Jews. Ingratitude from the Far West to the Far East.

    English elite were very much in bed with Jews and England’s treated as far less sacred than Israel, perhaps less sacred than any European country.

    In a way Israel is a lady, Western European countries are whores and treated as such. England’s a reverse Cinderella story. It had everything and now she’s the most mistreated of the lot. Jews even whine about English after gift-wrapping them Israel. In movies they talk about fighting English and Arabs to get their land. Is their history just a lie to make themselves look better? Jews show no meaningful loyalty to their friends and bite the hand the hand that feeds them the hardest.

    Why is almost every nationalism in Europe antisemitic? Even Irish Nationalism seems to blame Jews more than English for running them, their banks, etc. Jews, while impressive in their own right, are at their core parasitic ingrates.

      1. Hey comrade, if I ever write anything that comes off like that, feel free to point it out either here or via email, ok? I don’t want to be someone who peddles that sort of ugliness. Critique is all fine and good, but that’s just over the top and furthermore, it’s damned dangerous.

        1. I don’t think in term of Whites better appease Jews, quite the contrary.

          I don’t believe in Jewish genocide. In some ways I’m a Judeophile even. My ideal Jew is model minority though. If a Jew strays too far from that, not sure there’s enough incentive to help them. I’m very pro-Southern Jew and more recently WWII Era German Jews.

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