What Mammals Have You Seen?

I’ve failed to see lots of wild animals when living in or hiking in the woods, especially predators.

Never Seen

Marten: Though one raided the campsite of my father, my brothers and me and stole and ate the fish we caught. It had to be one of them because we were very high up in the mountains in Chilnualna Lakes in Yosemite. Otherwise they are rarely seen.

Fisher: Nope. I’ve hiked in areas where they live too. You’ll never see one of those things.

Wolverine: But then I’ve never hiked in wolverine territory except in Canada.

Moose: I’ve only been in their territory in Canada.

Wolf: Once again, only been in their territory in Canada. Supposedly you never see these either, and if you do, it’s only for max 20 seconds and then it’s gone.

Sierra Nevada red fox: But they’ve only recently been rediscovered.

Sierra Nevada snowshoe hare: Hard to see them.

Dusky-footed woodrat: They’re all around all the time, but for some reason, you never see them.

Otter: They’re not common where I hiked.

Mink: Not common where I hiked either. I don’t think we have many here.

Mountain beaver: You never see these.

Marmot: Not sure if I’ve seen these or not, but I’ve been in their territory a lot. Call this a maybe.

Muskrat: I think I might have seen one in the delta once, but maybe I didn’t. Call it a maybe.

Pocket mouse: They’re very tiny and not often seen at all.

Harvest mouse: You never see these either, but my brother saw a Salt marsh harvest mouse once in SF Bay.

Jumping mouse: You never see these either.

Spotted skunk: For some reason, I’ve never seen one of these!

Mountain lion: I’ve hiked in their territory my whole life, and I haven’t seen one yet. One was seen 1/2 mile away from my house in the mountains though. If you live in the wilds, these things are around all the time, but you never see them! My Mom saw one running across a road in the Sierras and my aunt was the one who saw one near my house.

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2 thoughts on “What Mammals Have You Seen?”

  1. My mom thinks she saw a mink recently around her house, but the hawks probably got it because it disappeared.

    Not a mammal but I seen a cardinal couple near my house yesterday which was nice. I was beat from work but I like cardinals. I actually was admiring the less-colorful male more because he flew near me.

    Coolest animal near my house was a red fox. He came to town through the drainage ditch.

    Seen many black bears near campsites in MN an WI.

    Moose, buffalo, skunks, possum, rabbit, groundhog, prairie dogs, squirrels, chipmunks, moles, mice, and bats.

    I’ve been to Yellowstone and Alaska which are still wild.

    MN and WI are both like home, not far from WI. Love MI and SD.

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