How Feminism and Other Forms of Identity Politics Literally Make People Crazy

Obviously, almost feminists hate men or at least have significant anger, rage, resentment (perhaps most common), etc. towards men. Also almost all feminists I have met are female supremacists. They are guilty of the same sexism they accuse us of – thinking they are superior to the opposite sex, and they are guilty of the same sex-based hatred that they accuse us of – they basically hate men.

They accuse us of thinking we are superior to women while at the same time, almost all of them think women are superior to men.

They accuse us of hating women while at the same time, they hate us men!

It is in these irrational senses that all identity politics is guilty of both of these forms of irrationality. As we can see, Identity Politics itself is basically irrational. Sure, people need their rights, but most rights-based movements are crazy, rely almost exclusively on lies, false data, mythology, and most important unfalsifiable theory.

Further, all Identity Politics promotes extreme hatred towards the group labeled as the oppressor. At the same time, it promotes strong narcissistic love for the identity they advocate for. If Identity Politics were correct in its analyses, I might even sign on, that is, if they weren’t so full of hate. But IP is simply false! The things they say are just not true! Give me one reason why I should sign to an identity theory that not only says I am an evil oppressor but is based almost exclusively on falsehoods and fake theory.

Furthermore, IP tends to cause psychological deterioration in those who get involved in it. For one thing, there’s a huge decline in happiness, and increase in paranoia, a marked trend towards hostility, snappishness, and pre-emptive self-defense, a serious embrace of a victim identity which is never helpful, and some other things.

And since IP is generally false, once you start believing in your IP theory, you’re now spouting off lies and false theory all the time. So in a sense, you are delusional. IP also has an odd quality about it to where it becomes obsessive, addictive, and all-embracing. A lot of IP people seem like they’re not having fun anymore. They’re too busy being angry to enjoy life.

Obviously these women are projecting, but all IP movements project wildly. In fact, projection seems to be the typical psychological state of any IP movement. As projection can only be based on lies, once again IP people have tumbled into a well of psychological defenses and lies (because defenses are basically lies we tell ourselves).

I work in mental health as a peer counselor, and IP does not strike me as adaptive. It almost behaves like a mental disorder. It surely makes its proponents miserable. And the decline in mental health is causes is palpable.

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