A Bit about Wolverines

I’ve never seen one either, and I’ve been in the woods and wilds my whole life. On the other hand, I have been hiking in California where they didn’t exist until just a while ago. So I’ve never really hiked much in wolverine country other than a bit in Canada.

You’re never going to see one. They avoid people. It’s a wilderness creature.

However, there is a woman in Alaska who has befriended a wild wolverine who comes around her house. She picks it up, puts it on her shoulders, etc. And in the Yukon they are often seen on the outskirts of towns rummaging in garbage pits.

So the human-hating thing might not be so true.

They were notorious for raiding fur trappers’ lines. They would go down the lines and rip the catches out of the traps, tear them to pieces and eat them. I believe they also destroyed traps somehow! It seems like they hated fur trappers too because they used to raid fur trappers’ cabins when the trappers were not there. They would tear their places to shreds and spray their weasel skunk gland smell all over the place.

Most weasel-like creatures have a sort of a skunk gland at their rear that they can use to spray enemies or I suppose mark territory.

These wolverine motherfuckers are vicious. I have seen videos of caged ones, and as the camera approached the cage, the wolverine lunged at it inside the cage, snarling and showing its fangs. It was scary as Hell! You wouldn’t want to mess with one.

Even a fisher could rip you up good if it got a hold of your face. All animals like that have big and sharp claws.

I have seen dead badgers and you would not believe the claws on those things! They’re massive! They look as big as bear claws, and you don’t want to mess with those bear fuckers either. Even a black bear can kill you dead. Doesn’t happen very often but don’t pick a fight with one if you know what’s good for you.

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3 thoughts on “A Bit about Wolverines”

  1. The honey badger is the baddest, most fearless animal on earth. There is no animal like it on this planet, as it virtually indestructible. Native to Africa and Asia, it fears no animal in the world. It’ll take on lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and whip them all at the same time. You just can’t kill this mother. Check out some videos and research on this amazing animal.

    1. How interesting! Yeah badgers around here are probably pretty vicious. I wouldn’t mess with one.

      Thx for the update on these critters.

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