Yes, Actual Child Sex Trafficking Exists, but It’s Not Common

Look, these kiddie sex rings do exist. It’s more the case that they’re pretty rare as far as crimes go. That and they’ve probably been going on at the same rate they are now (if not more so) since at least the 1970’s. So this awful stuff has existed for 50 years of my life at about the same rate with no sign of any major increase. Horrible crimes exist. Horrible crimes always exist. As long as you are alive, there will be horrible crimes uncovered.

What I don’t understand is why we are making such a huge Goddamned fuss about this right now.

Has the rate of this awful stuff skyrocketed? Has it gone up at all? Even 1

Yes, there’s a ton of child porn out there –  Italian police found hundreds of thousands of sex videos involving 5-12 year old children just last year – but there probably isn’t any more molesting than there ever was, and the explosion in CP is because we now have the Internet, a very convenient way to store and trade this stuff with little risk to the user.

Keep in mind that 3

That’s 3.3 million men in the US alone. I doubt if they’re all using CP, but it’s a good guess that more than a few of them are. So there’s a market out there for this stuff.

These men will exist whether you “normalize” them, “defend” them, or whatever. If you “defend” them there will be 3.3 million of them. If you “oppose” them, there will be 3.3 million of them. What difference does it make?

There was a very famous case out of Belgium called the Dutroux case, and some very high-ranking figures were involved. It makes for some pretty horrifying reading. I’ve also seen some censored photos of some of the kids who they used. The kids are naked but their personal parts and faces are blurred. Even those photos are pretty terrifying. You can go read about it if you want, but I warn you, it makes for some pretty scary reading.

There was another case out of Oklahoma (I forget the name of the case) where dirty, disheveled, and confused little kids were picked up in a park, but the cops were ordered to let them go because “it was an intelligence matter,” in other words, CIA. Apparently the CIA was using these little kids (trafficking them) in brownstones where they were offered to pedophilic prominent politicians who were secretly filmed and then blackmailed by the CIA to go along with US foreign policy objectives else the spooks would release the tapes.

This crazy incident in Oklahoma sounds too insane to be true, but I’ve seen the police reports on the incident and it’s 100

Everyone knows that the CIA has been running “brownstone houses” all over the world for decades now. They stock these houses with teenage boys and girls a la the Epstein Mossad blackmail ring and get high-ranking figures to have sex with these minors (typically teenagers).

There are cameras hidden all over these houses (cue Epstein again) and these men are videotaped having sex with underage minors (that means below the age of consent, not under 18 like everyone thinks). These men are then blackmailed by the CIA and ordered to follow US government foreign policy or the CIA will release the tapes. There are rumors that the US has blackmail material on many European politicians  and that’s why they are terrified to go against us.

There are rumors that Mossad did this to top US politicians too. After all, the Epstein ring was a Mossad spy ring. No one ever told you that, did they? It was also CIA because the Mossad and the CIA work hand in hand. I’m sure glad the Jews (Israel) don’t run our country (on Mideast foreign policy) or anything like that!

There were rumors a while back that the Mossad had a video of Bill Clinton having sex with a 13 year old girl and Israel was using it to blackmail him.

These Dutroux people were all definitely pedophiles. At least two of them were prominent physicians. One girl survived and now tells her story on the Net. She said they mostly wanted them as kids and I believe at age 16, they were too old and these girls were simply murdered. A lot of the sex involved sadism and torture.

Actually quite a few kids were rescued. It’s interesting that almost all of these poor kids had developed severe dissassociative disorders, as in multiple personalities, in order to deal with this, let’s call a spade a spade, abuse. So there seems to be some evidence that severe child abuse can indeed cause dissociative disorders such as MPD. There was a big hullabaloo over this case. To this day, hardly anyone has been arrested save the pedo maniacs who were running it.

The investigations kept getting shut down and they cops kept getting threatened with death if they investigated. I think some of the cops may have even been killed. It was said that high-ranking members of society were involved and this is why the investigation went nowhere.

There was a very similar case here in the US called the Franklin Sex Scandal. There are some pretty shocking allegations that came out of this scandal and there were reports that the investigation kept getting stalled because high-ranking members of society were involved. In this case it was mostly or exclusively boys, often teenagers but sometimes younger. The man running it was a Black homosexual.

There was another case out of Australia involving something called “The Family” murders. They arrested a couple of these maniacs, homosexual men again (quelle surprise) of course, sexual sadists, and murderers. One of the most prominent ones had a Dutch surname as I recall. They were picking up teenage boys off the streets, taking them to safe houses, torturing them for days on end, and then dumping their chopped up bodies in fields.

There were continuous allegations that high-ranking figures were involved in this that were never proven, however, the investigation kept running into explained roadblocks. Once again the only people who ever got arrested were the pedo maniacs running the ring. None of the rumored prominent members were ever touched.

So, yes, there is some “child sex trafficking” (the previous video showed that kids from infants to age 12 were being pimped out to men in Georgia, often by their own prostitute mothers!) but it’s not common at all and the vast majority of this is just teenage girls or even very young women whoring just like grown women always do. After all, a teenage girl isn’t a little kid. It’s a young woman, a little woman, a junior woman. It acts a lot more like a woman than a little kid.

Let’s try an experiment.

Ever talked to a 15 year old girl? I did just the other day. Anyway, you know how they act. Now let’s put them five years apart forwards and backwards. Does a 15 year old girl act more like a 10 year old girl (five years back) or a 20 year old woman (five years forwards)? A 20 year old woman by a mile, huh? Yes, they are immature but they are best seen as very immature young adults, junior adults, or little adults.

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